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Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr hosts an in-store fashion workshop highlighting new trends and pieces from the David Jones Collection on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (August 5).

The 26-year-old Australian beauty has been trying out a lighter hair color recently and her mom doesn’t like it! Miranda‘s mom, Therese Kerr, “I prefer her as a brunette. Her eyes shine more when her hair is darker.”

DO YOU THINK Miranda is hotter as a brunette – YAY or NAY?

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr jonsing for David Jones…

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Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: Getty Images
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    I dont mind her as either, but brunnette seesm to fit her better.

  • More striking as brunette

    She’s pretty either way but I think she’s more striking as a brunette since those gorgeous blue eyes of hers really take center stage in contrast with the darker hair. I’m one who thinks she’s very, very cute – but not ‘sexy’ in the same way Adriana is. She has a really cute shape though – slim and delicate. She’s adorable.

  • @Truth

    Just because she is not ‘pretty’ in your opinion, it doesn’t mean she can’t be a model,

    In my opinion she is really pretty but if all successful models were pretty than there would be a tonne. Of course I’m not saying that all the successful models aren’t pretty, becuase they are, they’re gorgeous but they’re more successful because they have a unusual, unique look to them!

  • Unique

    She doesn’t look just ‘cookie cutter’ pretty. Her appeal is more unique, sort of exotic.. IMO she’s a very attractive girl.

  • @52

    Adriana is more overtly sexy, while Miranda is more subtle.
    Miranda hs a sweet, girl next door type of sexuality, while Adriana is more of the vixen down the block. They appeal to different people. There isn’t anything wrong with either one of them.
    Both are gorgeous IMO, just different.

  • anywho

    The Delphi members are crazy- they tried to talk me into their crazy stories, but Ellen and I would not be into it.

    They are hurting themselves for believing what they do.

    It is time to stop being crazy delphi people!

  • Ellen

    Agreed Anywho. I do find their “theories” crazy, as we have spoken about in private, I do think it has gone too far over there, grown women talking insane.

  • traitors

    You two might want to go back to your “home” with the rest of the crazies and reread some of the insane theories you talked about with them. We don’t want you either.

  • FroFro

    Anywho and Ellen:

    It’s one thing to change your opinion about something or someone. Fine, don’t believe the things you have discussed with others over the last couple of years. Whatever. You have that right. But wow….et tu Brute?

    It appears you have quite the agenda, running right over to JJ to announce your new found love for Miranda, calling everyone who ever trusted you “crazy”. Maybe all the “friends” you will make here and be oh so popular with now (maybe Mayfrayn will forgive you for all the hateful attacks and stalking you did on her eh?) will now just call you immature, illiterate, and stupid, behind your back instead of right to your face. Good luck with that.

  • @59

    What’s the matter, Fro?
    Ticked off that someone escaped from the clutches of insanity that permeates that cesspool that you thrive in?
    Angry that one of your members actually saw the light, and realized that wallowing in irrational hatred is unhealthy?
    Look at it this way. If someone as immersed in that culture as Anywho was, can recognize that the site goes beyond all borders of reason, doesn’t that say something? Doesn’t that make you think that yes, maybe you do go a bit far? Doesn’t that give you pause? If not, maybe something more serious is wrong with you, and the other members.
    Go back and re-examine ANY of the threads. If you don’t see facts twisted beyond recognition, words taken completely out of context to state a case, and out right LIES, then there is no hope for you.
    Anywho was smart to get out while she was still sane.

  • FroFro

    No dearie – I have no problem if Anywho wants to leave Delphi. She has that right as does anyone who changes their opinion, or even wants to keep on there with a different opinion. If you read my post you would see I already stated that.

    I do however have a problem with people that gain others trust then run to another board with an agenda to stab them in the back. Anywho clearly had an agenda coming here. It appears she wants to make friends here by turning on people who once trusted her. You can have her. I know what high regard you all hold her in.

    Please, don’t lecture me on cesspools of hatred. If you recall, THIS place is where nasty bickering, hatred, name calling and personal attacks started between posters regarding Orlando and Miranda. Y’all are experts on it. If someone even dares criticize the bronze statue Miranda, the claws come out and the hatred dished at other posters is so deep you need waders just to get out. By all means, keep playing innocent and those of us that can have a mature discussion at Delphi will keep taking all the blame for being viscious hate filled people if it makes you sleep better.

