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Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr hosts an in-store fashion workshop highlighting new trends and pieces from the David Jones Collection on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (August 5).

The 26-year-old Australian beauty has been trying out a lighter hair color recently and her mom doesn’t like it! Miranda‘s mom, Therese Kerr, “I prefer her as a brunette. Her eyes shine more when her hair is darker.”

DO YOU THINK Miranda is hotter as a brunette – YAY or NAY?

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr jonsing for David Jones…

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Credit: Brendon Thorne; Photos: Getty Images
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  • @98

    Two things….
    No hate, just a difference of opinion.
    The family of her boyfriend who passed away, is still friends of the Kerr family. They didn’t stop being friends because he died, they are still close. They own a horse farm. DJ wanted to shoot on a horse farm. Doesn’t it make sense to use a friends horses? Why let a stranger benefit? And Miranda NEVER mentioned the boyfriend. The boys parents brought him up while they were talking to the reporter. Are you now going to claim that the boys parents were exploiting him?
    I also know that the girls on that other forum actually believe that Miranda reads there, and responds. Please don’t tell me you actually believe that, do you? They will make claims that there is no proof that Miranda is in LA/NY/etc with Orlando, then when they are papped, it’s because Miranda read that they don’t believe it so she is trying to prove something. Or if they say something nasty about her, she will make a point to be photographed with him to rub it in their faces. They claim that any time Orlando and Miranda are seen out, it’s “damage control” because of something that she read on their site. And you wonder why people refer to members of that site as ‘delusional’? It’s like those psycho stalkers that believe that their object of obsession is sending them messages through pictures. Yes, it is that crazy.

  • ?

    Never heard of her.

  • @102

    Then how did you find this old thread???
    Dumb luck?

  • IAmMe

    @101 – as a former member of that site, I have to say I agree completely with you. Thank you for saying that.

  • IAmMe

    @101 – as a former member of that forum, I have to say I agree completely with you. Thank you for saying that.

  • FroFro

    101 – I see your point, but this is also Australia you are talking about where there are horses and horse farms aplenty like corn in Iowa. I think it was even said in the article or somewhere (not sure – I would have to go back and read it again) that it was Miranda’s idea. Why go all the way to their farm?

    It would be easier to accept that point of view if this was someone else we are talking about, but I’ve just seen too many incidences with Miranda seeking attention in over the top ways to think she didn’t have some exploitive agenda in mind. “Sad story about dead ex-boyfriend and his family in my hometown = more adoring attention for me.” I think she is very immature and thinks that people wont see the antics for being just that, but look at her history, and I dont just mean since she has become famous. All the half-nuude pics of her done while she was so young, the Dolly controversy, her dating of much older sugar-daddy types in her late teens, etc. I cant necessarily say its all her fault as her parents should have taught her better than that, at least for an underage individual, but they didnt, and she is what she is now. I dont think she knows what boundaries even are. Thats actually a sad trait for a lot of people in either showbiz, fashion, or other entertainment. They are so hungry for fame and attention that they seem to have no limits if such offers are made. But back to the subject, I think the whole thing was creepy, boys parents and all. They said they hadnt seen her for years. So, how close they all really are? Who knows. Still an exploitation in my eyes.

    I actually do believe that Miranda reads here and reacts. I think that because people will point out something here, like someone said a few weeks ago how ugly her bag was or something and that she should carry Louis Vuitton, and sure enough, the next pics you see of her are her all dressed up with her Louis Viutton in tow. There are other times as well, but theres one example. I think JJ has an agenda to promote her. She is certainly not any more famous than any of the other VS models, even ones with famous boyfriends or husbands, but this girl gets weekly, sometimes daily coverage by JJ, where the others get a mere mention here and there. You dont see that as odd? Sure, it could be that just Jared is obsessed with her or something, but I think there is more to it. Again with the “crazy” labels? Cant you just be civil? It used to be, before gossip sites MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter became so huge on the net, that celebs would get busted at newsstands reading the gossip rags. I actually know first hand that they do! I worked 10 years for several different celebrities, and I can tell you they are addicted to that shiit. They would have all the recent rags in thier possession. That was in the 90′s before the internet was the place to get your gossip, but trust me, you arent being very realistic if you think that they dont come read about themselves. Some might be able to resist, but someone that seems as insecure as Miranda does strikes me as the perfect example of one who would. Her reactions to it actually are sending messages to those watching. I know she cant win for losing because she is in the public eye, but it doesnt change the reasoning that it sure looks like to some that she is reacting to what people say! Its not impossible, or even improbable, so why think its so crazy?

