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Channing Tatum & Sienna Miller: Fuse Fierce

Channing Tatum & Sienna Miller: Fuse Fierce

Marlon Wayans and costar pal Channing Tatum (in Gucci) go palm-to-palm while posing at Fuse Network’s No. 1 Countdown on Tuesday (August 4) in New York City. Sienna Miller was also present.

IGN had a bit to say about the movie’s action sequences and special effects: “The action shifts from dense forests, to subterranean facilities, to the streets of France, to underwater bases, to high-altitude jet fights and a number of places in-between. The major sequences are both intense and sufficiently humorous, laden with eye-rolling, though faintly charming, one-liners and a speaker-shattering, non-stop barrage of explosions, chases, shoot-outs and sword fights. The action is well paced and the effects – much like the cinematography itself – blend the tangibly real and the colorfully cartoonish in a way that captures the spirit of G.I. Joe.”

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra opens this Friday, August 7th!

20+ pictures inside of Fuse fierce Channing Tatum and Sienna Miller

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Photos: Jemal Countess/Getty, WENN
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  • Team Maniston

    Oh s h i t, I just blew milk out of my nose…I think my grandma wore those pants on a cruise last month! Hahaha

  • Chilly

    Hey, homewrecker, get our hands off Channing! He’s married. Oh right, that’s your type. Get ‘em off anyway!

  • socute

    She shines!!!!

  • lauren

    i love sienna

  • snoopy

    she is the sexiest homewrecker ive ever seen.

  • Denise

    If I flush will this blond stupid homewrecker go away?

  • denise2

    if you flush your tiny brain might go away

  • Karma

    Flush the homewrecker! Hands off Channing, you vile creature!

  • dundies

    Oh s h i t, I just blew milk out of my nose

    lol visual

  • Lila

    Stop criticizing your hipocrites! Get over the ‘homewrecker’. Leave the poor gorgeous woman alone! She’s making money while you’re wasting time writing nasty things about her. GO SIENNA!

  • MAry Louise

    Agree with #11
    You guys should take a look at yourselves before judging people
    who has never made something wrong? or even stupid? c’mon, stop judging, it’s ridiculous

  • S

    G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra plunges into idiocy this Friday, August 7th!
    Mark my words.

  • jenny

    The animal print pants are hideous on her. Yuck!
    Channing, run home to wifey before the Miller curse ruins you, man!

  • S

    What a LIAR!!! There are PICTURES on THIS website! Duh!!
    “I’ve actually been kind of single for the past year. I’ve had somebody on the end of the phone maybe, but I haven’t been living with anyone or been in a proper relationship, and it’s been really great.”

    Read more:

  • lucyhale’sfeet

    Sienna Miller should change her name to Debbie Miller.

  • jenny

    go Marlon!!! what a cutie.

  • toodledoo

    lousy actress with phony baloney personality

    nasty woman too

  • c

    She’s making money? Did you say that with a straight face?

    SM has been juding/spewing hatred against a mother and her 4 kids for a YEAR, and you want to whine about how someone is “hating” against her? Perhaps if she stopped playing the victim while she is reaping havoc in the lives of others, she wouldn’t be in this position. How hard is it for her to WAIT for the married man to file for a divorce? If she is bold enough to keep flaunting her affair with the married man(which she will do when the promotions of GI Joe have finished), then she should be bold enough to accept the consquences of her actions. It’s stupid to insist that she isn’t sleeping with the married man or sees the error of her ways when she is going to appear with the married man in public within a month or so.

  • cATCHY

    Marlon Wayans – lmao! hilarious guy!
    Chan looks excellent!
    Sienna? uumm… ugly as usual!

  • Tori

    Sienna’s 1 fan keeps posting over and over.

    Thank God her skaanky ass will go away after this movie.

