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Samantha Burke Talks Jude Law

Samantha Burke Talks Jude Law

Samantha Burke talks to press outside her mother’s home on Friday (July 31) in Pensacola, Fla.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress is pregnant with Jude Law‘s daughter, Sophia.

Samantha‘s attorney Daniel Thornburgh read a statement while with her brother Jason stood in the background. Afterwards, Samantha said, “I just wish that everyone could respect my privacy during this time. Thank you.”

On July 1, Samantha was seen going to dinner with Thornburgh and another unidentified woman.

You can watch a video of Samantha and her attorney at

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Credit: SDFL; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • calculator

    10 seconds=Millions ;)

  • She’s UGLY

    AND……SHE IS NOT 24…

  • i think she is

    about 39

  • http://vv acaba

    ı love jude

  • susie

    Let me see this girl’s birth certificate…………..she looks so much older than 24. Wasn’t Home Improvement over 10 years ago?! If she tried out for that she must have been 14 at the time………..impossible!

  • Raichill

    No way is she 24.

  • Raine

    If she wants people to respect her privacy, she shouldn’t be giving statements out the front of her home.

  • john boy

    The bump in the photo looks fake to me.

    Has a doctor examined her or is this another Katie Homely golddigger stunt?

    Personally, in my professional opinion as a woman’s man, I think this girl has stuffed her shirt.

  • liverwurst

    She totally got knocked up on purpose. Who gets pregnant anymore unless the want to? You know they have a pill you can take every day to prevent this sort of thing. I can’t believe he would bed such a cow in the first place, look at those thighs!

  • Victoria

    Wow! If this doesnt scream “OPPORTUNITY” I dunno what does.

    Jude Law must be a passionate lover who totally loses himself in the heat of the moment.

    There’s a lot of good birth control advice for him in these posts!

  • nikomilinko
  • n.o.l.a

    oh not Jude Law again, I’m so sick of him
    He has no class, don’t put his name along with other A-Lister like DiCaprio, G Clooney, Butler, Jackman or even Depp

    here’s my title : “Jude Law down from A-List to D-List”

  • john boy

    #59 Where do you see a photo that includes her thighs?

  • Anon

    I’m still not understanding how everyone is telling Jude to learn to use condoms or stop getting women pregnant. It’s not like he’s out littering the world with his spawn. His three previous kids are all with the same woman, who was his wife. Accidents happen guys, even when you use condoms. My friend’s youngest son is a condom baby, that’s what she calls him. Condoms can be 85% effective if not used properly. Nobody else has his kid, so I deem this a birth control malfunction.

  • Cameron

    #62, I agree with you, his name shouldn’t be alongside DiCaprio – DiCaprio ain’t really into the ladies – think “best friends” Lukas Haas and Tobey McGuire – he’s a douche.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Clooney doesn’t have some rugrats running around somewhere with some stripper. He don’t even like kids – he’s a cool guy, though, at least he owns it and don’t pretend.

    Butler is an a$$hole – He’s gross. I doubt God will allow him to reproduce. His last movie is embarrassing.

    I like Jackman. But his old wife is ugly. I don’t really believe she’s a beard like everyone says, but you know people talk.

  • JaneB

    Poor Jude! I sometimes think he doesn’t really get that he is famous and good-looking and therefore a target – especially for a woman pulling the age old trick of getting herself pregnant to bag the man she can’t have. I can’t believe, either, that he had sex with her??? He must have been blind drunk – again! If he’s not careful, his life will come apart one day and I really don’t want to see that happen to him but he does seem to lack any form of judgement.

  • mery

    She lost her privacy when talks with the press, when her mother talks with the press.

    Shame of woman. She don’t can good things for her girl. She can good life, money..

    And Jude, to be careful.
    This article is good:

    It’s very sad all the story.
    His great performance as Hamlet. He is a great actor. I don’t forget this, never.

