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Ugly Betty's Makeover Revealed?

Ugly Betty's Makeover Revealed?

America Ferrera checks her cell phone during a break from filming her television show Ugly Betty in New York City on Tuesday (August 4).

This could be the makeover that Betty Suarez gets this season — braces off and all!

“She looks a lot classier,” one source told EW about Betty’s new look. “But she’s still far from perfect.”

Exec producer Silvio Horta added, “There’s going to be a progression in her look overall. It’ll still be Betty, but you’ll see some growth in that direction.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Betty’s new look so far?

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Photos: JDH/WENN
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  • AndrĂ©s Francisco

    she looks lovely!

  • Wendy

    WOW i didnt recognize her at first.America is stunning!

  • X

    Wow she looks so … Different.

  • Hoooooot

    soooo pretty

  • life

    She’s really pretty!

  • Suz

    She looks so different I love it, she looks fantastic!! :-)

  • Lucas

    America is a doll, but I want my Betty back. just a little.

  • blah

    She’s stll ugly. Im surprised this show is still on air. Probally becasue Selma is sleeping with richness and she is now able to buy airtime

  • LolaSvelt

    @blah: Her husband has nothing to do with TV. He owns a company which owns fashion houses such as Balenciaga. Do your research before you try to be funny. She is also not ugly, you superficial loser.

    I was actually waiting for her to get rid of those braces. Realistically, her look teeth look fine. She didn’t need to have them for all those years!


    she kinda looks like mandy morre here

  • Regina

    I hope they keep her bad fashion, though. Her signature vibrant, bright looks are great.

  • justMyviewpoint


    Selma Hayek is Swatch heiress. She was rich before knowing her husband.

  • Jon

    @DAISE: I actually see Mandy Moore too. and I hope they were saying Betty was far from perfect, cuz that’s kinda rude if they said it to America, whom is very beautiful. But this is cool, it’ll give the show a fresh new look.

  • mailey

    her face looks so much thinner.

  • JMO

    Well damn it’s about time she’s getting those braces off!! lol

  • Rob Redstone


  • Jen

    I don’t like her but she looks great

  • anonymous

    She looks really pretty and fresh faced, I like it.

  • omg

    I think it will get really stupid if suddenly she just changes. I can understand the braces going , but what about her glasses and hair etc? I just don’t want it to become like from nottie to hottie thing. I love Betty with glasses and original style. If they change everything it wont be Betty anymore… And i can assure you that first she gets her braces off , then the glasses go , then suddenly she starts dressing nicely , then she gets her hair and brows done and then she falls in love with Daniel and they get married – yei beautiful people! – IT WILL BE DUMB.
    And I hope that next season finally they give storylines to Amanda, Justin , Hilda etc. Right now they are just hanging there and telling Betty their opinions about her love life.

  • carrie

    she’s really pretty but where is the real Ugly Betty?

  • marina

    omg she looks amazing…more than America..hahahahaha

  • Iggles

    Wow, what is the point of this show anymore? The point of the original show was to show an ugly duckling fish out of water. Betty wasn’t supposed to look like the models. She was a normal, albeit geeky girl. America has lost so much weight and has been so done over that she looks like any other cardboard cut out actress.

    Time to CANCEL this show!

  • Alex


    Whats the whole point of calling the show Ugly Betty if she won’t be ugly anymore.

  • SB

    What I would like to see on this show is more Black characters. Besides Wilhemena Slater, every other (minor) Black character has been either stupid or some kind of psychopathic nut.

  • realme2008

    This might just be a temporary look for Betty guys. I can’t see her strolling around wearing contacts all the time. She’s not going to look glamorous all the time, because that’s just not Betty. She’s changing, but she’s going to keep some of her old ways. Stop stressing. Wow, America is so freaking gorgeous! I’m not even kidding!

  • oxford uni student uk

    wow she looks so pretty. but will the show still be the same if betty looks like this?

  • sungod

    Uglie Betty is an adaptation of Betty la Fea, and at the end of the Novela, Betty la fea turns into a beautiful woman and Betty ends up with her boss that’s going to happen in Uglie Betty. Oops I hope I didn’t spoil it for some people, I think alot of people already know the ending.

