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Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton has secured a guest spot on episode five of Supernatural this season, E! reports.

A source close to the show says, “The fans should trust [creator/producer] Eric Kripke.”

Demon-hunting brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles kick off season five of Supernatural @ 9PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 10 on The CW.

WILL YOU WATCH Paris Hilton’s cameo on Supernatural? What do you think her character will be like on the show?

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161 Responses to “Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint”

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  1. 76
    jena Says:

    oh gawd…i can’t help but laugh….but i think she’s get killed in the episode!!! but of course i’ll watch…cause its SUPERNATURAL!!!

  2. 77
    bobby Says:

    she is stunt demon #4.. got KO by the boys!

  3. 78
    Sarah Says:

    Jfc, people are making such a big deal about this. Look. I trust Eric Kripke and sure I don’t like Paris but that doesn’t mean I am going to disown the show because she guest stars in one episode. You people call yourself fans, you have to love a show for what makes it amazing and except the things that aren’t so great.

  4. 79
    Sarah Says:

    @Superfreak: Exactly what I’m saying. Thank you!

  5. 80
    Peach Says:

    Please tell me that she’s playing a corpse.

  6. 81
    jorja Says:

    no waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
    that show is too good to have her as a guest!

  7. 82
    iheartvector Says:

    Why Eric…?
    We (all the fans) will never leave SPN…!!! You don’t have to take Paris to get more audiences!!!!
    Please don’t let her in…!!! Especially in season 5…!!!!!!

  8. 83
    Cali Says:

    ***** sleeps with everyone.

  9. 84
    T Says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Pls don’t put her on the show! I really don’t wanna see her on my fav. tv show….she would ruin the whole show!!!!And why the hell even Paris couldn’t they find someone else??!! I really don’t wann see her ass on the show….this sux!!!I am so against it….and I think that the fans are more important than a Paris!!Aren’t we??
    I am so against it!!!And if you’re against it, too, then follow me on twitter Pls I need mor followers!!!Thx ;)

  10. 85
    ashley Says:

    Wow, some of you have NO faith in the show at all. After all these years, and all the twists and turns and surprises Kripke and the writers have produced, and the way the boys work their freakin asses off just for us to watch the show, and some of you are not even gonna watch cuz PARIS is gonna be on there?! For what? Probably like 10 minutes! It’s not like it’s gonna be the PARIS HILTON show the whole hour, it’s still Supernatural, and it’s still got the boys in it, they are still gonna be the main focus. *shakes head* I can definitely tell who the real fans are.

  11. 86
    Bridget Says:

    EEEEWWWWW! OMG! REALLY!! Well guess i can still watch you know for the guys,but i’m with everyone else kill the b#*%@!!!!

  12. 87
    Melody Says:

    Great! I hope she will end up dead.

  13. 88
    Becks Says:

    she better not ruin it!

  14. 89
    Lizandermander Says:

    Please please please GOD let Dean shoot her in the ass or in the head or something..

  15. 90
    Casey Says:

    Eww Paris! I hope shes someone who gets killed in the first 5 seconds of the ep!

  16. 91
    occasionalWeirdo Says:

    Wait a sec … why the hell does this remind me of Veronica Mars and NOT House of Wax?!
    Paris did a decent job there, no lie. Hope she manages it well again.
    The day the 5th season gets released here, I will be surprised to see her on the show … and YEAH, she should get killed and die an interesting way.

  17. 92
    Janet Says:

    @Lynn: OMG How funny I was thinking the same thing!!!!!! Still, hope the boys Gank her.

  18. 93
    SS Says:

    NO matter who the guest is..its not goin to stop me from watching this show ever

  19. 94
    charlie Says:

    Lets hope she gets killed as soon as she appears!!

  20. 95
    lil Says:

    What a f***ing b*tch. Now I can’t watch that episode. Thanks for killing the show for me you herpes infected, open-legged, wonky-eyed c*nt

  21. 96
    Josie Says:

    WHAT!? Come on! Supernatural is an awesome show. Paris Hilton Seriously?! That’s just horrible. She better no ruin it.
    Hopefully she dies.

  22. 97
    lovesdean Says:

    what the hell!

  23. 98
    kaput Says:

    LOL! I’m so glad I’m not a fan of this show anymore.
    good riddance for all the deangirls and kripke fans that wanted the dean show and now all you’re getting is crap.

  24. 99
    Alex Says:

    I love Supernatural. Season 4 by far was the best season yet but to hear that they hired Paris Hilton to be a guest star in the 5th episode is an insult. Paris Hilton is a douche. She belongs in the same category of douches like Prejean and Sarah Palin. Ugh! Disgusted. What is Eric Kripke thinking?

  25. 100
    Barby Says:


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