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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's Dinner Date

Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry's Dinner Date

Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry are photographed after their dinner date in Beverly Hills on Sunday (August 2).

The 42-year-old actress recently shared about her first encounter with her 32-year-old model-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. “We clicked instantly. And yes, he’s not at all bad on the eyes,” she told the Daily Mail. “I don’t know if younger men are easier to get on with because they’re not so set in their ways; all I know is that he’s easy for me to get along with.”

Gabriel and I don’t look at our relationship in terms of for ever, we look at it as right here today,” Halle added. “And today means being the best people we can be, the best parents we can be. It’s wonderful, but neither one of us feels the need to attach ourselves to each other for life – because it may not be that.”

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  • stimelw

    I just found an very interesting place———–L o v i n g R i c h- C O M——-____________.It brings beautiful women and rich men together. after checking it,I saw a lot of celebrities in the club,….
    It says everyone can join. Rich people still believe in CHEMISTRY. They don’t mind if their partners are rich or not.

  • mailey

    most beautiful man alive. berry needs to be thanking her lucky effing stars every day.

  • cece

    he should thank his lucky stars for getting a woman of her level.

  • T

    Beaufiful. Go Halle!

  • Hula

    That’s a healthy view on things they have.

    Most relationships don’t last forever and there is nothing wrong with that.

  • me

    luv her with short we know,beautiful people.

  • yeah, right

    that is a fine example to set for your child….in it for a good time, not a long time. nice.

  • hm

    if they are having that kind of a mindset right now, having a child together was just wrong. wrong for the baby’s future.

  • anon

    My partner and I both look at life the same way. He’s been married before and I dont have a need to have the initials Mrs. I agree this is a very healthy way to look at and it’s their life so whatever works for them. But Im sure this will bring out the judgey mini-van majority and middle America who will take her words and twist them from thier soap boxes.

  • mimi

    In the African American circles she is known as “crazy”.

  • jade

    They look miserable…..especially him lol

  • u gotta be kidding

    She knows damn well that she’s not in a relationship with that homo.

  • saphira

    I agree completely with Halle’s view on relationships, it’s very healthy and I wish more of us would be so open-minded. People’s feelings and needs change over time. Couples who really care about each other should allow for that growth, even if it means parting ways.

  • anonymous

    Hilarious– “the african american circles.” I love it when people try to speak for their entire group. I think there is more than one african american circle and in quite a few of them Halle is respected and admired.

  • paula

    I would rather have a relationship like this than an unhappy marriage.

  • Iggles

    @mimi: Wow, and you know how an entire group of people think? Disgusting.

    Halle is an incredible women who’s been through alot. She’s a survivor. Yet so many people want to hate on her because she’s happy with Gabriel. Should she have stayed with the man who beat her so bad she lost 80% of her hearing in one ear? Or what about the husband who slept with anything with a pulse?

  • http://hitme! AJ


    You mean she’s like coo coo for coco coco puffs? I have to agree ha haa

  • Pandora

    I do think it’s a healthy attitude, *if* you don’t have kids. It’s a particularly healthy attitude if you are in a “business” relationship w/ a gay man. How long before he decides he’s tired of that facade, and when the proverbial “concrete” cracks in Halle’s boyish looks and can no longer be repaired via plastique surgery…he’ll be a goner and won’t want to be seen w/ her. He’s a model, much younger, and of course, vain.For now, though, he’s a real treat for her eyes, for sure.

  • amy

    he looks hot, what a cool baby

  • mimilala

    I also agree with the views she expressed. I think it’s the most rational and intelligent manner to view a relationship between 2 people.

    I think life relationships work for some, but I think it’s definitely the minority. Some people just do not grow, flourish and maintain happiness in a life-long relationship with only one other person. The children will be fine, the important thing is that they’re loved and cared for by both parents.

    and yeah, this will definitely bring out the bible-thumping, middle-Americans that are scared to view life in any other way aside from what they’ve been fed their whole life.

  • mimilala

    Oh, and they are BY FAR the most beautiful couple out there! Both are simply gorgeous!

  • ^&*%$?

    Can this dude look any more gay? Who do they think they’re fooling?

  • Nicolette

    I see nothing attractive about this guy. He is not sexy at all.

  • denise

    #21.. that jughead guy is not gorgeous. He is just so-so.

  • Lalique

    Healthy or not, right or not, her attitude towards her relationship is, at the very least, realistic.

