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Jessica Simpson Covers Glamour

Jessica Simpson Covers Glamour

On her first post-breakup magazine cover, Jessica Simpson takes the September 2009 cover of Glamour, on stands August 11. Check out what the 29-year-old country singer had to say:

On relationships: “I don’t regret anything I’ve gone through…. I don’t know what the future holds, but I hope that my life, as it is now, doesn’t change. I’m very happy and comfortableā€”it’s a great place to be in. If this article comes out and we’re not together, I’d still love [Tony], and he’d still be a huge part of who I am today.”

On body image: “It’s not fair that women look in the mirror and feel disgust because of what society has made them believe about beauty. I’ve been through it myself and understand the pressures. We’re all facing the same struggles together, whether you’re a celebrity or not.”
On her divorce:
“It was hard to imagine I would ever walk down the aisle again. It was like a death in the family: You go through the mourning stage, then the rebellion, and then all of a sudden you have to find life by yourself. Once you do that, you feel completeā€”and that’s the only time you can truly fall in love again, and give yourself over completely to another person.”

On the legacy she’d like to leave behind: “[My ex] Tony said, ‘Jessica, at the end of your life, the only thing that’s going to flash through your mind and heart is your husband, kids, family and the people you love. You’re not going to think, I wish I’d done this with my career. And I’m not going to remember how many touchdown passes I threw or if I won the Super Bowl.’ Music is the heart of who I am, and it’s the most personal thing that I do.”

On her future plans: “I’m never going to be a woman who doesn’t work. At 12 I was emancipated from my parents so I could sign my first record deal. I think I was born working!”

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Photos: Matthias Vriens-McGrath
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  • Nick

    I don’t get why she has so many haters- she’s hilarious and beautiful.

  • Lillianne

    I feel real sorry for her.

  • Elizabeth

    Wow can you say photoshop?

  • YO

    the cover of Glamour….why?
    more importantly why is she still relevant all she does is look drunk and says stupid thing about indians…oh yea out of pity cause my mans Romo droped her

  • Max

    She was emancipated at age 12 yet she has never made a life decision without her mother and father’s input. Her prenup was designed by her father, her divorce was urged by her father, her last boyfriend was instigated by her father and nearly lost because of her father’s manipulation along the way. After every break up she immediately goes to her parents for consolation.

  • Cooh

    wow,photoshop is better then plastic surgeries,she is so much skinnier on the cover,I don’t get it,she says women should be confortable with their body but she lets them photoshop her so much

  • Glamourson

    You rock, Jess!!

  • courtney

    it looks like they put her ugly face on a skinny girls body it looks bad

  • Anna

    Who is that? Sure doesn’t look like Jessica Simpson. I don’t understand her “popularity” at all.

  • male

    i dont understand

    did she say this before breaking up with tony??

  • male

    i dont understand

    did she say this before breaking up with tony??

  • She’s hot

    She may not have a brain, but she makes due.

  • bree

    why is she even famous?

  • LIAM

    “I love Tony…Tony said…Tony here, Tony there” bla bla bla … GET OVER IT!!!! poor woman

  • lakers fan in boston

    damn she’s annoying me
    2 posts of her in a day is just enough 2 fry my brain
    she’s just gonna keep milking her break up for all the attention she can get

  • Melisa

    @lakers fan in boston:

    Erm it is not Jessica who put up the post of her dog walking.

    She did the glamour interview before the break up.

    Talk to Glamour if you have a problem with them deciding she would be on the September issue.

    She has said very little (if anything) about the break up. It’s the blogs and media outlets that have been going on about it since it happened.

  • Mythical Creature

    Nope, if that were me I wouldn’t have even given him air time. I wouldn’t have canceled my party though either.

  • me

    @Nick: agree, but that being said, she can act really dumb in some interviews and if it is to be cute it is not in her favor. I like Jessica because she is like any woman and has her ups and downs with her weight.