  • draco


    Have you received my PM about the identity of the LOL and @ poster here at JJ?

    They’re not from Delphi actually, but rather Kerr shippers/fans from TFS and Bellazon!

  • @61

    Ok, you earned this one….hypocrite.
    You seem to forget that the “hatred, name calling and personal attacks” were perpetrated by some of the same people who left to form their own board based upon, well what do you know…..hatred name calling and attacks.
    Don’t try to play the innocent victim here.
    Those people only formed their own site so that their insane ideas wouldn’t be questioned. They only allow one point of view (don’t even try to dispute that), whereas at least this forum lets both sides have a say.
    And I wouldn’t be worried about Anywho breaking a trust. She hasn’t said anything that the entire fandom doesn’t already know.

  • FroFro

    Well, as I said, if that makes you feel better and sleep better at night, then by all means keep thinking what you want.

    ~this forum lets both sides have a say~

    OMG – I just split my sides with laughter over that one. Teehee….thanks for the good laugh.

  • FroFro

    Draco – I don’t know what PM you are talking about. I can only get PM’s at IMDB.

  • @64

    Well, aren’t both sides having a say right now?
    Or have you been confined to that one-sided board so long that you can’t recognize a difference of opinion anymore.

  • draco


    I’ll send it to you again! So there’ll be no more questions like who are the cowards whose hiding behind the names LOL and @. I will also send you some patterns of reasoning from LOL and @ from the 2 fashion sites and see for yourself that those are just same people!

  • FroFro

    I’m not “confined” to any board. I participate at several boards where I have friends and acquaintences on both sides of any given issue surrounding Orlando and Miranda. I can have discussions with them, whether in agreement or not, without the all the anon poster bashing that is continuous here. You think because you “allow” my post here (gosh! thanks for that!) that I won’t get all sorts of crap hurled at me in return? OR, that over the past two years people here have been so mature and willing to discuss all possibilities of something without personal insults to other posters? Sorry……that has NEVER been the case. Pick out any thread at random since Miranda first appeared in pics and rumors with Bloom and you will see just how mature people have been and how willing they have been to let people have their say without personal attacks. There is not one single thread I have ever read or posted at.

  • FroFro

    Thats fine, PM me at IMDB, but I dont know who LOL and @ are even on here. I dont read Miranda threads. I was only informed of this one when Anywho showed up to make her grand statement.

  • @fro

    I’m sorry. But it’s hard to take you seriously when you seem to think that delphi has a higher standard and/or more civil discussions, that this forum.
    Yes, people probably make more personal attacks here, but they are no match for the venom spewed at a total stranger at delphi. Not to mention the attacks made on a certain, rather famous shipper. Oh, but I guess that is OK, because it didn’t happn here. You know, in this place full of “hatred, name calling and personal attacks”. It happened at delphi, a place of love and harmony.
    At least have the guts to admit that most of the theories over there are waaaay over the top, and beyond reason. If you can’t see that, you are hopeless.

  • draco


    I know. I just want you and the others to know the names of the anon cowards here at JJ. So next time the anon cowards who will again have their say will no longer be unknown to us!

    Believe me, they’re just same people, actually 2 same people!

  • @70

    And all of those OTT theories are echoed by posters on this forum, yet they all claim not to post here. Hard to believe when the posts are practically verbatim.

  • @70…

    It’s so sad, but I’m afraid it may be hopeless.

  • @71

    Oh that’s rich.
    Little Miss Detective thinks that she has ‘figgered things out’.
    Really? You think that all of the @ posters, or all of the ones who use ‘LOL’ are the same people?
    (how’s that?)
    Oh, wait….that’s another delphi idiocy. Thy believe that ANY positive poster is a member of Miranda’s staff. I forgot. Silly me.
    I don’t know which is more frightening. The fact that you spent so much time doing this *ahem* research *ahem*, or the fact that you think that you have an answer.

