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Xavier Samuel Brings Eclipse To Vancouver

Xavier Samuel Brings Eclipse To Vancouver

Xavier Samuel catches a flight to Vancouver, Canada via LAX airport in Los Angeles on Monday (August 3).

The 25-year-old Australian actor was recently cast in Eclipse, the third flick in the Twilight franchise. Xavier will play newborn vampire Riley, a good-looking college student who joins the plot of villain Victoria to murder protagonist Bella (Kristen Stewart).

Xavier will fit right in with the Twilight cast — he’s a smoker too!

FYI: The cast has already landed in Vancouver.

10+ pictures inside of Xavier Samuel heading to Vancouver…

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Credit: Beetham/Chiang, Gabo/Scott/GVK; Photos: Bauergriffinonline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • chloe

    what’s such a big deal about these Twilight characters?
    Sucking blood can give you Aids or HepC, etc.
    Wrong message.
    Vampires were sexy back in the Anne Rice days.

  • xtina

    he’s so cuteeeee..)
    he remind me Bon Jovi)

  • Felicity

    he’s absolutely HOT.
    but I think he’s trying too hard to look like Robert.

  • Carla

    but I think he’s trying too hard to look like Robert. (2)

  • LolaSvelt

    People need to stop thinking that Robert Pattinson created a trend. Most guys look like Robert Pattinson, hence why he looks like Pattinson.

    Why do all the hot guys smoke?

  • Georgina

    Hello newbie! You are my new Twi-crush!

  • jp

    Just because he’s blonde doesn’t make him trying to look like Robert. They’re both cute, but this guy’s actually a bit cuter.

  • ********

    I’m looking forward to both of the twighlight series. I think Samuel will be another great cast member:)

  • mailey

    his hair needs some help.

  • Jennie

    Correction: he trying to look like EDWARD, not ROB. Rob is a mess in real life, and obviously, this guy isn’t.
    However, Xavier’s hair is similar to the way Edward has his hair, and that is where the similarities stop.

  • Elina

    He looks like Rob Pattinson. I am not saying that he tries to look like Rob, he just looks like Rob.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    hahahahahahahaha @ “he’s a smoker too”. oh man, that was funny.

  • justsayin

    yeah he ACTUALLY really does look like Rob, and not like he’s trying to imitate the look

  • Jess

    Who cares about Rob or Xavier when there’s Kellan?

  • hmmm

    @chloe: You can’t get aids from drinking blood. Everyone knows it has to be direct blood-to-blood contact… and vampires are still sexy – they’re timeless.

  • kyra182lovesgosling

    I know!!!!!!!!!!!!! The whole cast smokes. It’s really gross. As for him he’s not really hot but cute. I don’t get the big deal about him. He’s like in 5 or 10 pages in the book.

  • jenny

    HAHAH..”he’s a smoker too”

    seriously, whats with the whole cast smoking??

    but anyway, he definitely has the Edward hair going on for him..

  • r-lyne

    Aawww!!! He is cute too. He too has dreamy eyes and beautiful smile. I would like to see what would be Rob’s reaction if Kristen is Xavier’s type too. Aawww !!!

  • ANON 100

    How can one try to look like Rob Pattinson…unless he had plastic surgery to render his looks just accept the fact that this dude is HOT.

    One thing is I’ve learned from this Twilight phenomenon…fans of Robert Pattinson are dumb as door knobs. They all think that Rob is the only good looking man who has graced this planet. No you dumb clucks he is the only good looking man Hollywood and the media is focused on.
    This guy here and loads of others are just as hot if not hotter.

  • More Please

    He’s hot, very glad there is new “material” for Eclipse. I’m kinda on overload with all the Robsten stuff. Who does he play again?

  • derut6

    Good-looking indeed!!
    QUIT SMOKING, XAVIER – it’s so NOT cool.

  • Linda

    What? I thought that was Hunter Parrish lol. I like his style, it’s casual but chic.