  • jenn

    i own that same gray top, from forever 21… except i wear it as a dress… lol

  • marketa linden

    @Ruth: Exactly.I felt sorry with my friend when she dated her BF of 2 yrs and he dumped her when she became pregant and not planned. I don’t think, this girl planned pregnancy, but sure she didn’t date him. Her parents etc claim she was used in bad way, but, gee, this is not Victorian society and she’s adult…she’s 24 y.old.She slept with him.When you want a relationship, take it slowly.Well, the bloke maybe will not wait for 2 months but then it isn’t Mr Right for relationship. This is clear with cards. A child is a bond, but it will not keep you a man – look on Angelina. She can keep Brad home with his mashy poos, excuse me. When he ate his fish and splash with beer all time, what u want.More products than from his twins and pumping…he drunks like fish.Problem of Angelina is, she screams…all time.I shout max. once and clear air. With men it is OK.This preggie mummy says something and she doesn’t keep her word. Prob.Law slept with her and she had their snaps, so he went bananas and didn’t ask DNA test. One thing his lawyer can use. The time when she contacted him. Quite late. OK, she claims he didn’t leave her En phone contact. Well, when I [example] jump to the bed immed. with man, prob.I will not have his number [hook up 1 night stand] or max.his US, when he’s in NY.So records about his house etc I haven’t. No, they are not sending more information. Mother spoke, step mother and father, gran etc. Lovely…all family. He can use it. English law, Mr Law, doesn’t know maintenance costs for a woman. Only child care.And his fortune is rafly 11 mil. quits with 80.000 payment for 3 kids and Sadie. How much will stay for 4th kid? Max. 10.000 payment for her, similar to James by Colin Farrell.Nothing more.If…Lily Cole has more, I have more, Eva Herzigova is on similar fortune, cos she waste money of clothes and travelling on hop parties…Jude Law will have more when no divorce, no house for Sadie etc…He’s not cash rich, there’s mistaken from Samantha she will be in cotton.He can do one thing how he stood with unborn child…what was nice…stop moaning, cary about his balding patch, when he looks around how many people from Afghanistan lost faces and limbs and marry etc, don’t sink into Hamlet character, went out with friends and let papas work and do again…when his kids are gone, he cannot take them out and be snapped…he has right for next child and his kids cannot to be angry.Why? Cos Sadie planned to remarry? On other hand he’s single man and single men have affairs, dates. Prob.he has to cut his number of 1 night stands and cut himself off party girls and this sort.Kid on the way happens with affairs, it’s statict. chance it will happen.Welcome child, that’s all. I’ll feel with Ms Samantha when she would keep quiet when Sara Keene announced their statement about anonym. woman. The next day name Samantha Burke was out via her lawyers when they sent a statement to media outlet. She wanted to go out. Next statement is read in face of the press, with her, when they can send it to media outlets. Law’s lawyers can use it etc etc.I’m sure, he will love his daughter deeply, but forget, he will love a mother of child, live with her etc. He can speak with this problem with Daniel Day Lewis etc and he run from a child.Law didn’t.Still I think Jude hooked up with Samantha, who was keen to be with Jude, immed.slept drunken, she was keen to snap them naked etc…, she hadn’t protection and he shut more movie and removed to London for next scenes…that’s called a fliing…and discovered she’s pregnant, nothing, nothing, after six months she contacted him somehow, when all questions are different…no smooth story. Don’t make from this 1 child a cowboy story turned into Victorian romance. I don’t care if my friends are married or not and having kids in or out of wedlock. I cannot, but for me is tabboo a man attached to woman in both cases, with ring or not.He’s in relationship. Until you’re royal, who has only marry, live out of wedlock. Until you aren’t high senior princess of the oldest monarchy, with no way to show some BF cos they will put you into the nearest church or finish with immed.engagement and no escape, live in peace.When Mama Mids will make daughter Katie Waitie more not easy on call and action and busy, maybe she’s with ring now. Jude Law can buy new tees, his tight tee with V neck to his belly is quite funny and beanie in summer, OMG. Everyone has something, I have 2cms shorter left leg and who cares. Until he isn’t attacked by my chatty greatauntie Lizie like poor Daniel Craig hooked with curious Miss Marple and her impertinent questions:,Will u marry, Mr Craig?’Do u ride on the horse?’ She’s mad with horses. Last summer naughty German tabs airbrushed me fake preggie bellie, greataunt said, her the best nag is preggie with some insemination. That’s not Victorian,it happens.That’s life,not drama.

