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Jude Law & Samantha Burke: Oceans Apart

Jude Law & Samantha Burke: Oceans Apart

Jude Law grins at paparazzi as he leaves London’s Koha restaurant on Sunday (August 2).

Meanwhile on the other side of the pond, his baby mama Samantha Burke was spotted returning home with her mother Lea Burke in Pensacola, Fla.

The 5-foot-10 aspiring actress is pregnant with Jude‘s daughter, Sophia.

Samantha, 24, recently deleted her model profile on the portfolio website ModelMayhem. Her profile used to read, “Hello there! Well my name is Samantha, obviously. I am passionate about fashion and photography, but of course I just love to be in front of the camera. I’ve been modeling locally for about 8 years now and do not want to give it up! I would love to go full-time eventually. I worked in New York City this past summer of 07′ and I’m now across the river in Jersey City. I attended acting classes at the New York Studio for Film & Television. It was a commercial and soap opera based course. I loved it! I wouldn’t mind modeling AND acting.”

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Credit: SDFL; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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61 Responses to “Jude Law & Samantha Burke: Oceans Apart”

  1. 1
    mimi prism Says:

    First? What did i win!


  2. 2
    amy Says:

    how did thay concieve exactly? Wouldn’t she crush him? This ***** is huge!

  3. 3
    me! Says:

    Not a nice-looking chic at all! Just goes to prove that men will sleep with anything as long as it has a pulse.

  4. 4
    janaina Says:

    he has many children near a nursery,hehheheheheheh ,,,,,,,,,,,,,it is very beautiful, I wanted to have a son also.hehehehhehe she has pictures of him naked uau============== hope it is a good father

  5. 5
    Ho Ho Ho Says:

    She’s got it made. She won’t go away!

  6. 6
    mimi prism Says:

    Sometimes, that most beautiful man makes such funny faces! But that is just how natural and normal he seems to be! Anyway, kiss-kiss babe, you are the best!


  7. 7
    eloisa Says:

    @amy: Apparently, she is Little Red Riding Hood and He is the wolf, according to her family …. I think someone should tell these people to stop watching Telemundo and She must assume her actions.

  8. 8
    Jolietta Says:

    Poor Jude! He did what thousands of single men do when they meet an easy and single woman and took what she offered. Bet she didn’t include getting herself deliberately pregnant in the offer. Now it looks like he’s going to pay through the nose because she wants the privilege of being a rich, celebrity, stay-at-home mom. This weasel woman doesn’t deserve any financial gain from this, she should be ashamed of herself.

  9. 9
    YES! Says:

    Jen Garner of Jude Law. Poor Jude!

  10. 10
    Luke Fuchs Says:

    This woman has to be pushing 40. I don’t believe for a second that she is in her early 20′s.

  11. 11
    Helen walsh Says:

    oh man, she sounds just like a shallow los-angeles aspiring actress.

  12. 12
    mikemike Says:

    she’s could play linebacker for the Florida Seminoles

  13. 13
    sharyllee Says:

    Now I hate Samantha now.. troublemaker!!

  14. 14
    Jude is a cooked goose Says:

    Jude will be working everyday in every movie he can get once that Florida Court awards her big bucks.

  15. 15
    Annie Says:

    JJ, just how long are you going to post pics of this “couple”. They were never a couple, never in a relationship and she doesn’t deserve the time of day, never mind endless articles about her. Jude Law’s reps have already confirmed that he will support the child so why are we still discussing this non-issue?

  16. 16
    jaxon Says:

    Just what she wants. Now the paps are going to follow her around every day. They are going to take her picture every day. Yeah, she really wants her privacy. Jude never announced her name. She did that. But I vant to be aloooooooone.

    She’s so big I think she held our poor widdle Jude down and impregnanted herself.

  17. 17
    eloisa Says:

    @Annie: 100 agree! Please JJ, only pictures of Jude, he is de actor.

  18. 18
    Sara Says:

    Jude <3
    Just keep going and stay strong. You’ll find a way to get out of this mess. Things will get better, you’ll see. I know they will. In the mean time, my love, you can come to me. Promise bring you back when all this mess has finally ended.

  19. 19
    Sara Says:

    Jude <3
    Just keep going and stay strong. You’ll find a way to get out of this mess. Things will get better, you’ll see. I know they will. In the mean time, my love, you can come with me. Promise bring you back when all this mess has finally ended.

