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Gerard Butler Excited To Kiss Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler Excited To Kiss Jennifer Aniston

Gerard Butler arrives at his London Hotel to awaiting fans and photographers on Monday (August 3).

The 39-year-old actor is currently in the UK with costar Katherine Heigl promoting their new romantic comedy The Ugly Truth.

While in London, Gerry popped in on GMTV to give the weather report! “Temperatures will be, I’m guessing – I imagine – lower in the North and a little bit warmer in the South,” he joked. Watch the video of Gerry giving the weather forecast here.

Gerry also added that he’s looking forward to the day on The Bounty set when he gets to kiss costar Jennifer Aniston. “I haven’t done it yet,” he said, “but I’m excited … I’m lucky – yeah, I know.”

25+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler looking forward to kissing Jennifer Aniston

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gerard butler laughs london 01
gerard butler laughs london 02
gerard butler laughs london 03
gerard butler laughs london 04
gerard butler laughs london 05
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  • POW

    In your face loonies!

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    He is so cute and sexy!!!!! he is single??

  • Lena

    I love him.. He is so cute! *-*


    Now this may be a bit difficult for you Nipplestons to understand but Gerard is engaging in this little literary device called ‘sarcasm.’
    Its VERY subtle but Gerry is hoping that those who have been paying attention to all the extracurricula drama surrounding the little Bounty movie, will get it.

  • m.conley

    he’s clearly not being sarcastic. i usually don’t pick sides on this whole debacle, but you’re just trying to pick fights.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    seriously, is he single?

  • Excuse me?

    LUNATIX @ 08/04/2009 at 10:17 am Now this may be a bit difficult for you Nipplestons to understand but Gerard is engaging in this little literary device called ’sarcasm.’
    Its VERY subtle but Gerry is hoping that those who have been paying attention to all the extracurricula drama surrounding the little Bounty movie, will get it.


    “Nipplestons!” BWWWWAAAAAAAAAA!!!

    I LOVE It! Come now Luna, you know the Nipplestons (sorry, but I just HAVE to steal it) don’t spend enough time away from the “Manlesston Shrines” set up in their basements to learn words such as “sarcasm” and “literary device.” HA!HA!!!


    SELLOUT!!!!! Brad only gets excited about kissing the most beautiful woman in the world. His Angel(ina). He better make sure he grease his face because that CHIN is huge.

  • POW

    @LUNATIX: You don’t scare me LOON!

  • cj stjohn

    Gee, I thought this thread was about Gerard Butler!

  • Neverending

    Leave it to the loons to make EVERYTHING about Brangelina. There is nothing else in the world to them except Brangelina. When the world turns it is about Brangelina. Uuugggghhhh!!

    ON TOPIC: this guy is HAWT!! And Jen, pucker up sweetie, this is gonna be good! Probably not a good one to get serious about though, he’s way too hot and still relatively new in the game, at least as far as being this famous. I bet it’s terribly hard to remain faithful in that industry – you are constantly put in very seductive situations with beautiful people. And it’s your job no less!

  • POW

    @Neverending: Love that! Yup, good times are going to be had!

  • Howdy

    This guy is a doll. I am glad Hollywood is getting some fresh meat.

  • What tha?

    You guys are KILLING me.

    ON TOPIC: I’m with you #11
    Break the Brangelinaston cycle people!
    It starts with us.
    Oh, and the universe better keep us apart cuz I would sooooo Samantha Burke that.

  • n.o.l.a

    He could have kissed her at ANY point if he is so “excited”. PR, PR, PR.

  • Howdy

    @LUNATIX: Is McDonalds still serving breakfast? Maybe you can catch a LOONIE TUNE happy meal!

  • mailey

    i dunno………… sometimes he is kinda sexy, but most times he is so skeezy(!)

  • Baba

    Heigel/Butler was smoking hot together in TUT, love their chemistry & I heart that movie so many funny & memorable moments & hope they would work together again in near future preferably in Drama and see how they fare in Drama together. Hey, do you know which hotel in London they’re staying now? Anyway I like both are wearing Grey top.

  • Excuse me?

    @What tha?:

    What are you talking about? Out of 14 posts, only ONE is about Brangeline, so WHAT CYCLE? Most people who hate Manlesston do so because she is a pathetioc old phony and a consummate famewh@ re who will do anything for a photo op (like wearing plastic nips). So what does THAT have to do with Brangelina?

  • oh please

    I like him sometimes.. but I think all the media attention is going to his head a bit. Sometimes he comes across as a little full of himself.. I get he has a movie that is doing well and he is being linked to a lot of women.. but please. He is at best OK looking so he needs to focus a bit more on his acting and stop playing the Woman Killer.

    he is beginning to get on my nerves a bit..

  • so far so good

    What a lucky guy to get to work with great beauties like Heigle and Aniston. He knows on which side the bread is buttered.

  • noneya

    Good to see Gerry still loves the ladies… slowing down anytime soon I imagine…but then again..why would he need to?

  • well said

    @oh please:
    oh well said, full of himself and not going to get any better, three movies premiering in three months, its overkill and major vanity mentdown for GB – seriously getting on my nerves.