  • FroFro

    70 – You dont have to take me seriously. It doesn’t matter to me honestly. I understand perfectly well what Delphi is all about. I’ve been a member there since Day 1 and Alegria is a friend of mine. Do I always agree with her? No. Do I always agree with others there? No. Sometimes I say so, and sometimes I don’t. But, the difference is that when posters there don’t agree with each other on things they dont sling personal attacks back and forth, or worse, do what Anywho just did and run to a board that is known daily and hourly to attack Delphi just to say she now has changed her opinion and calls everyone “crazy and hurting themselves” like we are a bunch of mentally deranged cutters all sitting around in white gowns mumbling to ourselves.

    So that is why I say, think what you want….you will anyway. I have stated time and time and time again why I personally don’t care for Miranda Kerr. My reasons might be different than someone elses, but its not like its a big secret that people who post at Delphi dont like her. So what? She is a public persona, and one who has proven time after time that she craves attention, she just doesn’t want to deal with the criticism that comes with it.

    I have also said previously that people who post on forums to discuss such things, whether truth, lies, assumptions, etc. are doing so because the people they are talking about are in the media. The POSTERS themselves are not. They are everyday folks on a forum. Its not up to me to defend Miranda, or even Orlando if they receive criticism for something. If they want to defend themselves against it, they will. But, as a poster with friends and acquaintences on these forums, I will defend myself, and my friends as well. I just personally think that discussions rather than insult hurtling at each other is a better environment for a forum, even if the discussion is how much people can’t stand said celebrities (they are celebrities – they all get it in one way shape or form). I learned that the hard way at IMDB, and I am not claiming to have never bashed other posters. But simply, these days I choose to interact at forums where I can disagree with someone without having to call them crazy, derainged, and delusional because they see something different than I do. Nowhere did I say Delphi is the beacon of perfection, because that board has had its times too, but most people know each other there, and because of that put out a gesture of trust in each other. Trust gets broken, people get pissed. That simple. Will anyone on any side of any board in the fandoms trust Anywho again? Most likely not. And FYI – it is Anywho that chose to stalk Mayfrayn from board to board calling her horrid things and stirring siht up. Most people just left her alone if she had something to say at Delphi. Maybe we are better off without her.

    As for peoples theories and discussions at Delphi, I don’t have to “admit” anything. I participate, so do others. We aren’t the Stepford Wives all thinking and feeling the same things all at once. They are discussions, and yes, even venom towards Miranda and sometimes Orlando, and sometimes, even defense of one or the other. Why do you care so much whether someone likes them, doesn’t like them, whatever? Miranda’s own hometown papers sometimes say things just as raunchy about her, but the dingbat keeps opening her yap to them again and again. Brainiac she isn’t. All in all, its gossip and discussion. Its not hurting her or her career one bit, and as she said in her recent interview she never googles herself (uhhuh) so she wouldn’t be reading it anyway right?

  • FroFro

    74 – obviously you can’t tell a wind up when you see one. Make sure you get that Delphi jab in though. It wouldn’t be a JJ post without it!

  • Ondine

    I was there on that day, everything was beautiful about her. I got to meet her first and she was the kindest person.

    You people are so jealous, she’s even prettier in person. You need to understand that your mean comments don’t mean anything to her. She has a glowing heart.

  • Go Fro!

    Post 75 hits the nail on the head!

    (yes 77 et al I am a fatjellushater with wild theories involving Miranda, a cabbage and world domination! – but for the record i don’t give a rats ass whether my comments mean anything to her or not)

    ah this place is so funny at times!!

  • @frofro….75

    Why do people think that anyone that says something positive about Miranda is a family member, that’s so weird???

    I’m not a member of any fan forum or a fan of Orlando Bloom. As a fellow Aussie I know about Miranda Kerr because of seeing her in ad campaigns over the years.

    I started reading the comments about Delphi on here so I went to check it out myself, and I have to say I was taken aback at the nasty, vile and completely over the top comments about her.

    I mean it’s one thing to dislike a celebrity because you’re a fan of their boyfriend, but to call her a sl*t, a wh*re, saying she has an STD and wishing she would kill herself is beyond jealousy and is quite disturbing on many levels.

    What struck me the most was the twisting of something as simple as a photo of Orlando and Miranda together which is then blown completely out of proportion into some big elaborate conspiracy, that isn’t NORMAL by most peoples standard.

    I find it really creepy that people who don’t know or have never Miranda have such hatred for her and I think they really have emotional problems and need help fast.

