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Rachel Bilson: Engagement Is Still On

Rachel Bilson: Engagement Is Still On

Rachel Bilson chats with some friends after lunch at Italian restaurant Cecconi’s on Tuesday (August 4) in West Hollywood.

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress confirmed that her engagement with fiancĂ© Hayden Christensen is still on. Rachel‘s rep told the New York Daily News, “The engagement is on. She just doesn’t always wear the ring.”

Rachel caused some chatter of a possible separation when she appeared without an engagement ring at a party in Los Angeles.

UPDATE: Rachel is wearing a charcoal t-shirt with a cotton skirt — both by Brian Reyes.

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Credit: Symons; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • f you

    irrelevant waste of a human being.

    she looks weird in heels, like a kid playing dressup

  • Sally

    Cute as always.

  • f you
  • Fullthrottle

    Is that Kelly Rowan that she is chatting with?

  • t

    Pimple face.

  • t

    Ugly midget with ugly legs. HC should wear mini skirts and she should cover up.

  • carrie

    Jared stop wasting your time and as well as our time putting this irreverent out of work all I do all day is go shopping and eating nobody on your page. I for one and I’m sure others do as well do not care whether her arranged engagement is still on or not. Thanks…

  • Frankie

    You should print the rest of that statement which said that she sometimes leaves her expensive jewellery at home.
    Her home which was where there was a burglary!! makes perfect sense and once again an engagement ring is not a fashion piece, it either symbolizes a commitment or it doesn’t.
    At this point this is the only thing keeping her in the news

  • Cee

    Why wouldn’t she wear the ring all the time? :(
    That’s so sad!

  • crapshack

    @ Engagement Is Still On…
    And same goes on her sole purpose of being a celebritard (mediawhoring) … so predictable!

    And what she’s still doing in LA?!
    TCA had “snubbed” her 2 weeks of acting cutesy-patootsy already –

    Should or more like must go on a hiding again and put that “metal leash” all over her head for an indefinite hibernation period – LOL

  • anonymous

    You know when the publists start denying rumours of a split that the end is in sight. Happens all the time…and I really do wish she would stop wearing such short skirts, they do nothing for her legs or her image. Her rep and her stylist need to sit down and give her a good talking to. Too many people seem too afraid to tell her the truth, she needs a damn good image consultant to point her in the right direction otherwise she’s just going to get stuck in her pointless, aimless non-career! Image is everything, it’s how people view you that counts and all people view her as now is a dumb, teenage-obsessed, non-actress who plays games with the media to the point of being seen as completely irrelevant.

  • Gasol_fan16

    So much for people speculating she went to Canada and went back under the radar! LOL! See…This is what she wanted. She wanted to spread a rumor of a possible breakup and now she got back on JJ. Disgusting. Notice how she is hiding her wedding finger. I swear! This woman has no real job and all she does is media wh*re for a living! She does not deserve all this press attention.

    Can we start seeing real celebrities who are doing really honest hard work in movies or a sports star for a change that deserve the attention? You think you can handle that JJ? Geez!

  • ariel

    She can’t wear a engagement ring to certain functions but, she can wear it going to the market where does she have the better chance of losing the diamond that looks like a cheap piece of glass. Oh like she won’t get mugged at the market or out ot lunch, But mega superstar will rob her at t private function for fashion where does this make sense. Oh boy does she have priorites screwed up. Last time she disclaimed a rumor back in December that was on the French rachel site said she wasn’t engaged but, then come a month or two later she then states to some asshole on a plane she was engaged. So really do we trust rumors. And I’m sure lover boy will show up in a week or so for her birthday so he can do his token performance with her. I swear I think at times she pays him to be her fiance not the opposite way around. Good chance she bought the ring and told him to just say they are engaged. I don’t buy that he didn’t truly tell her he can’t handle this anymore the man is immature and anti social.

  • Where’s Thurmen?

