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Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr hosts an in-store fashion workshop highlighting new trends and pieces from the David Jones Collection on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (August 5).

The 26-year-old Australian beauty has been trying out a lighter hair color recently and her mom doesn’t like it! Miranda‘s mom, Therese Kerr, “I prefer her as a brunette. Her eyes shine more when her hair is darker.”

DO YOU THINK Miranda is hotter as a brunette – YAY or NAY?

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr jonsing for David Jones…

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Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: Getty Images
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  • anja

    @LolaSvelt (from previous thread)

    David Jones is a department store/chain NOT a designer.
    You sound a tad jealous of Miranda.
    Try and remember that not everyone was born to be a supermodel.
    Everyone is different….that’s what makes the world go around.
    Chill sweetheart..

  • Jodie

    i was totally there today!!! it was really that packed but i scored seats in the front row!! she is so pretty and nice

  • Halli

    oompa loopa

  • Boo

    Nay to the blonde – she looked so much better as a brunette.

  • Mythical Creature

    I love her with this hair color!! She should stick with it.

  • Luísa

    I agree, she’s way better as a brunette!

  • deraj tsuj

    time for this cow to retire, 26 is too old for a model

  • Nancy

    She can pull off both hair colors; the girl’s just gorgeous. I heard her voice for the first time the other day in an interview, and her accent is adorable.

    She seems genuinely sweet and level-headed, so I’m not sure how people can be such anonymous douches to her over the internet. It’s normal to say you dislike someone, but some people are ridiculous with their insults.

  • lala

    wow, she looks really pretty. I never post on her threads but I was taken by these photos, very beautiful. But I’m wondering, why all the posts about her?? when did she become important??

  • lala

    well not so much important because that is not a very nice thing to say, but “blog worthy”

  • DT

    Those colors look gorgeous with her hair and skin tone.

  • mitsy

    for me, she is ugly like shit!

  • Rose

    She’s pretty big in Australia, i swear she’s on practically every ad haha, and yeah, she’s gorgeous, blonde or brunette

  • betty

    umm, no matter what colour her hair is, she’s ugly either way. Ugly as a blonde, even more ugly as a brunette. Her body is her best feature though, i’ll give her that

  • meh

    Orange much?

  • Truth

    This girl is NOT pretty. Her face is really, really weird looking. Ugh.

  • johnpeter

    this girls is pretty

  • funny ads

    Definitely as a brunette!

  • Priti

    Both, I would say. This one is perfect with her outfit and complexion. But I agree with her mom in general – I think her brown hair complements her best and is the most striking for Miranda.

  • yes!

    She looks gorgeous!
    Love this girl in any haircolor.
    She explained the switch to lighter hair on a radio interview.
    She was recently photographed for ‘V’ magazine, and they lightened her eyebrows for the shoot. They dyed them back when they were finished, but couldn’t make them as dark as they were before. So she lighteneed her hair to match. I think that it looks beautiful for Summer.

  • tee

    Miranda looks usual

  • Mil

    you people with all the crapy comments sayin shes ugly or orange or better as a brunette.. you are all just jealous.. i was there today and she is absolutely perfect!!! the prettiest girl!!! and shes a sweet heart!! she actually tries to talk to her fans! She is perfection!!

  • @22

    I’ve always heard that she is a really sweet person.
    Good on ya, for meeting her.
    Lucky girl.

  • .

    her hair is blond-orange-ish, her skin is orange e and her outfit is orange, i´m dizzy… she should dye her hair and get easy with the fake tanning

  • Gross

    That’s a nice pair of legs ! That’s what i call LEGS for days…not the short legged Maniston ones

  • LOL

    HAs she been tangoed??? I’m not Orange outfit and orange looking tan are a good move – and she’s too be aging a bit rapidly…. maybe she should lay off the sunbathing!

  • crystal

    I think she is stunning with both looks.. The lighter hair Gives her a fresh new look for upcoming spring…

    How on earth people can say that she is ugly and that she is only famous bcause of he bf are a complete joke and without a doubt JEALOUS, thats all there is to it!!!

  • @27

    Oh, it’s just one or two hateful people who have a lot of time on their hands.
    I wouldn’t worry about them for a second.

  • lydia

    She is really pretty :)

    I prefer the darker brown though :D

  • jake

    Why is it that white people are so critical of each other when it comes to tanning. I think she has a beautiful tan.

  • Gasol_fan16

    She’s very pretty! A natural brunette is gorgeous! I would go back to brunette. I love her skirt!

  • mitsy

    @MIL : I’m not jelous! She IS UGLY!!!

  • Miranda at David Jones

    I met her today and if you think she looks gorgeous in photos….omg in person she is so beautiful, striking blue eyes and really lovely skin. She’s thin but shapely at the same time, and I couldn’t get over how long her legs are……….anyway she was really sweet and nice to everyone.

  • wow

    Just saw that Miranda is not only going to be the face of ANOTHER VS bra, she is also the face of yet another VS fragrance…’Dream Angels, Enchanted’.
    Busy, busy, busy.
    You go, Miranda!!
    They sure do use her a lot. They must love her, too.