  • lexy

    She’s such a moron (but she is pretty). The thing with her is – she’s a joke and she knows it. She couldn’t make singing work for her…clearly acting isn’t her thing so now she’s just going pimp out whatever to stay in the public eye – first it was her virginity, her marriage, her boyfriends and now…She’s using body image b/c she knows the topic itself is more popular than her. I’m telling you – if a 3rd nipple becomes popular she’ll claim to have one!

    She just needs to go away and take her dad and pyscho sister with her.

  • Mythical Creature

    @me: The ditzy thing was cute when she was younger. But it’s a time limited gig and that is the problem with that. It’s not working anymore and she probably doesn’t know where to go from here…

  • Paige

    Sooooo she never wants to retire? How unfortunate!

  • joan

    She left Nick because she thought she could do better. Pretty apparent she can NOT do better. She can’t hold a man. I hope Nick finds true love and has the children that he has always wanted. He is way too good for her anyway.

  • Jen

    I don’t get people feeling sorry for her. She is beautiful and successful in her business endeavors. Ok her relationships haven’t worked out but who doesn’t go through relationship troubles, its not like relationships are easy, and it doesn’t mean a person is a failure.

  • chris

    This talentless whor e keeps talking about her past and present relationships because she has nothing to sell, her career is a joke and her good looks are gone, sad indeed

  • erika

    Max: You said everything I was going to say.

  • not me

    Photoshopped to the maximum. Then she says that it is unfair that the society put these beauty standards on women. Well, she is being part of the process when she lets her normal, big body to be presented in this fake slim way.

  • lexy

    And let’s not forget she claims to be comfortable in her skin but when they started getting on her about her “mom jeans” and gaining a few pounds – she hauled her butt off to the gym – so she DOES care – if the press cares. If she felt that way she wouldn’t condone it and she’d be TRULY happy with who she was.

    Nick IS too good for her – he was looking for a wife – not some media whore who will do anything to be famous!!

  • Sally

    She looks good in this cover.

  • me

    I love how she turned into a size zero overnight. I am so sick of magazines Photoshopping the hell out of everyone. Also, I’m sick of Jessica in general.

  • Sally

    I also liked her thougts on body image and her divorce. Well said.

  • blah

    I don’t get why people hate her, just because she used to had a great body, she was sexy and whatever you want? sorry people but that’s not important, leave the lady alone!! let her eat whatever she wants, she’s not even fat, she has a lot of qualities its not just about “body shape” she is very talented for example her voice! its amazing, one of the best I ever heard and she has a successful company of shoes, bags and more. Keep going Jess, ignore the haters :) you’re really pretty!!

  • Carol

    It’s a good thing Tony dumped her are else she would not have made it on the cover of magazines.

  • Marta

    this cover is scary.

  • lexy

    Blah – that’s just it – let her eat whatever she wants – I don’t care. She claims she doesn’t care and she’s proud of her body yet next thing you know she’s running out telling us how hard her trainer is working her out or trying to pitch a show about her getting back in shape. So she DOES care. She’s got her sister defending her – using the economy (b/c we know she reads the Wall Street Journal daily) to defend her sister but Jess turns around and gets back in shape.

    So either she and her sis need to shut up and truly be happy with themselves (and seeing as her sister is trying to be the next Joan Rivers of plastic surgery she’s got her own issues) or shut up!

  • Tonytonytonytonytony

    I hate photoshop.Why do mags do this totally erase features from the person making look like someone else,unrecognizable, is reallybad.Photoshop is good for erasing blemishes, scars,etc.

    JessicaSimpson,like Jennifer Anniston,why is she still talking about HER divorce which did not have to be because there was no real good reason for it.
    tonytonytony,even though this Glamour mag shoot and interview was completed before the breakup,it is her same ole talk.

  • geek

    well.i gotta say.its not good picture and and she looked so wierd on this…
    hope she will be back with a pretty face.

  • Christina

    Is that a tattoo on her hand?

  • sweet


  • Van

    How can she keep saying that she is comfortable with her body/image if she allows them to photoshop her body and face???? I don’t believe her . And now she is saying that she was emancipated at 12 but yet at 30 she is still getting all her advice from her parents…Can you hypocrite (SP??)??????

  • suppress your appetite

    sexy cover:)!