    @f you: Yes, where is he, poor little dog? He was the only thing that made me warm to her! Where is Thurmen? Has she sold him…did he get run over? She doesn’t ever take him for a walk anymore? I’m sure if she did, the press would take a few pretty pics…..I don’t like pet owners who treat their dogs like fashion accessories and are only seen with them when it suits them. I thought she was a responsible, loving dog owner, now am beginning to wonder?

  • @ariel

    @ariel: Jeez, give the guy a break. Nothing wrong with being anti-social. Not everyone is ppl ppl. Guy just don’t like fuss. He’s private, not his fault he’s hooked up with someone who’s anything but!

  • anna


  • t

    What are you into midgets?


    She looks like roadkill!!! Looks like she pulled out Trashden’s tee-shirt and tucked it in her skirt. What is with the hooche mamma type skirts lately? She does not have the leg’s for them! Miserable twat got in the threads again!

    @ Ariel,
    Oh please?! Hayden would have to be either blind or stupid to not know what Ratchel is up to with her in the threads and press it out all the time. He is slouthful, lazy and spoiled just like she is! Perfect match. I wish they would just get get married and disapear in Canada. Both careers are dead now is why the little press attention seeker is pressing herself out.

  • ronaldo

    nowadays it’s just so hard to find celebrities as beautiful as Rachel Bilson. she has great style too, what a cutie!

  • Bored already

    Oh wow, lookie, she’s sooo in love with herself…guess it’s ok tho, coz her invisibly invisible fiance sure ain’t….

  • Big Fat Mama

    @ronaldo: What! R u for real! She’s like a poor, dumpy version of Cheryl Cole is all!

  • NaturalBeautyBilson

    I think she’s one of the most naturally pretty people in Hollywood. She doesn’t need any makeup or stylists to make her look good.

  • crap

    Oh my God, this woman so sucks!

  • bella

    wow bored now

  • So true

    @ariel: have passed much thought and coffee on that, like, ruminating the cud of improbability. Do a girl who profess to be so much in luv not wear her ring 24/7…do a girl not wear it to security guarded events to show world that she luv her fella – but wear it in street or car or out about wear is easy to lose..she one much strange woman to do that. Maybe little thought in thinking for she not be thinking much straight. Maybe not in luv…think.

  • legs like desitin

    Clearly desperate attempt to get some attention in the press, which she worships. I think she’s feeling bad because the only awards she’s ever won or been nominated for were from the Teen’s Choice Awards and she didn’t win anything this year. Well, what a surprise when she can’t get a job as an actress and all she can do is walk around wearing clothes that don’t flatter her and milking her engagement to a more famous person for every little drop of press she can get out of it. How can anyone respect or want to hire such a celebtard and why does Trashden want to marry someone so worthless. Oh yeah I forgot….he is just as worthless as she is and they are perfect for each other.

  • Big Fat Mama

    @NaturalBeautyBilson: No chance sista! If that is ur idea of natural beauty than I must be Naomi Campbell by ur way of thinking!

  • gilmorie

    @#11 – and I really do wish she would stop wearing such short skirts…

    The LESSER the clothes… the LESSER the talent and significance (or actually NONE at all) that she still is!

  • anonymous

    Regardless of whether people think she’s ugly ( which she’s not ) or beautiful ( which she’s not ), in ten years time she’ll look exactly like her mother as they share a lot of genetics. A word of advice to all men is to look at the mother before you date the daughter and, if you find you don’t want to spend a lifetime looking at that, then don’t.

  • ivanka

    she is beautiful.. love her

  • Colleen

    I love Rachel’s outfit, per usual!

  • Wish

    Wish she’d stand up straight..don’t girls know bout good posture any more. She’s so slumping forward and it makes her shoulders rounded. She has the posture of an old woman, what’s she gonna be like later in life!

  • WhatsGoingOn

    Jeez people can be so mean and cruel. Wow.

