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Leighton Meester: Sex Tape Denial

Leighton Meester: Sex Tape Denial

Leighton Meester graces the “big fashion issue” cover for Harper’s Bazaar‘s September 2009 issue, on stands August 18th.

In an ode to the mag’s most popular editorial franchise “Fabulous at Every Age,” the Gossip Girl star ages gracefully through the decades with the help of some digital enhancements. Check it out below — Leighton in her 20′s and one in her 50′s! Here are some interview highlights:

On the alleged sex tape: “[The tape] is not real, so it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did… I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.”

On the pitfalls of fame: “I don’t want most of what comes along with all of this. I’m doing everything I can to keep things separate. I feel like my friends are in a cult because we’re like, No outsiders! I’ve never been crazy. I’m a very good girl, to be honest. I don’t do anything to hurt anybody. Honestly, all I ever do is work.”

On aging and Botox: “Any fear of aging, I think, is simply vanity because what comes with age is so many wonderful things: wisdom, understanding. Every year, I’m always happy to be done with the previous age. If people want [to get Botox], do it.”

Co-star Ed Westwick on meeting Leighton for the first time: “The first thing I thought when I met Leighton was, F—ing hell, this girl’s gorgeous. And she was incredibly sweet. Now we tell each other to f— off whenever we want to.”

FYI: Leighton is wearing Derek Lam dress on the cover and below, she’s toting the long-side chain printed jaguar bag by Derek Lam.

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leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 01
leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 02
leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 03
leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 03
leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 03
leighton meester harpers bazaar september 2009 03

Photos: Terry Richardson
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  • Wendy

    PAINFULLY bad cover, and that spread?Are they kidding me?HB is so getting bad, what an ugly cover!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • marissa

    my girlcrush

  • ashley

    She’s so hot and pretty!

  • alena

    does someone at the magazine not like her or something? she looks terrible in the modified tuxedo!

  • benito delicias


  • tands

    @alena: They aged her. Didn’t you read the post??? She’s suppose to look 50 years old!

  • LeighED

    love how Ed comments on their first meeting.. lovely.
    still hoping they’re dating each other someday.. *cross fingers.

  • andee

    wow harper’s bazaar! this is definitely her year to shine!

  • Laura

    Ed’s comments about Leighton are lovely :D

  • Kate

    She is such a f*ckin liar!!!
    Honestly, when her sex tape came out, I sympathized with her. But the fact that she’s sitting there and saying that its not real is really messed up and wrong. She should just admit and be done with it and move on. But don’t lie about not having a sex tape……especially when everyone knows that its REAL…….and believe me, its the real deal.

  • Sally

    Beautiful and classy cover.

  • anna

    Ed&Leighton are lovely together as friends and comments which Ed said about Leight are really sweet! ; )))

    I like only pics when she’s in her own age. Cover’s so so…

  • anna

    @Kate: Calm down, girl.

  • Dakota

    brave for a celeb to do a different photoshooting. I think she’s sweet, whether that tape is real or not.

  • liz


    you do know that there can just be pictures, right? in the full interview, she admitted to the pictures. relaxxxx. it’s not like she’s dissing sex tapes or people who make them.

  • liz

    the full quote:

    “[The tape] is not real,” she says bluntly, “so it makes me sort of sad. It’s unfortunate that it got carried as far as it did.” She pauses. “I definitely understand the nature of people better now and that the mere allegation of something like that could be headline news. People think it’s real because somebody says it is.” She takes a sip of her Coke. “By the way, [as for] me being 18 in those pictures, I don’t believe I was.

  • oxford uni student uk

    ah shes so pretty. i would love to meet her one day! she seems like a genuine person and what shes saying is right. lol at the tuxedo picture !!


    I think her sex-tape is real

  • kar

    Love what Ed said.

  • Tess

    Don’t jump on Kate for telling it like it is. I too, agree with everything she said. Leighton made a sex tape and she should own up to it instead of lying about it. Yes, she took some very inappropriate pictures, but she also made a sex tape even though she’s lying about it. And I’m not purposely trying to bash Leighton but that part about her being a “good girl” is pretty funny. Especially when its a fact that she’s done weed and marijuana and still does it from time to time. Some people who work on set have even seen her do it, even though she’s tried to hide it, but unlucky for her, no one is that stupid.

  • Cammie

    I think the tape is real also, I hope she gets exposed and Iam tired of these for the moment IT girls on the cover, why don’t they put more black actresses on the cover

  • E

    love love what Ed said about her. :)
    she is effin gorgeous!

  • Jennifer

    Here goes the race card, really, cut the shit. They put f’n black people on the cover all the time!!

    & if Leighton denies it, then believe her because the tape looked sketchy anyways

  • nat

    I have my doubts regarding the tape, I don’t think is real, we’ll have to see.

  • Cindy

    I think the tape is real, however, I don’t know about her lying about it. Maybe her PR team told her against it. We still haven’t seen the tape. We scene pictures yet no tape. Maybe she did poses of the most sexual kind. There must be a reason for her to deny that the tape is not real. Maybe they got a hold on the tape before it hit stands. As for her saying shes a good girl, I don’t know what her definition of good is. If there was a tape, she should have just admitted to it, but I can understand that she doesn’t want the fame that comes from being acknowledged as someone who has a sex tape.

