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Rachel Bilson is Santa Monica Sweet

Rachel Bilson is Santa Monica Sweet

Rachel Bilson and two mystery gal pals grab lunch together at Joey’s Cafe on Wednesday afternoon (August 5) on West Hollywood’s Santa Monica Blvd.

Just to clarify, celeb stylist Rachel Zoe will be creating a fashion blog, not Rachel Bilson. In fact, Zoe is already giving fashion and style tips on her recently launched official website at You can also sign up for “The Zoe Report” for free daily glamour in your email inbox.

10+ pictures inside of Santa Monica sweetie Rachel Bilson

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rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 01
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 02
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 03
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 04
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 05
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 06
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 07
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 08
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 09
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 10
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 11
rachel bilson santa monica boulevard 12

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  • sOUSOU

    She’s amazing!
    I love her in Orange Country and in Jumper with the beautiful Hayden Christensen!!

  • Naima

    I love her..Her style is unique.

  • S

    Hayden, where are you hiding?

  • me

    WTH cares about Rachel Bilson. I am sorry she has done nothing, its like she did a show millions of years ago and she is keeping herself in the public eye having not done anything acting wise in so long. She has done nothing! She is a pretty girl and I doubt at all you would be posting her if she was a ugly girl. Sorry that is how I feel and I realize people will be pissed. I am not hating on Rachel, I am sick of visiting this site and seeing her either shopping or going to lunch or wearing an ugly outfit at an event. She is like Lindsay Lohan (only she is npt crazy) holding on to her last glimmer of fame by doing nothing. She is not post worthy . . .she went to lunch whoopie s*** . . .so did tons of other people today.

  • ariel

    OH please twice in one day one can see this woman is totally in need of exposure she has nothing going for her and a MIA man who rather not ever be seen with her. Then these fools want everyone to love her for what b/c she can forge a fashion line and has school girls loving her look. I guess her fashion appeals to those who are 15 b/c she dresses like a teenager not a woman who is almost 28. Damn JJ get original try not answering the page when your manager calls.

  • lexy

    Hey Lindsay is at least amusing and when she puts her mind to she has actual talent and can act. Rachel wishes she was Lindsay!

    Is Rachel on this board 2x in one day – both times for doing nothing??? Then again, she doesn’t do much else she???

    Rachel fits in well on this site – along with Jon & Kate, Octomom and the other do nothings.

  • tonie

    Desperate media wh*re.

  • tonie

    Desperate media hound.

  • AL

    @me and @ariel, I don’t think she is seeking any attention just to hold onto any glimmer of fame. I agree she hasn’t done much lately and that her acting skills are pretty limited, but I think she gets exposure on this site because (1) paparazzi still like to take photos of her, therefore it is more newsworthy than not newsworthy and (2) JJ likes Rachel Bilson, so he doesn’t have to be original, he just posts what he wants to post.

    In the majority of these pictures Rachel Bilson is shopping with her friends, minding her own business, not seeking it out, unlike “celebrities” who do (Heidi and Spencer), and she goes to parties to go to parties (what celebrity wouldn’t? free swag and food?).

    I think Rachel Bilson is just another tragic victim of the paparazzi machine.

  • tonie

    Sorry didn’t mean to double post.

  • ariel

    @ al

    Sorry i’m not buying that crud she loves the press only as X17 said once in pressing her in a video last year she is a BIG LOSER. They get her b/c they are paid to take her picture by her agent who calls them. They won’t pass on free money she hardly pays the rent . If you think she isn’t seeking out press then boy you need a rude awakining she is always looking for them to take her picture she needs it to get work. Knowone would rememgber her if she didn’t link up with Christensen who is MIA most of the time. All this woman is good for is shopping, restaurant hopping and walking the dog, salon visits etc..the list of usless things she does is endless. She hasn’t produced one decent movie, and NYILU was given to her possibly by the so proclaimed fiance and critis claims her prerformance was indeed one you wish to forget. Not an exciting prelude for future movies or roles. Anything she does get pretty sure daddy has paid for it all. Fashion unless your a High School 15 year old you wouldn’t be wanting to look that young. She doesn’t dress her age only what she thinks is a fashion trend yea again if your a teen or under 21.

    Victim sorry not she wants press, lives for press and asks for press if she wanted the solitude then she could be MIA 24/7 with the lover.

  • lexy

    I’m pretty sure she calls them and tells them where she’s going.

    She’s not Britney Spears or Angelina Jolie – they aren’t waiting in front of her house and following her every move.

    Also, she goes places where they will be. The paps do this for money so they want to be places where they think celebs will be so they can make money. So clearly Rachel is either calling them or going to places where the paps are.

    It’s funny to see her scowling at them when you know she’s smiling to herself and saying Thank You!

  • The Ugly truth

    Dan Radcliffe is the most famous face on the entire plant. People on all the contienents know him, his movies are translated into every single language.

    He’s been paped FOUR times in his entire life.

    And I agree with him, you have to call them and tell them where you’re going or they won’t know where you are.

    Rachel is calling the paps. Period.