  • @frofro

    The simple fact is that you CAN’T defend the insanity of delphi, not that you won’t.
    And I love how you try to qualify the venom…..’oh, it’s OK because we insult Miranda, not each other, that makes us sooo much better than JJ’.
    So sad.

  • sara

    My bggest problem with that other forum is the lies that they tell.
    If you think that there are legitimate reasons to dislike the girl, why the need to lie about her, and make up stories?
    I think that is what makes their theories so over the top and unbelievably irrational.
    Like her, don’t like her, that’s your perogative. But if she is so horrible, why the need to fabricate reasons.

  • @81

    Their absolute obsession is what scares me.
    They have even commented that if Miranda has a book signing, they would go just to disrupt it.
    The authorities should be called about those crazies if they do something that idiotic and childish.

  • @82

    I agree, they have gone beyond just dislike into a very creepy and sick fixation with Miranda, such spiteful and vile comments about a person they have never met all because Orlando is her boyfriend, really scary!!!

  • Yes, jealousy is involved IMO

    Some of these weirdos claim they dislike the girl for “other” reasons besides the fact that she’s “Orlando’s girlfriend.” And I think that’s true in many cases. Often it IS simple jealousy/envy because the girl is so successful in her own right and, let’s face it, she’s quite slender and pretty! Since this country (U.S.) is overloaded with ‘fatties’ and people who try to convince us that ANYONE WHO DOESN’T RESEMBLE ‘TWO-TON TESSIE’ HAS TO BE SUFFERING FROM ANOREXIA, this could be another big reason so many spiteful comments are directed her way. It’s also obvious that not EVERYONE who ‘hates’ Miranda is, by default, an Orlando Bloom fan either. If you glance over most of their threads you’ll see that Orlando receives a lion’s share of ‘negative bashing’ himself. Even so-called ‘fans’ (and using the term ‘fan’ at a place like Delphi stretches credulity a bit IMO) gleefully bash the guy, as well as his girlfriend, in a majority of the posts made there.

  • @84

    It’s just hatefulness across the board. NO ONE is safe…well, except for his ex-girlfriends. She is a gift from God. That is, unless he takes her back…

  • FroFro

    77 and on – Listen… I said before, I am not here to try to defend anyone’s reasoning as to why they do or don’t like Miranda. She is a celebrity – she will get criticism, lies, truths, jealousy, etc flung about her all over the place. If she was so concerned about it, or even particular boards, she would stop talking to the press about her personal crap. With her job comes all of the above and its inevitable. What is unbelievable to me is how obsessed y’all are with that site! The people that post there comment there, not here! I haven’t said word one about Miranda here for months mostly for the reasons I stated in my other post. I will discuss, agree, disagree etc with anyone who will have a decent and civil discussion about something whether it s a flat out lie or the absolute truth. You all scream and rant and are up in arms about other posters on the net who scream and rant and are up in arms about celebrities. What makes you think YOU are so above it all eh? Miranda Kerr can put on whatever face she likes for the media and the public, but when nobody knew or cared who she was in Orlando’s fandom, back when he first was seen with her, SHE inserted herself, her family, and maybe others into his fandom and she wasnt nice at all. If people don’t like her, its her own damnn fault. That is all I am going to say about that subject as I have stated MY reasons for not liking her before at JJ so dont bother asking for some elaboration on that. Go read old threads. Then do your usual calling everyone who doesn’t kiss the ground she walks on, or who doesn’t find her “stunning”, and sees through her surface abilities of “so sweetness”, come back and call us all crazy some more. If you think it bothered us don’t you think we would stop criticizing her? Your opinion of me and my friends is about as important to me as your opinion of Miranda Kerr.

    I’ve said more than I planned to say at this place anyway. My original post was directed at Anywho and Ellen and them only. They haven’t even bothered to defend themselves.

    Have a nice day.

  • @86

    But that’s just it. They DO comment here. They just lie about doing it.
    And if you HONESTLY believe that Miranda actually posts/posted within the fandom, you are more gullible than I thought.
    Fine, support your friends, but don’t whine about their treatment when they are only getting as good as they give.
    They deserve the labels that are given them; obsessive, delusional, liars.