  20. 20
    Eve Says:

    Now, this chick will forever be known as Jude’s baby’s mother, I hope she fades into the background and spends the money very slowly. If she thinks she will get major work as an actor or model, she’s delusional. I cannot believe she is model, who hired her to do what?!, and for 8 years?

  21. 21
    mery Says:

    Samantha is ridiculous.
    I hope she lost the attention the press (and this page) quickly.
    Privacy? This woman don’t have decency. She is selling her daughter.
    I hope she lost her custody.

  22. 22
    hell yeah Says:

    “i wouldn’t mind modelling AND acting.”
    i’m sure u wouldn’t…. how original. now my question is this, would she still keep the baby if she got pregnant with some random loser she met at the bar? would she like her own reality show now? well enjoy your 15 minutes, lady.

  23. 23
    kin Says:

    I wonder why she deleted her bio.

    Good to see Jude smiling btw.

  24. 24
    Daphne Says:

    Jared, Stop posting pics of her. Didn’t you hear, she wants her privacy, she wants to be left alooonnne. Uh huh.

    Jude is a treasure. Stay strong Judey! This too will pass.

  25. 25
    donna Says:

    Samantha, how convenience that you are not even exclusively dating Jude and yet you are not wearing protection or on pills! will you keep that child if the father is not Jude Law? I dislike women who use using this kind of tactic to get rich! this is entrapment!

  26. 26
    marketa linden Says:

    @Ho Ho Ho:
    She’s very beautiful woman, she’s not typical model wave of this periord, but she’s classy beauty and I think, nice person. Well, they hooked up and created baby. When this drama around finishes, inseminator Jude Law can during his time as Hamlet transfer Samantha to some NY hospital to give a birth or help raise and be with his new family attachment [as Hamlet]. It’s quite good timing. This shouting so so 40 years he goat in middle age crisis has min. one chance how to feel as productive man, with babygirl on the way…Sienna looks boho, Brad Pitt looks like hobo.I’d like to know how I’ll look like soon in Afgh.mountains ….more careful than Jude Law. Certainly. Only Kate Middleton can play his part of Talented Mr.Ripley, she will do everything to be in some part of society, but blames us, we are snobs. Look what people prefers her sister, mother and Mids. What prefer I? Everyone who’s good egg. She attacked me 1,5 years in newspapers as army Barbie, who takes to Afgn. blow drier, nail drier etc. This lazy ***** hasn’t idea what’s it and devotion to nation or to carry min. some baby as this Samantha. This inseminator Jude Law min. was so frank he admitted the child is his own. And Sadie looks better than Mids in her 40something. I hope, she travelled to Villa Bang Bang to uncle Gary Go. No, Katie Waitie is very demure woman, only showing her bared crotvh in public…I don’t think some snaps of Jude Law and Samantha can be worse. This Samantha has her own life in front of her, with child or without. Law can max. train small Madox and Angie’s children how to tidy up after their snacks and take aways…when he’s so fussy but makes mess as a piggie.

  27. 27
    Pole Says:

    For the love of God Jared – they were never a couple, please stop these posts! Come on – this was little more than a one night stand and it’s blatantly obviouse she’s trying to become famous by it. Quite shamless to use the baby even before it’s born – and her family has the guts to promote her as innocent and Jude as an evil seduced at the same time?? Come on, don’t buy into it!

  28. 28
    ladiu Says:

    enough of these two already!

  29. 29
    Vicki Says:

    ugly fat ****

  30. 30
    liverwurst Says:

    Modeling? Oh, she meant “plus sizes” right? Or maybe she’s referring to hand and foot modeling? Girl is down right below average in every possible way.

  31. 31
    shurly Says:

    Stop it Jared, she is a nobody !!

  32. 32
    adiore Says:

    Have you guys actually seen the website that JJ posted in the mini summary? I personally don’t use the site but friend does. What it is, is aspiring photographers and aspiring models sign up and they do kind of a trade-off. Up and coming photographers need photos to build their portfolio but they don’t have money to hire models…..and people looking to become a model/actor/actress/etc., don’t have money to pay for a photographer…so photographers and models come together to this website and post their profile and some sample work or pictures of them self. The photographers/models browse tons profiles to find the one that they may think of shooting pictures for or vice versa. No one gets paid anything, and it’s at your own risk. Everyone’s got to have a start somewhere.