    She is very average looking coke sniffing, pot smoking “party girl born into the industry” who does coke to stay thin and gets jobs from boyfriends and family. She’s worse than Paris Hilton

  • ariel

    Why does this woman cover her mouth she need a tic tac for the WTF stupid comments she makes. When is she going to get the idea people just don’t buy them anymore. Granted they might just do this but, they will never be happy in the end I won’t give any marriage of them long.

  • lakers fan in boston

    ehhh this time she’s not doing it for me
    those shorts r really fug
    as always i have a soft spot for her so i dont think she looks that bad beyond those shorts

  • ivanka

    i like her style:)

  • Lalique

    Having just commented on the beauty of Djimon Hounsou’s newborn baby boy, I have to say that I don’t get the fuss over Rachel Bilson. She’s neither gorgeous nor famous enough to warrant how frequently Jared posts pictures of her. So what if she’s dating Hayden Christensen. She’s average-looking and her style is non-existent. There, I said it. B*tchy? Perhaps. Harsh? Sure. Fair assessment? Oh, yeah!

  • liz

    Jared, I can’t handle that this s.lut, I think I will puke

  • aedbq

    HEY,,, I’d like to recommend you an interesting place———-***- Loving Rich– C O M——-____________.It brings beautiful women and rich men together. after checking it,I saw a lot of celebrities in the club,….
    It says everyone can join. Rich people still believe in CHEMISTRY. They don’t mind if their partners are rich or not.***

  • 911

    so adorable

  • ketchup

    She looks like she wants to throw up in these photos, must be because the outfit is TERRIBLE and she knows that she looks awful. Being papped twice in two days is such massive overkill, considering she is NOT WORKING AT ALL AND HASN’T FOR OVER A YEAR.

    Poor Rach, looks like she didn’t win anything from the TCA’s this year and that’s the only award show that ever nominated her or that she won anything from, and now she’s trying to make herself feel better by being papped endlessly doing NOTHING. Get used to it you dumb media hound, because that’s what you’ll be doing the rest of your life. Nobody is going to hire a LOSER like you.

  • so how much?

    I can’t believe all the crazy comments on Rachel from about half a dozen people, complaining that she is on here all the time, and that she pays the paps to be on here. What I want to know is who pays those of you who follow her from thread to thread saying the same thing, bashing her, then complaining that she is on here “again”? You are creating the market for her to be on here, then wondering why she is? Take your own advice and ignore her posts, then you won’t have to see or read about her, and she will be on here less! I bet the people who want her on here think you are doing them a favor by commenting on her so much!

  • Jenny

    omg rachel is so cute. I love her

  • @22

    Shut up! I bet you are an idiot who works in this site and defending Rachel.

  • Jenny

    @so how much?: lol so true! just see the latest posts on Rachel and how much attention and comments she gets. No wonder that Rachel is on here every day! :) Go Rachel!!

    @@22: lol did you forget to take your meds?

  • Henderson NV

    I like her, but I would have to agree with the people that are questioning this “look”. Not flattering.

  • @Jenny

    and you, do not forget to take their?

  • ariel

    Good God this is a soap box people come to comment if they like what they see or not. Who the hell cares if someone comments 2 times or 200 times that is on them, This celeb want to be is out to sell herself to anyone who will pay attention to her if she makes herself out to be a fool then she gets the bashing she deserves. When she wears or does something note worthy or anything that can warrent a decent comment I’m sure she would get it. But again she has done nothing which has lead to decent reactions from people. She is a pain to see and hard to avoid when JJ wants to push her on the people who come to look around. Again she is getting bashed b/c she is a nothing actress, designer , she wants the hype of what being engaged can bring her if she is or if she isn’t. She truly is a waste of time for JJ but, if they wish to promote her sorry ass that’s on them I’m sure it’s not paying the pap’s rent or car payments the best they get out of it is a cable TV payment bill made.

  • audemars

    Would someone please knock up this Wortthless-Mini-Person’s head to check out some “dermatologist” 1st for her blemished face before doing her regular runways in LA streets again LOL!

  • crapshack

    And why is it that Crapchel’s still in LA?!
    TCA had “snubbed” her 2 weeks of acting cutesy-patootsy already –
    Should or more like MUST go on a hiding again and put that “metal leash” all over her head for an indefinite “hibernation” period LOL

  • liz

    She will go in the TCA, I’m sure. You think she would lose an opportunity to appear for the paparazzi?

  • funkey

    Didn’t someone say that she was not on the guest list to attend I’m sure she would go if she is to win if she isn’t winning anything guess why she ditched the idea of it. We know she plays games when she disappears I don’t think she leaves LA for long and the reason we don’t see her as much b/c not every pap wants to take her worthless photo when they get paid more for Jolie/Pitt , Jonas Brothers, Lohan or Spears. Anyone we hear of daily b/c they pay the mortagage she I’m sure the sales of her pictures won’t get the paps more then a subway sandwich meal deal.

  • amaranth

    This is solely just what BilTroll looks for her Sillywood career. She only believes in one old adage… “Just LOOK AT ME – I don’t care what other people will think about me as long as I regularly see my name & pictures in the gossip tabloids” – MY DAY IS COMPLETE.

