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Sarah Palin Denies Divorce Rumors

Sarah Palin Denies Divorce Rumors

Sarah Palin is debunking rumors that she and her husband Todd are divorcing.

Her spokeswoman Meg Stapleton has slammed two Alaskan bloggers’ reports about infidelities on both sides, saying, “Yet again, some so-called journalists have decided to make up a story. There is no truth to the recent ‘story’ (and story is the correct term for this type of fiction) that the Palins are divorcing. The Palins remain married, committed to each other and their family, and have not purchased land in Montana (last week it was reported to be Long Island).”

Meg continued, “Less than one week ago, Governor Palin asked the media to ‘quit making things up.’ We appreciate that the more professional journalists decided to question this story before repeating it.”

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  • TR

    There is no one that appears less intelligent in politics today. This half-wit has proven herself a total hypocrite (knocked up daughter) and a total fool in terms of understanding the political system. Get lost already!!

  • go away palin

    who cares if you are or you arent.
    go away.
    you retired.- remember?
    you are no longer in the public eye. -remember?
    you left because you couldnt take the heat.
    so why are you opening the oven?
    GO. AWAY. NOW.

  • mailey

    they’re a goodlooking older couple tho.

  • preet

    they look happy to be together

  • macy

    leave them alone

  • anonymous

    They both look like they want to be with each other.

  • xanadu

    the loonies are so jealous because the Palins and most Republicans do their best living out their morals,values and traditions, they are good looking people in and out and are intelligent.
    Most of all they love God,their country and family

    the loons just worship money,themselves and the evil pleasures of this temporary world they thought that would last forever but they ought to embrace the world can end anytime soon.

  • Jacob

    Who cares about this trailer trash.

  • lurker

    #6 true unlike the Clintons forcely married because of love of power and politics

  • Laura


    What morals? Killing wolves from a helicopter and having your 18 year old get knocked up by the town idiot?

    The Senator from Nevada, Governor Sanford, Larry Craig and Mark Foley and great examples of “Republican values”. SO I guess those values mean getting pregnant out of wedlock, cheating on your wife, attempting to have gay sex in an airport bathroom and being a boy-loving pedophile wannabe.

    You know, at least Democrats don’t use so called “values” to get cheap votes from single-issue minded sheeple. So when I hear about “family values” coming from Republicans. I just have to laugh.

  • LuckyL

    Does she REALLY need to answer everybody? And can’ these brain dead pieces of fecal matter tell this different between bloggers, tabloid journalists, and newspaper/ print new -journalists-?

  • George w. BUsh


    This Palin chick makes me look smart. Ehehehehe!

  • Todd Palin

    We’re getting a divorce after she sells her “memoir”. Trust.

    P.S.: It’ll include Moose Chili recipes!

  • ROnald Reagan

    So this is the person who wanted to take my mantle?

    Look Northern Exposure, if you want a tip. Stop whining and moaning about everything. Including the media. Haven’t you learned my lessons? Laugh at the media and poke fun at them. Stop your complaining and stop being so weak. Its over for you. No one can take you seriously anymore dear. Including 50% of those who consider themselves Republican.

  • Barack Obama

    Uh… Sarah. Don’t get upset. Come on. Run for another term. It’ll be the first time a sitting President won’t have to campaign to win a second term.

  • Alaskans

    We don’t care much for Sarah anymore.
    She’s a quitter and ran out on us after her approval ratings here in Alaska have plummeted. She’s not cut out for much in the political arena. Try Radio… oh wait I forgot. Clear Radio (the folks who work with Rush Limbaugh) denied your request to work for them with your own radio show. Hey don’t look too sad. There’s a seat waiting for you with Glenn Beck on FOX. That way both of you can cry on television about everything that rubs you the wrong way.

  • Tripp Palin

    Mommy, why don’t you take care of me? Piper isn’t doing a good job. She keeps me in her drawer.

  • Neiman marcus and Sacks Fifth

    Looks like the Wasilla hillbillies will be ransacking us again… ugh. Look Sarah, we’re still waiting for all those clothes you said you’d return.

  • Russia

    We’ll miss all our late night talks. Don’t move too far away. We still want to see you.

  • The media

    Oh man… this chick was easy to break.

  • Mike Scully

    Hey Sarah, I hope you liked that speech I wrote for you at the RNC. Because I’m never working for you again. Lets hope you can improve on your ramblings. Idiot.

  • Speeches

    Hey Sarah, the last time you sounded stable was at the RNC. Thanks to Mike Scully and me of course. I know you still use me, but the thing is. You’re not a great writer. You need a ton of practice.

    You know just forget it. You need to hire someone to write things for you. Apparently you never heard of run-on sentences, periods, abbreviations and not sounding like a retard.

  • Africa

    Hey Sarah, I can’t believe you thought I was a country and not a continent. Jesus Christ.

