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Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Baby Phat CEO and Style Network star Kimora Lee Simmons and the love of her life, actor Djimon Hounsou, proudly show off their new baby boy Kenzo Lee Hounsou.

“I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora, 34, told OK!.

Kimora and ex-husband Russell Simmons also have two daughters Ming, 9 and Aoki, 7.

Check out the full baby gallery of Kenzo and his proud parents at

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Photos: Melanie Acevedo/OK!
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  • Rodrigues

    He’s a cute chubby little African baby. He looks like the baseball player David Ortiz, fat and chocolate. I bet Madonna and Angelina are salivating over this baby picture. The baby looks like he should look with an African dad.

  • me

    He’s ADORABLE!!!!
    He looks like both of them.

  • laurie

    he’s very cute but i can’t stand kimora.

  • rebecca

    gorgeous child. beautiful eyes!

  • Latoya says…

    Kimora loves her chocolate. First, milky chocolate with uncle Russ, now dark chocolate with the real thing. Congrats to them but I can’t help but feel sorry for Mr. Hounsou who appears to be shy and quiet around Loud-mouth Kimora. Good luck Mr. Hounsou because you will need it! Kimora is something else!

  • cj stjohn

    Not word, he’s a very beautiful baby…beautiful eyes…

  • blah blah blah

    That baby is too cute for words.

  • ayanna

    he is adorable.
    with two good looking parents.
    point blank.

  • Blanket

    i totally agree with u #25 !

  • Jamaica

    A little chocolate drop. I can’t really decide if he’s that cute or not, with some babies you have to wait a little while. My neighbor’s son was an ugly wee thing when he was born but now four years later he has become cute.

  • silentsophi

    OMG that baby is gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jaye

    “I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora, 34, told OK!.

    Read more:
    What is she talking about ; having a baby? she’s done that
    Being in love; she’s done that.
    Being in love and having a baby at the same time; she’s done that.
    She should know each relationship when it’s relatively new is like that. In 2-3 years she or he will be moving on claiming to have found the love of their lives.

  • Chocolate Princess

    I never thought Djimon was handsome but I think Tyson Beckford is gorgeous. Just my opinion though.

  • Sista brown

    When I first saw him too I didn’t think he was so cute but his looks kind of grow on you after a little while. I mean he’s not ugly I work in daycare and I have seen some really unattractive little kids. He has his own look i guess but I think he will be cuter as he develops. Not all of these celebrity kids are cute that’s for sure. Little kenzo reminds me of a little chocolate doll and that’s sweet.

  • Angie

    Too dark & UGLY

  • sharpie

    Baby is way to dark for being so young. He’s going to be pitch black when he gets older.

  • sharpie

    @Stupid people:
    Baby looks like HELL

  • oh please


    why in the hell are you talking about Jolie and her kids.. can there ever be a topic without bring them into it.. Please..

    the baby is cute..

  • http://JDR *****


  • http://twiiter you dont need to know

    @………: you got a problem with black ppl you iz racist im black bit**h. that baby is tthe cutest thing ever congrats girl..

  • lola

    You people are stupid!! This baby is cute, If he was white you would not be saying this… Racist Losers!!!

  • http://jUSTjared CONSTANCE

    He is adorable!! He is too cute :) <3

  • Drey

    This baby has the most beautiful lips ever. Cute cute cute.

  • elle

    sssssssssssssssooooooooooooooo adorable and beautiful little guy and i love the name kenzo

  • DAMN


  • mimi

    Gotta hate racist white people. Arrogant enough to believe that they are actually the only beauty ideal. I can think of any number white celebrity tow-headed babies that look chalk. This baby is a beautiful African baby. Lovely rich nutbrown skin with a barely hint of Asian eyes. Thanks to his mom, he will enjoy something his father doesn’t, a head full of thick coarse hair. He’s adorable!

  • black beauty

    super cute beautiful baby.
    the nerve of some people commenting about the baby being not cute. i wonder how your kids look?

  • http://facebook Alyberry

    The baby is absolutely beautiful!!!

  • shiny

    he is beyond cute, he is a doll, I want one! I have no idea what some people expected for this baby to look like…it’s one thing to assume that two lighterskinned people are going to have a lightskinned baby, and another thing for an african man and a blasian to have a baby and peopel assume the child will look like some barley black baby!
    he is beautiful regardless of race, and the fact that some of yall can not comment without having to makestatments about the color of his skin is sad.

  • me!

    This is going to sound racist, but isn’t meant to be:-)
    I think that Black and Asian babies are so beautiful.
    This little guy looks like a little doll:-)

  • sharpie

    @me!: Mixed Asian people are NOT beautiful

  • simplylovely

    that’s fabulosity!!!

  • simplylovely

    that’s fabulosity!!!

  • a realist

    OMG, what a beautiful baby.

  • Cantal

    Light black people are better looking.

    Even little black girls like white dolls.

  • Keith

    @DAMN: You’re right! That baby is not attractive.

    He’s going to be a truck when he gets to be a teenager.

  • Dance Teacher

    Let’s see how much she can squeeze out of this poor guy!

  • Shiolo


  • kay

    the baby looks like any regular baby.. but he is CUTE! I just did not excpect him to look so “plain” I don’t know what I was expecting with the combination of ethnicities with his parents but Im sure he will grow up to be a GORGEOUS MAN! :)

  • blah

    I am not racist. I am stating my opinion. The baby is not cute in my opinion. Maybe he will grow into a better looking child. Who knows. Just becasue I dont share the opinion of everyone, doesnt mean you have the right to call me racist. I said nothing about his color.

  • Charlie

    Very dark and ugly, just like Jon & Kate Plus Eight’s kids.

  • awwwww

    He looks like a little DOLL!! Love those chubby cheeks and full lips! He’s quite adorable. He will only get better looking with models for parents.

  • Frenchy

    What a cutie. He’s gonna grow up to look like model Tyson Beckford (look him up on google if you don’t know who he is and don’t watch his reality show). Beckford has African and Chinese ancestry.

  • sugarbaby

    some of you folks…….we know who you are- so stop with the racist card.

    This baby looks all African. Does not look exotic at all.

    Maybe that will change later…

    so what?

  • Whattagal

    who could stand to be around KImora? she’s a classic insecure but stuck up neurotic OCD crazy nutcase. As for the baby, all babies are precious. (this one is a bit unique, but none the less adorable and squishy)
    By the way, why do folks always have to bring up the race card. Het over it already.
    One race, period. Love.

  • cutie pie

    Not cute at all.




  • Lisa

    He’s definitely a cutie pie. There are more pics on the magazines site. So happy for them.

  • http://joe_joe Joe

    They seem to be really in love…Congrats with the little fellow. He’s a handsome little dude, you people need to stop with the immature comments. God only knows what your kids look like.

  • aha


    Oh snap!!! Yeah he looks like he could be Tyson’s kid. Tyson has those asian eyes and full lips and dark skin.

    Since Kimora was a model I think this kid will take after her because of all her connections. Tyson is fionnneeeee I wonder what his kids look like?

  • Ilia

    Who the HELL are these people? The baby is cute though…