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Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Baby Phat CEO and Style Network star Kimora Lee Simmons and the love of her life, actor Djimon Hounsou, proudly show off their new baby boy Kenzo Lee Hounsou.

“I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora, 34, told OK!.

Kimora and ex-husband Russell Simmons also have two daughters Ming, 9 and Aoki, 7.

Check out the full baby gallery of Kenzo and his proud parents at

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Photos: Melanie Acevedo/OK!
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  • Balls

    Baby is dark as mud.

  • Goody

    I don’t think the baby is cute either. Maybe he’ll grow out of it.

  • Balls

    Baby is dark as mud.

  • e

    That is the cutest baby boy I have ever seen. he is magnificent!!!! very regal and chunky. he makes me smile. I hope they have more.

  • White Mother

    Hey I’m a white mother of two very beautiful babies. Yes I know everyone says there babies are beautiful, but I had the hospital staff at both hospitals taking pictures of my children when they were born. However I consider myself and my husband just average good looking people. You never know what some parents can produce. And this is a beautiful baby who will grow up to be a beautiful child. Most important I wish him good health. I mentioned my race only because I knew it would draw readers and I wish to make the point that these racist comments are beyond ignorant. I thought with Obama in office all these racial tensions were supposed to disappear. They seem to have only worsened. Get over it people.

  • lol


    Djimon, a former model himself, is an academy award nominated actor most famouly seen in Gladiator, Blood Diamonds an nominated for awards for his role in the film In America.

    She is well………..

  • carol

    @White Mother: Nothing more boring than a mother bragging about how cute their kids are.

    I think I’ve heard this story a million times before. The nursing staff said they were the cutest babies ever…yeah…yeah…yeah


  • capdemo

    OMG! What a beastly looking child.

  • excuse you


    So is Tyson Beckford and he’s made millions. So is Djimon and he’s made millions. So whats yur point? Djimon is pure West African and Kimora ia half African American. What i n Sam hill did you expect? A red headed kid with freckles? Kimora’ children are black as she is. Sorry if that’s news to you. Grow the F up.

  • Balls

    @excuse you:

    Dark as mud and ugly as a mud picket fence.

  • Annie

    The baby is just gorgeous! Best wishes to the whole family.

  • fra09

    That is the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. What a honey, how lucky are they!.

  • bee adam fan

    Kimora herself is half African-American – her dad – and her mother is Asian. Now baby has exotic and hot African dad – this only means baby will grow up to be a hot “The Rock” looking stud. Ok. should not talk about a baby like that but he will be gorgeous. Watch.

  • Mas

    Great, another mudshark….looks like Kimora’s trying to outdo Kim Kardashian to see which non-Black chick can f**k the most Negroes.

  • loveforlife

    The baby is beautiful,but oddly enough it looks like NEITHER of them! And I’m black so don’t pull that racist shit with me!

  • Storkclub

    babies are cute.he is a precious healthy ,weathly baby.
    may he grow up to know he is blessed and be respectful of that life,all of that money.

  • georgeo

    Lovely family~

  • Lalique

    @Mas: “Great, another mudshark….looks like Kimora’s trying to outdo Kim Kardashian to see which non-Black chick can f**k the most Negroes.”

    The Ku Klux Klan called – you’re late on paying your monthly dues again.

  • Lalique

    @sharpie: “Mixed Asian people are NOT beautiful”

    Wow, you’ve met every single mixed Asian person on the planet? Congratulations. You win the Moronic Generalization Award for this week.

  • Celebritywatcher

    Kimora has found a winner while her ex-husband flounders.


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  • lennie

    Very coulourful, warm and good looking family. The baby is just wonderful. Some racist trolls on here as well.

  • Beautiful baby

    Congratulations! Great looking baby, parents and family. Wishing them all well.

  • ciel

    the baby is cute. but his sisters are cuter

  • marla

    @White Mother:

    Your right about that but the internet is a great media that attracts both intelligent and moronic idiots to the extreme and they’re still learning to use the internet. But I would’nt be bothered by their. post since I know this sort of people might had not been appreciated by anyone in their life.. They are hateful nobody loves them so they’re taking it on a pure innocent and obviously beautiful adoring child.

  • kelly

    Beautiful baby!

    Even more beautiful mom!

    Kimora is GORGEOUS!!!

  • kelly

    Beautiful baby!

    Even more beautiful mom!

    Kimora is GORGEOUS!!!