  • IAmMe

    I have to say, after reading this thread I am genuinely embarrassed to have been a member of delphi. It also makes me ashamed to have been an Orlando fan after seeing how mad some of the fans get over absolutely nothing. I keep an eye on new stuff at OL but that’s as far as it goes now. I’m so glad I bowed out of this fandom shit when I did.

  • anywho

    OK, I got something to say here. That person who called Delphi crazy was not me or ellen. I feel so bad for Ellen because I know she didnt even say anything. The last time I was on this thread of the other MK threads was on the 5th of this month. I didnt mention anything about delphi on here. Not one thing. I dont get why the person had to do it to Ellen though, I mean really Ellen doesn’t even read here on JJ. She probably doesn’t even know about this. My posts that is legit and really me was posts # 63 on the other MK thread. I also posted as # 66, # 72, # 86, # 87. Any post on any OB/MK thread that is after the 5th of this month is not me or Ellen.

    I dont care if anyone cuts me off of delphi becuase in one of my last posts I said I wasnt even a fan of OB anymore. Over the last few months I just started thinking that they were a real couple and I dont want to aruge over MK or OB anymore. I also said that I dont hate MK or pick on her like I used to, but im sure as fuq not a fan of hers. Never was and will be. I just want to clear up some shiz thats being said. I really dont care about what people here say, I bearly am every on JJ anyways, But I think it was a bytch move to use Ellen like that.

  • FroFro

    Well Anywho, if you are the real Anywho, and you claim to have not said what was said, why dont you PM me at IMDB. If someone has claimed to be you here, then well, that just proves my point even more about the integrity level of some people and the lengths they will go to with other posters. Same goes for if it was you saying it.

  • anywho

    I just have to say another thing about post #101. I agree with it. I mean I was thinking about this last month about MK losing her bf when she was younger. I mean when that story first came out last year, I thought she was a bytch and was using that boys family to make people have pity on her. But after a while I realised that losing a person you love is just effing sad. I mean that was her first bf back in High School and then he dies. That’s tragic for anyone to go through let alone when you are a teen and with your first bf. After I thought about that I started to have some sympathy for her in that aspect. And I do feel bad for her about it. I mean no one deserves to lose someone they care about no one. Not even Miranda. That is just mu view on that topic.

    Its just when I left the fandom that I started to see things a whole lot different then I used to. Now im just indifferent about MK and OB. I dont care to hate them or love them. I don’t even want to waste my time on them anymore.

  • anywho

    I just sent out the PM on IMDB

  • anywho

    And to prove that its the real anywho, I am (was) also keirafan from Olove but got my account deleted last month because I lost interest in OB. So there it is.

  • FroFro

    I’ve replied.