  • @86……frofro

    So you defend a forum that thinks it’s fine to call someone a sl*t, a wh*re, that she has a STD and she should kill herself………well that speaks volumes about you and that you actually believe Miranda has posted on a fan forum site.

    Wow, talk about delusional, making such assumptions about a person you have NEVER MET AND DON’T KNOW all from gossip and innuendo.

    Gee, it must be amazing to tell the personality of a person from looking at photos, what a rare gift you have considering the fact that everyone WHO WORKS WITH HER and has ACTUALLY MET HER have nothing but good things to say about her, let alone that Orlando Bloom loves her………of course it has nothing to do with jealousy about their relationship…… of course not…….lol.

  • explain this


    Not everyone that has met her gives her glowing remarks.

    “Adam (Uncertified Bastard)

    Yeah, i think Miranda Kerr needs some attitude adjustment. She has let the whole thing go to her head and thinks that sun shines where it should not. She is a money grabbing whore who has the morals of a rapist when it comes to the way she treats other people. A word of advice… If you walk past her in the street keep walking and make sure you zip up your bags, hold your pockets and keep a very close eye on her. She has the ability to strip you for all you have and act like it never happened. She has a penchant for sleeping with guys who will be able to buy her everything or get her somewhere and spit them out the minute they cannot give her anymore. You Have been warned…!”

    The nerve of that delphidiot going back in time to write such nonsense about your stunning supermodel!

  • @89

    You believe that ‘guy’, but not the photographers that adore her, or the dressers that love her or the friends that she has had since school, or the boyfriend that loves her? Oh, OK, sure.

  • @ 90

    “her or the friends that she has had since school, or the boyfriend that loves her?”

    I’m sorry I just have to ask. Which boyfriend are you referring to exactly? Because when you mentioned her friends from school, I immediately thought of this recent article. Very cute, nothing bad.,23739,25892713-5012980,00.html

    I think it is so cute that she has an old high school sweetheart.

    I also hope that should she decide that she still has feelings for her old flame, and they decide to get together, she will find that she is just as important without being labled as Orlando’s girlfriend.

    The only way she would ever find that out for sure is if she were no longer his girlfriend.

    She wants to be helpful in her own right. Not because of who her boyfriend is.

    Article below:

    Miranda has moved on to Brisbane and a home-cooked meal:

    SHE was in town to talk fashion but supermodel Miranda Kerr also got to spend her first night in her parents’ new home during a visit to Brisbane.

    The Victoria’s Secret pin-up was in Brisbane to give shoppers the summer fashion lowdown during new-season trends workshops in the David Jones’ QueensPlaza store.

    Businessmen, cowgirls and aspiring models turned out . . . as well as a farmer who bunkered down in the designer womenswear section to take photos on his mobile phone.

    Fans asked Kerr to sign books, posters and even the clothes they had on. She posed for snaps and signed autographs for everyone who lined up to see her. The model flew in on Wednesday and enjoyed a much-anticipated roast dinner with her parents, brother and cousin.

    “They’ve moved in to a new place since I lived here,” she said. “It’s always home because it’s with your family, but it’s not actually where I spent any time.” The whole family turned out to see her during her workshops at David Jones.

    Three friends from Miranda’s former school, All Hallows, were beside themselves when they met her on their lunch break.

    “Oh my God, oh my God, she asked me how grade 11 was going!” one squealed.

    Kerr left Brisbane yesterday to continue workshops across the country.

    Meanwhile, Orlando Bloom found himself with a little healthy competition when B105′s Labrat made a move for his girl.

    The B105 brekky announcer arrived at the Sofitel for his interview with the former All Hallows student dressed in a white tuxedo and carrying flowers and a box of chocolates.

    But it seems there is a story behind the schmaltz.

    The pair allegedly both attended an All Hallows school dance 10 years ago and Labby was hoping to spark Kerr’s memory banks.

    Quipping “It’s a pity pirate boy isn’t here”, Labby scooped up his long-lost pal and spun her around a dance floor.

    According to one spy, “She commented on his suit and said ‘I love the one button’; to which he replied ‘I call it easy access’.”

  • brina

    she looks so pretty

  • Strange fans

    I remember how Kate Bosworth was bashed unmercifully while she and Bloom were dating. Very strange how she’s now become ‘Miss Perfection’ for so many of his fans while his latest g/f is constantly demonized. I’ve always thought he had some of the strangest fans out there and this just proves it.

