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Jennifer Aniston Covers Elle September 2009

Jennifer Aniston Covers Elle September 2009

Jennifer Aniston takes the September 2009 cover of Elle and here are some interview highlights:

On being labeled a “lonely girl”: “I’m not going to ignore the pink elephant in the living room. It’s fine. I can take it. If I’m the emblem for ‘this is what it looks like to be the lonely girl getting on with her life,’ so be it.” (Jen has recently been linked to Bradley Cooper following break-ups with Vince Vaughn, Paul Sculfor, John Mayer, and Brad Pitt.)

On helping others unlucky in love: “I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward.”

On using humor to get through tough situations: “I remember being 7 and asking my mom if I was as pretty as [my best friend] Monique. And with all the love in the world, my mom looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re so funny.’ So, she doesn’t lie to me… She answers the question by not answering and instead tells me what she thinks is my greatest strength.”

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Photos: Alexei Hay/Elle
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  • chin can’t act

    On using humor to get through tough situations: “I remember being 7 and asking my mom if I was as pretty as [my best friend] Monique. And with all the love in the world, my mom looked at me and said, ‘Oh, honey, you’re so funny.’ So, she doesn’t lie to me… She answers the question by not answering and instead tells me what she thinks is my greatest strength.”

    even her own mother thinks she is not pretty. she is one old ugly fug. thank god for photoshopped.

  • jen is the best

    gorgeous, stunning, pretty, cool, fresh, nice, beautiful, lovely, charming, sexy, hot, amazing woman!!!

  • blbl

    I love this interview, she is saying in other words

    I don’t care what anybody says, i am living my life and all the haters can themselves


    Way to go Jen

  • hag

    this old cougar is trying waaay too hard to be sexy :(

  • cutie

    I like her outfit.

  • fresh

    Does she ever talk about anything other than her sad love life?? Ive run out of sympathy for her. She makes millions of dollars a year, can date pretty much anyone she wants and yet she still is playing the sad lonely girl card. I have nothing against her but cmon girl–there’s more out there in the world–she has every opportunity–that we all wish we could have and yet here she is 5 years later still treading the same path.

  • Sally

    Stunning cover. So elegant, so classy, so cool. She is adorable! I love her way to be honest and funny. And I agree that her sense of humor is her greatest strength. A rare (and great) thing.


    Thank you, Jared, for the gorgeous pics. I can’t wait to read the full interview.

  • cathy

    she is fantastic and looks gorgeous….she is super super pretty…unlike Angie who is not pretty—-just hard and vulgar.

  • so far so good

    I really like this woman. Very gracious and cool. Go Jen!

  • s

    Are you effing kidding me??? I don’t care for JA or give two craps about the whole Team JA or AJ conflict. But, JA as got to STOP talking about looks. She needs to either talk about her current project at hand or something she as really taking on. But she needs to not talk about looks, it takes away from whatever she has. As she is now older that should be the least of her concerns. Just sayin… Good luck to her upcoming projects.

  • southern caribbean girl

    same story jen go throw another pitty party already.

  • richard

    I just love love love this lady

  • chin can’t act

    blbl @ 08/04/2009 at 12:28 pm

    angelina and brad have been saying the same thing. the haters should go fcuk themselfves.

    brangelina rocks.

  • haywire

    i can’t resist to comment but i really like jennifer leather tube top and the rest of the pictures.well all her pictures here were airbrushed but she looked pretty good, very gorgeous. i would love angie also to be like she was before a femme fatale in magazine photos because she has the goods,raw sex appeal and a very natural gorgeous dame.

  • Sally

    And btw: I agree that I agree that her sense of humor is her greatest strengh. But I also think she is a truely beautiful woman and I admire Jen so deeply because she has her focus on her life and things that are meaninful to her, not to impress the others or prove anything to anybody. I really think this is the only way to find real happiness.

  • jo

    Did she actually manage to do an interview without talking about you know who and you know who?? Her PR team must finally be updating the publicity plan.

  • thank goodness

    Now the loons can post here and rip her a new one. Hopefully they will stay off the Butler post now.

    By the way loons, she KNOWS she isn’t the prettiest woman in the world. Her own mother told her she wasn’t pretty, so that should make all of you VERY happy.

  • Julie

    Did they photoshop her chin on the cover???????

  • Sally

    Sorry for wrote twice “I agree that” in my last comment. Just ignore one, please.


    she’s is really very funny!!! and a talented actress!!! there are many candidates to be her love, but she deserves someone of the best quality!!!

  • paris

    she’s so pathetic

  • so far so good

    She is looking better than ever here. Wow, what an ode to 40!

  • tiger

    she/he looks like a gay…. her lips are very funny, trying hard to pout hahahaha … hope he/she cut her chin…. he looks like a man really with a long hair…………..

  • oh please

    She needs to stop all the I see the humor in my life.. Whatever… She reads the gossip blogs and know what people are saying about her.. That is why she did not mention the Brange.. And since she has nothing else to fill in the empty spaces. She does the next thing. Talk about how the media protrays her.. she is the one that started it.. Why is the focus on the things that are discussed in the gossip blogs.. her love life, friends. She needs to get a new game plan. This one is not working.. she should take after a couple of women who are incharge..

    Drew Berrymore and Kate Hudson are empowered. Drew has had so many relationships I can’t count them Does she ever whin or do mag interviews about her love life. hell no. Drew calls the shots. When she is finished with a man he is gone, and he does not talk. people called Jolie a man eater. BULL. she has nothing on Kate Hudson. Kate takes her men like dessert. She enjoys and when she is full she leaves. She is a single mom and Never plays the poor me care card. The media protrays her as a man eater. Have you ever heard her cry to the media and public.. hell NO.. Kate calls the shots. When she dumps A Rod.. are we going to be invited to a pity party.. NOPE because people don’t feel sorry for Kate or Drew. These are women in charge. IN CHARGE. Strong, independent. Men don’t scream to the media that they are not dating Drew or Kate. Jen is older then both.. yet she acts like a woman child. Get on with your life and stop all the talk about your love life.. If you do we will too.. at least I will..