  • MeryFence

    24 years?????? in her dreams…


    All inquiries regarding Samanatha Burke, who is pregnant with the baby of actor Jude Law – should be directed to her management team at Big Production Group, LLC.

    “Samantha and her mother would like to be clear that comments attributed to Samantha’s mother in media stories reported within the last twenty-four hours regarding Jude’s contact with Samantha and his involvement were taken out of context. Samantha, her mom, and her family can affirm that Jude has been responsive and supportive throughout the relationship and pregnancy, and know that he will remain so as a father once Baby Sophia is born. Jude and Samantha remain committed to the health and wellbeing of this child, and appreciate your honoring her privacy during this special time.”

  • ily

    I think she knew exactly what she was doing. Saw an opportunity of cashing in & went for it. She never got pregnant from a poor man, just Jude Law because he has money. Her parents need to realize that at 24, she is old enough to know what she was doing. Jude Law should ask for a paternity test once the baby is born to verify that the baby is his. If it is his, he needs to support it. I don’t understand who they can be asking for future earnings from him, he what not married to her. All she needs to get is a fair amount of child support. I guess her modeling career was not going anywhere so she needed a different way to make money. Jude, next time wear a condom and if you don’t, at least get yourself a little operation and you won’t go through this again.

  • Ughhh…

    Beg to differ…it is a rare “unplanned” pregnancy. If a woman isn’t using birth control and is having sex during the most fertile time of the month (it’s a rare intelligent woman who doesn’t understand how her body and menstrual cycle works), she is open to or hoping for a conception. In the 21st Century, any man who doesn’t use a condom and having casual sex is leaving himself open to the worst possible scenario, Jude Law’s reputation is not very clean and it is likely this latest news has not only destroyed his career but has, once again, dishonored his former wife and their children. The man should have sought professional therapy and sexual addiction and/or drug abuse counseling along time ago. This very old looking 24-year-old woman appears to have just arrived in NYC off some farm when he hooked-up with her. Hey, Jude, nobody is safe these days and, especially, not you. Privacy…? A person doesn’t hold a press conference for the world to know their circumstances if they aren’t seeking money, fame, and recognition. What a pathetic creature and, yes, it is one of the strangest looking pregnancies for someone who is seven months in gestation.

  • Sara


    Okay, How about, “how does your client feel about being the most famous, stupid, mom whore on the face of the planet right now?”

    Going to TMZ and telling them you want privacy Is kind of like going to hell and telling them you’re not too fond of heat.

    I am already tired of this tramp.

  • sophie

    @dERRICK KNIGHT: Who the hell wants to enquire about her? So she f.ucked Jude Law and entrapped him into having a child he didn’t want! So what? You know what, I ain’t interested. She deserves sh.ite, Jude’ll support the baby he got suckered into creating, but I really hope she gets sh.ite coz she should na get money for being whorish enuff to spread her who7e legs.

  • hmm

    she needs to relax because this mess is aging her.

  • Respect these

    About the “accidental’ pregnancy…Fine, 2 full grown adults who BOTH should be using protection haven’t figured out how to have sex and not have baby, whatev.

    THIS is the point where she loses all credibility —
    If she feels HAS to release a statement, she (her ENTIRE family, and in front her home?) doesn’t have to be WATCHED reading it.
    The “respect my/our privacy” thing is to be released to the media outlets thru her “people” like the actual actors and actresses do and no Q & A/photo op afterwards…Jeez!

