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Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Baby Phat CEO and Style Network star Kimora Lee Simmons and the love of her life, actor Djimon Hounsou, proudly show off their new baby boy Kenzo Lee Hounsou.

“I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora, 34, told OK!.

Kimora and ex-husband Russell Simmons also have two daughters Ming, 9 and Aoki, 7.

Check out the full baby gallery of Kenzo and his proud parents at

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Photos: Melanie Acevedo/OK!
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  • donna

    ‘the love of her life’?
    The current one, yes?

  • blah

    That baby is ugly. My god, im not trying ot be mean, but dammnn

  • anon

    The baby is not ugly, it sounds like someone is racist. Damnn.

  • Lila

    I think the baby Kenzo is really cute. I can’t see anything ugly in him.

  • Yeeeeah…


  • Eva

    it’s a beautiful baby!!!!

  • bella

    wh@anon: agree. . .baby is cute.

  • Leigh

    i think he is cute but not beautiful or gorgeous and anon shes not racist shes expressing her option and you can think it is wrong but there is no need calling someone a “racist”

  • Leigh

    hes not ugly but defiantly not gorgeous hes kinda average looking

  • jj


    #2=troll…wait racist troll

  • nanny

    I’m not racist either, but yeah i agree the baby is not good looking he has his dad genes I can’t believe that man used to be a model

  • stfu

    He has very expressive eyes. Looks just like his dad except maybe for the eyes.

  • jj

    #11=jealous ugly troll

  • ann

    cute baby!

  • jean

    cute baby……..gorgeous…. we need 2 see some of your ugly babies picture…good job kim and Dee …haters!! show ur babe pic

  • jean

    cute baby……..gorgeous…. we need 2 see some of your ugly babies picture…good job kim and Dee …haters!! show ur babe pic

  • Ava

    #11 – You must be blind because Djimon is gorgeous. Go stare at a Matt Damon poster.

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    That baby is REALLY beautiful!!!!!!! how someone can tell about THIS baby ugly????????? he is gorgeous!!!
    Violet is ugly, for exmple.

  • jules

    What an adorable baby!

  • JUlian

    Ugly Kid……

  • babies

    Cute Baby!!!
    Cute couple!
    They look Happy :-)

  • nanny

    # 10 is an idiot who needs to grow up. I was just telling my opinion that baby is not good looking and his father ain’t either.

  • Jamal

    please, Djimon is not cute but he is according to his past girlfriends, ‘a really nice, sweet man’. Kimora the dragon bosses him around and he is smitten with her. Anyway the baby looks alright to me, not anything special though, he looks like a little Benin baby. Congrats Kimora and Hounsou on having a healthy baby. People can express their opinion without being racist so loosen up people.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    ok, i’m here.
    yea, um.. wow! damn!
    ok, i’m here. . wow…. . um.. wow! damn! um.. wow.. LOL.. seriously, at first sight thats a odd looking child, at “first sight”. but he’s not ugly, i actually think he’s going to grow up and be a supermodel or some shiit. look, he looks exotic.

  • carrienae

    I think the baby is adorable and beautiful. Love those cheeks….

  • Stupid people

    How could you f*ckin call a baby ugly huh?
    He is adorable.

    If your calling that baby ugly you most have been ugly as f*ck and you probably still are.haha

  • pop86

    cute baby

  • dundies

    ewwww…..she’s black…


    eewwww your not LOL

  • Jennifer A

    People said the same thing about Emme, JLO’s strange looking daughter. That she was ugly and a different color than her parents. People looked at Emme and said eeeeeeeeeeewwwwww! she’s dark and ugly, but people shouldn’t be so stupid about babies.

  • Robin

    Beautiful baby! He looks like Aoki to me – - just a little darker!

    I love both Kimora & Djimon! I just hope she doesn’t have a baby by EVERY boyfriend she comes across.

    I’m just sayin . . .

  • venzo

    this baby is so ugly kimora lee is pretty he should be a japennes color like kimora not the baby dady

  • venzo


  • dundies

    Well, at least she’s not Puerto Rican like Emme now that would be ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!

  • aj

    By his features, I think he’s going to be quite handsome when he gets older. He’ll be beating the white chicks off of him lol

  • Erica

    He has gorgeous skin and eyes!!!

  • Lalique

    Good looking parents (especially Dad Djimon!), gorgeous baby!

    I don’t think anyone is racist simply because they don’t find this baby (or his parents) good looking. Having said that… Look at those eyes, and those lips!! This baby is adorable!

    I have yet to meet a truly “ugly” baby. At this tender age, they’re all beautiful!!

  • venzo

    Marc Anthony’s twins should be his color but they aren’t their ugly too!! At least this baby is African, but Maxx and Emme are Puerto Rican???

  • kenya

    Ahh, he looks like a little chocolate doll. I don’t think his father is attractive but the baby looks kinda cute. Chubby and all that.

  • Leni

    What a cute baby!! COngrats to the couple.

  • maryann

    What a beautiful baby boy. I love Kimora. I hope she has new shows coming out soon. Come back and visit us in St. Louis Kimora. We love you!!!

  • gab


  • http://jUSTjared CONSTANCE

    that baby is gorgeous!!! <3


    OMG.. he is just beautiful.. look at those full lips.. I am not calling anyone a racist.. but none ethnic people want every baby to be blue eyed, blonde and white.

    True.. this child is beyond beautiful.. his ebony skin, full mouth and expressive eyes.. Yeah maybe not the “average looking baby”…. but damn who wants average when you have the exception..

    he is just beautiful..

  • sas

    The boy looks just like his daddy. They all look cute together.

  • ann

    The baby is not ugly people bake in the hot sun to get a dark tan,
    if you call him ugly because he is dark you are a racist.

  • a zimbo

    @blah and @ leigh horrible vile people making racist comments abt such a beautiful baby..yes even non blue eyed blonde haired babies can be BEAUTIFUL ..disgusting

  • a zimbo

    once someone starts a sentence with “im not racist but…” YOU FCKUNG ARE

  • Raichill

    If he was one of Angelina’s broos everyone would say he is so gorgeous. I think he is cute and he is big for 9 -weeks-old.

  • bee adam fan

    baby will be an exotic stunner when he becomes a man. mark my words.

  • Shiolo

    I guess being darker skinned means ugly since only light skinned kids can be beautiful in America! , how sad for those who are calling this baby ugly..He is gorgeous! and Djimon PURE african GORGEOUS man !