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Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton has secured a guest spot on episode five of Supernatural this season, E! reports.

A source close to the show says, “The fans should trust [creator/producer] Eric Kripke.”

Demon-hunting brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles kick off season five of Supernatural @ 9PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 10 on The CW.

WILL YOU WATCH Paris Hilton’s cameo on Supernatural? What do you think her character will be like on the show?

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  • uhehuehueuhe

    a hooker who was murderer by a penis and then came to haunt

  • ness

    i wouldnt miss a supernatural episode for the world! we’ll see how she does… i can picture her as a demon, kinda. i hope she’s not an angel. and i hope she’s a bad ass. and i hope she don’t make out with jensen or jared. or castiel.

  • bella

    wow one of the many reasons why I no longer watch the show. Same old plot, and now this! paris hilton way to kill a show.

  • Cassandra

    I’ll watch but only with the hopes that the boys kill her off hopefully in the same light as House of Wax…

  • katie

    Wow great way to kill the show

  • Marie

    I trust Eric Kripke so this should be good.

  • Lila

    stupid ugly-faced girl, will kill the show

  • dundies

    i will punch my tv

  • david

    That will be one night I turn the channel to something else. I have not seen or heard of her in anything to date that was worth the time of day. She is a media phenomenon, but wealth can do that for you. I do not have anything against her personally, I just do not see her as contributing anything to the show and do not think I should have to mute or ignore the parts of an episode because she is in it. The ones who have it worse are Jensen and Jared who have to share screen time with her. I hope I don’t miss an otherwise good episode/plot line because I am watching another show that evening

  • h

    Oh come on! I love SN but Paris?! hopefully she doesn’t ruin a great show.

  • Liv

    Are you kidding me?! Jensen Ackles openly mocked Herpes on an episode of Chelsea Handler’s show. I can’t believe they have to work with her.

  • Krissy

    I have a feeling they are going to make fun of her. Can’t stand her, but I trust the Supernatural braintrust.

  • Eddie

    “Scores” is appropriate when referring to her

  • mary

    i wouldn’t miss an episode of spn for anything but i’m not looking forward to paris being on the show! she’s not an actress, just a stupid blonde. i agree with ness, i hope she doesn’t kiss dean, sam or castiel!

  • Lynn

    OMG NONONONON! SPN is one of the best shows on television, and s5 is going to be epic, so why does PH has to get involved?

    Unless she’s one of the girls Chuck was ordering at the end of s4 XD

    More Misha, Jensen and Jared, please, not Paris.

  • lilly

    Didn’t Jared say he wouldn’t work with her again? I’m sure I read he said (politely) that they didn’t get particularly close during House of Wax…

  • lily

    LMAO. Jensen made fun of her and her sister on the Chelsey Lately Show and Jared’s BFF Chad Michael Murray cheated on his wife with this slut. Not to mention Jared is dating Dannel Harris who is BFFs with Sophia, hmm, doubt Jensen and Paris will be getting along.

    I trust the SP writers, but seriously? I hope her character will be be a prostitute that gets killed off or something. Hah :)

  • meh

    Hahaha i feel sorry for the boys. hope they don’t catch her diseases

  • Minnie

    @ lily

    Jensen is dating Daneel, not Jared.

  • Pan

    ARE. YOU JOKING ME????? NO, THAT’S MY FAVORITE SHOWWWW! Unless they decide to brutally murder her…

  • Kate

    this is the worst idea ever,is it going to be like a House of Wax 3.0 or something? Come on I love this show.

  • Patty

    I can only hope they kill her in the first 5 minutes. Stunt casting sinks to a new low.

  • Kally

    Why does they feel the need to bring that b!tch to the show?

    Are they so desperate to not find better people I mean a REAL actress?!!

    I’m certain that if they just ask a girl from the street she would be a better guest that this slut!!

  • Lynn

    S5 tiny spoiler: it’s probably the episode when Dean takes Castiel to a whorehouse. XD

  • ryleigh

    Well this is going to be an interesting episode.
    I hope she gets brutally murdered….

