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'Giuliana & Bill' Premieres This Wednesday

'Giuliana & Bill' Premieres This Wednesday

E! News host Giuliana Rancic and her husband, former Apprentice star Bill Rancic, have a new reality show coming out called Giuliana & Bill.

The show is a 10-ep series that goes behind-the-scenes of the marriage of Giuliana, 34, and Bill, 36. “I make a living getting personal things out of celebrities,” says Giuliana. “If I can’t do the same thing, I’d be a hypocrite.”

Giuliana & Bill airs this Wednesday (August 5) @ 9PM ET/PT on the Style Network.

You can follow the couple on Twitter @billrancic and @giulianaranic. Giuliana has nearly a million followers and Bill barely has 8,000. Help a brotha out!

For more info on the show, visit

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  • nina



    LAME!!! who the hell care about them!!!!

  • susiQ

    Why are they getting a reality show. Does anyone want to fknow or care about her personal life.. I mean she has done “reports” (LOL) on celebs with reality shows that have failed.. so I guess she and he want to be the exception to the rule.That they can do one to show the world how “IN LOVE” they are.. “HOW FABULOUS” her life is.. I thought he had a corporate job with Donald Trump. How does he have time to do this. I for one will not watch. She is two faced to me.. She kisses the celebs as*** when she is in their faces and then she will go on a show and trash them..

    Keep her and her ugly hubby off the air.. NO ONE WANTS TO SEE THEM. .

    Well at least I don’t…

  • http://justjared always the truth

    She is trying too much to be a star. Ithink that she actually think that she is a star.

  • dani

    guiliana’s pretty funny on enews and her husband and her make a cute couple

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Giuliana seems like an annoying bytch.
    Every time some new came to E! she seemed so thretaened and tried to make that person look bad.

  • OK

    Well, this proves the networks think we’ll watch ANYTHING.

  • missy

    Get used to it, people do watch this crap and all we are gonna get is more crap.

  • Divorce spells divorce

    Dumb. Bad idea.Money is good and is always the real reason for doing anything. The choice you make in earning the money can be good or bad. Her quote about being a hyprocrite if she does notespose her lifeto like the celebs she reportsonisnot true.
    If this is her real, halfbaked one,well,she can apply that reason when she gets divorced too. Reality tv, bad for a marriage .

  • monica

    I guess Im the only one that absolutely loved Giuliana!

  • b

    Don’t they know that reality shows are marriage suicide!

  • Amy

    i don’t know if i’ll watch their show, but i love giuliana on E! News and she’s also really pretty. Her and Bill make a cute couple.

  • Rings

    Well, let’s face it, neither of them is talented for anything in particular, so the only way to get money is by selling their so called life.

  • dundies

    1. i swore i already saw this and

  • Drey


  • Drey


  • Rob Redstone

    I have pictures from BEHIND the Scenes from this show! Click on my name above then go to PHOTOS and scroll down!! All behind the scenes PICS ON SET!!

  • adrianna

    this will be the most BORING reality show ever!!! a big waste of your time.

  • Rob Redstone

    The PICS are from the ‘Girls Night Out’ segment on therobredstoneshow. com then click on PHOTOS

  • lakers fan in boston

    i dont no but i just dont like her
    she seems like a phony
    the hottest one on e is that young 1, i never learn her name tho =p
    i prefer debbie over this chick, im pretty sure she has a wild side
    i remember a pic of her on perez that shows it =]

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    another show that will flop. who cares about these two?! seriously… how did she even get a show?!? how the fcuk did she get on this website..?!? why the fcuk did i even click this lame shiit to bash they’re nobody ass’es?!?!?

  • meems

    yuck no thanks

  • missy

    another ryan seacreast brilliant idea, no doubt!

  • ck

    I wouldn’t watch this for $20 an episode.

  • zoey

    She’s extremely annoying and as fug as they come. Who cares about either one? I won’t be watching.

  • yeah

    So, when is the divorce being announced?, reality show curse.

  • nora

    You’re just kidding right?

  • aNGIE

    ummmmmmmmmm……………..can we say DIVORCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    They will be next!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • summersucks


  • kate

    Who cares about these 2 fame craving losers. She is so annoying and not funny. These idiots take themselves way too seriously.

