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Jessica Biel Debuts 'Guys & Dolls' Musical

Jessica Biel Debuts 'Guys & Dolls' Musical

Jessica Biel makes her stage debut in a three-night performance of the musical Guys and Dolls at the Hollywood Bowl on Saturday (August 1).

The 27-year-old actress played the part of Sarah Brown, a Manhattan missionary at odds with a gang of gamblers – and eventually in love with one of them.

“The people (costars) are so skilled, and they just know how to be on a stage,” Jessica has said. “So I feel like I’m learning and taken through, taking me along, they’re there for me. So it’s been a very nurturing experience.”

Afterwards, Jessica headed home with boyfriend Justin Timberlake. Other pictures show Jessica leaving rehearsal.

Watch three of Jessica‘s performance below! What do you think of her singing???

Jessica Biel – “If I Were A Bell”
ALSO: Watch “I’ll Know” and “My Time Of Day”
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Credit: Deano, Hellmuth Dominguez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • michelle

    She does have a beautiful voice!!! I never would’ve thought she can pull off a Broadway performance.

  • rebecca

    not as bad as i thought. but not that good either.

  • Janet

    She’s not so bad! Pretty voice. I’m shocked but she does breath kind of weird but then again I don’t know anything about singing so whatever. lol

  • Lisa

    Not good

  • clay

    I like it. Her singing instantly lifted my spirits and I was already in a great mood.

  • Desert

    Well, she sings better than Katie Holmes dances.

  • observer

    There is nothing special about her singing performance, not impressive at all. And I believe I have objective opinion. Her strong point is her athletic-looking body, other than that I do not know what her talent is.

  • lol

    not bad but not good either.

    lmao. i have to agree with #6. her performance is so much better than holmes.

  • jamie

    she sounds pretty good here, especially for a live performance. i like her version of “mad about the boy”.

  • anne

    she’s supposed to be drunk in this scene, so she sounds really good actually.

  • alessandro

    Not surprised. She has shown that besides being a gorgeous woman, she’s also very talented. Charming voice and marvelous performance, loved it…

  • lola

    Really good voice. Not sure it would sustain 8 shows a week but for this she’s great. Not an easy company to hold your own against by any means. brave thing to do. Shes doing more than Katie Holmes did, miming and wandering about a bit.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    She can sing, though she can’t act and has a masculine body and distorted face (from too much plastic work).

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    People expect so little of her, that when she can do something they are shocked.

  • sofia

    Just a bit more practice and she can actually be okay. Still not up to par, but it’s hard to keep up with the seasoned vets.

  • ่ำjennifer

    good voice!

  • ehnso

    I don’t know what to make of her voice. I’ve taken voice lessons before, so, I know a little bit of the technical aspects. I want to say it’s good, but it’s also not. I guess it has a nice potential to be good. She can carry a tune, and I think that with more training, she will only get better. For now, I do pick up that she falls a little flat on a few notes, and when she goes for the high notes, she’s really more yelling than harnessing the strength from her diaphragm to reach those notes, so as a result, her voice kind of sounds pinched at those moments of the song.

  • observer

    May be voice is a matter of taste. For instance I love Mariah’s voice, but can not stand Whitney Houston. Whitney tries too much, which sounds terribly unpleasant to my ears. Effortless singing is natural. I do not like Biel’s voice.

  • Adelaide

    I am surprised. Pleasantly so. The gir can sing. It’s really difficult to sing live at such a huge venue. This wasn’t a small theater, this was out doors, which is an acoustic challenge no matter how good a sound system you have. I thought she did really well.

  • liverwurst

    Wow, I’m pleasantly surprised!

    @observer: #1) You should “observe” your grammar and spelling it’s “maybe” not “may be” #2) completely different music here and #3) Mariah and Whitney BOTH over sing to the point of being considered too annoying to listen to for more than one song.

  • NativeNYker
  • jewel

    love love love it
    she has an amazing voice!!
    very few hollywood actress could do same and take risk like this
    Congrat Jess!! Love you
    You rocks!!

