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Samantha Burke Talks Jude Law

Samantha Burke Talks Jude Law

Samantha Burke talks to press outside her mother’s home on Friday (July 31) in Pensacola, Fla.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress is pregnant with Jude Law‘s daughter, Sophia.

Samantha‘s attorney Daniel Thornburgh read a statement while with her brother Jason stood in the background. Afterwards, Samantha said, “I just wish that everyone could respect my privacy during this time. Thank you.”

On July 1, Samantha was seen going to dinner with Thornburgh and another unidentified woman.

You can watch a video of Samantha and her attorney at

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137 Responses to “Samantha Burke Talks Jude Law”

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  1. 26
    hell yeah Says:

    she’s only 24? whoa nelly! she looks at least 10 yrs older than that.

  2. 27
    hell yeah Says:

    her skin looks horrific in the first pic. yikes!

  3. 28
    Respect these Says:

    THIS is why it is so easy for dudes like Law, JMayer, LDiCaprio, GClooney, GButler …

    *sigh* Gerard Butler *sigh*…

    What was I saying?

    Oh Yeah! This is why they run thru women like this because these broads don’t know how to keep their mouths (and legs) closed. No one is surprised when they dump ‘em. THIS particular waitress/model/actress/whatever-doesn’t-pay-enough-to-quit-my-day-job was smart (read easy) enough to swoop in quick and corner him.

    BTW hon, maybe you should work on you “please respect my privacy” face…

  4. 29
    Marie Says:

    She is a wonderful person. Awesome for all of you to pass judgment. Get your own life.

  5. 30
    OMG Says:

    Marie, my dear, you must do know her very well, don’t you?

  6. 31
    Lovely Says:

    I agree. –Why does should Jude take all the blame? He was not the ONLY one there having sexy, and I’m sure she wanted it as much as him.–

  7. 32
    Emma Says:

    She does not look 24!!! I’m not trying to be mean….she’s pretty but she looks like she’s in her mid-late 30s.

  8. 33
    meh Says:

    Yeah we should totally respect the privacy of a famewhore who’s whoring herself out to the media every opportunity she gets.

  9. 34
    meh Says:

    And honestly, I don’t buy that she’s 24. She looks 44. She’s at least in her 30s

  10. 35
    pita Says:

    Sorry but this guy is a complet fool he has three kids with ex, he had a cheating scandle with nanny in the past .He should know better when it comes to women. George Cloony never pregnanted any of those women in this many years. I feel sorry for the girl she is pretty enough and young why she wants to be tied down with the father of three who is a commitment phobic? I don’t get some woman.

  11. 36
    anonymous Says:

    It’s all very well saying the fool should have used a condom, but she probably told him she was on the pill anyway so he thought ok why the hell not root her as she’s on the pill. No reason to assume she told him the truth. One thing is for sure is that she is going to get as much mileage and money out of this as possible. The fact that she has gone public about it says that. There are women who, sure they make a mistake, but they don’t go public and they don’t shout to the world who the father is. Poor Jude should have watched out for women like this one and been more careful.

  12. 37
    Jaded Says:

    @suzie: What’s even sadder is that that top is from Forever 21, and it’s from last year.

  13. 38
    eloisa Says:

    Young at 24 years old? she looks 40. She is a model, but at her age is too old (pretty but not enough and with fat arms) to have success. Only with her and her family attitude you know she has no class.

    Her aspirations in life, according to her profile model, is to be commercial and soap opera actress! (very high, rigth?) She wants fame and money, thats for sure. I think She is going to be his worst nigthmare.

    He si fool, naive and a famous actor who needs to be more selective and more careful. He is the one who has to lose a lot here. She win the lottery.

    By the way, agree with the person who said she needs to work on her “please respect my privacy” face.

  14. 39
    sunseeker Says:

    Her family are saying she is this young 24 year old virgin, ha ha. What a lot of rubbish they are making her out to be so naive, she is 24 years old and knew exactly what she was doing. Her family are after the money, if you read the statement her father made , it obvious. Poor Jude had a few too many and got more than he deserves. Drink has a lot to answer for.

  15. 40
    Patruuna Says:

    my 47 years old mother (botox-free:)) looks much much better than she – it’s obvious she is lying about her age to still do modelling…

  16. 41
    Vicki Says:

    ugly fat *****, just wanting fame

  17. 42
    sundus Says:

    OMG is she 24????????????????
    come on she looks like near to 45, please!
    thats crazy!!!

  18. 43
    Scruffy puffy Says:


  19. 44
    Kiki Says:

    Extremely irresponsible of both and, yes, there were many options with safe abortion during the first four to six weeks of conception being one of them. I’ve had D & Cs after natural miscarriages and they are simple for the woman. Although she looks much older for her age, she’s only 24 years of age and has many female reproductive years ahead of her. Who’s she and mom trying to fool? In this situation it’s about the fame and money with baby as the potential cash cow. Jude Law doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb in the area of authentic relationships and not to have used protection with his public exposure is amazing. Wonder what either of them are going to do for money as his public and professional image continues to erode? What a dishonoring situation on behalf of the children with his former wife.

  20. 45
    Jeff Says:

    She looks like she’s 35… And good luck with people respecting her privacy. She wants this attention, or she never would’ve gone public with it.

  21. 46
    Maximisses Says:

    Yep we believe that your 24!!!!!!!!

  22. 47
    Ilia Says:

    The caption should read: “A Human Cow”.

  23. 48
    Carrie Says:

    At least we know Jude has a type now (Sadie, Sienna, Daisy, Samantha) … plain janes who you wouldn’t give a second glance in the street.

    I’m sure this Samantha also made every press member mention she is an aspiring actress, bound to get her a few auditions.

  24. 49
    Scruffy puffy Says:

    JUDE LAW wants to kill himself now. Let’s only hope.

  25. 50
    Mel Says:

    As well as trapping Jude Law she is lying about her age. If she is 24 this girl has lead a rough life which explains why she tried to trap a man. Bet her mom is patting her on the shoulder saying good job.

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