    And keep your damn clothes on for a change.. Does she have to get undressed for every interview she does.

  • Shilpa

    She is amazing! I love the way she thinks. A beautiful person.

  • Sally

    @thank goodness: I think she never pretend to be the prettiest woman in the world, dear. She is an actress and she have been studying drama arts for all her life, since she was a girl, in high school. This is what she loves to do. She is not a model. She is not perfect. But she is very beautiful, inteligent, smart, funny, kind and talented. She has a lot of gretatest hits: her sense os style, her sense of humor, her way to be profissional and dedicated to her career, her way to be loyal and affective with her friends, her way to be honest about what she thinks. She’s great.

  • Ellles

    Man thats is a bad cover picture. Its all chin.

  • tiger

    thanks to the white suit, her/his long chin was covered!! The second pic looks like the scream mask!!!! hahaha, trying hard oldlady ,really!!

  • sweetness

    she is really boring..nothing new here.

  • Jen rocks!

    She’s the most captivating person in the whole world!

  • lila

    I didn’t like the photoshop, but Jen is amazing!
    I bet that she is going to find a great love!

  • jen prefers norman

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what happened to the lips
    she looks like a halloween mask
    her mum got it right very ugly indeed

  • haywire

    actually , that’s nice for jen to talk about looks because i know some people keep talking about her looks and worst comparing her to jolie. i love angelina jolie but jennifer is pretty too maybe not like angie. i also think it’s nice for her to admit that her mom was hnest about her looks. i will give jen an applause because it takes guts for her to admit that ; granting jen is not ugly at all. i also hope some of her delusional fans , will take the courage to move on and being realistic to accept what’s lacking in their department. the same thing , i am hoping for brad and angie fans , to take it easy or lay off on degrading jens looks…… and maybe we should look at ourself in the mirror w/ no hipocricy. i guess you can comment on jen’s actions and wordings but can we just leave her face alone. we all know , she’s not angelina jolie and you can only do so much surgeries but it it will not make you really pretty.

  • I knew it

    I wish it was noon. Maybe we could see the freaks in the drive thru again. Jennifer, these people are 500 pound shut ins that are still ragging on you 5 years later.

  • liar pants on fire

    On helping others unlucky in love: “I support women, men, anybody who is in a place that’s not their strongest and who is ready to push forward.”
    So why the pity parties and the insults towards Brad and his new love, uh ?
    He wasn’t the love of your life according to your own words in 2001 and you mistreated him, turning him miserable and disgusted about his life with you to the point of going through therapy for two years.
    So why the 5 years of ‘I will always love Brad’, ‘He lacks a sensitivity chip’, the uncool comments and the coatail riding ?

    Hypocrit much ? A LIAR, through and through.

  • Gross

    The second cover screams : look at me, i am still edible. Gross at her age ! ewww

  • chin can’t act

    s @ 08/04/2009 at 12:34 pm

    you should know by now that this old hag is superficial. her #1 priority is her looks. why do you think she spends so much time working out, tanning, botox……

  • n.o.l.a

    What has she done to her FACE???? Tears of a clown…..

  • Lucy

    She’s so consistent, she’s pretty stylish, she’s pretty, she’s strong. I love her. Shirley Maclaine, the Hollywood legend, said: “Everything had hit, and it was just national news on a level that’s not fair to anybody. Jennifer’s emotional discipline to keep it together was really extraordinary. I don’t know how she did it. She’s remarkably lvelheaded about the love she still able to feel after having been hurt.”

  • chin can’t act

    Jen rocks! @ 08/04/2009 at 12:49 pm

    LMAO!! that’s so funny.

  • obsessed with looks

    No wonder that she thinks ugly babies make their parents miserable. She is obsessed with beauty. That alone makes her very ugly

  • Tammy

    Jen, stop already, you are embarrassing yourself!!!!! So pathetic!

  • chin can’t act

    I knew it @ 08/04/2009 at 12:51 pm

    chin chin wouldn’t be caught dead eating at micky D. she would rather eat greek salad every day to make sure her body doesn’t gain an once. regardless how healthy she takes care of her body her face is still the ugliest leather face and hideous long chin chin.

  • Catsup

    What a f.ucking Liar when she was with Brad Pitt eons ago she said she hated her mother whom she then called “her Cancer” for being mean and telling her all of her fugo pheatures such as eyes to close
    elongated chin bad crator skin, fuzzy hair, fugly eyes they were brown back then. Oh don’t worry hens there is a quote on it onless Jen paid her PR creep to yank those interviews 99and 2000 when she left her mother sitting at the altar of her 5 million dollar wedding smoking cancer sticlks and yelling at her sick mother calling her you rotten piece of sh. it as well as You rotten piece of Cancer .yeah nice daughter Nice .person..
    Phoney No wonder no man wants to be stuck with her.

  • Sally

    “If anyone has made a fresh start, it’s Jennifer Aniston, Hollywood’s most eligible bachelorett.”


    “Aniston has something of the sea in her baby-blue eyes.”


    “There is no rehashing of B-word today. There is only a woman excited about what the future holds – and eager to leave the past behind”.


    Kate Meyers, of InStyle magazine.

  • Katherine

    Who says you can’t look as young as you feel? Gorgeous, Jen!

  • Lala

    Another pity go round..

  • anony




  • meme

    omg what a horrible mean and bitchy mum. i really hope she didnt say anything like that

  • I knew it

    Loons, time for your MCD run!