  • antea

    To all of these posters who say that “the baby is ugly etc.”: It is sad to read comments of obviously shallow, ignorant and frustrated individuals who think that good looks is the most important thing in life. People do not choose how they will look. Just look at that Megan Fox: brainless girl who walks around and thinks she is a queen but IQ is 0. Is she valuable for the society just because she is beautiful? Get a book and gain some knowledge before all of you get lost in your own misery. By the way, you can wrap a piece of shit in the most beautiful shiny paper and try to sell it as a candy. But…when you remove the paper, what you get inside – SHIT! It is the same with people, and obviously so many here…..

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    That baby is really GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!
    but people here are soooooooooooooo stupid and childish, just becouse he doesnt look like Shiloh pitt they think that he is ugly.
    he is MUCH more beautiful then Shiloh or her twins siblings!!!!!

  • liverwurst

    Djimon is 100% hot. He has this sultry sexy animal quality about him. African men (not to be confused with African American men) are so sexy, they know what a woman needs.

    p.s. That baby is going to be a beautiful man too.

  • Auwbeeah

    Djimon is a handsome man and his baby is cute just the way all babies are cute.

  • noodle

    yeah! That baby has beautiful lips.
    He kinda looks grown up already.
    Lol, yeah good luck being around Kimora

  • u said it

    @sharpie: LOL…..true

  • lol

    @kelly: Is that you Kimora?

  • JustaGirl

    Aww I’m happy for her Congrats!

  • jenny

    The baby is beautiful!, look at those eyes and lips and gorgeous skin and hair. Que bebe tan lindo!!!!!!!!!! Congrats to the lucky parents!

  • marina

    he is so manly and handsome, not “pretty”, their baby is so cute (and big!!!). Felicidades.

  • AmberHot

    Kimora is half chocolate herself if you folks didn’t know that.

  • snoops


    What an ugly baby.

  • maleman

    Baby has FAT LIPS

  • vool

    can u imagine Kimora’s asian mom taking her grandson out and being like ‘yah he’s my grandson’ no one would believe her

  • Oh Please!

    he looks like daddy.

  • Jeannified

    Wow…look at those lips! So cute! She looks like a real, live baby doll! Adorable!


    @nanny: I agree. It’s not racist. And I am black.

  • Hun

    I’m sorry but this baby is TOOOOOO CUTE … love him! SO So adorable. Kimora scares me (too bossy) but Djimon is lovely. He seems to be such a caring man. Love him too!

  • Excuse me?

    Absolutely ADORABLE baby!! You trailer park denizens should try to learn that there is more than one standard of beauty (but then, LEARNING isn’t exactly your forte). Just because the baby has dark skin and full lips does not mean it is “ugly.” He has orgeous eyes, sweet cheeks and luminescent skin. (If you racist neanderthals left the trailer once in a while, you might actually be able to LEARN words such as “luminescent.”)

  • stoooopid


    how can u consider someone racist, just b/c he/she says they are ugly? stupid…

  • not me

    This is a very cute baby!! No wonder, with his dad being that hot. Mom is not that pretty.

  • Ha

    I just have to say, everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you don’t think the baby is cute because of what he looks thats fine. When you judge a baby solely based on skin color then yes you are a racist or prejudice person.

    When you are saying things like “he’s too dark” “his lips are big” you sound like a racist; why? because those qualities are dominant in describing a person of African descent. Now if you would have said “the baby is unfortunate looking” or “the baby is not cute” that would be more understanding. You can’t possible scream “I’m not racist” when you said the baby is ugly and too dark.

    I think the baby is beautiful. See, you put a darker skin person in a room full of White skin, the dark skin will stand out and dominate. Those full lips are what most of you yearn for. This is envy at it’s finest. The more exotic and darker you are, you will stand out.

    I’ve seen a lot of comments even when there are posts of Halle Berry and Gabriel. White women can’t take it. You just can’t understand how someone like Gabriel could have landed such an exotic beautiful Black woman and love her and comfort her and make a family with her.

    We are in another era, time to move on and look past the skin color. That baby is gorgeous. Put him next to Shiloh or Jennifer Garners child and he will make them look very ordinary (like the majority of them are.) Say what you want.


    Such a cute baby, I had no idea she was about to have another.

  • Russ

    The baby is beautiful, jeez look at him! Her daughters are pretty, Kimora can’t have anything but a beauty. Can’t wait for her new season, Love it.