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Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones

Miranda Kerr hosts an in-store fashion workshop highlighting new trends and pieces from the David Jones Collection on Elizabeth Street in Sydney, Australia on Tuesday (August 5).

The 26-year-old Australian beauty has been trying out a lighter hair color recently and her mom doesn’t like it! Miranda‘s mom, Therese Kerr, “I prefer her as a brunette. Her eyes shine more when her hair is darker.”

DO YOU THINK Miranda is hotter as a brunette – YAY or NAY?

25+ pictures inside of Miranda Kerr jonsing for David Jones…

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139 Responses to “Miranda Kerr: Jonesing for David Jones”

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  1. 51
    MICHELLE Says:

    I dont mind her as either, but brunnette seesm to fit her better.

  2. 52
    More striking as brunette Says:

    She’s pretty either way but I think she’s more striking as a brunette since those gorgeous blue eyes of hers really take center stage in contrast with the darker hair. I’m one who thinks she’s very, very cute – but not ‘sexy’ in the same way Adriana is. She has a really cute shape though – slim and delicate. She’s adorable.

  3. 53
    @Truth Says:

    Just because she is not ‘pretty’ in your opinion, it doesn’t mean she can’t be a model,

    In my opinion she is really pretty but if all successful models were pretty than there would be a tonne. Of course I’m not saying that all the successful models aren’t pretty, becuase they are, they’re gorgeous but they’re more successful because they have a unusual, unique look to them!

  4. 54
    Unique Says:

    She doesn’t look just ‘cookie cutter’ pretty. Her appeal is more unique, sort of exotic.. IMO she’s a very attractive girl.

  5. 55
    @52 Says:

    Adriana is more overtly sexy, while Miranda is more subtle.
    Miranda hs a sweet, girl next door type of sexuality, while Adriana is more of the vixen down the block. They appeal to different people. There isn’t anything wrong with either one of them.
    Both are gorgeous IMO, just different.

  6. 56
    anywho Says:

    The Delphi members are crazy- they tried to talk me into their crazy stories, but Ellen and I would not be into it.

    They are hurting themselves for believing what they do.

    It is time to stop being crazy delphi people!

  7. 57
    Ellen Says:

    Agreed Anywho. I do find their “theories” crazy, as we have spoken about in private, I do think it has gone too far over there, grown women talking insane.

  8. 58
    traitors Says:

    You two might want to go back to your “home” with the rest of the crazies and reread some of the insane theories you talked about with them. We don’t want you either.

  9. 59
    FroFro Says:

    Anywho and Ellen:

    It’s one thing to change your opinion about something or someone. Fine, don’t believe the things you have discussed with others over the last couple of years. Whatever. You have that right. But wow….et tu Brute?

    It appears you have quite the agenda, running right over to JJ to announce your new found love for Miranda, calling everyone who ever trusted you “crazy”. Maybe all the “friends” you will make here and be oh so popular with now (maybe Mayfrayn will forgive you for all the hateful attacks and stalking you did on her eh?) will now just call you immature, illiterate, and stupid, behind your back instead of right to your face. Good luck with that.

  10. 60
    @59 Says:

    What’s the matter, Fro?
    Ticked off that someone escaped from the clutches of insanity that permeates that cesspool that you thrive in?
    Angry that one of your members actually saw the light, and realized that wallowing in irrational hatred is unhealthy?
    Look at it this way. If someone as immersed in that culture as Anywho was, can recognize that the site goes beyond all borders of reason, doesn’t that say something? Doesn’t that make you think that yes, maybe you do go a bit far? Doesn’t that give you pause? If not, maybe something more serious is wrong with you, and the other members.
    Go back and re-examine ANY of the threads. If you don’t see facts twisted beyond recognition, words taken completely out of context to state a case, and out right LIES, then there is no hope for you.
    Anywho was smart to get out while she was still sane.