  • Nicolas Sarkozy

    Hey Sara, sorry about those prank callers from Montreal. Don’t worry, I was too busy talking to Obama instead of you. Hey I may be jealous of Barack Obama and in fact I hate him. Oui, I said it. Damn him and his swagger.

  • Meghan McCain

    Like Oh my God. Seriously Sarah. Like, I remember I said I’m not like ever going to talk about you and stuff. But I seriously still blame you for my father’s loss. Gosh!

  • JOhn McCain

    This woman piles on make-up like a filthy trollup. I wasn’t getting my pee-hole electrocuted in Vietnam for two years to have Moose Lady destroy me chance to be President. Damn her. Damn her and her husband!

    Cindy! Where’s my slippers! I need my nap dag-nabbit!

  • Levi JOhnston

    I’m soooo gonna rat on you with my new book. Ca-ching!

    Dolla dolla bill ya’ll!!!!!!

  • Spanks

    Maybe we should take a break. I think your cutting blood from circulating to your head. It might explain thing… just saying!

  • Joe BIden

    Who knew you can make me look like the smartest guy in the room? Thanks Sarah. I love living in the Vice President’s mansion.

  • Dick Cheney

    Rrrrrrrr… Sarah. Look, you really uhhhh didn’t think you can take over for me did you? Go F yourself.

  • The lower 48

    Stay the hell away from us.

  • Alaskan wolves

    Please leave us alone. Please move. For the love of GOD! Stop shooting at us!

  • The Presidency of the Usa

    Seriously, you’re not gonna be a member of this club.

  • Rednecks and racists

    We looooove you Sarah! Don’t let them get you down hunny! Ain’t not shame in losing. You just keep on fanning those flames! You keep my sane. I can’t stand that Obama and his damn concern for the working class and stuff. He lucky he half-white. Aint no way he woulda won with out. Woooo ya! White power.

  • Conservative lesbians

    Sarah… I can’t stop thinking about you. You keep me warm at night. I dream about you. Ever since you lost… I can’t eat or drive or pretend to be straight anymore. Well, okay, I can pretend to be straight. You know, or we’ll go to hell an all. Hey I’m going to conversion camp. Gonna get the gay beaten out of me.

    But as Whitney Houston said:

    Iiiiiiiiiiiii will always loooooooooove youuuuuuuuu!

    Signed: Closeted Conservative Lesbians

  • Majority of Republicans

    You know that all we want is for you to be a home-maker right? I mean, you were great and all but get back in the kitchen woman!

  • Tina Fey

    You make it so easy Sarah. But I’m taking off the beehive, the payless shoes and those Japanese glasses of yours. Thanks to your idiocy I made $4 million dollars in 2008. Yep. So, yeah. I’m done. Bye!

  • Minorities

    Yeah, without us. You’ll never win a thing.

  • Governor Sanford

    Hey so you’re getting a divorce.
    I’m separating with my wife.
    How about you and me hike the Appalachian trail? ;-D

  • The GOP

    Sarah. Please shut up.


    The Ol’ Boys Club

  • Feminists

    Ya, you’re not one of us. So stop saying you are.

  • Widelife

    Stop drilling us and destroying our natural beauty.

    Everything about you is a lie. How can you call yourself a lover of outdoors when you want it to be destroyed. President Teddy Roosevelt is spinning in his grave. You want to destroy this great man’s legacy on conservation.

  • Moose

    Sarah, why are you eating us?
    We don’t even taste that good. Try Bear meat.

  • Sarah’s passport

    So you never really used me. Like, maybe you used me once or twice coming to Canada and Kuwait. But what the hell Sarah? You don’t know anything about the world, hardly traveled and you had the audacity to accept John McCain’s senile offer? America dodged a bullet with you.

    Okay, I know I’m being mean here. But maybe if you spent more time with me, we can be cool again.

  • Bridge to Nowhere

    You were for me before you were against me. So why are you still lying about that? Why is honesty something you’re allergic to?

  • Bobby Jindal

    Uh, hey Sarah. It’s Bobby Jindal. Okay okay me real name is Piyush. But look I’m making a run for 2012. There can only be room for one rank-amateur. So stay away.

  • Sarah’s hairdresser

    Your losing a bit on top. Sorry, it just got out. Maybe you should stop dieting. I mean you’re pretty but your only hot in a political sense.

  • Sarah’s brain

    Okay I know fish is great for your mind but all that fish you eat and still its not working.

    Try reading a newspaper. Like, everyday. Just read. Read something for the love of all that his holy! READ.

  • Schizophrenic Poster

    Hey, youre one sick twisted freak. I love you. Carry on.

  • Newspapers

    Yeah, you might want to pick one of us up. Hey it doesn’t have to be the New York Times. How about we take it slow. Pick up a USA Today and move up from there.