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Sienna Miller Wears Gold Earwings

Sienna Miller Wears Gold Earwings

Sienna Miller (in Stella McCartney) and the cast of the new movie, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, attends the New York Stock Exchange opening bell in New York City on Tuesday (August 4).

The 27-year-old New York City-born British actress wore wing-shaped gold earrings to the event. Looks like Si is getting friendly with someone on the Stock Exchange!

Co-stars Channing Tatum and Rachel Nichols also took part in the festivities.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Sienna’s gold ear-wings – YAY or NAY?

25+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller wearing gold earrings…

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sienna miller earrings 01
sienna miller earrings 02
sienna miller earrings 03
sienna miller earrings 04
sienna miller earrings 05
sienna miller earrings 06
sienna miller earrings 07
sienna miller earrings 08
sienna miller earrings 09
sienna miller earrings 10
sienna miller earrings 11
sienna miller earrings 12
sienna miller earrings 13
sienna miller earrings 14
sienna miller earrings 15
sienna miller earrings 16
sienna miller earrings 17
sienna miller earrings 18
sienna miller earrings 19
sienna miller earrings 20
sienna miller earrings 21
sienna miller earrings 22
sienna miller earrings 23
sienna miller earrings 24
sienna miller earrings 25
sienna miller earrings 26
sienna miller earrings 27
sienna miller earrings 28
sienna miller earrings 29

Photos: Brad Barket/Getty Images
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  • Wendy

    She looks great, always thought she is stunning shame about all the bs she says and does!

  • dundies

    love this group. jared, keep posting :)

  • mailey

    you mean “YEA”.. but yah, I like it, they’re cool.

  • .


  • kate

    Sienna looks beautiful.

  • OMG


  • 123

    she is gorgeous but she has to take care of those bags under her eyes and deep wrinkles around her mouth

  • anonymous

    she looks just as good in close up, amazingly clear skin. Could have done with better pics of the earwings, tho, jj. They are difficult to see properly. I think I like them but would have liked to see them clearly.

  • love her

    i adore these earrings!! anyone know where to find them?

  • :)

    genius :) i love it.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Sienna is one of the most beautiful woman in show business out their. To bad she does some of the things she does! I do love her dress and earrings. The woman does know how to dress and looks fantastic.

  • jami

    lovely and the earrings are fab.

  • blah

    She looks old for 27

  • maud

    Nice dress, love the earrings, always fab

  • Karma

    Boy, Sienna’s fan sure is posting a lot here hahahaha. She looks so old, I don’t believe for a minute that the director of Robin Hood thought he needed Cate as someone that looked older. Cate looks loads better and classier than Miller. I think Miller’s team made that story up. It’ll be nice when this movie over and we don’t have to see the skankette promoting this horrible film anymore.

  • lily


  • anywho

    I agree with #1 on this. She is very pretty and always dresses nice (love her style) but I wish she never gotten into that scandal she was in last year. That was a mess. Before that happened I thought she was a funny and sweet girl, but now….

  • porkie pie

    too much nasty Sienna around here lately! ENUF !

    her legs remind me of either the stork or flamingo. lol

    can’t get anymore pointy.

  • matt

    I personally dont think she looks old for 27, but even if that was the case, who cares? she still looks amazingly pretty

  • lakers fan in boston

    @Karma: it only makes logical sense that a sienna fan would post on a thread about sienna? u make no sense at all

    she looks so beautiful
    im just laughing at the haters saying how she’s a whore and she’s old
    im pretty sure she looks much better than those hating on her
    outfit is amazing as well

  • Paul

    She looks closer to 37 than 27.

  • paul

    sorry that was me paul the idiot talking sh it, i do it sometimes cause im retarded

  • lauren

    i love these pictures, she looks fantastic

  • snoopy

    # 20 lakers fan…

    idiot! I am sure no one is a hater here. People are just expressing what they think.

    Whether she is beautiful or not……is not the point at all.

    Sienna has nasty baggage and you know it. Shame on her and you too

  • heather

    Has anyone figured out where those earrings are from?

  • twpumpkin


  • always

    @paul: The idiot is the one who needs to impersonate/engage in personal attacks on someone because they don’t share their opinion. Must be one of the loonies from the TomKat threads.

    She looks pretty here but I agree, she does look older than 27 — more like 35. I think she has classical features and that can make someone seem older.

  • dill

    any idea where those earrings are from? they’re to die for!

  • H.

    “Looks like Si is getting friendly with someone on the Stock Exchange!”

    That dude is probably married.
    The ho likes em attached.

  • Denise

    Sienna in general, the husband porking homewrecker–NAY!!!!

    I agree, enough of this broad!!

  • S

    “Ahhh, sooooo many rich and married men here!! Yeeeeaaaaahhhhhh, It’s a homewreckin’ time!!”
    But it seems that smokin’ HOT lady in the red dress got all the attention. What a pity.

  • snoopy

    sorry #20 lakers fan

    i apologize for calling you idiot, i admit that i am the idiot with no life and i usually have diarrhea of the mouth. forgive me

  • chris

    sienna is not stunning like megan fox or halle berry, but she is certainly pretty and her personality shines, she also has a strong sense of fashion

  • the real snoopy

    # 32 (fake snoopy)

    lol… is you- the fake snoopy instead. You are for sure the REAL idiot that is pretending to be someone else,

    Wow- what a sorry life YOU live. I have a great life and am only on here to get a real kick and laugh at what some celebrity lover idiot posts here like YOU!

    Need a big gallon of clorex to wipe you off here!

  • k

    both snoopies are idiots

  • taxidriver

    seems no one can face the facts…….that Sienna is a no good bimbo…and those that are in support of the stupid things she chooses to do in her life are the only IDIOTS.

  • amanda

    keep driving your taxi #36 and shu t the f u c k up

  • c

    You know SM, when she can’t appear in public with the married man she resorts to using her outfits to flaunt the affair. First it was wearing red to match BG’s red bracelet and now it’s some earrings that the married man “probably purchased for her while in Italy”.

  • toodledoo

    # 37 amanda is the same poster as 32, etc….

    man, you have such low class language

  • texasgirl

    lol…..folks here that are ” supportive” of Sienna seem to have fried brain cells.

    But, I guess they must have the same shameful lifestyle that Sienna lives.

    She’s got a lot lot of growing up to do and I guess you folks do too!

  • Zoe

    Can someone please tell me where I can find those earrings. They are amazing!

  • Zoe

    Can someone please tell me where I can find those earrings. They are amazing!

  • m

    shut you redneck mouth , you are the one who needs to grow up.
    You think your life is so pure and flawless that gives you the right to judge strangers? shame on you for being an ignorant w h o r e

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!