  • @93

    So true.
    My favorite double standard that involved Kate was that whenever she and Orlando (one of the hottest actors out there) were photographed out together, it was an “obvious set up”, “no one cares enough about them to follow them”, “she called in the paps”, “she’s an ugly famewhore”, “it’s obviously a fake relationship” or it’s a “contractual obligation”, etc. etc. Sound familiar???
    But since they broke up, whenever she (a not very well known actress) and her boyfriend (a lower tier model who NOBODY knows outside of a few fashionistas) are papped together….”the paps must follow her constantly” (who?), “it’s so nice to see people keeping their relationship private” (as they pose, again), “it’s obviously true love” (yeah, he loves getting his picture taken), “doesn’t she look beautiful” (with her stringy, bleach damaged hair)), “it’s so nice to see her with a man who values her” (as he lets her pay for dinner….again).
    This isn’t the only fandom with hypocritical idiots. But it certainly has to be one of the most entertaining.
    Or, to paraphrase Frofro….’I defended Kate against the horrible attacks because IMO they weren’t fair, but since I like Kate better, I will participate in the witch hunts against THIS girlfriend using the EXACT same arguments. Huh? Of course that’s fair and reasonable, what are you talking about? Double standard?????? What’s that????’
    Gotta love it.

  • FroFro

    Actually *rollseyes* girl, I did defend Kate and I defended her because I liked her. I dont like or dislike anyone because they are dating Orlando Bloom. I thought Kate was a decent actress, and have always thought she was a brilliant model, MUCH better than MK if we are comparing for the sake of the discussion. I never disliked her, dating Bloom or not. Yes, people were always saying horrible things about her, and I thought it unfair, just as you think it unfair about Miranda. I didnt just jump on the bandwagon of liking her for the sake of her not dating Bloom anymore. And for the record, those that bashed Kate, at least at IMDB, abandoned the fandom soon after they split. If they are around now praising her, they are doing it under a different name. The ones who I know of that have no problem with Kate never had a problem with her before either. But theres that generalizing the whole Orlando fandom again.

    I never said you shouldn’t defend Miranda if you feel the need to do so, you just are so rude to other posters who dont see her the way you do. I am not crazy, or delusional. I happen to be a very responsible person, and quite “matter of fact” about things. To be perfectly honest and sum it up, I just can’t admire someone as shallow as I think Miranda Kerr is. She is the perfect example of a climber, a clinging vine, that will seek any means and direction to get higher, no matter what the path. Fcuk integrity.

    Kate never bothered with Orlando’s fandom and the criticism that she received from them. You think I am delusional for believing that Miranda has participated in Orlando’s fandom, and that is your right to do so. You will believe what you want to see. I will believe what I have seen with my own eyes. You want to think that she is so above that, but up until she got her VS gig, she was an unknown nobody. Before that, all she was, was the face on some ads for department stores and catalogs in a part of the world that is not really known for being a fashion mecca. A medium sized fish in a small fashion pond. A dime a dozen – department store models. And even with the VS gig, Its very apparent to most people that nobody knew or cared who Miranda Kerr was until she was linked up with Orlando. But she WAS in the fandom, and people have seen her posts. Maybe some have even archived them, and if they choose to do so, they will share them. BTW, her posts were first seen dating back to 2005, so believe what you want about her, some people see her the way they see her for reasons far more substancial that “jealousy” as you so like to think it is. Me personally, I find it hard to admire, or be remotely jealous of a girl like Miranda Kerr. I do think she is trampy, self-serving, and even vile (her posts were as well). From my POV, she is a famewhore in the truest sense. I even find her creepy to be honest. There are hundreds and thousands of women, famous or not, that are far more deserving of admiration and adolation than this girl. But by all means, you just keep thinking I’m “jus jellus”. You will keep using the same snarky comments back at people because you either don’t want to see why other people feel the way they do, or are afraid to, even if what they say is the truth. You have to be rude to somehow keep your guard up and protect your sweet Miranda. I’m sure there are people out there that have had great experiences around Miranda, etc., but I guarantee you there are people that have had really bad experiences with her, and aren’t afraid to say so. Why are you so keen to believe just the people who say how wonderful she is? Its way more beneficial and self-preserving for public personas to put on their happy face and be all sweet for people and the media viewing. Its especially beneficial once they become more famous. That doesn’t mean that is the way they really are. You might think I am delusional for thinking what I think from the things I have seen and heard, but I could say just the same about you for believing she is “stunning perfection”. Nobody, especially this girl, deserves to be thought of as perfect. Oh the let down you will one day have.

