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Miranda Kerr Hits David Jones Runway

Miranda Kerr Hits David Jones Runway

Miranda Kerr hits the catwalk, showing off nine different designs on the catwalk at the David Jones Spring/Summer 2009 Collection Launch at the Hordern Pavilion, Moore Park on Tuesday (August 4) in Sydney, Australia.

The 26-year-old Aussie supermodel opened and closed the show, themed “A Great Southern Summer 2009.” Throughout the show, models showed off a variety of styles from 24 various Australian designers to classic Australian tunes such as “Throw Your Arms Around Me” by Hunters and Collectors.

30+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr hitting the David Jones runway…

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miranda kerr david jones runway 01
miranda kerr david jones runway 02
miranda kerr david jones runway 03
miranda kerr david jones runway 04
miranda kerr david jones runway 05
miranda kerr david jones runway 06
miranda kerr david jones runway 07
miranda kerr david jones runway 08
miranda kerr david jones runway 09
miranda kerr david jones runway 10
miranda kerr david jones runway 11
miranda kerr david jones runway 12
miranda kerr david jones runway 13
miranda kerr david jones runway 14
miranda kerr david jones runway 15
miranda kerr david jones runway 16
miranda kerr david jones runway 17
miranda kerr david jones runway 18
miranda kerr david jones runway 19
miranda kerr david jones runway 20
miranda kerr david jones runway 21
miranda kerr david jones runway 22
miranda kerr david jones runway 23
miranda kerr david jones runway 24
miranda kerr david jones runway 25
miranda kerr david jones runway 26
miranda kerr david jones runway 27
miranda kerr david jones runway 28
miranda kerr david jones runway 29
miranda kerr david jones runway 30

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96 Responses to “Miranda Kerr Hits David Jones Runway”

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  1. 51
    amazon Says:


    You’re right VS angels are paid by millions. But you have to remember also if that million is worth the entire contract or annual salary.

    I just made it clear on my early post how much some angels are paid yearly cause that’s quite a known fact for some people who work at VS.
    With Miranda, Marisa, and Heidi, i don’t know except for the talks that their salary is lower compared to other girls! (except for Heidi whom imo is irrelevant to VS)

    Maybe Miranda and Marisa get a million or 2 a year from VS as an angel. But honestly, the 2 of them are the least paid angels which in my opinion is quite unfair cause they’re all VS angels.

    But again, some of the angels demand a salary bracket from VS before signing a contract. A good example of that is Doutzen, talks from the VS people was that she’s been offered before to be a VS angel back in 06 with a salary of 2M/yr but refused it. When VS knocked upon her door at late 2007 to become a VS angel, she demanded that 4M/yr and i’ll sign that contract! And VS waited for the the contract of Karolina to expire to accomodate her last year!

    All of these is what i’ve heard from people who work at VS! Hope no one gets mad cause that’s only based on what i heard from VS people.

  2. 52
    help me out here Says:

    You shippers are bulls.h.i.tting! i don’t want excuses, I want results!

    You stans can spout off about OB’s box office earnings per film and how no other actors have the same earning potential, yet when someone asks you for facts about your little friend here, you all make excuses and get all defensive. After today, I don’t want to hear another fricken one of you crybabies complaining about the “hater double standard” because you shippers pull the same crap when it suits you. You shippers aren’t more honest than the next person.

  3. 53
    lyka Says:

    @help me out here

    Hey calm down! The shippers can’t give you the result cause they hardly know the exact source. Unlike with some angels, it’s quite a known fact how much they’re getting from the companies they’re working. Those other angels are not ashame to tell how much or estimate how much they’re earning cause they’re telling the TRUTH about their incomes and have articles to prove that their contracts are worth multimillion for years.

    Simple as that hun, so don’t expect anymore!

  4. 54
    LOL!! Says:

    I guess that you haters don’t work for a living.
    Why would a raise in stature NOT come with a raise in pay??? Because that is what you are saying about Miranda.
    Pathetic, sad, delusional idiots.
    But really funny when you show your ignorance, so keep it coming!
    I haven’t laughed this hard in ages.

  5. 55
    Huh? Says:

    What excuses? You’re accusing Forbes, a magazine of reputation around the world of publishing BS and her PR team of making up not thousands of dollars but millions! LOL
    You’re the ones who accuse so you’re the ones who have to demonstrate. I couldn’t care less if Miranda earns an enormous number or a gigantic number, and the same goes for Orlando.
    Where’s the lack of honesty here?

  6. 56
    help me out here Says:


    Why would a raise in stature NOT come with a raise in pay???

    Because the purpose of signing a contract is to lock in a salary so all parties involved are protected and aware of their rights. If there was a bonus involved, her pet rag would have stated so. Keep spinning.

  7. 57
    ? Says:

    Why would Miranda have to announce any of her contracts?
    No one does that. If they do, they are stupid, and/or bragging.
    She is successful. Earning more money every year than most people do in their entire lives, and you people are trying to make her sound like a pauper.
    Stupidity at its finest.

  8. 58
    @56 Says:

    Hey stupid….
    Her original contract was altered when they made her an Angel.
    She now has a contract as an ANGEL, not as just a girl who works for them.
    And not only does she work for them, she is one of their most popular girls. She will be launching ANOTHER new bra with them, this year. That makes FOUR bras, two perfumes, and a fragrance line. All in just over two years. Very impressive.