  • baby Gone

    Of course they use her! Every other angel is pregnant!
    Heidi is off, and so Adriana and Karolina…Gisele is no longer an Angel, so it’s logical that they’re using her, otherwise what would she do in VS??

  • riri

    You might also want to add this in case lol

    How can you use another VS angel who has another perfume or cosmetic contract with another company which are all exclusives?

    I’m sure VS themselves don’t want to be sued or put their other angels’
    careers in peril cause of contract violation.

    No one wants to go to jail right?

    Adriana and Ale are the face of the new make up line for VS which is stated many times at TFS that it’s a seperate contract from their VS angel contract.

    I’m happy for Miranda that she gets a VS perfume campaign which is included in her VS contract to be the face of certain VS product.

  • LOL

    If those are the only reasons that they use her so much, how do you explain away all of the other times that they have used her?? Adriana, and Heidi weren’t pregnant last year, and Ale was available. Why would they have used a new Angel (and even before she was an Angel) in promoting three other bras, and two fragrances, and a fragrance line if they didn’t like her? ALL of the other girls were avaiable, yet they used her. Explain that away, why don’t you.

  • riri

    All the VS angels/models have to promote each one of the bras/perfumes and have campaigns or commercials.

    The question you need to ask is if it a major line or event launch? Or if the event launch can draw many people to line up outside the store for them to see the glimpse who’s inside.

    Good for Miranda that VS uses her cause she certainly has no any other exclusive contracts that can hinder! DJ don’t give a damn right?

  • Ronald McDouchebag

    nasty garbage pail kid face

  • Miranda

    beautiful any color hair, but I prefer the dark brown

  • lakers fan in boston

    she’s starting 2 look a bit orange like others say
    she looks cute, nothing honestly spectacular this time, it’s just cute
    i think she does look best as a brunette

  • @38

    That’s funny, I didn’t see any of the other girls at the launch of any of the new bras. Nor at the perfume launches. Well, except for Behati, and they were using Miranda to support her, not the other way around. I also didn’t see any of the other girls with Miranda on any of the TV commercials, either. Any time I see Doutzen, she’s paired with another girl. They didn’t let Doutzen make an appearance alone, but sent her with Adriana. A sure crowd pleaser. People didn’t line up to see Heidi at her last launch, but they lined up to see Miranda (I know, because I was there).

  • @41

    I think that it’s just the lighting. She looked more bronzed (not as orange) on the runway.

  • @ 42

    “People didn’t line up to see Heidi at her last launch, but they lined up to see Miranda (I know, because I was there).”

    Just one question though, did you by chance take a survey among those waiting, to see how many of them were there to see if Orlando would be tagging along?

    People may like Miranda. Some genuinely for her. And some because of who she is dating.

  • @42

    That’s crap! Why don’t you ask CoutureChic/LostSoul how Miranda and Selita were used at quite the same way with each other by VS? You know like almost having an appearance or a product to launch every now and then, but still couldn’t keep a crown and couldn’t move units as compared to the main girls.

    It’s so hard to accept for some fans to hear that Miranda doesn’t sell much, but rather a filler!

    Many might hate CC for her blatant comments about VS and VS angels in general, but one has to admit that the girl always turns out to be right with every comment she made, especially about VS.

  • @45

    “every now and then”?????
    Two bras, two perfumes, a fragrance line, and their mother’s day promotion, all just during this year (and it’s only August) = “every now and then”??
    That’s the most pathetic excuse for an argument that I have ever heard.

  • @42

    #45 here

    Sorry, i didn’t mean to sound so sarcastic! Just trying to clear some things about the angels, and i’m happy for Miranda that she gets to launch different products for VS.

  • http://aol susan

    She has an absoutely gorgeous body, but I am not crazy about her face, other than her eyes. As far as Heidi, she is far too old to be doing any underwear ads for VS. It is time for her to give that up. Personally, Adrain Lima (sp) is the most gorgeous as far as I am concerned.

  • @48

    I think Adriana’s success as a VS model can be attributed to her exotic looks and curvacious feminine body. And of course that mass appeal that she has!

    Imo, Miranda is cute and really fits the line VS Pink, other than that i think she’s a miscast for very sexy lines. Just doesn’t go with her looks

    Doutzen i think is very pretty, but sometimes that close to perfection kind of face is boring to look at! But the girl can sell, and is getting a little diva now.

    Alessandra seems to have a strong personality and looks, and VS like those qualities for their covers.

    Marisa has a great personality and a very good spokesmodel for VS. I can see now that VS is trying to groom Marisa to be next great spokesperson as Heidi by making her to attend different famous talk shows in the US.

  • hmmm

    Any news on who will be wearing the fantasy bra this year?
    Has Ale ever worn it?
    If not Ale, Marisa is probably the fastest rising VS girl (thanks in part to Sports Illustrated), and Miranda is also a possibility with her popularity on the upswing. Or did Doutzen have it written into her contract when she signed?
    Any word?
    Any guesses?