  11. 61
    FroFro Says:

    No dearie – I have no problem if Anywho wants to leave Delphi. She has that right as does anyone who changes their opinion, or even wants to keep on there with a different opinion. If you read my post you would see I already stated that.

    I do however have a problem with people that gain others trust then run to another board with an agenda to stab them in the back. Anywho clearly had an agenda coming here. It appears she wants to make friends here by turning on people who once trusted her. You can have her. I know what high regard you all hold her in.

    Please, don’t lecture me on cesspools of hatred. If you recall, THIS place is where nasty bickering, hatred, name calling and personal attacks started between posters regarding Orlando and Miranda. Y’all are experts on it. If someone even dares criticize the bronze statue Miranda, the claws come out and the hatred dished at other posters is so deep you need waders just to get out. By all means, keep playing innocent and those of us that can have a mature discussion at Delphi will keep taking all the blame for being viscious hate filled people if it makes you sleep better.

  12. 62
    draco Says:


    Have you received my PM about the identity of the LOL and @ poster here at JJ?

    They’re not from Delphi actually, but rather Kerr shippers/fans from TFS and Bellazon!

  13. 63
    @61 Says:

    Ok, you earned this one….hypocrite.
    You seem to forget that the “hatred, name calling and personal attacks” were perpetrated by some of the same people who left to form their own board based upon, well what do you know…..hatred name calling and attacks.
    Don’t try to play the innocent victim here.
    Those people only formed their own site so that their insane ideas wouldn’t be questioned. They only allow one point of view (don’t even try to dispute that), whereas at least this forum lets both sides have a say.
    And I wouldn’t be worried about Anywho breaking a trust. She hasn’t said anything that the entire fandom doesn’t already know.

  14. 64
    FroFro Says:

    Well, as I said, if that makes you feel better and sleep better at night, then by all means keep thinking what you want.

    ~this forum lets both sides have a say~

    OMG – I just split my sides with laughter over that one. Teehee….thanks for the good laugh.

  15. 65
    FroFro Says:

    Draco – I don’t know what PM you are talking about. I can only get PM’s at IMDB.

  16. 66
    @64 Says:

    Well, aren’t both sides having a say right now?
    Or have you been confined to that one-sided board so long that you can’t recognize a difference of opinion anymore.

  17. 67
    draco Says:


    I’ll send it to you again! So there’ll be no more questions like who are the cowards whose hiding behind the names LOL and @. I will also send you some patterns of reasoning from LOL and @ from the 2 fashion sites and see for yourself that those are just same people!

  18. 68
    FroFro Says:

    I’m not “confined” to any board. I participate at several boards where I have friends and acquaintences on both sides of any given issue surrounding Orlando and Miranda. I can have discussions with them, whether in agreement or not, without the all the anon poster bashing that is continuous here. You think because you “allow” my post here (gosh! thanks for that!) that I won’t get all sorts of crap hurled at me in return? OR, that over the past two years people here have been so mature and willing to discuss all possibilities of something without personal insults to other posters? Sorry……that has NEVER been the case. Pick out any thread at random since Miranda first appeared in pics and rumors with Bloom and you will see just how mature people have been and how willing they have been to let people have their say without personal attacks. There is not one single thread I have ever read or posted at.

  19. 69
    FroFro Says:

    Thats fine, PM me at IMDB, but I dont know who LOL and @ are even on here. I dont read Miranda threads. I was only informed of this one when Anywho showed up to make her grand statement.

  20. 70
    @fro Says:

    I’m sorry. But it’s hard to take you seriously when you seem to think that delphi has a higher standard and/or more civil discussions, that this forum.
    Yes, people probably make more personal attacks here, but they are no match for the venom spewed at a total stranger at delphi. Not to mention the attacks made on a certain, rather famous shipper. Oh, but I guess that is OK, because it didn’t happn here. You know, in this place full of “hatred, name calling and personal attacks”. It happened at delphi, a place of love and harmony.
    At least have the guts to admit that most of the theories over there are waaaay over the top, and beyond reason. If you can’t see that, you are hopeless.