  9. 59
    @58 Says:

    How do you know that? You don’t!! She didn’t resign for more years and it is certain she is making more money.
    She has no problem publishing every silly detail that makes her look good. She even lies about being the face fo clinque when they ran an old ad for her. If she could prove she was making bank she would do it.
    Forbes list is a joke. Even Gis said that didn’t she?
    The revealed contract for her was $750,000 for the whole time.
    Nothing else has been signed and if you think she got a raise you are the one assuming things.
    It is not a given.

  10. 60
    amazon Says:


    If my sources are right, Miranda will be one of the three or four angels that will be having a launch next September or October! VS likes to do a launch nowadays in groups:)

  11. 61
    @57 Says:

    By the numbers revealed she makes about $350,000 a year.
    That is not a lot for a celebrity and it won’t last long if she doesn’t make it big. She can live modestly is she spends what she has made already but she can not live the high life for long on that.
    So yes, she makes more then most in a short time but unless she lands some great contracts it’s not that much over your whole life.

  12. 62
    amazon Says:


    Like what i’ve said Miranda and Marisa maybe earning 1 or 2 million a year since becoming an angel. But that’s just my assumption cause VS angels are usually paid no less than a million a year!

    What i don’t get is that why it’s not known how much they’re really earning from VS as compared to the other girls!

    Maybe they chose for their salaries not to be known, but that’s quite impossible if you’re a contracted VS angel! Maybe next year we’ll know the exact amount

  13. 63
    anywho Says:

    Wow, I haven’t been around the OB fandom in a few months due to lack of interest and OB’s lack of work. I just don’t feel that im apart of the fandom anymore so I just moved on to other things. But I even messed around at OL and got my account deleted there because I never posted at that forum to much and I am not a fan anymore. That was pretty fun, to bad I didn’t save some of my last posts there because some of them were just epic. Seems things are still the same on these OB/MK related JJ threads (I guess that will never change) so I really didn’t miss much. But Im not going to stick around either. Im tired of the arguing over this and that over OB and MK and what they are doing, not doing, going and not going, etc.

    But my opinions on OB and MK are still the same, I still think they are a real couple and they don’t look like they are going to break up soon. Hey if they are happy together then so be it. Ever since I left the fandom I don’t think MK is as bad of person as I thought she was. She is just a model that is dating him. She isn’t as bad as I thought she was but I do think she is still ditzy and stuff. But all of the very bad things Ive said about I don’t think is true anymore like I once did. I really just don’t care for either of them and what they do now.

  14. 64
    @61 Says:

    OK, one more time.
    You people are using a figure from a contract that expired long ago, and is just a fraction of the money she makes now.
    Did you skip the “insider” at #51 who said that she earns two million a year? I guess that you did.
    Why cloud your brain with more information than it can handle?

  15. 65
    jdfb Says:

    okay now all the haters suck as hell!
    she has the best body ive ever seen in my life.
    she got those curves and everything!
    you guys are just jealous because you guys are fat.
    im not that big fan of her catwalk but her in photos are really good so STFU

  16. 66
    anywho Says:

    Actually and im being honest here. I think this DJ collection is a lot better than last years, btw…

  17. 67
    help me out here Says:


    Hey dumb fcuk! Show me the contract like I asked in the begining! Nobody asked your lying ass to guesstimate how much they are paying her!

  18. 68
    LOL Says:

    LOL @51 using a JJ insider as proof. That person didn’t say they were an insider they don’t know how much she makes.

    Her contract is not expired so yes we are still going by that. It was for three years from the end of 2006. So at the end of this year we will know if she resigns.

  19. 69
    @67 Says:

    How is that person supposed to show you her contract?? YOU have to prove that Forbes’ publication is false.

    @59 “Forbes list is a joke. Even Gis said that didn’t she?”

    No, it’s not. Gis said they gave a wrong number, and then Forbes admitted it and explained where the mistake came from. That’s what serious magazines do, face their mistakes and deal with them. “Joke” magazines never admit their BS.

  20. 70
    @68 Says:

    Why wouldn’t she resign when they use her as much as they do?
    And I really don’t believe you people…
    You HONESTLY don’t think that her contract was re-negotiated when they made her an Angel? HONESTLY?

  21. 71
    me Says:



  22. 72
    anywho Says:

    I think its silly to argue over how much she is making. She is still with VS and works for DJ im sure she is doing ok and fine for herself. I’m not going to bother looking up her salaries or anything or go by what Forbes list says but she is still with them working so she is clearly making money from them. And Im sure they aren’t going to get rid of MK anytime soon either. At the moment for VS, while the other angels have left VS early this year and a few are out pregnant im sure they will most likely end up using what models they have now which is MK, Doutzen, Alessandra and that new girl I guess(?).

    I dont think MK is as famous model as Gisele or Heidi or Kate Moss or any of the other supermodels that are up in that level but she is a pretty successful model. Just not as famous as the other girls are.

  23. 73
    amazon Says:


    Why you people get so mad when i shared what i heard from VS? Can’t you just accept it that VS angels are paid by not less than a million a year?

    I’ll repeat Marisa and Miranda became an angel last quarter of last year, and technically, there’ll be a raise in their salaries! And a VS angel is never being paid less than a million a year.

    I never said that Marisa and Miranda were paid by millions last year, what i’m implying is this year maybe each of them will be paid by 1 or 2 M/yr as a VS angel!

    My fault, i never specified on my earlier post that i’m talking about this year, not last year!

    The reason why Forbes is so unbelievable!

  24. 74
    @73 Says:

    A financial magazine respected worldwide.
    Is NOT as believable as random idiots on a gossip site.
    And you haters wonder why peopel call you delusional.

  25. 75
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    she looks cute, im always impressed when she’s on the runway
    altho i think they put 2 much makeup on her, would have looked better with a lil less
    looking amazing in the red dress

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