  • Kay H

    @Cassandra: my feelings exactly. I have faith in kripke. He’d just LOVE to kill off paris hilton….slowly.

  • ladyshew

    WTF? that b.. is everywhere. I am so sick of her, her acting skills will ruin this show.

  • lakers fan in boston

    at least she’s gonna actually do something with her life
    heard on perez she spent like $325k, or something like that, on a house for her dogs
    thats a waste of money, i could have bought a fine ass care with that =[

  • Samar

    I just had a stroke.

  • wow

    yeah lainey broke this story. it was total lol worthy because there was so much fcuk fcuk fcuk vitriol typed out but i couldn’t help agreeing with her. i can’t wait for ph to disappear from this earth and take her diseased widemanginatrapper with her.

  • L-Boogie

    Honestly I think that exactly the reason they have offered her a role in this episode. Screw all the cast members and then say “that’s hot” right before they go to credits

  • Aurora

    paris hilton?urgh!!!no,thanks!

  • Jen

    what??, whyyyyy? NOOOOOOO

    Well I am going to be watching it just because I love this show so much but ugh, will not be happy that Paris will be on and sharing air time with Jensen and Jared who are so amazing. But knowing Kripke he will probably kill her off or make fun of her, he has quite the sense of humor.

  • cecile

    LMAO !! she should be on Gossip Girl instead ! she would be perfect in that superficial world lol

  • sOUSOU

    I love watching Supernatural, it’s a great show with a great actors Jared Padalecki & Jensen Ackles. But I’m gonna watching this episode not for Paris Hilton but for them.
    It’s gonna be interesting!

  • me

    @dundies: LOL

  • uno_dos_tres

    Oh Heeeeeeeeeeeeeell no!! Not that I really believe it. How many times has Kripke thrown sh!t out there just to watch fandom explode?? I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • NOlove4u

    Wow I had really hoped this wasn’t true! Trust Kripke yeah right isnt he the person we can thank for the crappy character known as Ruby. I’m just really disappointed in this whole mess and really who thought this cheese crap was a good idea?

  • rebecca

    @Minnie: geez whatever, jensen’s not dating danneel harris, he confirmed his marriage with stephanie ware, don’t pay any atention to danneel harris rumors the girl isn’t right in the head.

  • NOlove4u

    @uno_dos_tres: Personally I wish he would concentrate on the show and spend less time screwing with the fans!

  • Good god

    Is it just, me or does she look more and more like a drag queen everyday?

  • Girl

    NO! This is my favorite show, and next season is the last season, and I really don’t want her to be part of it! I like that show because is not soem stupid teen drama with dumb celebutantes guest starring, so god. I feel gross. I trust Kripke, but I don’t trust him that much.

  • melodyayay

    If Paris Hilton gets into that show (my fav) I will kill myself ! PLEASE people! Not to be judmental , but she’s not even an actress! I say absolutely NO to Paris Hilton guest-star on Supernatural !

  • mickey

    If she plays a slutty loser who can’t act and has no talent whatsoever, then she won’t have to act.

    I don’t watch the show anyway, but if I did I wouldn’t watch that episode because there are too many real actors who would love to get an acting gig and it’s offensive that they would give one to someone who has no business acting in the first place.

  • Jenna

    This show has sucked since they killed off the yellow eyed demon.. Casting Paris Hilton only cements that!

  • Vanessa

    LOL Paris Hilton, really?!?!

    **** this show sucks!!!!

  • gisselle Diaz

    WTF i hate her she will ruin the show!!!!!!! and dean better not hit on her lol

  • Deb

    Yeah, I trust the Krip but… Crap. If we have to be subjected to this skank on SPN, I sincerely hope she plays a corpse. Or if she plays a live character, she gets killed off instantly, preferably w/o uttering a single word. What a COMPLETE waste of a human being Hilton is.
    I hate the idea that my beloved show is associated with her.

  • NO!


    Worst thing to happen to the show ever….

    What is with all the disappointing castings on CW shows ATM?


  • Erin

    Great, another bad actor for this stupid show.