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Miranda Kerr is Fashion Workshop Wonderful

Miranda Kerr is Fashion Workshop Wonderful

Miranda Kerr models some sexy swimwear during a photo shoot at the famous Bondi Icebergs Winter Swimming Club in Sydney, Australia on Sunday (August 2).

The day after, the 26-year-old girlfriend of Orlando Bloom gave a few interviews at Sydney’s Nova Radio Station.

This Wednesday, Miranda said she will be “doing some in-store workshops [at David Jones stores] with the customers because I think it’s really important to meet the people who will be wearing the clothes I model.”

Find out how to win tickets to the workshop at The Herald Sun.

15+ pictures inside of fashion workshop wonderful Miranda Kerr

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Credit: Carlos Costas; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline, Fame Pictures
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  • deraj tsuj


  • jamie

    @deraj tsuj: unfortunately, that’s not a priority for underwear models.

  • YJ

    she ‘s soooooo pretty!!!!!!

  • YJ

    she ‘s soooooo pretty!!!!!!

  • mimi

    lol, yeah it IS very important, Miranda. perhaps you could find yourself even more important things to do, using your supermodel power, no?

  • ghh
  • ghh

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  • Elle

    Shes very attractive but im not liking the blonde hair. Makes her look cheap.

  • aw she’s trying to be kate

    LOL Miranda – its true, he does prefer blondes, but i don’t think you are going to pull being kate bosworth any time soon……. she has far too much class!

  • @9

    Her hair looks nothing like Kate’s and I doubt she has Kate in her mind at all. Why would she?

  • Sally

    Miranda is so beautiful and elegant, no matter the color of her hair. She and Orlando are gorgeous!

  • to whom it may concern…

    Her hair could be just getting lighter from all the exposure to the sun she has had recently with all those outdoor photo shoots. That can happen over time.

    BTW….If you click on the link below and scroll down to the bottom of the page or to post # 2392 – click on the scans from the latest Grazia Australia magazine, particulary the second page of the interview. And she is quoted as saying….FTR…..Not only One but Two Emphatic “No!” concerning questions regarding Orlando.

    First – “Are they engaged?” – “No!”

    Second – “Did they buy a 13 Million dollar mansion together?” – “No!”

    They may look good together, but so do a lot of people, on the outside.

    What they feel on the inside, is something only they know and have the right to decide. So no matter how good you may think they look, you have no say as to whether or not they stay together or become more serious than they already are.

  • lora

    this gilr is working so hard ..

    look at the video,23739,25867083-5012980,00.html

  • Huh?

    Most of his and her fans think they’ve been dating for some time, not planning to live together and not planning to marry. We can conceive that a relationship in the year…2009??can be in a status different to not together or married.

    It’s amusing how some “haters” insist that she creates those rumours when it’s always her the one who shuts them down, and on this occasion, sounding annoyed and fed up of hearing them.

  • Amanda

    What is up with Jared’s obsession with this model?

  • @9

    Why would she try to be a clingy, struggling starlet who Orlando dumped years ago?
    That’s probably one of the stupidest hater theories to date.
    IMO, she looks gorgeous. But I do like her hair darker. Maybe it’s for VS, or just someting that she did as a lark for summer.
    “you have no say as to whether or not they stay together or become more serious than they already are”
    Where did anyone say that?

  • talan

    Is she blonde or what? Her hair looks way darker on the photo in the swimming costume than in this ugly dress. JJ, why didn’t you show us her naked tits photos? She said they were taken by paps without her knowledge, but she was obviously posing. She has abnormal need for showing boobs all over – evening, morning, gas station, shopping, traveling. No bra ever. It is strange- bra model who is NEVER using any bra. Her boobs will soon start hanging. Bras are not only for covering but also for lifting boobs and helping muscles to carry them. She is no more seventeen. Maybe people from VS should tell her that.

  • to whom it may concern…

    “you have no say as to whether or not they stay together or become more serious than they already are”

    “Where did anyone say that?”

    Just making sure that all those comments that say

    “They look so cute together”

    get taken with a gigantic amount of salt.

    Lots of couples look “cute”, so what?

    Cute on the outside, does not equal compatible or being in a stable relationship on the inside. Leo and Bar, Justin Timberlake and Cameron Diaz, come to mind.

    Miranda has said herself that she would never google herself because it would be too scary to read what others had to say.

    Gee I wonder why?

    Not just because of the nasty things that people say. But also because of all the “how wonderful they look together.” comments as well I’m sure.

    It does not feel very good if everyone thinks that you and the one you are with look so perferct together, when in reality, you may not feel the same way about that person, as everyone else thinks you should.

