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It's On With Vanessa Hudgens!

It's On With Vanessa Hudgens!

Vanessa Hudgens is a vision in purple Plastic Island as she arrives at It’s On With Alexa Chung to promote her new movie, Bandslam, on Tuesday (Aug. 4) in New York City.

The 20-year-old hottie also stopped by The Today Show in Rockefeller Center, Manhattan on Tuesday for more promotional interviews.

Bandslam opens next Friday, Aug. 14 in theaters across the country.

Check out Vanessa on The Today Show!

Vanessa Hudgens – The Today Show, 08/04

10+ pictures inside of It’s On With Vanessa Hudgens

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vanessa hudgens alexa chung 01
vanessa hudgens alexa chung 02
vanessa hudgens alexa chung 03
vanessa hudgens alexa chung 04
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vanessa hudgens alexa chung 06
vanessa hudgens alexa chung 07
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Credit: Richie Buxo/Jose Perez; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • elisa

    vanessa who??

  • Jamie

    that is good she moving away from kid roles and disney channel because she has potential to be a great actress!

  • LOLA

    I’ve always wanted to see her in a purple dress! She looks lovely!

  • http://JUSTJARED zanessalover45




  • http://JUSTJARED zanessalover45


  • emma


    Earlier these photos of her were her arriving some were else and now you have changed it. STOP IT and get your facts right before you post.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    who is she, and what does she do?
    @zanessalover45: what is she “great” at?

  • mari

    Pretty girl
    I love her dress

  • kristi

    she looks beautiful

  • Helen

    I love her style!
    ugh I really thought there were gonna be pictures of her in the white dress form Alexa Chung!
    I loved all the interviews now im just waiting for Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow and then the Bandslam premiere on Thursday

    and keep track on youtube cause theres a second part to the Today Show interview and a Regis and Kelly interview
    and im waiting fo the Alexa Chung interview to pop out

  • emma

    Are Vanessa and Zac Virgins or not?

  • paris

    OH i love her and i love her dress she’s so Gr8

    and the pepole who said “who is she ” or ” vanessa who ”

    tha is not funny it’s like you live in the space or something

  • paris

    OH i love her and i love her dress she’s so Gr8

    and the pepole who said “who is she ” or ” vanessa who ”

    tha is not funny it’s like you live in the space or something

  • K.G.

    She’s pretty but I will never understand the love she gets around here. I mean just because she sings and acts doesn’t mean she’s, well good at it.

  • Tiptoes

    She looks gorgeous. Loving all the Bandslam promos…

  • sophie



  • andy

    @Helen you need to get a life it seems like your obsessed with her

  • april

    She is beautiful ! Love her !

  • Carol

    Vanessa looks beautiful!!

    And for those who doesn’t like her..what are you doing in here?

    Vanessa is amazing!!
    I love her!!

  • gracemarie




  • gracemarie





  • Tata

    she is really good in purple! and smile makes her a beauty))

  • lola

    love her she looks very hot as allways thanks for the vid

  • Helen


    Lol wow thanks for the advice ill keep that in mind for the next time someone wants to try and insult me over the INTERNET
    very clever

  • bee

    Aren’t those candids from her arriving at NBC Studios? LOL

  • Naomi

    She is drop-dead gorgeous and her smile can light up a room. I love that she seems to be enjoying the promo blitz.

    I really love the way she carries herself, so classy and poised for her age.

  • humble

    @emma: I don’t think it’s any of our business to even ask that question. Why should it matter to you or any of us, it’s their business. I think we should be careful of what kind of questions or anything that we post. Let’s not have to get too personal and why would you want to start something?

  • ivanka

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: poor you! you live under a rock,..

    vanessa loks so cute! i want to see her in sucker punch

  • Althea

    She is glowing with happiness. I’m so happy for her. I can never get enough for her post.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehh,she’s just gotten 2 plain for me
    i think she’s stuck in these pg and pg-13 type of movies
    only reason she is where she is 2day is cuz of disney, if not she’d be a nobody

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @ivanka: yea.. but um.. you didn’t answer the question. what happen.. don’t know who she is or what she’s great at? LOL..

  • Althea

    @lakers fan in boston:

    I think she look just fine. Putting a lot of make up is not the way all female should look and for your information, she is about to film sucker punch which is not PG13 soon!