  • @106

    But why go to just any horse farm, when you have friends that have horses? And remember, Miranda had been in NY for several years before that shoot. No one in her home town had seen her for years, but that doesn’t mean that the families didn’t keep in touch. And of course it was Miranda’s idea. She’s the one that knew about the farm. DJ’s didn’t. I think that you are reading too much into that.
    Oh, and about the Loiis Vuitton thing….I guess that her going to a Louis Vuitton event, had absolutely nothing to do with her showing up with a Louis Vuitton bag shortly afterward. Sure, absolutely nothing. Of course it had to do with her caring about what some random stranger says on a gossip site. Sure thing.
    And you honestly think that she pays JJ? Why would she have to pay him? Her posts bring a lot of hits. Just look at this one. Over a hundred posts in just a few days. Her threads get a lot of posts. Posts bring in advertising dollars. Of course JJ will post sbout her. The threads about many other celebs only bring in half that, if they are lucky. Just browse the site to compare.
    And once again, it’s impossible to be civil when dealing with some of the haters. They are usually the first to use the “delusional shipper” insult whenever anyone says something nice. And their civility is non-existant when talking about Miranda. Instead of just saying that they don’t like her, they hurl obscene comments inviting a response in kind. Civility goes both ways.
    Oh, and by the way, NONE of those “half-nuude” pics were taken when she was underage, no matter what rumors you believe.

  • @112

    You say that you lost interest in Orlando, and wanted your account deleted. Why didn’t you just leave, instead of posting those obnoxious comments? You made yourself sould like an idiot. Not quite a graceful exit.

  • IAmMe

    @115 – What’s wrong with going out with a bang?

  • anywho

    I sent another PM On IMDB

  • anywho

    @@112: I thought it was funny and I still do. I just always wanted to go over to OL and say those things but I never did. I just never got why everyone was always at it with the butt kissing of MK or OB. Even when I liked OB and was a big fan I still never reacted that way to him. So I thought I would put some humor down and say what everyone else says about him there. lol, like the whole ‘secksy flip flop’ thing was pretty epic. If I only saved some of my last comments from OL.

  • @118

    But everything you said made you sound ignorant.
    Again, it’s OK to dislike someone, but why make up stuff to do it.
    And it wasn’t going out with a bang. It was too lame. More of a smelly fizzle. F@rt like, to put it crudely.

  • anywho

    @@118: Im sorry Im not much of a Orlando fan to care about it or how it hurt your feelings. I dont dislike OB but if thats how you like to put it ok. Im not going to make a deal out of epic post I made about OB on OL. I would rather sound ignorant than to kiss ass to a celeb that most likely doesn’t give a shiz about you. But um kay if the OL posters want to lick some celeb as go ahead im not stopping anyone. ;)


  • FroFro

    114 – there are always two sides to a story, a claim, etc. Maybe I am reading too much into things,and maybe its spot on. From my point of view, she is self centered and self serving, and from my point of view she lacks integrity in many things. So, selling out the boyfriend thing, from my perspecitve, would be right up her alley. When I read the article, I got many a vibe that the writer of the story, who was there, was not impressed with her, her attitude, or her shallow uppitness. Whatever. As I said, we are at an impass.

    The Louis Vuitton example was just one example. I have read other criticisms, and sure, it could be just a coincidence that whatever pic or comment from her seemed to be a response to that criticism, but there sure have been a lot of coincidences. But just because I dont like her, are you going to just disregard what I had said about celebs addictions to their own gossip and criticism? Been there, saw that. I know its common., more so than the adoring public would probably think. I’m not saying they care, but they do read it.

    Typically, I read if Orlando is in the story, but as in true fashion here, the thread always turns to Miranda, love her or hate her. I never said JJ gets paid by her, I said he has an agenda to promote her…..that part is obvious from either a hater or shipper pov. I have no evidence whatsoever proving any such motivation for doing so. Of course her threads get hits. Even all on their own now. I guess his agenda worked in her case because her threads are now more popular than Orlandos. Look at all the bickering a story with her involved causes. JJ struck gold when she started dating Orlando, because love em or hate em, Orlando fans are passionate and divided.

    I’m over this discussion though. Its been a distraction, but honestly, discussing her is really not all that high on my list of priorities. I’ve allowed myself to get sucked into this thread, Anywho posted a response to my initial post at her, and I’ve discussed all I want to discuss about old Miranda crap. People can think she is wonderful, or a piece of crap, its not all that important to me. Now if you want to discuss health care reform in the USA, I will most generously debate that with you. THAT is something of importance to discuss in depth. But, another board, another time. Good night.