    Just food for thought. Watch what you say either good or bad.

    Let them decide if they want to stay together.

    I wish them both the best, either together or apart.

  • @17

    Yes, she was posing….but for the VS photographer behind her, NOT the pap hiding in the bushes. BIG DIFFERENCE to any person with half a brain.
    And WHAT is it with your obsession about her bras, or lack thereof? You say this in EVERY thread!

  • Huh?

    @talan Of course she was posing, she’s admitted that herself as she was working at that moment. Her complaints were about the people who were not the ones supposed to take pictures but still took them.
    What’s some people’s problem with bras? Many thin girls with not very big breasts feel more confortable without them, and that’s hardly showing their boobs. Shirts and other clothes are there to cover them.

    @18 I doubt Miranda or any other normal person feels offended about people saying she and her boyfriend look good together.
    “I wish them both the best, either together or apart.”
    You clearly only wish them the best apart as you’re always grasping at straws to jump to poorly reasoned conclusions about how terrible their relationship of year and a half could be and getting annoyed at innocent comments such as “they look good together”, but that’s your problem.

  • NativeNYker

    She looks better in the bikini!

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • meher

    bahahah pretty sure she could get ANY guy in the world. people’s theories are soooo warped.

  • mailey

    this chick is ugly.

  • honey

    Miranda is so hot!
    Blonde really suits her. I like it better then brunette!
    Also purple is a great colour on her.
    Does anyone else think her body’s changed shape? It looks different…
    All you haters are so obvousily jealous. You should be embarrrassed to write anything bad about her!!!
    Miranda you rock! xoxox

  • Marcus

    She looks much better as a brunette.

  • goddess

    I will say that blonde definitely doesn’t suit her!

  • @talan

    Leave the girl’s tits alone, she has beautiful breast and no reason why she should wear a bra. Newsflash, your boobs will sag eventually even if you wear the best underwire out there. Miranda lives for the moment and at the moment she does not need a bra.
    I used to have small breast and loved not wearing a bra. Then breast cancer struck at a young age and the one regret I have is not knowing the freedom of going topless at the beach. So love your beautiful body while you have it, because it does not last forever. And if Miranda does not want to wear a bra so be it.
    As far as the people who say her boobs are saging, her boobs are where they are suppose to be, a natural breast should fall to the
    middle of your arm between your elbow and your shoulder. People have just gotten so used to seeing all these fake baseball size boods that sit so for up on the chest they are starting to think that is where real boods should fall and look. Now that is sad! Hooray for beautiful, small natural breast!

  • bella

    @deraj tsuj: LOL i was thinking the same thing. I am sure she is naturally thin, but now it is not looking so natural.

  • pssst…’s me

    I think she looks really cute. BUT I will say with her eye color she is better off being a light golden brunette with blonde highlights instead of the whole thing blonde. The golden brunette would set her eye color off much better than all over blonde. And I think her weight looks fine. You can’t see her ribs through her chest. I was so thin once that I could see mine through my chest and I will say that is when someone gets too thin. But as she is, her legs and waist, yes she is very thin but she’s not crossing the line yet. I think she’s beautiful! Orlando is lucky :)

  • pssst…’s me

    I LOVE the shoes!!!!! OMG I miss shoe shopping.

  • New!

    Hi, this is the first time I commented btw :)

    I personally think that Miranda is a very gorgeous girl. I don’t think she is too thin but never the less she is very slim.
    But I don’t think she s blonde becuase on the photos in her bikini she doesn’t look blonde, but I don’t know…

    And to whoever it was saying that she should wear a bra, what business is it of yours if she does or not? Just becuase she works for VS doesn’t mean she has to wear a bra, if she doesn’t.
    And like #28 said just becuase you wear a bra, it doesn’t mean that your breasts aren’t going to sag. Seriously.

    Both her and Orlando are lucky to have each other. I wish them the best,

  • She looks healthy

    Hey, she looks great in that bikini. Yes, she’s a slim girl – so what? At least she’s still got curves and her bones aren’t protruding where they shouldn’t. Now THAT would be too skinny! People in this country (U.S.) have just gotten too used to the legions of overweight people who derive their main nourishment from Mickey Dee’s cheese burgers and french fries – ‘super-sized.’ There are a lot more ‘heavy weights’ in this country than there are ‘true anorexics’ (which this girl is FAR from being). She works at maintaining her slim shape with regular exercise and good diet – and it shows.

  • stunningly beautiful

    I think it’s hysterical all the petty comments about her looks…..omg…….she looks incredible with the longest legs, perfectly toned body and gorgeous face and you jealous haters are bit*ching about the colour of her hair…….lol……as if you wouldn’t kill to look as half as good as Miranda……get real and stop lieing to yourselves!!!!

