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Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Elton John & Billy Joel Concert

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Elton John & Billy Joel Concert

Reese Witherspoon and beau Jake Gyllenhaal take her kids, Ava, 9, and Deacon, 5, to the Elton John and Billy Joel concert held on Saturday night (August 1) at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, Penn.

Deacon had the best view in the house, sitting stop Jake‘s shoulders. During the 3-1/2 hour show, Elton dedicated the song “Tiny Dancer” to Reese, saying, “Reese, this one’s for you, girl.”

The happy family danced to “Crocodile Rock” with Reese and Jake bumping their hips together.

Reese is in town shooting the not-yet-titled James L. Brooks movie.

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163 Responses to “Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal Hit Elton John & Billy Joel Concert”

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  1. 101
    jj Says:

    Phonyspoon is a ***** ass loser!

  2. 102
    Sally Says:

    Cute couple! Reese seems to be very happy and it’s lovely to see how affective Jake is with her kids. I like them both very much, as actors and as persons.


    Besides this, I always think weird and some kind of funny these guys here in JJ’s blog saying that some couple or some person is fake. Specially a pair like Reese and Jake: I mean, they are both so sucessfull actors, so famous and respected by the industry of movies that they don’t need anything else to get attention. They are in a confortable place of their careers. Why they would waste their precious time faking so much? It doesn’t make any sense.


    Some people here is really paranoic and I think it’s more than silly, it’s a kind of sick. It’s a pity.


  3. 103
    amusing myself Says:

    @Sally: I agree with you. LOL @ persons. My 5 year old has been talking all day about “my person” LOL. As in “please do not touch my person”. It’s soooo funny coming out of a 5 year old.

  4. 104
    anna Says:

    I love Elton John and Billy Joel.

    Jake and, mainly Reese cause her boyfriend, have good taste!

  5. 105
    lol Says:

    @Sally: There is probably one person spam*ming the thread. What woman/man doesn’t like when another man ( boyfriend/ girlfriend) bonding with their kids? They look so cute together.. JA can learn a lot from Reece.

  6. 106
    gimmeabreak Says:

    I was at this show. Jake had Deacon on his shoulders the entire Elton John set and they looked genuinely happy and like they were having a good time. It was ridiculously hot, but they danced the entire set and were laughing like every other concert goer. The crowd left them alone and they seemed grateful for that fact. I don’t understand why everyone has to speculate on whether or not their romance is real. Who cares? They seemed happy and content to be there and were having a good time together. Does anything else matter? Sheesh, people, get a life!

  7. 107
    Jake is Gay Says:

    oh thank you jj, I needed that. Tell me again that the romance is phony. I began to have those terrible dreams of the tow having sex in bed and then I woke up screaming. If I don’t convince myself that this romance is phony and quick, I won’t be able to go back to sleep. So now, all together: this is a fomance, a fomance and Jake is gay gay gay gay gay gay gay….there I am beginning to feel a bit better. Keep it up so I can get to sleep…..

  8. 108
    YUCK Says:

    Reese and Jake are two phony and pathetic publicity wh*res

  9. 109
    amy Says:

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  10. 110
    se Says:

    This isn’t a place for children!!!

    Jake Gyllenhaal and Reese Witherspoon are mental retarded! Such garbage place to go with her children with loud music and other garbages. Reese Witherspoon is very old for these activities too. In few years she can be a grandmother if she continuous to teach her daughter to be prostitute!

    Reese Witherspoon you haven’t ANY KIND OF SHAME! PROSTITUTE!

    It is because of peoplew like you whose give bad education for her children at home that we have bad society at present!

    Prostitute! Stay at home and trying to make something for your children!

  11. 111
    whortensia Says:

    chinspoon is a beard you ninny stupidos LOLOLOL

  12. 112
    fauxmance PR Says:

    Reese Witherspoon needed new pictures for the next fauxmance tabloid article and this concert was a great opportunity to get publicity.

  13. 113
    Jake is Gay Says:

    Oh whorie thank you thank you for that. I got through the night without dreaming a second time of his….oh I hate to say it is is so awful… sticking his immaculate thingy into her dirty what’s it, and managed to sleep a bit. But if today the image ever comes up of him and her doing it, I’ll just go crazy and have to run down to my shrink and get him to exorcise that idea from my head. He IS gay, isn’t he? Tell me that a thousand times, and that means he and she can’t….you know….do it. Right? Oh my sanity is so precarious. If I ever thought this was NOT a fomance, I’d just diiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeee.

  14. 114
    Jake is Gay Says:

    Oh SE you don’t understand. They can’t do anything because he is gay. She isn’t what you say because he never sticks his thingy into her whatszit. You must think Jakey is straight. NO NO NO NO NO, he is gay. My shrink told me to say this to myself a thousand times every day. And You should too. Then all that nonsense will go away. Gay gay gay gay….seeeeeee?????

  15. 115
    Jake is Gay Says:

    You see we “Jake is gay-ers” are all about thingies and whatszits. We just can’t bear to think of his splendiferous thingy stuck up her dark dirty whatszit. That’s what’s behind our determination to believe he is gay. My shrink explained this to me. It is unconscious you know, but it is there. It’s a thingy/whatszit problem. So chant after me: Jake is gay, Jake is gay, this is a fomance, this is a fomance and you’ll feel all well again.

  16. 116
    Jake is Gay Says:

    Of course there is a subset of us who look at it all differently. What we can’t stand to think of is his humongous dirty thingy stuck up her pure pristine whatszit. That causes US to have the vapors, and like feel fainty. So there are two kinds of “Jake is gay-er”, you see.

  17. 117
    well... Says:

    This is the weirdest thing I’ve read in a long time. Not funny, just plain nuts.

  18. 118
    Jake is Gay Says:

    Oh my, now you’re upset. Well look at it this way, nuts are funny too; you just don’t see it. Haven’t you ever heard of funnynuts?

  19. 119
    Jake is gay needs to shut up Says:

    Someone is in love with their own prose in a weird psycho kind of way. Take your meds today?

  20. 120
    Jake is Gay Says:

    Well… need to get in touch with your subconcious. Need a shrink? I can recommend a good one.

  21. 121
    Jake is Gay Says:

    @Jake is gay needs to shut up:

    You just don’t see the deeper meaning of things and want to suppress difficult things so they will go away. You do believe Jake is gay, don’t you? If not, you don’t belong to the club. LOL

  22. 122
    Jake is Gay Says:

    @Jake is gay needs to shut up:

    This is what my shrink tells me he gets when he uncovers a deep hidden problem in his patients. They scream at him “shut up and take your meds”. He just laughs and tells them meds don’t help. “You’ve got to continue with the analysis.” LOL

  23. 123
    maggiemay Says:

    I was at that concert and these look like stills from the concert promoters video that was shown to the crowd when Elton John dedicated Tiny Dancer to Reece!

  24. 124
    Jake is Gay Says:

    A female member of our “jakeisgay” club told me that when she thought of his humongous thinkgy stuck up her pristine whatszit, she immediately got fainty and like almost vomited. So now she has a tape recording saying over and over ‘Jake is gay, Jake is gay’ and plays it all day and it keeps those terrible images out of her mind and she can live a normal life. Hasn’t felt fainty since or vomited once.

  25. 125
    marco Says:

    a couple of boring freaks, I predict their next movies are going to bomb. Just wait and see,….there are lots of new interesting young Hollywood artists, these 2 are history….amen!

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