  • Lvnyo

    sex tape later…
    I just want to agree that the cover…….
    EW !!

  • bella

    @Cindy: I agree. Also that is a terrible cover. It like someone did it for a elementary school project and did a cut and paste. WTH

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Her PR team invented the “tape” rumors BEFORE she released her stupid song, so that people will care.
    That was her PR line: “good girl gone BAD”.
    Lame and cheap.

  • Cindy

    yeah the color is not her best, but remember she is aged 50 years. Well at least she admitted to the racy pictures. As for the tape wait and see. I still cannot believe that the tape is not yet posted yet. The pictures help promote the tape. After reading the whole interview. We are given the idea that she did indeed admit to her being in the pictures, as for now, why would her PR team tell her to lie about the tape if it was real, don’t they know that could hurt her image. That is why I am confused about the whole tape thing. Its been months since they said that the tape was being shopped around and yet still no tape.

  • leka


  • ivanka

    thank god its not real! and i love ed and her being best friends:)

  • Cindy

    Well Yes!, why would her PR team do that. She was popular enough as it is. When I told my sisters about this they was like smart move. Look they said if they were in her shoes why would they agree to the tape if the tape is still not yet posted. And in a way I kind of agree with them, wouldn’t it be stupid to admit to a tape that hasn’t been publicly shown yet. If she admitted to having a sex tape then that would give other crazy people incentive to go looking for that tape. Why published your dirty laundry for all to know. Another theory is that maybe their is a tape, yet they got to the person selling the tape first and lied that their wasn’t a tape when asked. Like the saying goes “Innocent, until proven guilty.” I’m not going to Knock her, because if in her position I would do the same.

  • yara818

    She’s just so adorable!!!!! Plus a seriously gd actress at least better than the others!!! <3

  • satoo

    love you leighton meester !!

  • Cammie

    #23 Here goes a ignorant person, it’s not RACE CARD dummy,it’s called reality, name the last black actress, asian actress, or latina actress..compared to the same Number of white actress on the cover

    When people talk about obvious racism, it’s called race card …Even if you Call it race card ,it ‘s still a fact.

    Putting Halle Berry on the cover once every 2 yrs is not enough
    Stop playing the Ignorance Card

  • parkerjane

    Yikes. Those pics are very unflattering.

  • liz


    I didn’t know it made you a “bad girl” if you loosen up and have some fun in awhile. The world is not black and white, either/or, you know.

    My friends in high school who got straight A’s and attend Ivy Leagues party just as hard as they study. I don’t consider them wild or crazy.

  • liz


    Um, the song was released in May. The tape thing happened at the end of June.

  • Jen

    I don’t know what the big deal about this girl is. She is not as pretty as people play her out to be.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    yes, she has a sex tape. i’ve seen it, and it’s really bad. she’s more boring than kim kardashian. seriously, it was the worst sex tape i’ve ever seen. meester has the body of a 9 year old boy – girls without boobage & ass should be shot. LMFBAO..

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @marissa: i pray you have hihger standards when it comes to men.

  • liz

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l:

    lol if you’ve really seen it, lack of boobs and ass is definitely not leighton’s problem.

    if you’re going to hate, at least do your research.

  • mdr

    Hey retard, you are insisting that something that you have never seen is real. Do you have any idea how stupid that makes you sound? There were a handful of “risque” pics. If there was a video, we would have seen it by now.

  • mdr

    OMG!!! A person in their 20′s smokes and drinks!!!! What is the world coming to?????

    btw, even if there is a sex tape, it is NO ONE’s BUSINESS!!!! She doesn’t owe any of you idiots an explanation. She is girl on tv that none of you will ever know in any way. Get lives of your own and then you will have your own sh!t to worry about.

  • mdr

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l:
    No you haven’t.

  • satoo

    love you leighton meester you are beautiful as usuall and the cover is great because your picure on it !! love you and please people stop talking about she is lying maye she is not !!! and whatever she is now movin and stop talking abous sex tape !!! and please vot for her in tca 2009 in best actress she did very hard work this year please appreciate that !!!!

    why on earth my posts said “Your comment is awaiting moderation. “

  • satoo

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: yeah yeah I think you are the only one who have seen the tape !!! cause in reality theres is no tape you just got caught about some haters of her and you know in these days many people are profesional on video and photoshop and manipulate a lot of things and may be the pics of tape sex just manipulative !!!!!! and also can manipulate with a lot of video’s things!! really see leighton is moving now and she deserves to be treated right but I do believe a lot of haters in any successful person !! I hope leighton just go ahead and ignore any of bad talking ..

  • LAiNEY

    @Cindy: She is aged in the spread, not the cover.
    That is what she looks like, idiots. 20-something.

  • Cindy

    Well its an unflattering picture of her. I’ve scene better pics of her. Its probably the lighting and color choice for the photo.

  • baddglass

    Who has the tape!!!