  • pacey

    Gorgeous. Her interviews were great.

  • Naomi

    @lakers fan in boston:

    She’s in good company, the likes of Johnny Depp, Anne Hathaway and Sigourney Weaver are ‘stuck’ along with her.

    You just exposed your inanity with that meaningless comment. I wonder how many actors you know make only non PG or PG-13 movies.

    Next time please come up with a more original insult that at least indicates you make use of your God-given brain.

    It’s really easy to avoid a thread, you know.

  • kelly martineau

    She looks good with out her bangs in her face.

  • awurbii

    Wow! This seems to be Vanessa week! You leave for a day and look at all the information you miss! Vanessa looks great!! Thanks JJ for posting this on the main board. I am pretty sure that this is the NBC studios and that her white dress was for MTV but I’m not quite sure. Anyway thanks JJ.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    beautiful, beautiful
    I love your smile
    I love this girl

  • suzy

    so so hot.

  • K.G.

    whoa way to get defensvie. The guy just said that he think she’ll be stuck in kids movies, his opinion.
    And sure she’s got to potential to move on from the Disney crowd but she hasn’t proved it, plus she is no Signourey Weaver. Until she does something as badass as Alien, she’s not. She seems to girly and cute to move out of their comfort zone.

  • K.G.

    correction: she seems too girly and cute to move out of her comfort zone.

  • satoo

    she is real beatiful !!

  • hmm

    K.G. / lakers fan in boston
    Naomi is right, she does have a non pg/pg-13 movie coming up. She’s being very smart about her choices. She has so many young fans to move immediately to movies they can’t see would be a real slap in the face to them . . . so she’s migrating there over time . . . she’ll make it, she has yet to show her talent completely, but she’s only 20, she has lots of time to prove herself in any role she chooses to take.

  • Malia

    Vanessa looks gorgeous, as usual.

    She’s wearing the purple dress when she goes to the NBC studios for the Today show and Regis and Kelly.

    On “It’s On With Alexa Chung” Vanessa wore a white dress and her hair up with bangs.

    Only nine more days till Bandslam hits theaters in the US!!!!!

  • hmm

    oh, and she looks great by the way. The interviews were short but she did a nice job with them. She looks pretty in purple . . . but no shock there, always looks pretty.

  • Naomi


    And why are you so defensive? I just stated my opinion as well.

    If anyone can come an state an uninformed and frankly stupid and baseless opinion, others are free as well to respond with better informed opinions.

    I follow Vanessa and keep up to date with news about her as a fan so I know that she has signed up for a ‘badass’ R-rated big-budget action movie with Zach Snyder a la Sigourney Weaver (she’s not in her league yet, obviously, but it’s the kind of movie she would star in.

    It is as far away from the Disney crowd as any actress can get. A lot of mainstream actresses way older and tougher looking than Vanessa have not had the opportunity to star in that kind of movie.

    It is plain stupidity to come on and make blanket statements about someone when you are not informed. It suggests that you are only interested in dissing the person. Unfortunately, all it does is expose one’s ignorance and inability to check facts before blabbing.

    Do feel free to ‘express your opinion’ by responding to me. Nothing spoil. That’s why this is a public blog.

  • bee

    Jared, you know who the designer is of that purple dress?

  • Dani

    She is so gorgeouss

  • Malia

    Zack Snyder on Vanessa’s audition for Sucker Punch:

    “Then I saw the tape and I literally went ‘Wow, she’s good,’” Snyder recalled. “She’s really good. Then I talked to her about what she’d have to do.”

    “You’re going to see her shooting machine guns, fighting, beating the sh-t out of people,” Snyder, who has Blu-ray releases coming for the action-packed “Watchmen” and “300” in the weeks to come, revealed. “It’s funny – we sat her down for her physical evaluation, and she was really athletic. She’s a dancer, so all the choreography is gonna be fun for her.”

    Vanessa, you go girl!!!!!

  • Dani

    Obviously singing and acting is not enough, but Vanessa is just great, has a natural beauty, can dance and she’s just amazing to watch, like Mary Kate Olsen said.

  • heat.

    she looks so gorgeous! loved all her interviews today, especially with Alexa, that was hilarious and fun haha