  • mindy

    Aniston smokes – kissing a smoker is so GROSS. I can’t believe anyone would look forward to kissing a filthy smoker. YUCK!

  • H.

    Love his sense of humour! I’ll have to remember to watch his “weather report” when I have a little more time.

  • Catalina

    Can’t wait to kiss her but definitely doesn’t want to date her. He sounds like a real prize.

  • wazzup w/that

    @well said: Outside of the 3 movies out this year, he only has 1 in the can (almost) and NOT ONE ON DECK that I can see. Anything after Aniston Bounty movie? Anything?

  • This is just annoying

    OMG! I come to this site because it is one of the few that post Gerard Butler picks and NOW I am going to be forced to scan his posts to avoid the crazy fukcers who can’t get their heads out of AJ a$$.

    Jared, please start monitoring these posts because you are going to start losing hits because some of us are truly sick of their annoying behavior. The loons are infesting you site.

  • Eh

    Gerard has a hot physique but he’s a male ‘butter face’ IMO. And he seems so shallow, just an ordinary old womanizer from the get-go..

  • stinkylouise

    Here, maybe this will get rid of the loonies. Gerry at his best, trolling for models. Taller, thinner and younger than Aniston:

  • so far so good

    @stinkylouise: Get rid of the loonies? BuhBye!

  • What tha?

    @ Excuse me?
    I was JUUUUST kidding…and I wasn’t the only to point out that these things USUALLY do get sucked into the The HW Triangle.
    I guess because I’m neutral on all 3 of them, I am left open to others interpretation.
    Feel free to hate on her for whatever reason with my blessings (although obviously you don’t want or need them), good luck with that…
    Still would d that cocky Scot, though, can’t take that away.

  • so far so good

    @What tha?: Don’t worry about it girl, I think you have a valid point. D-listed has a great blog about Aniston that the loonies are flocking to right now, so we can talk about Gerard. I am so glad that we are getting some new eye candy with this guy.

  • stinkylouise

    Poor Aniston fans. Can’t deal with the fact that no one wants her. I hear Bradley Cooper is publicly denying a relationship. Again.
    As for G, he’s using Aniston to get a sh*tload of free publicity for his 3 films. He knows how to play the game.
    Oh ,and for the record,Aniston AND Jolie/Pitt,are three of the biggest famewhores in the business, and the worst actors.

  • lol

    now butler is stealing the spotlight from aniston. poor thing. although this media wh0r3 is telling the world that he can’t wait to kiss ashtray mouth aniston, at the end of the day, he wouldn’t want to date her.

    i mean, who would?

  • jenny

    poor Gerry, after he denied even looking at the chin, her PR got to him, and beg, paid him to sing a different tune, now he’s like umm, yeah, can’t wait to kiss the frog, hahaha lol they did the same to that brad guy who denied it too, face it guys, she’s spreads her legs for any body. and she’s a PR W H O R E.

  • anon

    Hasn’t anyone else noticed that the only person getting a ton of publicity from The Bounty is Gerard Butler? I think that tells us whose publicity staff is working the media for all it’s worth.

  • stinkylouise

    Forgot to mention that G looks very good in these pics. He probably scored at the birthday party in NY.LOL!


    they got to him now too, every time some one denies a relationship with her, they are force to come out later and recant, john was force to stick around longer then he wanted to, brad, now Gerry. when will it end.?

  • UGH

    Gerard Butler is the new Rupert Everett.

  • heishisbiggestfan

    Does this guy love himself or WHAT???

  • good call 41

    @heishisbiggestfan: yes he does!!!! Q.E.D. Never ever going to be room for any SO in his life, to busy loving himself – a self obsessed guy – he said himself that he ‘wanted to be famous’ when he was a kid – didn’t mention acting in that bit – just as easily might have been sport, just ‘famous’ – I am getting really bored with the fame stuff and his abandonment IMO of some semblance of interest in acting – he’s one huge big disappointment – Mickey Rourke all over again.
    Also, very little in the ‘book’ for 2010 – work done (aparently the Bounty might even be released in the graveyard shift over Xmas) but apart from his own productions, nothing confirmed in view? why?
    is his sm~tty image catching up?
    I think its always good to remember that he is a foreign actor in the US! Fangurls will have a go, as Saint Gerry can do no wrong, I certainly don’t ‘hate’ him, but am bored stupid by his antics.

  • funny

    he looks really slim in these pics. but as soon as he is back on the Bounty set and in that checked shirt he looks at least 3 sizes bigger. weird.

  • Jen

    Love him. He is cute and funny!

  • Jane

    sexiest man aliveee

  • http://netzero A GERRY FAN

    Good luck Gerry. I hope you can stay strong through all of this craziness.

  • Sally

    Gerry looks great. And I love her sense of humor too.

  • Sally

    Sorry! HIS sense of humor.

  • wazzup w/that

    The Botox must be wearing off – he really does look good in these picutres – the more natural man – excellent !

  • http://netzero A GERRY FAN

    Salley #48, I saw Jen’s cover on Elle, and he looks good!.