  21. 71
    draco Says:


    I know. I just want you and the others to know the names of the anon cowards here at JJ. So next time the anon cowards who will again have their say will no longer be unknown to us!

    Believe me, they’re just same people, actually 2 same people!

  22. 72
    @70 Says:

    And all of those OTT theories are echoed by posters on this forum, yet they all claim not to post here. Hard to believe when the posts are practically verbatim.

  23. 73
    @70... Says:

    It’s so sad, but I’m afraid it may be hopeless.

  24. 74
    @71 Says:

    Oh that’s rich.
    Little Miss Detective thinks that she has ‘figgered things out’.
    Really? You think that all of the @ posters, or all of the ones who use ‘LOL’ are the same people?
    (how’s that?)
    Oh, wait….that’s another delphi idiocy. Thy believe that ANY positive poster is a member of Miranda’s staff. I forgot. Silly me.
    I don’t know which is more frightening. The fact that you spent so much time doing this *ahem* research *ahem*, or the fact that you think that you have an answer.

  25. 75
    FroFro Says:

    70 – You dont have to take me seriously. It doesn’t matter to me honestly. I understand perfectly well what Delphi is all about. I’ve been a member there since Day 1 and Alegria is a friend of mine. Do I always agree with her? No. Do I always agree with others there? No. Sometimes I say so, and sometimes I don’t. But, the difference is that when posters there don’t agree with each other on things they dont sling personal attacks back and forth, or worse, do what Anywho just did and run to a board that is known daily and hourly to attack Delphi just to say she now has changed her opinion and calls everyone “crazy and hurting themselves” like we are a bunch of mentally deranged cutters all sitting around in white gowns mumbling to ourselves.

    So that is why I say, think what you want….you will anyway. I have stated time and time and time again why I personally don’t care for Miranda Kerr. My reasons might be different than someone elses, but its not like its a big secret that people who post at Delphi dont like her. So what? She is a public persona, and one who has proven time after time that she craves attention, she just doesn’t want to deal with the criticism that comes with it.

    I have also said previously that people who post on forums to discuss such things, whether truth, lies, assumptions, etc. are doing so because the people they are talking about are in the media. The POSTERS themselves are not. They are everyday folks on a forum. Its not up to me to defend Miranda, or even Orlando if they receive criticism for something. If they want to defend themselves against it, they will. But, as a poster with friends and acquaintences on these forums, I will defend myself, and my friends as well. I just personally think that discussions rather than insult hurtling at each other is a better environment for a forum, even if the discussion is how much people can’t stand said celebrities (they are celebrities – they all get it in one way shape or form). I learned that the hard way at IMDB, and I am not claiming to have never bashed other posters. But simply, these days I choose to interact at forums where I can disagree with someone without having to call them crazy, derainged, and delusional because they see something different than I do. Nowhere did I say Delphi is the beacon of perfection, because that board has had its times too, but most people know each other there, and because of that put out a gesture of trust in each other. Trust gets broken, people get pissed. That simple. Will anyone on any side of any board in the fandoms trust Anywho again? Most likely not. And FYI – it is Anywho that chose to stalk Mayfrayn from board to board calling her horrid things and stirring siht up. Most people just left her alone if she had something to say at Delphi. Maybe we are better off without her.

    As for peoples theories and discussions at Delphi, I don’t have to “admit” anything. I participate, so do others. We aren’t the Stepford Wives all thinking and feeling the same things all at once. They are discussions, and yes, even venom towards Miranda and sometimes Orlando, and sometimes, even defense of one or the other. Why do you care so much whether someone likes them, doesn’t like them, whatever? Miranda’s own hometown papers sometimes say things just as raunchy about her, but the dingbat keeps opening her yap to them again and again. Brainiac she isn’t. All in all, its gossip and discussion. Its not hurting her or her career one bit, and as she said in her recent interview she never googles herself (uhhuh) so she wouldn’t be reading it anyway right?

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