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American Journalists Released from North Korea

American Journalists Released from North Korea

American journalists Laura Ling and Euna Lee have been pardoned from all charges by North Korean leader Kim Jong Il.

Former president Bill Clinton returned to high-profile diplomacy and made a special trip to North Korea on Tuesday (August 4) in hopes of having Laura and Euna released.

Clinton offered “words of sincere apology” to Kim Jong Il, who issued a special pardon under North Korea’s “humanitarian and peace-loving policy.”

In June, Laura and Euna were sentenced to 12 years in labor prison by North Korea’s Central Court for “committing hostilities against the Korean nation and illegal entry.”

Laura (pictured right inset) is the sister of Lisa Ling, former co-host of The View. Thanks, Bill!!!

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  • sweetie

    Wow, that is amazing!
    Thank you, Mr. Clinton!

  • alex

    This is amazing news

  • loma



    Good for Bill Clinton!!! I’m sure their families are relieved to have them home, safe and healthy. It is nice to know that Kim Jong ll would even consider a pardon and release in this day and time. Those women would not have lived 12 years in a prison like that.

  • John

    Oh please, they break the law of a country & then bitch & moan that they get caught & we bow toe to a wretched leader. What’s next a handshake & “I’m sorry” to all the other dictators on the world.

  • mika

    that is great. north korea is scaryyy!!

  • Sarah

    Have to agree w/ John. Hope they learned their lesson.

    But, I’m happy for their families & the one’s little girl.

  • Kara

    John, try decaf. Try meds. Try visualization. Try something that will get you through this Presidency. You can do it! I managed to survive eight (long) years of a certain someone from Texas. You’ll be okay.

  • jaxon

    Way to go Bill! I hope those women learned their lesson.

  • Mel

    This is fantastic. Kara, you made me snort!

  • Jeff

    I’m so glad to hear they’ve been released!!

  • olivia

    Jaxon said Way to go Bill! He didnt have to do that and he did it out of the goodness of his heart im very happy. They probably did learn their lesson, i think this was all a mistake and they didnt meant to that but they did accidently and everybody makes mistakes and here the court system sometimes acknowledges those mistakes and lets you go off easy only case i can think off that everybody would know is the Chris Brown case. But over there, there is no clemency and im glad Bill went and got that Evil king/dictator to take off the charges. LOVE BILL

  • Al born

    they should learn from their mistakes ..try to sneak into N. Korea again, get an exclusive story… and make lots of money!

  • Jen

    thanks, Bill!

  • marissa

    Bill to the rescue! love that man :)

  • twpumpkin


  • lauren

    clinton is the real deal!

  • plj

    that’s so great for them and their families!
    john: get a f*cking grip…N Korea is a f*cked up country that has a terrible dictatorship and ridiculous laws! no1 should be given 12 yrs labour for crossing a boarder…accidental or not!

  • me

    @twpumpkin: LOL agree. As much as Bill Clinton was an a**hole for personal reasons, he was a good president.

  • Megga

    you gotta love Bill! that is wonderful news!

  • nat

    @me: I agree. I really wanted Hillary to win. I believe that she was the brain behind his presidency. My personal opinion.

  • jj

    This helps the democratic party even more. Good job Clinton

  • Oh please!!

    Thanks Bill? More like thanks Kim! Dictator or not, this is something that no leader in the Western world would ever do! Those girls should have respected the western ideals of the rule of law that they preach to the world!

  • old lady

    Hurray for Bill Clinton. He was a good president and we never had it so good during his tenure. Thanks JJ for news like this.

  • dundies

    John, try decaf.


    HAHAHAHAHAHAHH on another note, this is great news


    That is why he was such a great President. I love Big Willy. I wish he was still President. I

  • Reese

    I wonder just how much of the U.S. we had to give away for this one!!! Oh well, great for the 2 journalists that thought they could ignore the North Korean law…looks like to an extent they were right. I am going to guess we are giving them some serious prisoners, cash, property, etc. to make this happen.

  • lakers fan in boston

    what did north korea get in return?
    seems a lil weird 2 me that he would all of the sudden just release them, especially some1 as crazy as this damn north korean

  • Tom

    Bill Clinton is the best.

  • please

    Thanks President Clinton.

  • fresh

    Incredible. Way to go BILL!

  • soopx

    Thank-You ,Bill Clinton…

  • rocky


    You almost made me pee my panties girl! Too funny!

  • vanessa

    god that is so good to here, i’m so glad someone FINALLY did so long. the day they were imprisoned is the day someone should have done something to get them back. their families must be so happy.

  • rocky

    Bill is still one powerful man! Miss him in the House of White!

  • liz k


    I hope Clinton footed the entire bill so not a single taxpayer has to pay for the stupidity of these reporters.

  • Kira

    Thank you Madam Secretary of State Clinton and former President Clinton who served as the messenger or catalyst (though hundreds of thousands — if not millions — of people in America and throughtout the World have been working or meditating with the “intention” of seeing Laura Ling and Euna Lee freed and returned to their loving families in California. Thank you, Lisa Ling, for being a magnificent woman on the Planet and demonstrating such loving devotion to your sister!!!!

  • luvd80s2

    @liz k: true true! People think this was done in good faith! No good deed is done without something in return!

  • shamrock

    Thank You Mr. Clinton!!! Great News on Obama’s B-day and for the country. Hopefully, this is the first step in the right direction with N Korea and diplomacy with the world. Let’s all wish upon our lucky stars and keep striving for a BETTER AND PEACEFUL world.


    Happy Birthday Mr. President OBAMA!

  • Marieme

    I’m adding my congratulations too. Some journalists are trying to inject a negative spin to this story and I think that’s total bs! This was a total and smooth success. I for one am very grateful!

  • Danny

    This is good news

  • marla

    Well I beg to differ to all of you. But it takes a lut of guts to do what this journalist has done to enter that country. No journalist from any media can do that to me. they are real news maker trying to get the real story t behind the iron curtain of N Korea.Unlike the “journalist ” of Faux news they can tell a REAL story not invent one. And just because of that they are real heroes. Who knows what kind of information they gathered maybe what they had might be helpful in trying to stop the conflict in that country and maybe end this century old war between the US and N Korea
    I always love Bill Clinton. I wish there will be a third term. and I would vote him again in office. Maybe this is the reason why Hilary can’t stay away from him.Because he is a great man.

  • La sigh.

    Looks like Hilary is still posturing for the Presidency after all.

  • cutiepie32

    This IS wonderful news. Im really surprised that they got to go home the same day they were pardoned with Clinton. They never should have been arrested in the first place. Stupid North Korea. Since when do they care about peace or humanitarianism?

  • Zoz


  • vidstr1


  • cosi

    ever the snake charmer, billie boy… miss you

  • anonymous


    Who knows. Maybe he’ll have a shot in 2012.

  • kay

    It’s great that these women will be reunited with their families.

    Is it just me or could 2 more unprofessional headshots be possible? The ones here look like they come from some mail-order bride magazine.


    Am I not right???

  • anonymous

    Where was Hillary or do third world countries not respect women? I’m very happy that these journalists are safe, but hate to see their release as a result of apologies. Obama is kissing the ass of every evil dictator in the world.