  • lucy

    actually i think sienna miller is really cool and being honest everyone who is writin shit about her are really sad coz theres loads haha get a life i would never do this im just writing now to congratulate u all on being saddos hahah

  • lucy

    ohh yeh n who gives a fook wot u lot think anyway i dont see you guys stopping her from being on tv and film so shows how really shit she is doesnt it when shes making big blockbuster movies like dis 1

  • lucy

    @c: u no wot is really fukin hipocritical about what uve just sed is most people are homewreckers and i bet if u turned out one people wouldnt be putting slag all over ur house i think its really sad and she needs to be given a break coz at the end of the day you cant help who you fall for can u

  • lakers fan in boston

    in the candid pics, i really hate those pants, but other than that she does look cute
    she looks decent as well in those other pics, outfit is ok but it looks good on her
    she looks beautiful =]

  • c

    1) Not really, most people ARE NOT HOMEWRECKERS. Believe it or not many parents actually take the time and energy to teach their sons/daughters to respect the relationships of others and to own up to their actions.

    2) First of all the word you are looking for is LUST, not LOVE. Secondly We are HUMANS, not animals; so yes at the end of the day we can help who we fall in lust with. SELF-CONTROL and insight(being able to see how our actions may cause damage to others). If people can’t help who they fall in lust with, then how come every woman who has been hit on by a married man doesn’t end up sleeping with the married man? What sets most women apart from SM is that they have the decency to say “no” because they respect themselves and other women.

    3) This affair is not about love. If SM was so much in love with the married man, then why does she enable his drinking and allow his relapse to play out in the public’s eye? This affair is about a 27 yo ADULT being so insecure that she has to “out do” another woman to feel important.

    4) So the wellbeing of the people who get hurt by an affair doesn’t matter as long as the two individuals are in love? Being in love doesn’t justify an affair. And this is one of the reasons why SM is in so much hot water because she tries to justify the affair at the expense of a mother and her 4 kids.

  • gO jOE

    Can I just say I have finally watched G.I. Joe and it was fantastic. I would give it 8.5 out of 10 one of the best blockbusters of the summer – the kids will love it and so will the adults (adults with a sense of humour).

    Chan did a great job as Duke (very proud – gets better with each film) and gosh does he look good on the big screen or what – fit as hell.

    The cinema was packed and people were impressed with Marlon Wayans too – he was funny but not over the top just right. I think the fanboys and fangirls will be happy with their performances forget what the bad reviews say seriously you need to see this for yourself plus remember based on toys/cartoons/comics – is not suppose to be deep but hell it was popcorn delight. Again, what were the critics going on about?

    For a moment, they got me worried but not NOW after actually watching the movie – will be going again. Just checked out Rotten Tomatoes and G.I. Joe has gone down to 67%, seriously WHY?

    Unless, you do not have a personality to have a fun times at the cinema (point of going out in the first place to enjoy the ride) not sure what the problem was with this film – seriously – WHAT?

    The various websites/critics made it sound like it was the worst film on the planet (fanboys/fangirls did not help – thanks for nothing but prove me wrong and see this movie again, again, again – deserves to be No. 1 at the box office) and it was not. It was better than most blockbusters this year – yes TRUE. Just goes to show form your own opinions on G.I. Joe for sure – go WATCH.

    Why has it gone down to 67% should be back to the 90%, I hope when fanboys and fangirls see this movie for themselves, they will see that they judged it too quickly before actually watching the bloody movie. Because although not perfect (hardly worth a mention), it’s pretty up there as really cool – I wish I was a kid again (the kids will love this) and for 2 hours I was. Seriously, I am shocked how good it was. I was hoping it would be and got my wish.

    Those negative feedback, do NOT listen – go meet your favourite G.I. Joe. By the way, Rotten Tomatoes hurry up and add Sunday Mirror, LatioReview, AintitCool, Atomic, FilmSchoolRejects, Artist Direct, Time Out London, Female First, Times Online, UGO Movie Blog, Pique News Magazine but to name a few who have all given positive reviews on G.I. Joe so it goes back up to 90% (fans you know what to do also to bring the total up) – have a word Just Jared, because it deserves to be very high i.e. No. 1.

    Conclusion not perfect but a better blockbuster than most this year – Go Joe – sequel please – THERE MUST BE!

    Sorry needed to be said….carry on everyone!xxx

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