  33. 33
    Wendy Says:

    Enough with this already, i am sick of it!!!

  34. 34
    NativeNYker Says:

    I wish he would give me his seed!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  35. 35
    sydney Says:

    Who cares about this woman!!! She wants her privacy, she can have it.
    None of Jude´s fans are interested in her.

  36. 36
    kate Says:

    smart woman! Now she will have enough money her entire life!!!

  37. 37
    n.o.l.a Says:

    Looks to me like Law loves himself anyway and as an actor he is well overrated. there r more good and classy brit actor than Jude Law.

    I hope the Directors and Producers in Hollywood see how nasty he has been with this girl and never offer him a film role again.

  38. 38
    Joi Says:

    Samantha- gold digger. I am sure she can’t wait for child support.

  39. 39
    eve Says:

    plase you stop talking her she is pregnent and ofcourse fat and ugly. yes may be she looks old. but enough she is pregnent ı love jude soo much

  40. 40
    dolorescraeg Says:

    i am very surprised that you’re still milking this. this was a fling by two single consenting adults……jude will do the right thing but have a heart. he didn’t start a nuclear war…..go watch this man perform hamlet. you will see one of the greatest actors of his generation and lay off him. jude law’s fans are very devoted and protective of him….i certainly am not going to insult this woman either as she is carrying a child….but i don’t see the great importance of this….enough already..

  41. 41
    Celebritywatcher Says:

    People are being way too judgmental with this girl. God works in mysterious, nothing happens for nothing.


    Check out my psychic celebrity predictions @

  42. 42
    yoyo Says:

    Wish they (the system) could set up accounts for men who are entrapped. In other words, give a debit card to the woman. This debit card can only be used for clothes, medical bills and food for the baby ONLY.

    This way the woman cannot live off of Jude’s money. The baby should be the only one who benefits.

  43. 43
    I agree Says:

    @sydney – “None of Jude´s fans are interested in her.”
    Totally agreed!!!!

  44. 44
    mimi prism Says:

    Agree! That is actually a very smart and interesting premise YOYO. The children interests and needs should always be safeguarded first! : )


  45. 45
    uhm.yeah. Says:

    Either person involved here could have taken responsibility for what they, as two people of child-bearing age, were apparently doing. It is somewhat grotesque to see that so many people commenting here would like to see little Sophia (who Law acknowledges as his child) die. Would you wish that on his other children? He did not demand a paternity test before acknowledging her (though he may later)- and HE is the one who chose to announce the event. He has seemed to enjoy parenting his other children as a divorced father and looks to be prepared to welcome his new baby. The situation, in time, will probably not look very different from the current situation he has with his other kids- Law doesn’t seem prepared to pay and then not involve himself in his new daughter’s life. There is no reason to assume that there is any animosity on his part or plotting on hers going on here. It really isn’t that easy to get pregnant- it’s not the common cold. Only two people were there when the initial choice was made. Pregnancy doesn’t make her a fame-sucking *****, though that is a possibility. Nor does being an exceptional actor make Mr. Law a perfect human being or a naive victim. I imagine she is not the only woman with whom he’s had the potential to procreate in the recent past and surely this scenario had to have occurred to him as a possible side-event of his choices. It MAY be an embarrassement to him but it is admirable that he is moving forward in parenting his baby girl.

  46. 46
    Ugh!! Says:

    what about you? Fuc*ked up.

  47. 47
    wen Says:

    LOL at people complaining at Jared for posting news that doesn’t show Jude in the best light. These are the same people who can be found going please post more about Jude Jared!!

  48. 48
    bella Says:

    wow bet he regrets sleeping with her. she would sell him out in a secoind. how much you are willing to bet soon as this baby is born, she will pimping out the pics to Hello or some other british tabloid.

  49. 49
    sam Says:

    when you zoom in on the pictures of her, god she looks twice her age she has a very hard face i dont think she is pretty at all and were is the so called model figure she s built like a brick s**t house and that was also before she was pregnant as well!.

    jude looks handsome as usual! sexy jude love you!