  • @ FroFro

    # 91 here

    I’m not a shipper. And I’m not angry or feel defensive about what you said about her.

    Just looking to have a calm and intelligent conversation about what is going on between them.

    I was just wondering about the last comment you made on your post

    “Oh the let down you will one day have.”

    Care to elaborate on what exactly is going to happen? When and where this is all going to happen? Or will we all just have to wait and see?

    I certainly hope it is not going to be for another 2 to 4 years or longer.

    With the post I made above I was trying to put Miranda in a more positive light.

    But my gut tells me that you do not post these long messages without a reason behind them.

    When I read that story about her seeing her old high school flame again, it made me cry for a friend I lost in high school when I was only 16. Same age as she and her friend were when they attended that dance.

    I unfortunately found out too late that I was falling in love with my friend. he died over Christmas Break, 1987.

    Reading her story of that reunion she got to have with her friend, made me cry, and wonder what would have happened had my friend lived.

    The only thing I wish for Miranda is that she does not feel she needs others to feel important in this world.

    People who are climbers like that, from my experience, are mostly insecure inside, which is why they need that label (example, Orlando Bloom’s Girlfriend) to help them feel more important.

    I just hope that she feels that she still will still be important even if she is no longer his girlfriend one day.

    Am I wrong in feeling that way for her?

  • @95

    Well, there you go generalizing again.
    I never said that she was perfect. I never said that you were jealous. I said that you were a hypocrite, and I stand by that. You choose not to believe the positive comments about Miranda, yet expect me to believe the negative. You see Kate as a shining beacon of perfection, yet she was also called a climber and a fame hound when she was with Orlando. What’s the difference? You’ve made claims about Miranda cheating on Jay, when Kate was so quick to jump into her new boyfriend’s bed that many thought that she had been seeing him behind Orlando’s back for weeks. Remember the sighting of Kate with a guy in a restaurant in NY before the final break up? She was reportedly getting romantic with a guy that wasn’t Orlando. Yet she is fabulous in your eyes. Right.
    You claim that others see what they want to see, and that you have seen things with your own eyes. Well, darlin’, unless you know her personally, you have NOT seen anything. Nothing. Nada.
    And I love how you say that she was a nobody before VS. Well, isn’t EVERYONE a relative nobody before their big break? Orlando was an absolute nobody before LOTR. And wasn’t Kate a nobody before Blue Crush? Didn’t she get a boost in fame because of her relationship with Orlando? What’s the difference??
    I don’t get your logic. Let me explain mine…
    Orlando is known for being one of the most down to earth, considerate, caring and loyal guys out there. I see evidence of these qualities in his charity work, spirituality, and the long term friendships with people that I respect. People like Viggo and Johnny and Eric don’t seem the type to suffer fools, yet they love him. Orlando has also been called bright and intelligent by many people in the business, so I don’t believe that he is an idiot. Now why in the world, would a handsome, successful man who can have almost any woman he wanted, choose to be in a long term relationship with someone who doesn’t share those qualities?? How could he fall in love with a woman that, according to you, is the exact opposite of everything that he values? THAT is the main reason that I don’t believe most of the stuff I read. Can Miranda act like a b!!ch? Sure, but can’t we all if we are having a bad day?
    As its been said. Like her, don’t like her, I don’t care. But don’t lie about her and make up stories, then pretend that you are so much above the fray. THAT makes you a hypocrite.

  • FroFro

    @@ FroFro:

    My comment was meaning about people who think Miranda is “perfection”, not about Orlando and Miranda being together. I don’t know any more than the next guy how long that will last. I dont really bother to comment on Orlando. He made his way on his own merits, not riding someone else’s fame, and what he is currently involved in is baffling to me to be honest. He doesn’t seem to me like the kind of person that would bother with someone like her.