  • marissa

    her voice is nothing special. still a horrible actress

  • mia

    wow, she’s not bad at(not extraordinarly good either) , i am pleasently surprised

  • mailey

    i guess i’ve heard worse but.. uhh.. couldn’t they have chosen someone better for this role? couldnt they get anyone else?
    jessica biel is man-ish and had an ugly face.

  • marissa


    I agree. this still dont change the fact that she cant act worth a nickel.

    if she was soo good of a singer, then how come broadway producers dont want her broadway?

    katie holmes was on broadway, so how come Ms. No -talent biel is not on there?

    if she such a good singer and all

    please, its call inging lessons and she stil nothing special

  • stimelw

    @michelle: I just found an very interesting place———–L o v i n g R i c h- C O M——-____________.It brings beautiful women and rich men together. after checking it,I saw a lot of celebrities in the club,….
    It says everyone can join. Rich people still believe in CHEMISTRY. They don’t mind if their partners are rich or not.

  • susan

    Wow she was really terrific. She has a better voice then alot of the female pop singers out there right now. Great broadway voice. She should do a broadway play.

  • observer

    @liverwurst: Thank you for pointing out my grammar mistakes. But I think in the context of my writing, my thoughts were quite clearly expressed and easy to understand. By the way, was “maybe” the only mistake you have found? It does seem to be “very significant” one:). There is no logic in your reasoning.

  • marissa


    NY theater dont want her ass. she lucky she is doing this

  • bella

    Who knew she could sing. She seems to be better at theatrical performances than movies.

  • Kellie

    Wow, not good. Man, she is just getting more and more desparate. Sorry, Jessica….but you just aren’t really cut out for Hollywood. I think you should try being a trainer since you love to look like a man. Stop cutting on your face, too. YUCKY.


    D-list actress. Without Timberlake nothing

  • susy

    A lot of people can sing, does not mean they need to be on B’way or movies.

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least she’s doing something
    never really found the appeal other guys see in her
    ive seen comments about how she’s so hot
    she’s hot but just not that much, another thing i dont like about her is she never smiles

  • anonymous

    the paparazzi asking Justin on Jessica performance was a good question
    Justin could of comment about that
    but he didn’t I wonder why
    if he thought she did real well I would think he would of said something
    Justin never even looked at her as to show how proud he is that she did well
    just the oppisite

  • BT

    It’s not outstanding or anything, but for people who think she sounds weird, she is supposed to be drunk in this scene. I think she does a pretty good job overall. I wonder how she does with the other songs that require less belting.

  • Reese

    Oh my good heavens. The fake opera like voice reminds me of some funny skits. She at least is trying to do something, but, just because you can carry a tune doesnt make you a singer. She really just has no place to go… I think she has missed her calling by not filling the roles of the action adventure or action genre like Angelina. Not much acting is required – she actually did a good job in the Wesley Snipes vampire tilogy third movie. She needs to try to stick with that genre. It did Angelina a world of good.

  • prissy

    I think these comments are kind. I find her voice very flat – hard to listen to. But then, most of today’s so-called singers need tons of post-production work to sound the way they do.

  • Killroy

    Dead eyes.. nice voice but not great.. She does look like a hardened matronly missionary.

  • Killroy

    Oh yeah.. Monkey mouth looks like a young Patricia Neal; but without possessing her unusual innate ability in the acting field or entertaining value.

  • holly

    not as horrible as i expected–but then how much training vocally did she do before this–as the gf of timberlake id think shed have gotten quite a bit–so if this is the end result then its not so great–much better than holmes or scarlett johanson though–too bad biel cant act at all…

  • Ali t

    i am a performer as well and i think she did wonderfully i was very shocked and amazed!! way to show more of ur talent! and her performance was very pleasant to watch! loved it!

  • tom

    Even though she was able to hit the high note at the end, I don’t think she has a good voice. There’s absolutely nothing special about it and I’m wondering why she was cast.

  • Cheechess

    She’s so average. Average looking, average singing, and below average acting…..Snore.

  • leigha

    she has a great voice i think, especially for broadway

  • suppress your appetite

    yeah, but her voice is shaky also cuz she’s playing drunk in the scene.

  • bitsy

    oh my god–awful.