  • kelly

    He’s hot. For those who are comparing him with Rob, he is WAY hotter than Rob. Rob isn’t even hot! Just admit that y’all are in love EDWARD… it was never Rob you were in to. Y’all need a reality check. Rob is waaaay nasty in real life. Someone get Rob some shampoo and a razor please!!


    I agree with Linda – he’s v. Hunter Parrish-esque

  • gia


    i agree with linda and daise. he looks like hunter parrish….not a bad thing.

  • Radar



  • Jen

    Well hello Xavier. I love Rob but this guy is hotter. What a smile, and he actually looks like he bathes. I love the new additions to the Twilight cast.

  • on tip toe

    Okay so this is going to be the new look for guys now. I would steal that black leather jacket!! This is kind of cool. I like the blonde golden boy thing (or girl for me) paired with the rough black leather black wrist cuff thing that is going on. Fluffy meets Rebel. I think I’m going to try to pull that! And I am a girl so it might be double hot. But it might also be in and out lightening fast. Wonder how long this trend will last….


    SO CUTE!

  • olivia

    He plays guitar, is good looking, smokes, does the hoodie then leather jacket thing he is a total in with the cast. They will all be friends i hope cause he seems great. Very handsome. And that whole he might like Kristens type please dear lord please dont let him like Kristen than he will too have to bare through her mood swings, her childish behaivor, the i hate people persona, the miserable look and her i dont care/im hard to get game. He is too good for that the way Rob is too good for Kristen.

  • me

    He looks exactly like the lead guy who plays edward. All the girls look alike and all the guys look alike. They seriously need some diversity in this twilight movie.

  • alisonann

    yeah the who cast does smoke, well everyone but Taylor and Ashley.

  • headoverheels


    seriously? anne rice? have your re-read the books recently? weird s&m and erotica images throughout the book— and now she won’t write about vamps… only jesus. i’m not saying the twilight series is superior (and don’t get me wrong, i absolutely love twilight, it’s a guilty please) because honestly, it’s not a great work of literary genius— but neither is an anne rice work. nice try.

  • traz




  • Kelly

    Holy CRAP he looks like Rob so much!

  • vmars111

    That’s weird, with sunglasses on, he really looks like Hunter Parrish.

  • natasha


    hate to break it to you but you can get AIDS from drinking blood if you have a cut in or on your mouth or you have gingivitus. It depends on the virus load of the person as well. Blood to blood contact just means the blood is able to get past your first AND second layer of skin.
    It is not as likely to obtain HIV (Originaly called GRID, HTLV-III, LAV etc) by drinking blood. The HIV virus is not a strong virus and is 99% wiped out if blood dries.

    Hep C is another story all together. Hep A B C are more easily transmitted and can last in dry blood for as long as six weeks. If you drink blood from a person carrying a disease, you CAN introduce your body to those diseases.
    Note that vampires are mythology, and they can drink blood because they are already dead.

  • Katie

    He`s really cute and his smile is sooooooo sweet.

  • sure sure

    I think he is totally hot!!! Rob is gross in person this guy clearly isnt! And he has an awesome Australian accent! Which is better than British in my opinion!!! lol! But hes a total hottie!!!

  • tomm

    I know this dude, I’ve known him for a while and I’m so glad he has become succesful, he totally deserves this success. He’s such a nice bloke and he’s representing Australia too! ^_^
    go xaver :d
    #1 fan

  • brian

    his style is soooo different from RPatz. xavier’s style is very chic fashion while RPatz is more scruffy bad-boy-looking fashion.

  • leen

    Oh my God. He smokes. I thought he isn’t! :(

  • Nina100

    He’s really hot! My celeb crush I don’t give a shit if he smokes I love him to death!!!!

  • Nihad

    He might have had a role in only one movie, But he really played the part amazingly and Thats why theres a big deal about him