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David Cook: JCPenney Popular

David Cook: JCPenney Popular

David Cook promotes the new Skechers shoes at the new JCPenney store at New York City’s Herald Square on Wednesday afternoon (August 5).

Hundreds of fans lined up to meet the 26-year-old American Idol champ at the new 33rd & 6th location (the first store JCP store in Manhattan).

Future celebrity events at JCP include skateboarding champion Ryan Sheckler, celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck and fashion designers Charlotte Ronson and Nicole Miller. To find out more celebratory JCP events, visit

David will be performing this Friday, August 7th on Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series.

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Credit: Roger Wong; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Tellmewhy

    American Idol? hmmmm Well at least he’s hot.

  • keisha

    I was there! He’s a cutie and sooooooooooo nice and friendly. Got a hug too. I’m getting those shoes LOL.

  • really

    He is fug with a major comb-over. Never hear anything about him.

  • the the girl

    how dare you “really”? he’s not fug. i’d like to see a picture of you you wise-arse. and you probably don’t hear anything about him ’cause you’re not in the loop with him…duh? it makes sense…idiot!!

    i like david cook. he’s sweet. and plus he’s a solid, down-to-earth guy.

    i also like michael johns. mavid ftw! <3

  • Jamie

    He is so ugly. Clearly going bald what a horrible combover. His album bombed and he gets no radio air play. Loser.

  • chris


    Yeah, his album bombed…over 1 million sold…lmao..3 top ten hits from his cd…you guys are funny..

  • prc

    wow, that is incredible he had time to do this today since he is on tour playing SOLD OUT shows every day to promote his PLATINUM album and playing his sucessfull singles who got him a RECORD of 3 singles from the same album to be on the HAC top 10 equaling just to Rob Thomas and John Mayer.But hey, this is David Cook and he always has time to meet his fans with the same lovable and cuttedt smile on his face and his calm and warm voice.That is why he is so loved for the thousand of fans who showed up on JC today.WTG David

  • Sammy

    To all you David Cook haters, apparently you are definately out of the loop. The guy has a PLATINUM album, a PLATINUM single and another single that has sold 959,000 so almost PLATINUM. He has also had all 3 singles in the top 10 on HAC. He has been on tour since February and will be until sometime in November, selling out at 93%. You must not listen to radio, because he is on ALL the time. He is also playing venues such as the Nokia Theatre in NY and the Filmore in California. Pretty damn good for a guy whose album has only been out 9 months. By the way it went PLATINUM in 3 months.

    Just for the record, looks are a matter of opinion and I definately think he is hot.

  • Sydney

    His CD is awesome. I think he is sexy, I’m hooked.

  • ladams

    Wow an American Idol pushing JC Penny. Idol Not!!!!

  • tess

    Everyone is entitled to his or her opinion, no matter how uninformed or
    mean-spirited. But FYI– David Cook has a legitimate career– I don’t even try to “get him” on the radio and he pops up all the time (AC stations mostly). His debut album is platinum and he sells out most of his concerts. He will be on GMA Friday for its summer concert series and also on Regis and Kelly immediately following. Busy, busy, busy!!
    “Jamie” and “Really”– you need to get your heads out of your belly buttons and be more aware of what’s going on around you.

  • Sammy

    Well said Tess but I would have told them to get their heads out of their a***s. Ha Ha

  • ivanka


  • Sammy

    To ladams, if you had a major endoresment deal worth as much as David’s was, you would push Skechers anywhere they told you to. He’s not pushing JCP his deal is with Skechers. Idiots like to run their mouths when they don’t know what they are talking about. Too bad for you he actually has a career!

  • the real mandapanda

    lol, go Team David! I definitely agree…David’s album went platinum in under three months, which is quite the accomplishment in today’s economy. Saying that it flopped did nothing but display your apparent idiocy.

  • Scott

    I would jump in to list David’s accomplishments but many of you already have. Let’s add to it though: his album ranks #7 in sales this charting year (out of what, 1000 major and indie label albums), he is ranked #2 Rock Tour on AOL Tour Tracker, and he has 3 top 10 hits on HAC (Not AC, but the popular HAC which include powerhouse stations such as NYC’s WPLJ and LA’s KBIG). That’s 3 hits, two of which are platinum, in just a year. (OK Light On will probably officially go platinum in a month, but it’s just about there). Not to mention his music is used on ESPN and was used during NCAA’s March Madness. His website is one of RCA/SonyBMG’s busiest, and I hear him at airports, on airplanes, in stores, restaurants, and every day on the radio. RCA has already picked up his option for a 2nd album which will be a full band collaboration- a band, btw, that Cook put together and consists of 2 of his pre-Idol bandmates and a bass player he’s worked with for years. That’s because he has 11 years in the music biz and has recorded & released 2 solo albums, and 3 studio albums with his band Axium, and was part of an MWK album. The man has been around.

  • Rightnow

    I don’t really care about his accomplishments. And he does have a comb over. But he is strangely sexy. Interesting.

  • kristie

    david cook is just amazing. :)

  • Sandy

    I love David Cook! I got to see him in concert a short while ago. He gave us an awesome performance and I can’t wait for a chance to see him again! Wish I lived in NY.

  • DC.

    I love him. :)

  • black

    Whoa———–this guy has no fashionsense whatsoever!