    My posts anywhere are usually long though. That’s just me. I can’t tell you whether you are wrong or right about any feeling you have. Your experiences obviously stir emotions I dont know as I have never had a boyfriend (or a guy I was falling for) die. I’d be wary of comparing it to Miranda’s situation though. She already exploited the family and story of another boyfriend she had in school that died to promote herself and David Jones. I know I will get all sorts of HATE posts back in return because I mentioned that, and some people think that is so precious, but I think its horrible. Even the reporter that did the story took many a jab at her for how shallow and pretentious she was for the entire shoot and story. My perception, not gospel doctrine.

    But I agree with you that (if you are assuming so) Miranda is very insecure. Its almost funny how quick her media responses are back to criticisms people have of her, whether verbally or with pictures. If she was secure, she would have been able to grow her career independently of who she is dating, etc.

  • Bea

    Shanina Shaik from Make Me a Supermodel is way prettier than MIranda Kerr.

  • FroFro

    Well 97 – How would I even know who you are in the plethera of anon posts that get made here? You dont even make your own posts recognizable with a name attached, unless you are the poster that continually *rollseyes*. Another problem with posting here – most everyone is afraid to keep a posting name. Pick one, then I will know directly which poster is calling me this or that.

    I never chose not to believe the positive posts. If you read my post, “I’m sure there are people out there that have had great experiences around Miranda, etc.,”, but in my case, her slagging off at Orlando’s fans is ME not having a positive experience of her. So all her other behavioral flaws, and personality deficiencies then just fall into place.

    “You see Kate as a shining beacon of perfection” – now thats you putting words in MY mouth. I dont think nearly that high of Kate Bosworth. Seems like a nice girl, who I personally thought was much better suited for Orlando and I liked them as a couple, and an all around better individual and model if you want to compare her to Miranda, but then, if I compare a good portion of people to Miranda I would probably come to the same conclusion. And PICTURES of Miranda hiding in a hotel in NY with Orlando leaving actually is not hearsay or gossip that she was cheating on Jay. And I dont mean the Altiers condo promo either. That was MARCH 2007, while she was still living with Jay. Big difference than Kate starting to date James so suddenly after her breakup with Orlando. I think Kate is one of those women that cant be without someone, not admirable, but also not cheating, if that is what you are implying. Its not a big secret that when she was walking just about anywhere with Orlando he walked paces in front of her. Pretty sad actually, but he treated her that way and she let him.

    From my above observation, I’d say with friends, family and co-workers, Orlando is a pretty smart, charismatic, genuine, and secure guy – all the things you said about him as well, but, when it comes to women all that might just go out the window. I know plenty of great guys who are wonderful in all different ways, and then they date and marry bioches from hell. It happens ALOT, and with women too. So your observation of this particular pairing being so well put together is speculation that you cant really back up, just as I cant back it up that it isnt. I comment on what I see and what I see is a very WEIRD relationship. Some photos of them look so staged that I wonder if Orlando should go back and take more acting classes, they are that bad (see Gran Canaria and Venice for examples). Then there is all that OTT stuff in Sydney, that was just so awkward I felt a bit sorry for them both. It was like they were both 15. Some see it as sweet, I was just left thinking, “OMG”.

    Clearly we are at an impass, but that being so, calling people delusional and crazy because they dont see what you see is rude. Ive done that to people, and it took a while but I have also apologized to those people, at least the ones who were willing to accept my apology. That doesnt mean I want to be buddies with them as I clearly wont ever see eye to eye with them about much, but I can at least have a civil disagreement with them if and when the time comes. Is it so hard for JJ posters to be civil to fellow posters. I already know the answers I will get back for even asking that…things like “Is it so hard for Delphi to be civil about Miranda?” Miranda and Orlando and the celebrity of them is the topic of discussion. It would be great if everyone just wanted to say nice things about them all, as I am sure they all have nice qualities about them that are worthy of discussion. But reality is, people love dirtly laundry. You wouldn’t be reading a place like JJ (basically a gossip fest) if you didnt in some way love the dirty laundry, and love a good fight. There are boards that say nothing but nice things about her. You’d be there if that is all you REALLY wanted. So please, stop with the hypocrite bit. Its old, and basically mirrored for everyone who comes here like her or not.