  • Obsessed

    LOL. Orlando’s fans care more about his girlfriend than they do about him. His threads get barely any hits while hers are always popular. Doesn’t matter that half the posts are people who,claim to hate her – all of it adds to the total count. Like her or not, his fans seem to be obsessed with her.

  • @frofro

    The whole article was themed around the fact Miranda is from a very small country town and how she grew up on a farm riding horses and motorbikes, they wanted the readers to get a sense of her background, that’s the reason for photographing her in her home town of Gunnedah.

    The parents of her childhood boyfriend were a big part of life growing up and they are still close, so for you to twist this lovely story into some elaborate theory about her using her dead childhood boyfriend is creepy and speaks volumes about your irrational attitude regarding Miranda.

    The truth is none of your “theories” hold any water, your proof is vague and all centered around gossip by anonymous people and looking at photos from which you then decide she is an insecure shallow person, that is beyond weird.

    Whereas there is overwhelming evidence from people who know Miranda and work with her, from journalists, to fashion designers, to make up people, the head of VS and friends and family, you hear the same thing over and over again.

    Miranda is down to earth, funny, sweet and nice.

    So when you keep saying she is this horrible nasty person you sound completely delusional and have lost all credibility when it comes to making comments about Miranda Kerr because none of it is based on facts or reality!

  • @123

    Spot on, there.
    I know that you say that you aren’t a member of ‘that board’ any longer, but your attitude tells us why you were there in the first place. You think that being obnoxious is “funny”, and believe that spewing hatred is a natural part of life. Maybe the longer you are away from that cesspool, the more you will realize that is not the way to live. At least I hope so. You seem very young, so there is plenty of time to change.
    But you did bring up another ‘Hater Double Standard’ that we had forgotten to mention. They love to claim that Miranda doesn’t “give a shiz” about people who “want to lick some celeb as” (how eloquent), yet they go on to state as a fact that she not only reads, but responds to the haters. Does that make any sense at all?

  • @frofro

    Ok, Frofro, I have a challenge for you. Go back and read the article again, but this time with an open mind. I just did, and I could find absolutely nothing that made Miranda look bad. The reporter seemed as enamored with her as her family, and her boyfriend’s family. I even tried to read it with a more jaundiced eye, looking for any hint of derision, and found none. I honestly don’t see what you are going on about. Honestly. Cross my heart, and all that.
    So if you would, please go back and read the article, and point out what I apparently missed. In case the link doesn’t work, it’s on the site, in their gallery section under 2008 magazines. The magazine was ‘Confidential’, and you will be able to find it easily, because the thumbnail is a picture of Miranda on a horse. How’bout it? Are you willing to see her in a different light?

  • @125

    But you don’t understand – people who claim to ‘hate’ the girl have already made up their minds to do so for reasons that may not seem ‘logical’ to those of us who choose NOT to judge or ‘villify’ her without just cause. They may read an article that paints her in the most glowing light possible and STILL find ‘hidden meanings’ that actually prove (in their view) that it’s really meant to be disparaging. These are people who operate from a very negative and cynical mindset which seems geared to look for the worst in something/someone. It’s difficult if not impossible to ‘reason’ with such people.

  • @126

    I know, I know.
    I guess that it was a final effort to understand how someone else can see things soooo differently.
    This article was a perfect example. Frofro claimed that even the reporter saw through her act, but IMO, the reporter found her charming, sweet and funny. I just don’t understand how people of intelligence can have such different interpretations of the printed word. I just don’t get it.
    This attempt was just a shot in the dark.

  • anywho

    @@123: This is to post #124. And also my very very last post to clear one more thing up. I stopped thinking that MK and her family reads here. Its been a while now actually but I just dont believe they do. To me now after everything I thought about and know it sounds too silly that she and her family would go on JJ and do that. I used to think they did for almost a year, but since last June I just thought it was too weird to think they do. I also don’t want to think negative about MK’s family anymore either. Im just over it, I really am. I dont want to pick on OB or MK anymore, Im at the point where I dont care what they do together.