  • Scruffy Puffy


  • Scruffy Puffy


  • darlene

    he’s soooo cute. and i love his songs…
    mmmhwah. :D

  • Tiffany

    Yes, he’s cute. And I love his songs too. Love you David!!!

  • Sammy

    Too bad this site lets idiots (Scruffy Puffy) blog. This guy/girl definately needs to get a life.

  • mailey

    what possessed him to wear that shirt?

  • Oscar

    David Cook is a great singer. He is a musician who endorses Skechers. Please stop with the hate comments. People from all age groups enjoy his music. He is incredibly gifted and talented. He has been touring non stop so that must explain the long hair but he is definitely not balding. He’s been working so hard so we shouldn’t crticize him for insignificant things.

  • Kate

    He is so hot!! Such a cutie!! I actually do like those shoes, but not because he is holding them, but honestly they are cute. Amazing singer and sexy!!

  • Meredith

    I believe all the idols get sketchers contracts. I have seen Carrie Underwood on a few ads and to all the David haters you must be jealous or something becasue he one of the most decent and talented people out there right now and he’s not going away so get used to seeing his grogeous face :)

  • Jen

    It is amazing. You can have all the talent in the world; but, some people will judge you by your looks. Well it is music so those shallow people can just close their eyes and listen.
    David is an amazing talent.

  • Meredith

    I just came from his show at Foxwoods and the roar of the crowd was deafening. He gave an amazing performance and still has quite a busy schedule ahead of him which is more than you could say about any of the other winners/contestants from Idol.

    The minute he stepped on the Idol stage I knew he would win becasue he already seemed like a professional and since he has been doing this over ten years I don’t think he is getting by on his looks alone.

  • Amanda

    I really like David Cook. He’s cool! (and cute! :))

  • Ashley

    Adam Lambert is THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    lol at the combover comments. True, it makes me cringe a bit when I see it – can’t understand why his stylists don’t keep his bags shorter. The long bangs/combover just accentuate his thinning hairline. But, to agree with ‘Rightnow’ , yeah, he is strangely sexy and intriguing nonetheless–somewhere between guynextdoor sweet and rocker yummy. And, it’s time to let the loser comments drop. Cook is obviously talented and here to stay.

  • Taylor

    lol at the combover comments. True, I cringe when I see it – I don’t understand why his stylists don’t have him wear his bangs shorter. The long bangs just accentuate his thinning hairline. I have to agree with ‘Rightnow’ though, unfortunate hair or not, he is strangely sexy and intriguing — somewhere between guynextdoor sweet and rocker yummy. And it’s time to drop the loser comments – Cook is obviously talented and here to stay.

  • to scruffy puffy

    To: Scruffy Puffy

    You must be a miserable person to seek out anything on someone you so obviously abhor! What the h*ll did he ever do to you anyway? Did he kill your mother, rape your sister, p*ss in you cheerios? What? Oh, let me guess! He had the AUDACITY to win AI over little David Archie, right? Yeah…and he cast all 56 million votes himself just to p*ss you off! Get a life!!!

    I love David Cook and it’s not about what he looks like or what he’s wearing, it’s about the talent and he has a ton of it!! He’s also a genuine, caring human being. All the haters here can go take a long walk off a short pier into shark-infested waters with open, bleeding wounds!

  • Tania

    He has a very good voice. It’s deep and raspy, but much more refined than rockers like the Nickleback guy, and even Daughtry(who I love). His range is incredible. I agree about the bad hair. C;mon stylist fix it!!!!He is very sexy despite the weird looking bangs.

  • bbs

    Love him, he is amazing and hot.And I love his shirt and hair too.

  • Monica

    I saw David cook in concert a couple weeks ago and he was great. I love his voice and I listen to his CD all the time. I’m looking forward to watching him on Good Morning America tomorrow morning!

  • Natasha

    any else notice that he’s not wearing the brand he’s supposed to be promoting???? i LOL’ed when i saw he’s wearing those signature boots of his…..luv ya dave!!!

  • Sammy

    To Ashley: This article is about DAVID COOK. Why do the AL “fans” stick their noses into everything. I guess you just can’t stand that not everyone thinks your precious Adam is a “rock god” or the next Elvis. I personally can’t stand his screeching. Go to an blog about him if you want to profess your love of him. This is about DAVID COOK!!!!

    To Meridith: Only Carrie and David had Skecher endorsements. None of the other idols have.

  • jenna

    I think this guy is great… musically and in generall… and he prides himself on being a regular guy, but damn…

    This outfit and hair do is a hot mess. He’s way more attractive than this.

    Also I’ve seen him up close and he’s got plenty of hair… he just keeps doing stupid things with it. David, honey, I love you, but get a better stylist!

  • jaded

    bahahahahahaha… if you guys hate him so much.. why do you waste your time putting him down… LOL …. LOL… who are the real losers here?? get a life. check and mate

  • http://Msn Julia

    I love david cook!!!!!!

  • Connie

    The only loser is you, He is just the nicest guy and has a great following and a great concert. Obviously ya havent been to a concert or you’d be hooked on Cook.

  • Railway Reality

    @Scruffy Puffy: Um…apparently someone let their 12 year old on the internet unsupervised. Get a life douchebag

  • suppress your appetite

    @ivanka: ewww