  • Sheppie

    Pleez, any 1 know why her neck is wrinkly. Like i like the face but the neck dont match up

  • anonymous

    @Sheppie: Don’t quote me on this but I was always told that you can tell a woman’s true age by the skin on her neck and her hands, apparently! So they say, but I’m not sure if that’s true or not. I had a look and it’s not really wrinkles as such, more a deep, imbedded line, like a frown line, or the chubby rings babies have round their wrists and ankles if they’re a good birth weight.

  • -!-

    @gilmorie: True, that!

  • liz

    In october 2006, rumors began that Rachel and Adam split. The rep of rachel denied everything saying that they were together. In December they split and the rep of Rachel said nothing. I think she and Hayden go split soon, I hope.

  • sophie

    I think mostly everyone who’s seen them 2gether knew that, of all the celeb relationships that come and go, this 1 was never gonna make it all the ways. It’s, like, so unnatural. And all reps deny it 2 begin with like Madonna n Paris. It’s like, it’s all hunkey dorey then loads a respect their privacy etc

  • jess

    everyone hates this girl and i’m still trying to figure out why i looked at some comments and a lot of them said midget i think that’s really mean there is really no reason to hate her other than you have no life and you just sit there thinking of mean things to say about her as if she will read this

  • Celebritywatcher

    I smell babies!!!


    Check out my celebrity psychic predictions @

  • Ali

    hayden christensen seems very unstable – i think she should be wary of a marriage to him. like someone once said, “when people show you who they are, believe them.”

  • sophie

    @Celebritywatcher: Yeah, I’d rather not, thanx. Smelled em b4 n they r not pleasent! : )

  • Gasol_fan16

    Oh my! Here we go with the pregnancy predictions! That will be next. Rachel is obviously desperate for attention. The pregnancy rumors will go around for a couple months and then she will of course deny it like she has done before. Let’s try again! Geez…I think in some way’s she was worse then Sienna Miller whom Hayden dated before Rachel. At least Sienna is honest with the media and does not play media games.

  • sophie

    @Ali: Like unstable how…coz he don’t like fan attention. Wh’d want dumb ijits simpering 4 autographs. He’s not behaved in an unstable way, he doesnt throw punches at paps or nothing. Christian Bale, now hes unstable, he assaulted members of his own famly! Jude Law cant keep his peen in his pants! Thats unstable. HC, i think, just wanna b left alone. Some actors enjoy fuss, others dont. RB’s a loser, it’s true, but if she dont like it shes free to leave.

  • Big Fat Mama

    Liya Kebede is natural beauty…RB, she got no looks n no talent

  • anonymous

    @Gasol_fan16: I do like Sienna, now she is a natural beauty and has the most amazing, flawless complexion, Rachel doesn’t even come close in comparision. Problem I have with Sienna is the way she behaves, she’s either highly-sexed or quite insane. She just can’t seem to behave herself when she’s around men!

  • wutthefug

    @anonymous: You are so right about Sienna! Beautiful girl but a bit cuckoo in the head, especially when it comes to men.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i think she looks cute as always, the heels actually make her look a normal height
    love the skirt as well, i understand why some ppl hate her tho so i dont care honestly
    and also, im only 16 so i dont no that much about marriage and all but isnt it customary for her 2 wear the ring at all times, i just think it’s respectful and honestly id imagined most women would want 2 show it off
    i dont understand why she’s always taking it off and on, if i’d proposed id hope my fiancĂ©e would wear it all the time

  • Maria

    she’s so prettyyyy

  • lexy

    I don’t like her b/c she’s a talentless media whore who needs to do something with herself – I mean if queen of the do-nothings Paris Hilton can manage some charity work – surely Rachel can. I don’t think she’s ugly or a midget.

    We’ll be seeing more of her. Her & Hayden’s movie should be coming out in the fall – I’m sure she’s just waiting to until then to tell us some “news” (engagement story, wedding plans, baby bump etc…) seeing as she’s one of the least known celebs she’ll need SOMETHING to make her stand out other than her LACK of talent among the other real actors. She’s probably talking notes from the Simpleton Simpson sisters! Maybe she should hire their father!!!