  • rachel

    i agree with #11. doing a reality show will just break their marraige.

  • ashley

    I don’t recognize her now that she changed her last name.

  • faith

    i love them, especially guiliana she’s gorgeous. can’t wait for this show. have fun watching shark week haters.

  • bella

    have married celebs learned nothing about reality shows. . .it is like the kiss of death to marriage.

  • Maddie

    Isnt she just a host on a gossip show?
    ummm, ok…..I guess they will give a show to ANYONE these days…
    I remember when you used to have talent to be a celebrity, Now apparently you just have to report on celebritys to be “famous”..
    What a joke!
    I “wonder why” this “story” is featured on Just Jared……note sarcasm

  • Jill

    I watched this show and actually thought it was pretty good. i think she seems very normal and they make a cute couple. He is adorable.

  • yo yo

    i LOVED the show! I thought it was hysterical. It is about time we see 2 people on TV in love and not attacking and insulting one another.
    You haters who posted your ridiculous comments need to watch and learn something about being nice to people and not constantly put people down.
    We need more reality shows like this!
    Thanks Style Network!!!

  • sucked up

    Yeah this show sux. Guiliana calls him “Rancic” and they fight over fixtures for their new home in the midwest. Boring! Seacrest is NOT behind this fuggery otherwise it would be on E! and E! said “fcuk to the NO” so that’s why they pimped it out to Style. I am the only one who watched this show so it is soon to be off the air and then these two famewhores 1) Bill – unemployed Appenticed hired then fired nobody 2) Giuliana – giant ant face lollipop head/body E! news girl will get divorced because they only got married to do this idiotic show.
    Comments #36 and 37 are Bill’s mom and Giuliana’s sister.

  • speak the truth

    Guiliana is really annoying and ugly. All of her interviews are stupid and boring! Why would Bill marry such a ho is beyond me, other than maybe he’s had bad taste.
    Both are famewhore D list celeb wanna be’s. I would not watch this stupid show.

  • Kellee

    I think they are funny and adorable.

  • mo

    I disagree with most of you, I think shes adorable and pretty genuine based on observation.

  • Lisa

    I love this show. Both seem really nice and very interesting.

  • heidi

    giuliana is sooo sweet and so nice to everybody and lets them have their way, her husband is kind of selfish though, most husbands love their wives so much and will do anything to make her happy, including giving her choices, but he is so set in his ways and doesnt bend at all. i dont like him. at least for now.

  • tally

    I watched it and I thought it was quite cute. I will continue, I’d like to see where they go with the show. I definitely see their personality shining thru, which is a good thing, I hate the fakes and rehearsed look. Rock on!

  • Kandle

    What the HECK! What freaking producer thought anyone in their sane mind would give flipping fcuk about this couple? WHO CARES! I could care less how in love she is with her husband because it’ll probably end up in a divorce a few months from now anyway. Hey… look at ME… I talk to famous people for a living and married some dude on a reality television show — I count! BORING!!!! You TV execs need to come up with something a LOT more interesting than two people most people probably can’t and don’t care to relate to.

  • Julianne

    WHAT A STUPID SHOW…I hate her on the news and I hate her on this!!!

  • Beeg

    She is a complete idiot and I can’t believe she actually makes a living reporting news. Bill are you serious about this?

  • Cheryl

    I love them. I love their show. I can’t wait to watch it. They are a cute couple in love.

  • bonnie

    @always the truth:

    Giuliana has got guts, heart and an insane sense of fashion. I am a HUGE fan. She put it all on the line from her beginnings in reality TV by filming her wedding and wedding planning process.She is a breath of fresh air on E’s fashion police. Her biggest liability is not Bill as so many of you think, but Khloe Kardashian. What was she thinking by allowing that juvenile, potty- mouthed, no talent by- product of reality TV, to appear next to her on her show!! Dump her, Giuliana! She drags your show down.

  • rose

    for all the hype about her having a master’s degree…she seems like a real flake especially with money. i really don’t see the marriage working out for the long haul. she is all about herself and her image ….and her assistant and her are nauseating.