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Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Kenzo Hounsou's First Baby Pics!

Baby Phat CEO and Style Network star Kimora Lee Simmons and the love of her life, actor Djimon Hounsou, proudly show off their new baby boy Kenzo Lee Hounsou.

“I just never thought it could be this good,” Kimora, 34, told OK!.

Kimora and ex-husband Russell Simmons also have two daughters Ming, 9 and Aoki, 7.

Check out the full baby gallery of Kenzo and his proud parents at

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kenzo hounsou kimora lee simmons 02

Photos: Melanie Acevedo/OK!
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  • andrak

    That baby is a gorgeous baby! 99.9% of babies are gorgeous. It is so sad to discover how obnoxious and gauche some “human beings” are when placed in front of a computer. Also, what and whose standards are being used to describe this little one? Shame on you! It shows that some us were not properly trained. And . . . that is ugly! “Ugly” is getting on this website to insult people based on warped beliefs and perceptions. If one cannot say something positive about an innocent child, one should keep one’s opinion to oneself!

    Heaven help us all!

  • KVB

    They must be in heaven as a family…I can only imagine how devoted the her daughters will be to this beautiful baby who has the most gorgeous skin tone. May they be successful at keeping an intact family together!! “Uncle Russell” must be delighted, too!!! He couldn’t find a more wonderful and stable man to assist them in the rearing of their daughers.

  • Mr J

    That is a ugly baby,I bet the mommy tought it would take her gene pool. Not this Time. I Bet the Girls do not like being around it. They
    will use it as there pet. Lol

  • Wicked Diva

    Ahhhhhhhhh….FREEDOM OF SPEACH!!…..Cute..Ugly…Haters….Light…Dark…Racist…Non-Racist…Black…Asian…White..ALL ARE JUST WORDS..


  • jesse

    That baby is adorable!!! He got the good genes from both!

  • Besemiculo

    The baby looks like a little Sambo and you people know it, so stop playing, lol.

    Look at those very pink lips and that dark skin, all compliments of his baby daddy.

    Well at least he’ll have nice hair from his mom. He’ll need something to counter his daddies genes.

  • LuckyL

    ^I wonder if that’s a black American self-loather right there?

  • LuckyL

    Yep, I agree with Infamous, as we know White American can never stop having enough White babies–even if they’re Ugly, but then again, they’re ALL automatically good-looking, right?

  • LuckyL

    They really fixed Kimora’s neck in this one.

  • Looloo

    I am totally amazed to read thoe comments. I think thi baby is incredibly good looking…

  • super shocked

    Ewww he’s black WTF is that? What do you exoect to get when ttou muux races it might be liggt or dark dumb asses is that? What do you exp

  • Catherine

    That baby has the ugliest lips I’ve ever seen on a baby.

  • mrs right

    I can’t help it, I think white babies are MUCH cuter than black babies. White babies look like they smell really good. Just my opinion.

  • brina

    he’s not ugly. omg how can people judge babies and lil kids like that.

  • Cherie!

    FISH LIPS! cute kid though!(:

  • L.

    Djimon was and still is a gorgeous man. Hope the little guy resembles him more and more as he matures. Mixed-ethnic kids like these usually turn out to be unique and special – very exotic looking and in a good way.

  • Missy

    does being black means ugly? The baby is cute….period, and FYI he is black so suck it in!

  • lalalove

    Congrats to the happy couple!

  • lalalove

    Congrats to the happy couple. DJimon is a very beautiful human being. There’s nothing ugly about him or his baby! I can’t stand the ignorance on here anymore!

  • lalalove

    @mrs right:

    Ignorance is nothing short of bliss, aint it?
    WTF??! Just wtf??

  • Im soooo hurt

    i’m soooo hurt

    Now, i want people to read this because im hurt by what people are saying about the baby, mainly the negative comments. I really feel that because the baby isn’t light skinned that some people think that he isn’t a beautiful baby, and that’s not true. God has produced a beautiful child, and you know what i’m tire of people being judgemental with the color of one’s skin. I’m not a racist, but i seen white american babies these celebrities are producing and their skin tone looks very very white almost pale, nobody makes comments. When a baby is darkskin you got all these not so wonderful things to say. It almost seen to me that these days everyone wants to be dark skin white people, Spanish people, even Asian people because they always looking to get a tan, but any how i’m dark skin and i was a beatutiful baby girl. My mom would tell me that many white people told her that i was a beautiful baby, they would even played with me on the train. I seen my baby pictures and i was dark and beautiful believe me because different types of people told my mother all the time. I have a son he isn’t darkskin, but even if he was i would love him just as much. All of God’s Creation is beautiful, even if you dont think so cause he does. Secondly, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

  • karlisa

    hes alright but not cute like her other 2 ming and aioki they’re gorgeous

  • ann

    hey im sorry that people cant be civil its wrong to call that baby ugly to me he is beautiful and is a great joy to kimora an djimon and im sure that his sisters love just as much one thing im not so sure about though is his name where did it come from i mean what does it mean?


    First, congrats to Dijmon and Kimora, You can tell when people do not have a life because they are always speaking negatively about someone else’s but, the fact of the matter is, is that they need to first take a good look in the mirror. because all of GOD’S children are beautiful so, to all the haters, and i would hate to think that none of us have flaws. And on a comment about the baby is usually something that i would not do but, i am going to . He is a Beautiful GORGEOUS Black Baby some of you’ll must need your eyes examined. Kimora you have a beautiful family and God has truly blessed you, your’e a very fortunate person, and may God bless you all, even your’e haters lets keep praying for them though!!!