  • are some of you blind?

    oh my goodness… he looks like a prince from a novel that you can only imagine exists.

  • Sally

    Gorgeous couple! They are both so lovely. And I agree with Halle. Relationships are great, but also complicated. The important thing is be sure that it really worth for now. We can’t preview what will going to be. The present is the most important time. Ever. Of course, there are some crisis that a couple can face together. But I guess you can’t settle in a relationship that doesn’t work just because one day it make sense. People change all the time. How can we know that it will be forever? It’s better to be focus about what we can know, and this is the present time. I agree with Lalique (#25): Halle’s attitude is, at very least, realistic.

  • T-slaughter

    Halle is my favotive girl,she did what she had to do, i wish she would have gave me a chance,but i never met her.i think Aubry was @ the right place @ the right time..if she ever meets me he’ll be kicked to the curb lol.I really believe she wants a real brother

  • susy

    After all her fail relationships she needed to take a different attitude, like don’t be so clingy and take one day at a time, and nothing lasts forever. She does seem a little off to me, like when she let the in the closet Jamie Fox kiss her and grope her on national t.v. That was so creepy.

  • elle


  • sad but ….

    Sad way of loooking at a relationship, but I guess real for someone like her in show business.
    Being in show business,andolder, real, but sad too. I really hope it is one for her that will last a lifetime.
    I hope if what she says is true,ifthey do part,they won’tbe any bitterness.Time will tell if all of this real and true talk is real and true.
    Good luck ,either way, to them.

  • lakers fan in boston

    looking a bit better than normal but still not the same halle she was a couple years back
    her hair isnt bother me that much as well, it looks ok

  • WTF?

    I dont think Halle Berry is anymore crazy then some of the people that post comments on this site on a day to day basis. I just hope that some of you that are in here preeching about Halle and her relationship and their child, are preeching the same thing about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie who have 100 kids out of wedlock..yet some of you seem to worship.

  • ?

    most celebutards who expresses their relationship the way Halle just did are always headed for a split. i wonder when will they announce it.

  • rebecca

    she has been burned (understatement) in the past so one can’t blame her for her attitude towards love… her first husband abused her, her second husband cheated on her…this outlook is a way of protecting herself. i hope this guy is a stand up gentlemen. for once.

  • Pippi

    How sad, it seems to me Halle does not think she is worthy of love with a good man that will last a lifetime. Nothing is ever certain but it doesn’t mean that something so important is not worth fighting for. She should have just gone to a donor bank and got herself artificially inseminated if all she wanted was a baby. I feel so bad for her child who will someday read this and be saddened by it. What kind of example is she setting for Nayla? Such a cop out. Why sell yourself short Halle, you deserve to be loved and cherished and I hope one day you will find the love you seek.

  • Marieme

    What a stupid thing to say if you have a child. Doesn’t matter if there’s a certificate I guess, but why be so laissez faire about it? No doubt she’s giving herself an excuse if it all falls apart as her relationships tend to do. Grow up Halle. There’s another human involved now. Make it work – you chose to have a baby with the guy.

  • Marylin

    I just divorced after a five year, disastrous marriage and I will never marry again, but I would still like to have a child one day soon. Luckily, I can afford to do so on my own.

  • Shyen

    This is the smartest thing any celebrities have ever said about their relationship!! She is speaking the truth and not like some love struck couples who end up divorcing or breaking up…

    And it doesn’t matter if they have kids or not…. A lot of people get married, have kids and those kids are even more phocked up in the head…

    As long as they are good parents to their daughter, their daughter will grow up fine.

  • old news

    More of Halle’s recycled bs. These comments have appeared in other
    interviews that Halle has done and had a lot of incorrect information about her film projects and other stuff. Looks like they put the article from things she said or may have said in past articles. The DM is notoriously known for that.

    No, David didn’t beat her-Halle lied and later recanted when called her on her shyt after all the money he shelled out on her–paying of his cc she ran up taking guys out to dinner and buying them gifts, paying Playboy off not run the pix she did w/o his permission, paying her court costs for that married dentist from Chicago who had an affair with her when she was starting out and wanted his $80K back. Case was dismissed. If he ever hit her, it was in self-defense. He was caught in a prostitution ring (on the evening news when they were married). Have friends witnessing her hitting him when she was flirting with Eric Davis at dinner.