  • friss@34

    I know and i don’t lie to myself that i will never aspire to look in any other way or form like Miranda!

    Maybe some of her fans wish to look like her or adore how she looks, so you just have to let them be! But what i do not get is why some of her fans really get defensive if some people criticise her!

    This is a gossip forum and anyone is entitled to his own opinion. Have to remember that JJ isn’t Miranda’s fan forums where everyone quite agrees with each other and does all the OTT appreciation.

  • Mythical Creature

    @friss@34: I had legs like hers at one time. My thighs almost the same size as my calves. Very thin but then I was also running 3 – 4 hours a day. I don’t kid myself. I probably *won’t* ever be that thin again, but if I should really really try I probably could look similar. It gives me hope but then you have to be realistic too. I am overweight but for being as fat as I am I have a thin waist and good shape. I love her. She is not a classic beauty she is original and I tend to like people with non classic features and sort of an original look. Also purple and cool pinks tend to look good on people with her coloring. It’s like she is golden colored with a pink undertone. I am the same and it’s actually not a very common color combo. Green eyes are the least common eye color and she seems to have those too.

  • New!

    I have to totally agree with you #34!
    I don’t think anyone would not like to look like her, shes very pretty!

  • andrei

    I think Miranda is really cute, but i don’t find her stunningly beautiful. I’m a guy and always prefers the classic sweet beauties, so everytime i will look into that kind of face i will drown lol.

    I’m so glad there are models today who are classically beautiful so i can drool my eyes before i go to sleep lol

  • Mythical Creature

    @andrei: Well to each their own. The guys that find the most stunning do not happen to have classic features. I like men who look very masculine in features or just a little off beat.

  • george

    So gorgeous!
    My favorite model.
    Sweet, beautiful amd has legs to die for.
    Just one more reason to hate Orlando Bloom. Lucky %@#$%*^%$#

  • andrei



    You say so

  • New!

    #38. Yep, fair play to you,

    I think she has a unique look to her, thats why shes so successful as a model, she doesn’t look like everyone else, and a unique look in a good way, a very pretty way!

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh not her best look honestly
    she can usually pull off those long dresses but i dont like this 1, especially the stupid boots
    she’s cute and i hate 2 agree with some of u, but i agree she could do with gaining 5-10 lbs

  • New!


    I know what you mean. Usually she looks lovely in long dresses, but this one doesn’t agree with her.

    The boots aren’t too bad though, if I am to be honest.

  • :)

    Don’t blame the color, she’s cheap no matter her hair color.

    @all of you talking about her boobs
    Stop talking about a subject that doesn’t exist. If you have seen her “no posing” naked pictures, you may noticed that she barely has boobs IF those can be called boobs. That’s why she never uses a bra, she has nothing there to cover

  • the sandals with the bikini…

    not sure what the word is, but those lace up sandals or whatever they are, just way too big and bulky. those shoes do not look good with a bikini, or any outfit that I can think of for that matter.

  • @45

    My goodness, what a hateful person you are.
    If you don’t like her so much, why bother to click on her threads?
    And only a hater would find something wrong with small, natural breasts. Are women like Pam Anderson the only ones that you consider ‘real women’?
    Ignorant, shallow and hateful. No wonder you have time to post on threads about people that you don’t like. No one wants to be around you, so you spend your time on the web hating on people whose lives are SOOOO much better than yours.

  • @46

    I don’t like them either. I don’t know what the stylist was thinking.
    She still looks amazing, though.
    Gorgeous girl!

  • @45

    That’s relative. Her breasts are ten times bigger than Keira Knightley’s or Kate Hudson’s. There are many sizes of breasts and not all need the use of a bra.

  • Cute!

    Hey, quit hating on girls with small boobs! Usually they aren’t as quick to sag (due to the downward pull of gravity) and stay ‘perky’ looking far longer. I think her ‘petite-sized’ boobies are actually very cute and they match the girl who has a slender more delicate frame as opposed to ‘buxom.’ IMO they look so much nicer than those big, rigid fake jobs so many female celebrities are opting for these days. I so agree, ‘natural’ is best even if it’s not ‘super-sized.’

  • LOL!

    What kills me is that some of these same haters who are ragging on her about her small breasts, are the same haters who rag on her about her profession.
    In one breath, they claim that she is hurting the feminist movement by posing in lingerie, and in the next, they are claiming that she is pathetic because she has small breasts. In other words, they are claiming the the value of a woman is based upon her cup size.
    I guess that we can add this to the list of ‘Hater Double Standards’.
    They really are a sad, desperate and pathetic lot, aren’t they?