  50. 50
    anonymous Says:

    I feel so much sympathy for Jude! He has done nothing wrong here, he’s a single guy who, in a brief drunken fling, had sex with a single girl. I have no doubt she manipulated the event from beginning to end and now her family are blaming him for abusing their poor innocent, little daughter who, according to her dad, is a ‘young, innocent and silly girl’. Cut the cr.ap, she’s an adult, and a scheming, sly one at that.
    Delores Burke says that the whole family is mad at him for whathe has done to the poor, naive little innocent. Lady, she was the one who spread her legs, she was the one who told him she was on the pill, she’s little better than a who7e. So what did she do when she found out she was pregnant………she waited until she was so far along the line that there was no possibility of arranging a termination before telling him last month and then splashing it all over the press. Innocent, no, not by a long chalk. Jude now wants a DNA test to prove that the baby is definitely his and her family are furious saying that his behaviour is not up to the standards of an english gentleman. Why, coz I wouldn’t mind betting that the baby isn’t his to begin with and the DNA test will prove just what a s*** she is!

  51. 51
    super sexy girl Says:

    anonymous, WELL said!

  52. 52
    leap backwards Says:

    I’m not much of a Jude Law fan but one thing really bugs me: women like these are a disgrace to all the hard working women who fought so diligently for emancipation and respect. No feelings of sisterhood here from me. The entire way she handles this affair (and it hardly even was one) smells of white trash chic. I don’t suppose she thought for one moment about his other children, how they must feel. I’m really disgusted and I don’t think he is naive. I’m sure he had his share and has to take responsibility (which he’s apparently willing to do), but that smells of entrapment. Sue her back for unconcented pregnancy or something. On this one: TEAM JUDE

  53. 53
    Sara Says:

    I don’t think Jude is naive as people are saying but I I’m pretty sure he likes the “thing” and so may not have thought of the consequences. I still love him anyway.

  54. 54
    mery Says:

    I’m not much of a Jude Law fan but one thing really bugs me: women like these are a disgrace to all the hard working women who fought so diligently for emancipation and respect

    I agree for you.
    I read one post what said the women attack the women. It’s wrong, I attack the woman as Samantha why she is one shame for other woman.

  55. 55
    Daphne Says:

    @wen #47 — I want to see Jude’s pics. I don’t want to see re-cycled news. It’s the same ‘news’ posted 9 (count ‘em NINE) times. Give me a break.

    Keep posting the new pics but let’s move on, put a lid on it and find another caption for the pics. There is no news here.

  56. 56
    Kiki Says:

    Maybe she wasn’t a “real” model but something or someone else on behalf of Jude Law…hummm! She certainly doesn’t look like or dress like a “successful model”. Jude Law should sue her….let this story be a warning to all the male actors lusting from pond to pond!

  57. 57
    anonymous Says:

    What hacks me off the most is the woman’s blatant hawking for publicity,…oh..and her family’s shameless lying too! She knew what she was doing! Every step of the way she knew! How she has behaved is disgraceful! She is intent on using this pregnancy and the unborn child purely for her own personal financial gain.
    It would be very easy for her to say to Jude that she’s really sorry this has happened as she didn’t mean to put him in this position, that she would like him to be involved in the child’s life but she doesn’t need his money because she’s determined to raise the child herself and doesn’t need his financial support. If he wants to support the child, then fine, but she doesn’t need it herself as she intends to work. But do you hear her or her money grubbing parents saying all that. NO! Of course you don’t because they are all grinning and rubbing their hands in anticipation of large wads of cash coming their way. Disgusting!

  58. 58
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    i dont think so at all, i really dont find anything special about her
    she kinda looks like a guy with a wig and a dress tbh
    only reason she’d even b a model is her height, but thats it

  59. 59
    nicole Says:

    i feel so sorry for Jude. He was decieved. Although he should really be married before he plays around..tsk tsk..I still feel bad for him, I can imagine he has people trying to “be his friend” for wrong reasons, because hes a celebrity and rich, now he has a girl trying to bank on him from a pregnancy. I dont blame him for wanting dna proof. I feel really sorry this happened to him. Hang in there Jude. Lots of love and kisses, Nicole

  60. 60
    Leigh Says:

    i do not like this girl poor jude she is ugly and looks 44 did she squish jude

    pooorr jude

    shes just looking for attention

  61. 61
    suppress your appetite Says:


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