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Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint

Paris Hilton has secured a guest spot on episode five of Supernatural this season, E! reports.

A source close to the show says, “The fans should trust [creator/producer] Eric Kripke.”

Demon-hunting brothers Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles kick off season five of Supernatural @ 9PM ET/PT on Thursday, September 10 on The CW.

WILL YOU WATCH Paris Hilton’s cameo on Supernatural? What do you think her character will be like on the show?

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161 Responses to “Paris Hilton Scores Supernatural Stint”

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  1. 126
    Kass Says:

    I think we should all trust Eric’s choices since he has done a Super Awesome job for the past four seasons….

  2. 127
    Cat Says:

    maybe a demon possesing her, IDK. I will watch it because she isnt awful, She and Jared might have good chemistry since they have worked together before, and we do have to trust Kripke. There was only ever 1 thing I didnt like on SPN and that was that Bella was killed too early, but he said it was a mistake on the writers part due to the strike that went on during season 3. If he likes it, I am sure we will too. If you dont like Paris, just focus on her character, not the actress. There are plenty of characters I have liked in the past but not the actors, same with liking an actor and not a character.

  3. 128
    Cat Says:

    @bella: Not really the same old plot, Lucifer is up now and now they have to kill him before he kills all humans! I think this will be the most intense season, there will be things stronger and weirder than they have ever faced I believe!

  4. 129

    I think a part of me just died. Eric Kripke, if I trust you and you break my heart…….I’m coming for your balls.

  5. 130
    Stefny0 Says:

    usually i wouldnt bash celebs but seriously wat the hell were they thinking ?? i mean in house of wax she had a fringin stick stabeed throught her head and i was happy i cant wait to see how she dies “hopefully” couldnt they brink lauren back as bela

  6. 131
    Stefny0 Says:

    yeah i agree with lily jared’s and chad are best friends chad messed up his marriage with ****** paris. jensen is dating daneel harris sophia’s best friends and i dont think she’d want her man 10 feet near ****** paris

  7. 132
    grace Says:

    I find that I go to vomit!
    She goes to die calmly, with the aid of the hellhounds in the first and only episode her?

  8. 133
    grace Says:

    I find that I go to vomit!
    She goes to have a calm death, in the first and only episode of it?
    As of the Dean, when went attacked by hellhounds.

  9. 134

    A simple girl who will be f***ed by Dean

  10. 135
    mobiler Says:

    i can se were you want to go with this articel, if you get there is a whole other story:)

  11. 136
    cameron Says:

    have a bit of faith in kripke, he knows what he’s doing. she’s bound to get killed off, dumb hooker

  12. 137
    Kitty Says:

    10 top reasons I love this women..

    1. She is always well matched and stylish and adorable. wears the cutest things ive ever seen!

    2.Is loving sweet and has a very caring heart. REGARDLESS of what you people say.. its the truth! She isn’t perfect we all make mistakes she’s human just like the rest of us.

    3. she has a cheerful personailty and is confident with herself and has a free spirt.. i love this girl!

    4. She has the luckiest animals and she spoils them and loves on them alot when she is home and when she takes them with her. I love animals

    5. She will make a wonderful mom she is very nursering and loving and they will top suri curise on luckist baby celebs. Harlow was so cute her daughter is going to be cuter since they got 2 hot parents Doug is gorgeous so is PARIS!

    6.She spends time to take pictures and sign autographs and is very sweet to her fans.. Even she writes thankyous!

    7. She has a great sense of humor on simple life and BFF

    8. SHE does charities for kids she went to africia to help children in need and has visit kids in the hospital and donated a kind amount to the childrens hospital LOOK IT UP BEFORE YOU ARGURE! She has a beauitful heart when it comes to children.

    9 AMAZINNN STYLE N FASHION! love that the most Lol

    10. She is a incrediably strong person all that she been through she still able to push herself through and stay happy and confident through the good times while most people have trouble moving on.

    I love you PARIS!! dont let the spineless people bring u down rock it girl.

  13. 138
    f'sbn Says:

    Well, I love Supernatural and like half of the world I hate Paris Hilton, the lucky is that she will stay on Supernatural just one episode I think… :S

  14. 139
    Damian Says:

    Hmmmmm..I’ll watch it definitely with hopes that she’s a demon…and Dean is in the pissiest of moods!

  15. 140
    Tipsiturvi Says:

    omg… i can’t…no… just… DAMNIT. XOOOO

  16. 141
    Christie Says:

    I’m going to watch it!
    And I really want to watch it!
    I love Paris!

  17. 142
    Evie Says:


    haha i totally agree! =D

  18. 143
    Evie Says:


    haha i totally agree! =D

  19. 144
    Danielle Says:

    I just hope this bi-yotch die!!
    Like killed by Lucifer or something…seriously, i rly rly hope she doesn’t have sex with any of the winchester boys…GOSH, i would probably start hating Supernatural…
    Like i said…I just hope she DIES!!!

  20. 145
    Danielle Says:

    I just hope this bi-yotch die!!
    Like killed by Lucifer or something…seriously, i rly rly hope she doesn’t have sex with any of the winchester boys…GOSH, i would probably start hating Supernatural…
    Like i said…I just hope she DIES!!!

  21. 146
    Angelique Says:

    Paris Hilton on Supernatural?! Oh no please!!!

  22. 147
    Kelli M Says:

    Did they lose a bet or something?

    Haha, I’m kidding. it shouldn’t be that bad. I trust they will have fun with it :].

  23. 148
    Lucy Says:

    There is nothing in the world that will stop me from watching a supernatural episode at least once….i just hope they know what they are doing..i trusted kripke in jump the shark and that turned out alright in the end :) But no matter how much i love this show there is nothing in the world that is going to make me repect paris hilton…there is no point to her, she conributes nothing to society in my eyes. I just hope that she is brutally murdered somehow, either by the winchesters or now!! We trust you kripke but ur pushing it to the limit with this one lol

    Welcome back boys, we have missed you <3

  24. 149
    Lucy Says:

    @Lucy: Ok the line where i sed i wanted her to get brutally murdered by the winchesters…its spose to read “either by the winchesters or sumhow”…i dont know why it says now :S

  25. 150
    spnfan Says:

    Any one who said **** would be right, according to this she’s playing herself

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