  • @Anywho

    Firstly – I would say 100% that someone from Miranda’s PR team reads here and other celebrity gossip sites – think about – if you were trying to manage someones public image – you wouldn’t carry on putting stuff out there without having some means of checking how its going down. I doubt it means they read every post but enough to get a feel for how XYZ event or action has registered with the general public.

    Secondly – Whats the big deal with not liking someone people, I doubt we’d find anyone that all of us liked or all of us disliked…

    It always gets so personal on here – do any of us really care beyond exchanging a bit of anonymous banter???

  • Ellen

    I have just found out about this thread and I am really surprised people may be so rude or rather stupid, as I may call it.
    I can see the point of having some other opinioin or on thinking differently or anything. This is how the world is built. One should respect each other.
    I just don;t understand how stupid one must be to get to JJ and use my nickname saying anything. No matter if I agree with it or not. I find it really sad and tasteless whoever did it.
    I am not an active member of the delphi forum because I have a busy life and also I withdrew from the discussion because the relationship of Miranda and Orlando is not the main target of my life. But I have always enjoyed checking the news and gossips which delphi privided to have.

    I would be very happy if someone (JJ)could provide me the IP of the person who wrote messages here as an Ellen and at the same time checking my IP. I would gladly contact this person and talk face to face. Such things are very tasteless to do. But what can I expect from the internet where everyone is just a nick and nothing more.

  • @129

    And what’s the big deal about someone liking someone?
    Why can’t we like someone without being called blind, mindless, @ss kissing, shippers who must be part of Miranda’s team?
    Explain that one to me, why don’t you?
    And if the haters don’t like the reactions that they get, why post at all? There are many celebs out there that I don’t like, so I stay away from their threads. I know, I know, this isn’t a “fan board’, but why waste your time like that?
    I just don’t get it.
    Oh, and have any of the ‘haters’ taken the challenge that #125 laid out? I’m curious, too.

  • @129…….

    You Delphi crazies really believe that Miranda reads your loser forum…….so hysterically funny, I mean how delusional do you have to be to seriously think a highly successful model who works 6 days a week and travels around the world leading this amazing life actually worries or cares about what 5 jealous, envious women on an obscure website is saying about her……..lololololololol…… pathetic and lame, you poor sad things!!!!

  • http://justjared @132

    That is why they are called loons

  • OK

    I could believe that many celebrities google themselves out of curiosity and even that what strangers say about them may affect them somehow. But there is a deep abyss from there to assume that a celebrity checks a god forsaken site where only a few people post, on a daily basis – while having a busy schedule flying, modeling around and attending events- and going even further, that said celebrity goes to crazy extremes such as calling the paparazzi or wearing this or that garment to prove things to those few people who BTW are clearly determined to not change their views regardless of the amount of ‘proof’ that celebrity is willing to provide.
    The first I can believe, the latter is called Clerambault. All celebrities put on a bit of show for the public, but there’s no way I’m believing they orchestrate such elaborated shows for a ridiculously small percentage of their public.
    The same way, I don’t believe her PR team is in every country at every time leaking convenient information about their client to every mag.
    That infamous site’s increasing ruin is due to their ambition, they demand big jumps of faith and un/fortunately only those who are extremely faithful give them any credit.

  • b

    does anyone know how to get tickets to the workshop in Melbourne tomorrow?

  • @135

    Not sure, but you should probably check with the David Jones people. I do know that they have been so popular that they have had to turn people away from every event so far, so you should get there very early.

  • suppress your appetite

    she is adorable!

  • LoLo

    Blonde hair makes this beautiful woman look a little more average, more common, no contrast to the eyes, the skin…light brown was better.

  • Mikki

    Miranda looks great! Little Flynn has such amazingly beautiful parents:)