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Jude Law Thought Samantha Burke Was On The Pill?

Jude Law Thought Samantha Burke Was On The Pill?

Model Samantha Burke hides behind her movie star shades and smiles for photographers after leaving a business meeting with her attorneys on Monday afternoon (August 3) in Pensacola, Fla.

The 24-year-old aspiring actress, who is pregnant with actor Jude Law‘s daughter, is getting a lot of heat from British tabloids.

Jude assumed she was on the Pill,” a source tells UK’s The Mirror. “He was stunned at being informed of the pregnancy. Jude feels like now he has been made to look the bad guy. One of the reasons their brief relationship didn’t work out is because Samantha was a little too keen. She claimed she was falling in love after just a couple of weeks.”

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  • ck

    How old is he…16?

    Always use a condom unless you want to be surprised at a later date.
    Why must it always be the gals job? (and I’m a dude)/

  • jasmine

    this story will never go away..ever

  • jasmine

    I am sick of guys thinking that women are whores for wanting to be in a relationship and supported. Hello??? Screwing and bumping private parts is solely meant to create a baby from natures point of view. I am glad that this kid unlike many kids will be forced to get support. If only women would screw guys and breed with those who had money to support them….it would be better for society. Less children with no excuse like poverty

  • sheryl

    Seriously, Jared? Are you kidding me? You actually put this kind of quote on here, from a tabloid “source?” Yes, we all know what “source” is code for…nobody!
    Anyone close enough to Jude that he would even say anything like that to would NOT be someone who would share it with a tabloid. You are really scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one.

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Jen Garner did the same thing to Ben Affleck.
    Those women defraud the men in the one thing they can’t go to the police…

  • Mythical Creature

    They need to invent male birth control pills.

  • Pole

    This is news Jared? *snorts*

    I just wonder if she can see the paps. She looks like the cat that got the canary here. Makes you wonder.

  • nat

    Its true that when a women does not want to have a baby she won’t, but he could of protect himself too. Its no as if they had a series relationship, it was a one week fling.I do think that she purposely got pregnant, but men also have the choice to use a condone, so he shouldn’t blame it all on her because he is not 16 and when you are famous and having casual sex you should at least protect yourself. So Jude don’t play the victim here.


    seriously who the F#CK CARE!

  • ivanka

    stop posting about her! she doesnt deserve it . she is not a star but a hooker! btw.. i have that blouse but in black and white haha

  • duh!

    @#7 She looks like the cat that got the canary here. Makes you wonder.

    Money aside, wouldn’t you feel happy if you were pregnant with JUDE LAW’s baby? Good genetic material there.

  • mery

    Samantha Burke?
    Who is she? What is her job? What`s doing with the life her daughter?

  • luvd80s2

    @ck: You are so right! But she’s to blame as well, going to bed with someone with out a condom is so wrong in so many ways. Now another child that’s going to have a part time dad!

  • Pole


    As much as I adore him; if it happened like this – no. I would not want a child to come into the world unwanted and even though I am sure Jude will love this child as much as his other children – who he obviously loves a lot – I don’t think any one can blame him for not really wanting this child.

  • yeah

    It’s called a condom…. seriously.

  • carrie

    uSE a ConDOMmmmmmm,guy!!!

  • shortstarrgore

    samantha: do you have a condom?
    jude: what?
    samantha: you know, a rubber
    jude: you’re on the pill, right?
    samantha: uh, yeah?
    jude: alright, then

  • sheryl

    How does anyone know they didn’t use a condom?
    And how ANYONE with a brain could believe such an outrageous story as the one above is amazing. It’s….made….up, and an insult to intelligence.

  • youallneedjesus

    They both are jerks for not using condoms ( especially with HIV/herpes etc out there). Her for trapping him and he for not protecting himself. You can’t blame one and not the other.

  • Frida

    Oh my god, stop posting about this woman! She’s not a celebrity. Carrying Jude’s child doesn’t make her relevant.

  • youallneedjesus

    sex + condom= no baby

    sex- condom = baby

  • Just Jared

    Stop complaining, you whiners. If you have better news to post, let me know and I’ll post it!

  • Georgina

    Yes. Please stop giving this pathetic loser anymore attention.

  • Dance Teacher

    Most of that is NOT baby weight.. That chick is a fatty.
    I think she swallowed more than the canary!!

  • Just Jared

    God she’s a publicity whore.

  • lakers fan in boston

    lol jared, dont get shiesty =p
    she’s so boring still
    he seriously couldnt have done better than this chick?
    congrats now, ur gonna get f’ed by child support
    the only thing she fell in love with were the dollar signs in her eyes

  • mean g

    No I think she needed to be seen so we could see the sloppiest baby bump EVER!! That’s a baby BLOB! Is this like her 12 child?

  • Jill

    “Jude assumed she was on the Pill,”

    ROTFLMBAO!! Didn’t that nitwit ever hear the saying “When you assume anything you make an ASS of U and ME”? Didn’t this guy ever hear of condoms? Contraception is 50% a woman’s responsibility and 50% a man’s, since it takes both of them to make a baby.

  • not your average gal

    she must used to be a plus size model.

  • mimi prism

    Yikes!!! Was that actually Jared? I mean, THE JARED?


  • Lillie

    the pregnancy isn’t agreeing with her body. shes a model right? good luck getting a job after the birth hun. i hope you get loads of offers from mags to pay for the li-po!

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Samantha, You make Jude look bad. He is not a bad person. Why you could not be on a pill at first!!!! please stop making trouble for Jude.. Jude will love his baby if baby is his.

  • blah

    She trapped him. She is no longer an aspring actress. I bet the movie roles will roll in now.

  • Shane

    he thought she was on the pill? guess that is his way of blaming her. get a clue dude. You werent born yesterday. I dislike this guy even more now if that is possible.

  • CMoo

    I’m so sorry. She’s not even cute! I’m starting to question Jude’s taste – first the nanny, now this bland pastey chub. This chick was an opportunist. Jude’s gene pool is worth the trouble all right, and so is his deep pocket. He’ll have to support her for the rest of his life. I hope sex was good.

  • ivanka
  • anon

    The woman is fugly, what was Jude thinking? He wasn’t apparently or he would have used a condom.

  • dundies

    Stop complaining, you whiners. If you have better news to post, let me know and I’ll post it!


    LOL love it

  • LOL!

    SHERLY, LOL so you do think everyone should agree with what you say but forget that them has already their own opinion, then? what it doesn’t make you better than anyone here. You are a good laugh. That’s what you are.

  • sheryl

    “LOL”, that’s MY opinion. What, do you forget that I don’t have to agree with yours?

  • Daphne

    Jared, Just because some woman carry Jude Law’s child does not make her news-worthy. On top of that, you quote a tabloid “source” and call it “news”. Tsk tsk, I thought this site has more class. Obviously I was wrong.

  • life sux

    What about the pull out method. This works for Leonardo. Jude is so stupid.

  • laurie

    she’s all a*s

  • Pole

    It could also be that the baby is just an accident. That happens. That’s hardly a scandal.

  • Susan

    Jude Law must have just known she was disease free as well!!!! Ughh to both of them.

    Also, she is one beefy woman. She is not too far along to be exercising!!! Just say no to the cheeseburger lady!

  • LOL!

    Sheryl you are an assssssss

  • hen


  • jaz

    The ONLY reason she is having this baby is FAME.


  • LOL!

    …. n u make jude look bad with all your ridiculous posts around him Sher…what?

  • sheryl

    S u c k it, “LOL”, you dumb-ass. I know you.