    As for the other serial daters in this community like Clooney, Miller,etc (don’t forget there are men AND women), those people know how to wrap it up or at least cover it up a lot better than Law did…

  • kateL

    She does look incredibly old for her age like everyone is saying. I saw other pictures of her and she was much more stylish. She and her management team by having her dressed all frumpy are trying to make her seem like some innocent girl taken advantage of by evil Jude. That’s why I agree this lady is bad news for Jude. She’s definitely playing a game. I feel sorry for his children and this future child. This is not a good situation.

  • Valerie

    There is no way this girl is 24!

  • Patricia

    Samantha is a wonderful person. She’s very kind and respectful. People should leave her alone. People get pregnant everyday and it just so happens she got pregnant by a famous person. Who cares? And of course she’s going to look somewhat overweight, she’s pregnant!!! So quit bashing the crap out of her and go get a life.

  • Lisa

    Um you don’t have to plan to get pregnant, it does happen. Some women don’t take the pill because they don’t trust it and OMG condoms break! Just because he’s famous and she isn’t you shouldn’t assume anything. You don’t know these people!

  • Drey

    Wow, she’s so ugly, can’t believe she was trying to be a model. I didn’t look this fat when I was pregnant, she’s so big!
    She’s definitely lying about her age too, try 44, not 24.

  • bella

    @Ruth: agree . . .hate people like this.

  • ME

    Come on people, I don’t think she wants all this attention at all. Don’t forget that is was HIS people who broke this story a few days ago. She’s gone all these months without any word at all. And press conference? Geez, they’ve probably been camped outside her house for days!

  • dani

    Personally I think many of these wanna-be celebutards get pregnant on purpose–why not? They get their fifteen minutes of fame and 18 years of hefty child support. The one that suffers is the child. But since both daddy and mommy are selfish and in search of their own gratification and desires–who cares that the child will suffer?

  • anne

    She’s 24? Oh, do you mean back in 1995? Give me a small break.

  • Halie

    Eww she looks old. And that outfit is ugly

  • sheryl

    @ME: Yes, they broke the story in anticipation of a media storm, which was a good idea, but they didn’t divulge any information about her at all and only provided minimal details, as much as they thought the public needed to know (in a world where the public presumes the right to know).

  • evalynn

    she looks like she could be 30 not 24!
    but why is she talking to the paps when she wants privacy…

  • twpumpkin


  • wide hips

    Girl’s got some birthing hips on her.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    She copies Jude s favorite color (grey shirts)!! Please leave Jude and Sam alone. They try to work out for their baby.. I love Jude!!

  • Jen

    Oldest 24 year old in the universe. She looks like she is in her 40′s. She is not ugly but I doubt she is that age.

  • sheryl

    Wow, ignorance is certainly alive and well and exploding on the internet!
    So to summarize:
    Theory that Jude screws everything he makes eye contact with.
    Assumption that he doesn’t use condoms.
    3 kids with ex-wife and 1 child on the way 6 years post-divorce. Hmmm
    Sorry, that doesn’t add up. Read up on Law of Probability. For those that still don’t understand, have someone explain it to you.

  • flower

    Samantha and her family have no right for privacy. She is now in the public domain by doing what she has done and she and her family have asked for this. They clearly want this attention. Hopefully there will be as much attention on her as there was for the octo-mom. It is the same thing here. Will be fun to watch her life be chronicled by the paparazzi by what she and her family have asked for . This is classic.

  • super sexy girl

    “Jude Law must be a passionate lover who totally loses himself in the heat of the moment.” Now that sounds sexy!

  • Rings

    You gotta be kidding me, she can’t be 24. Look at those pics! She looks at least 34 or something.

  • Liv

    Maybe she’s 24 in dog years. What a bold-faced lie.

  • Liv

    Yeah, she’s 24 in dog years. What a bold-faced lie.

  • kaos

    She has got herself a meal ticket for life!

    “Respect my privacy” What a joke! Her family has been giving interviews left and right and she then shows herself to the media to protect her privacy?!

    I am no Jude Law fan but would not be surprised if this woman planned it all.