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Alexander Skarsgard: Tails For Whales!

Alexander Skarsgard: Tails For Whales!

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard sinks his teeth into the Tails for Whales campaign, posing in support of the International Fund for Animal Welfare’s (IFAW) global initiative calling for stronger whale protection.

The 32-year-old Swedish stud and costar Kristin Bauer posed for the visual petition by making whale tails with their hands. IFAW’s campaign raises awareness about the threats facing whales and their habitats including commercial whaling and climate change. For more info, visit

WHAT DID YOU THINK of last night’s True Blood? Godric is one hot Maker!

Bigger pics inside…

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alexander skarsgard tails for whales 01
alexander skarsgard tails for whales 02
kristin bauer tails for whales 01

Photos: Mats Holmberg/IFAW
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  • me

    yes I am convinced we have to save the whales now that two not very well known celebs pose in a vogue “whale” position.

    There are so many better ways to promote awareness about a cause then this.

  • brush yo teefs!

    who the hell dragged the other telepathic into that room and did jason die!?

  • Pan

    OH, Alex. I hope he doesn’t get too “over-exposed”. That would be a bummer.

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    I love Alex!!! And when i saw Godric, my mouth dropped lol. I was like ” Whoa, he’s hot” haha.

  • true blood

    He looks great. Love Kristin too.
    Nice to see them support a good cause.

  • marissa

    Godric is F-King Hot!

    and eric is getting on my nerves, he needs to admit his feelings for sookie

  • marissa

    @brush yo teefs!:

    no he didnt die.

  • Juliana

    yessssssss alexander’s sooo hot.
    i def. wanna do bad things with him ;D

  • megan

    alex is very hot in true blood.. Eric is cool, slightly arrogant and yet funny. and i love the shorter hair there on him. he should keep it like that in real life too

  • jen

    i love alexander! he gets hotter everytime i see him

  • jill

    Godric is totally HOT! cant wait to see his reunion with eric

  • Lisa

    Great pics, want to see more of Pam please she may be my fav female on the show right now if I could freakin see her!

    So there’s Alex where the hell is Evan Rachel Wood since she has been attached at his hip over the last few says.LOL

  • Carly

    His hands are so sexy.

  • dani

    @Lisa: Probably with her boyfriend Shane West.

    Love Pam too!

  • BEMineAlex

    Omg Alexander Skarsgard is too handsome and Godric jeez more of him please. I”m glad A.S. is using his publicity for a good cause he can inspire me to do almost anything. Pam rocks we need more of her in the show.

  • Lisa


    Dani, they broke up didn’t they?
    But I did see a pic of her & Shane out together as late as July 25th so that was quick.

    Also Godric is wicked hot, what a badass twosome Eric & him are!

  • emma

    I love Alexander Skarsgard! Keeps me tuned in to the show


    last nights was soooooooooooo good…. can’t even take it!!! can’t wait till next week!

  • stephanie

    i love seeing some 6’4″ viking sexiness. rawr!

  • Liv

    I hope they don’t try to turn Eric into the one from the books. He’s totally bad-ass the way he is.

  • MM

    Yeah, I am afraid it is heading that way. He seems to be going Hollywood also. It kind of sucks, but oh well.

    #12- He has longer hair in this picture, probably was taken months ago.

  • eliza

    Alex is very sexy, And he has big hands. Yummy! I love big hands


    I love this man. He is such a god character and actor on “True Blood” Please give me more of him!! i also love pam!!!

  • Lauren

    alex’ s been beautiful since forever!!! *sigh*… he’s so yummy.

  • Suz

    Yes are Evan and Alex together?? I want to know!!!

  • Ellen

    Shane and Evan did break up, don’t know for sure if she’s dating Alex or not

  • Lisa


    How do you know Ellen that Shane & her broke up?
    I saw a pic of them last week like July 25th together so wow that was fast.
    Heard that ERW was with Alex at the soccor thing though. Don’t imagine she would be with him if still dating Shane.

  • AnotherLaura

    @me: like what?

  • Peace

    Just saw photos of Evan and Shane together last week. Agree, that would be really quick if they broke up.
    I think AS and her are pals from True Blood. Plus, AS left for Shreveport on August 2nd to do voice training for Straw Dogs.

  • Ellen

    It’ll come to light soon, I don’t really want to divulge my sources but they’re over and both Shane and Evan have moved on.