  • tao

    she’s beautiful. But it’s not Betty. This make over is a big mistake for the show. One more after the ugly 3rd season.

  • Kelsey

    From the ending of last season, and throughout the other seasons I have wondered if Betty would end up with Daniel. It’s such a sweet story. They’re both blinded by love and making it to the top in the magazine world. America looks sooo different, but great! Looking at these pics, I’m happy she’s finally gotten those braces off. Typically braces come off in 2 or 3 years (I had braces so I know the pain of ugliness -lol-), so this should be accurate for the show. Pretty sure there will be one more season after this…maybe. Unless this is the last season and they just haven’t said anything yet…the ratings have gone down as the show has gone on. Maybe this look will draw the viewers in.

  • Bobo


    No kidding, superficial! You need to get some taste – open your eyes! She is beautiful.

    I have been waiting for them to get rid of her extremely mismatched clothes and bushy eyebrows. I mean, come on, she works at a fashion magazine and her sister is a stylist – how could she not know what she looks like??? Weird. (and yes, I know, that’s why the show is called ugly betty… but geeze people)

  • Scila

    Oooooh, she’s pretty! *-*
    I want to watch the new season!!!!!!!!!

  • Bobo

    @realme2008: I agree with you on this one – she will keep some of her quirkiness – that is what makes the show.

  • katie

    Finally! I mean she’s worked at a fashion magazine for 3 years, you’d think some of it would brush off on her. Though I would have preferred a slower progression, you know, getting rid of the braces first and then next season the glasses, but whatever. She looks fantastic. Now if only ABC hadn’t moved them to Friday….

  • V

    Wow, that’s not subtle at all but she’s gorgeous so who cares

  • V

    Wow, that’s not subtle at all but she’s gorgeous so who cares

  • Kelsey

    @katie: They did that because of the ratings…it made me disappointed too.

  • Realme2008

    Yes, but moving a show to ABC Fridays is like putting a show on the chopping block. ABC makes me mad anyway with them canceling good television show likes Samantha Who constantly. We all know the reason for the ratings decline was completely their fault.

  • liz

    too pretty for the show

  • AUdrey

    OMG @10
    i thought she looked like mandy moore at first too!

    lol she so doess

  • Lucas

    @omg: actually it might not. as I understand it, she was just offered a promotion and a makeover could tie into that. it all depends on how they do the story.

  • Lucas

    @omg: actually it might not. as I understand it, she was just offered a promotion and a makeover could tie into that. it all depends on how they do the story.

  • ugly

    She looks like Mandy Moore!!!!

  • katkat

    Wow she looks really pretty! And yes…she does look kinda like Mandy Moore.

  • vmars111

    Hmmm…. Betty was kind of definable with glasses.

    Now it just looks like America with the still “random clothing.”

  • Ronald McDouchebag

    still butt nasty….she’s Bruce Lee’s sista….Ugh Lee

  • chicastro

    She looks beautiful and I think it”’s time for a little makeover. And for Salma, she had the money before going to gringolandia but it was her talent and not her looks who made her famous.

  • Sadia

    Everyone seems to have forgotten that JJ said these are pictures of America in between filming, so it would make sense for America not to wear the glasses or have her Betty wig when she doesn’t need them. I know Betty’s getting a bit of a makeover this season, which I agree with, but I don’t think it’ll be as drastic as the pictures show, so we should just wait and see what happens, no need to stress.

  • d.r.

    I think she looks like Mandy Moore here. She looks very pretty.

  • bpars

    I think a makeover for Betty is good, to a point, but she needs to keep some of her old looks, maybe the glasses — if you turn her into a beauty (which America is) the show loses it’s appeal. She’s no longer Ugly Betty trying to make it in the fashion industry; she’s Beauty Betty and just another pretty face in fashion.

  • baddglass

    how stupid!!.
    The show is ugly betty!!!!..not cute betty,
    in the spanish series betty does not get makeover til end of the series..
    guess not following that