  • Peroxide blonde

    The worthless media hound may go to the TCAs but she sure didn’t win anything. She wouldn’t want to go away empty handed but maybe her constantly MIA talentless fiance will consent to be seen with her and go also. But he hates fans worse than soap and water and press even more than a razor and shaving cream. She doesn’t like those things as well with her pimply skin, greasy hair + hairy armpits.

    Both loser zero talent retards who are perfect for each other.

  • Gasol_fan16

    Those shorts were Adam’s! She want’s people to believe they are Hayden’s. The woman is going full time.

  • anonymous

    Since she can quite happily disappear off the radar for weeks on end, it would make sense to assume she could do it completely with few being any the wiser! As she doesn’t, it then becomes clear that she doesn’t want too, she uses the media to gain attention for herself when she thinks it is advantageous to her career to do so. I suspect that this rash of coverage on jj is only for promoting her vote in the TCA and, once it’s finished, she’ll disappear again. She’s not one of the most popular celebs and really does need sites like this one to maintain any credibility at all.

  • funkey

    Keep in mind her birthday is like around the corner she wants the press attention maybe lover boy will make his monthly appearance just so they can make believe the engagment is still viable to the public at this point if he shows up and does the PDA thing or not I’ll never be convienced he cares anything for her not matter how hard they try to sell this.

  • Bad hair day

    EEUUWW – when did she last wash her hair……….!!!!

  • anonymous

    There are a lot of comments decrying those whose comments are negative in tone. It’s perfectly right that people should be allowed to comment, negatively or positively, as the case may be. It’s called freedom of speech and the negatives have just as much value as the positives. It’s important that people comment on issues where they feel such comments are needed. Whether it is about government, individuals or policies people have the right to comment. Those who feel upset about the negative comments can skip past them, likewise the positive. JJ would be a far duller site if there wasn’t this diversity of approach…

  • ocsethummer

    On the list at the TCA are cast members from Gossip Girl, Megan Fox and Twilight cast, she would be a fool to turn up she is way out of her league with the other guests, These other guests are featured in the media and have higher profiles. If she wins in the category she is nominated for, the voting would have had to be rigged.

  • ocsethummer

    With reference to “THE ENGAGEMENT IS ON’

    When asked before her rep has said ‘I dont comment on my client’s personal life’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Rachel has obviously changed reps.

  • rach09elm

    DAMN! so so love her fashion style. i don’t care what people say but all of her style of fashion are incredibly gorgeous for me! and for all the haters you don’t have to say mean comments, it’s depressing and very pathetic.

  • f you

    wtf? who doesnt wear their engagement ring everywhere?

    should be happy. she much happier with adam

  • lexy

    rach09elm – I could say the same thing about you – that you and her other admirers are depressing and very pathetic. I mean I’ve got a style of my own that I’m quite confident with so I don’t really need to fashion advice or tips from Rachel. But if I did I’d probably look to Rachel’s stylist -you know the person she PAYS to dress her b/c she can’t do it herself.

    If you like her style and think she’s talented – that’s fine. However as someone said, this is a free country and just like you are free to admire Rachel and her alleged talent and style, I’m free to not admire it.

    Also, for the claims that us haters keep her on this board – I think that’s HC’s money that keeps her here or JJ just really likes her – like Perez likes Paris. We haters aren’t helping Rachel’s career or anything of any relevance!

  • bob

    why is she famous again?

  • whizbang

    2009 TCA Nominees for Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female :
    Eva Longoria Parker
    Miley Cyrus
    Selena Gomez
    Rachel Bilson
    Demi Lovato

    ONLY Miley Cirus is “officially” on the guest list – so goes to say on who’s going to bring home the bacon already.
    So BilPooo is now fighting an already lost battle, but if she still insist to push on it… her S.A.D. (Seeking Attention Disorder) Syndrome is just “on the rise” once again – lol!

  • me

    Why can’t she just say that they’re broken -up already/ He haven’t seem her in two months and she have being seem with other people.Sowhat the big fuss about it.So it’s over?

  • liz

    is so funny! when she is alone her conversation with the paparazzi, but when she is with someone, she ignores them, is an idiot. And about the discussion, I’m sure she will go in the TCA, believe me.

  • cute

    I think she’s cute and doesn’t seem like a media wh*re at all, anyway on to more important things: Where is Hayden Christensen??? Can we have some pics of him? Please…

  • knottwithstanding

    What is she famous for again? Oh yeah a teen soap that went off the air long ago and a bad performance in her first/only big budget movie where she played the weak stupid and quick-to-spread-her-legs-for-anyone female lead. She’s also related to half of Hollywood and if it weren’t for her family she couldn’t get a job waiting tables never mind on tv. Her fiance is famous for ruining the Star Wars series with his pathetic acting. Even the actor that plays his character as a boy distances himself from that trilogy where he and Hayden appear because its so bad mostly because Hayden is TERRIBLE. So when’s the wedding for these two idiots with no talent and no future? I can’t wait for them to marry such a perfect couple. Perfect zeros.