  • Lisa


    So by both moving on do you mean Alex or just that it’s over?
    Also you are not known so who cares if you say how you know, no one will find out.

  • cas

    omg..he is sooo beautiful..drool!

  • Jane

    I’ve heard some saying she was seen getting all cozy with Swedish soccer player Zlatan Ibrahimovic recently, and he is friends with Alex, so maybe that is why she has been hanging out with him lately, because the times they have been spotted together have been having to do with Zlatan’s soccer games. All I know is that if Alex is dating her, he would loose major points in my book. She is one nasty busted up hussy.

  • me

    @AnotherLaura: like sarcasm?

  • jenny

    True blood was amazing last night!!! Alexander is hot!!!

  • Lisa


    Jane the stuff about her getting cozy with that soccor player were apparently false & made up, someone at a AS site admitted doing it.

    Although the fact they have not been seen together until this soccor thing makes me wonder if it does have to do with Zlat Ibrahimovich.
    Someone on twitter this morning said Alex introduced them so who knows & if she went with him to the LA Galaxy game against AC Barcelona on Sat night then it could be.
    But I heard they also were seen on a boat last night on CA.
    Agree she can be nasty & I would be shocked he would hookup with her.


  • Huh


    Are you serious? Someone at AS fansite made up a story about ZI? Why? That is disgusting, he is married father of two.

  • Lisa


    Yeah they said they were the person on Twitter who made it up.
    I even PM’d them about it & they said they did it as a joke. yikes!

    Anyway who knows if that are lying about that since someone twittered this morning saying they read on an Alex fantweet that Alex introduced them, so maybe it’s true. So much crap going around to make sense of it, just hope Alex is friends with ERW since she is rather nasty imo. Manson wanted to kill her enough said! LOL

  • anna

    He looks absolutely stunning in these photos. It’s almost ridiculous how good looking he is. I’ve never obsessed over a celebrity like this!! Ahh!

  • Huh

    Thanks. Some people really need things to do with their time. All signs point to them dating. I’m sure nothing will come of it, but it sort of taints Alexander to me.

  • Lisa


    Not sure that all signs point to them dating but they have been hanging out together so who knows.
    Sure seems quick though since Shane West & her were seen out July 25th.

    Oh yeah I totally agree, if Alex were dating her I would lose a little respect, jesus of all the women out there pick someone who was not intimate with the likes Marilyn Manson, that is just nasty! LOL

  • Lisa


    Ellen what do you mean it will come to lite soon enough?

  • katkat

    Absolutely love him!!! His tall frame…and those big hands….oh man I get shivers all over!!!

  • cat

    The more people who get involved in this cause the better. I love that he is supporting the whales, it is one more reason to adore this man.


    I can’t imagine that someone as intelligent, gorgeous and talented as Alexander Skarsgard would hook up with ERW. She is a total hussy, agreed. And for someone who actually wants a family, kids, etc. someday.. and just as recent as two days ago said that he is single and barely has time to eat… to hook up with a Hollywood tramp whose ex boyfriend fantasizes (not dream, fantasizes) about killing her… I really don’t think he’s hitting that.

    At least.. for his sake, I hope he isn’t.

  • More Please

    This man is so attractive it almost hurts to look at him. Add to that his amazing acting and you get perfection. I would pretty much watch anything this man is in just to see him. He rocks as Eric in True Blood and I really hope they keep with his character and don’t go changing him. Eric is the Sh*t! (please excuse my language)

  • More Please

    This man is so attractive it almost hurts to look at him. Add to that his amazing acting and you get perfection. I would pretty much watch anything this man is in just to see him. He rocks as Eric in True Blood and I really hope they keep with his character and don’t go changing him. Eric is the Sh*t! (please excuse my language)

  • me

    Wow! Not only is he GORGEOUS, but he’s an animal rights activist as well.
    He’s my dream guy! *swoon*

  • texasgal

    I don’t see how he could have spotted on a boat with ERW last night in CA b/c is currently in Shreveport (or Mississippi??) working w/ a dialect coach & preparing for Straw Dogs. There were pics posted on USA Today of him at the airport.

  • Scotty

    Eric is totaly hot, I’d love to do him, and so is Godric. After nine hundred years together isn’t there something a little more than maker and made going on. Eric is more than a little emotional about it.