    Eric we all know he cheated on her, stood by her with her 2nd hit and run while she banged Warren Beatty during Bulworth and for him (and Oprah) getting her a reduced sentence. He’s 2 months younger than her.

    SSDD w/the Wesley Snipes/Spike Lee thing and her arrangement with Aubry, not even worth commenting on. If it ain’t kosher, it will come out eventually.

    RE: Halle being respected in other AA circles, media hype. She is one of many who are tolerated in Hollywood for her Oscar win and A-List status. She’s burned many bridges and stepped on a lot of toes etc while rising to stardom.

    Not hating, not jealous, just stating the facts that are often overlooked with all of Halle’s media hype and when she does tell the truth or a partial truth not a lot believe her because of her past lies. Yes, she’s known in Hollywood for being crazy.


    All I know is she is the most beautiful woman in the world and like alot of people she has been through alot. It is amazing that people are evil and start saying the guy is gay, but I guess having freedom of speech here makes people speak evil words. Also being here gives people the right to speaks for an entire race. I pray and wish her family all the best that life has to offer.


    People are so evil I tell you and all of you can say nasty things about her and her life and it is great that you guys are perfect and without sin, so cast on all the stones people. Wow, I HAVE NEVER EVEN KNOWN THAT EVIL WICKED MONSTER PEOPLE LIKE YOU GUYS EXIST AND POST ALL THESE NASTY COMMENTS. WELCOME TO AMERICA I GUESS.

  • Who cares?

    This is a message board not a fan site. People are free to express themselves in how the see fit. If they have issues, that’s their problem and shouldn’t be taken seriously. Why even argue with them, it’s a waste of energy.

    Who really cares what the status or nature of Halle’s association with partner Gabriel Aubry or his possible sexual orientation (rumors have running rampant since they hooked up), or the garbage of her past relationships etc.? Their relationship is what it is whatever it is regardless of people’s opinions and analysis paralysis and appears to be working for them.

  • esi

    @Pippi: Pippi well said, agree Halle does sell herself short regardless of who’s she’s with. With her statements from the above quoted interview/or comments she has repeatedly said in other interviews, she’s already set herself up for failure. It’s hard to tell what Halle wants with her many contradicting, possibly cautious statements. When she was wanting to have a child, it was about having a child, not the whole package. Hopefully, Halle will one day figure it out and it won’t have much of an impact on her daughter.

  • Mina

    @mailey: Halle doen’st have to thank any lucky star……….she is the sexist women alive period she is drop dead gorgeous and he is just hot enough to not look like a loser next to her

  • @41

    #40 is right to a point. My guess Halle or TeamHalle didn’t give the Daily Mirror UK a direct interview because her comments on her/their relationship is the exact same thing she said in Essence, Harper’s Bazaar etc and other interviews over the last few years w/the info that’s been circulating over the last several months on her film projects with photos from the last year or so, plus past comments what she has said about her childhood, past relationships. The rest they (#41) looks like garbage and they just may have a little too much free time on their hands?

    How many times does Halle have to say she isn’t going to marry her babydaddy/sperm donor? Enough already. We get it. Tell us some thing new. More stuff to keep Halle relevant while her projects are in limbo.

  • @Pippi & esi

    @esi: Believe it when I see it. If and whenever Halle Berry figures out what she wants, mark my words, I really wouldn’t be surprised if she decides to marry again whether it be Aubry, if he’s still around or even an old flame. Wouldn’t be the 1st time Miss Thang has ever contradicted herself in an interview.

  • Sasha

    She has always been crazy and still is, David Justice said he could never satisfy her if he sent her roses 3 times a week it was not enough and that she use to like to fight. She is still crazy…

  • Lorna

    How come they never look happy, they have everything and they still look miserable,they make me sick…

  • tata

    @Sasha: heard the same thing as well as the Eric Davis thing out in public and him giving her the house to get rid of her. Then she bitches about Eric not working when he was busy catering to her a$$ and was always working, no wonder she ends up with a superficial gay paid sperm donor to wipe her a$$ being her cabana boy.

    Did Halle really think the gay rumors would stop once she had a kid no matter how much she spins ‘we will redefine marriage’, ‘we just are staying in today’ –what horseshyt!

    Does Halle really think that pictures pimping the kid, them going on vacation with photos of him interacting more with Nahla, or them seen doing more family related things are really going to make them happy?

    Lorna…don’t know why they always look miserable either?