  • Beautiful

    My goodness his just a little baby please can u guys stop dis condemnationsssssssssssssssssssss!!!!

  • hassie

    i think the baby very very cute and stil they look like a very happy Adam & Eve couple to me. way you go Kimora, Namibian viewers supports you all the way. mwahhh

  • the best

    All of the haters should go straight to HELL. That is the MOST GORGEOUS BABY EVER. He is absolutely beautiful in everyway and so are his parents. If you have nothing nice to say then keep your traps shut. Just wondering….what do your children look like? I can only imagine….

  • http://babypics ambar

    hi my name ist ambar………………………….. cuty baby…………………………………………………

  • nik

    all yal crazy who thinks this baby is not hansome

  • twiss

    ha! [ii] thiNk that kiMoRa is tooooo pRetty to be sleepiN with these old ***uNattRactive*** geezeRs…..***No offeNse*** oR hoMo…ppl Really should be cautious who the sleep with so that the childReN woNt gRow up gettiN talked about {^_^}

  • baby pictures


    Hmmmm, me thinks you feel a certain way about kimora, no? LOL babies

  • t.o.

    What a beautiful diverse family. To all the haters: Eat a dick!!!

  • Cindy

    Their baby is GORGEOUS very exotic looking mix and he will grow into a FINE looking man! How could he not, his parents are both gorgeous themselves.

  • extraordinary

    The baby is beautiful and anyone that can call a tiny precious innocent baby ugly has issues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Devalyn

    Who in their right mind would call a baby ugly? The baby doesn’t have to be cute to everybody but to call a baby ugly is ridiculous. I think the baby is very cute. And, if you are being honest, babies just look like babies when they are born. They seldom look like anyone.

  • Gene


  • suppress your appetite


  • http://myspace denesha

    AWWWWW. the baby is really cute. I see you have many haters hating on ur son and ur new boyfriend. (LOL) dey dnt have nothing better 2 do but talk shit. WEll anywaz congrats on the new baby. he is really cute!

  • Di


    Is ignorant your name? Because u r so damn stupid. I can imagine how u look. He is a beautiful precious angel. Have some moral and decency. Don’t let everyone here know how dum u r. Saying this baby is ugly, which is not true makes you an ASSHOLE in my book. I can only hope that if you have any kids, whatever they looks like, they are beautiful in your eyesight, because in Kimora and the baby’s daddy’s eyes he is a beautiful angel. I am sure everyone who has seen these pictures will say he is a beautiful little fellow. Get a life assshole.

  • marissa

    wow.most of you people sound so ignorant.the baby is very cute.he would still be cute dark,white,light or otherwise. complexion means nothing. im a los angeles model with TOP MODEL AGENCY and i am a dark belizean . it is sad to be going into 2010 and people black,white, and other still have these views. i feel sorry for your parents

  • my own thoughts

    beautiful baby; >>>>>lots of haters theres nothing ugly about that baby

  • MT


    While I have no other choice but to respect your right to have an opinion, I find it very sad indeed. I don’t know if you are non-African-American or not, but your commentary feeds into the whole light skin dark skin issues that has haunted the A/A community since slavery. European characteristics are imposed on A/A as the standard of beauty and that is wrong. Yes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I would caution you and others to check yourselves. Those of us who are more well rounded about the diversity of people know that in all races you can find great beauty. Now, if you are an A/A…shame on you!!!

  • marissa

    whats up i am 12 and want to meet you please my number is 8043866705 thank you very much and one more thing your baby is very cute in wish i can trade her in for your baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BG

    Why are people complaining about the baby’s color? Of course that’s racist! Geez. Saying he shouldnt have his dad’s color? Are you serious? He’s a beautiful black baby. All your light color racists should get lost.

  • hebrew

    As long as the baby is healthy, looks does not matter, Im sure the people that are sending all these crazy nonsense ass messages got some not so good looking children to other people as long as they are beautiful to you and to themselves. Kimora might be bossy but guess what you don’t have to live with her. Kimora is looking for Fabulosity and not Scrubs and dead beats living in the projects and close house neighborhoods.

  • zakkiyya


  • karen

    I just hope that baby grows up to look more like the husband…don’t want to see Kimora’s sausage neck on that poor kid. Kimora’s the ugly one of this trio.

  • Baby is UGLY

    That baby IS ugly. He looks like his sister aoki but she’s actually cute unlike him :-/

  • Ladybird

    You people are ignorant.
    Lots of babies are ugly and one is not a monster (or a troll) to say so, just honest. So, you people who swallow the lump in your throat while trying to look convincing while you tell your co-worker that her baby is gorgeous are just liars, and what makes you any better that the “troll” that would call the baby ugly. I’d rather be honest, thanks. Neither this baby nor his father can be classified as cute, and saying so simply expresses MY opinion of these specific individuals not their races. Ming and Aoki are gorgeous, absolutely stunning children, but this baby is well… not. It also doesn’t speak to a light skin preference as my husband is a gorgeous mocha. That man just isn’t good looking, period. Furthermore, you Kimora fans must be just as hateful and gold-diggin’ as she is to be able to like her.

  • kenzo baby

    He looks like her mommy – really beautiful!