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Bryce Dallas Howard is Toned Up For Twilight

Bryce Dallas Howard is Toned Up For Twilight

Bryce Dallas Howard walks back after working out in Vancouver, Canada on Tuesday (August 4).

The 28-year-old actress is in town to begin filming Twilight Saga: Eclipse where she recently replaced Rachelle Lefevre for the role of villain Victoria.

Some of the Twilight crew were also spotted around town, including Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, and Taylor Lautner who was recently filming Valentine’s Day.

Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning are still in Los Angeles as they finish up the Joan Jett biopic Runaways while Robert Pattinson just completed filming Remember Me in New York City.

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Credit: Dzilla; Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • patricia

    I want to see Robert!!!

  • sweetness

    booo..who cares. bring back Rachelle. role robber.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    she’s hot. and unlike the rest of the cast – she can act.

  • Elodie

    she’s pretty. seems happy, always smiling for the paps.

  • http://yahoo Candy

    I won’t be seeing Eclipse.

    What a crime to replace Rachelle. It just won’t be the same. Summit should realize that they are losing fans.

    Bryce is a role robber!!! I won’t ever see a movie of hers again!

  • lb

    Ugg…..BDH is not hot.

  • lb

    Ugg….BDH is not hot at all.

  • Melanie

    I bet if any one of you was an actress and saw this oppurtinty, you’d take it no matter who you replaced!
    Stop blaming Bryce, she’s an amazing, wonderful actress with so much talent (more than Kristen or Rob). If you want to point a finger and complain then do it on Summit. They’re the bastards that even thought of replacing Rachelle because of 10 days.

    Bryce is amazing, always smiling for paparazzi even though she knows that Twilight fans don’t like her, working out even when she’s not suppose to to be in the best shape possible.
    I know some may not believe me but I think she’ll do better than Rachelle. Yes, Rachelle is the one who brought the character to life but she was an okay actress. Bryce has won a Golden Globe! She’ll do great; I have great confidence in her.

  • Ughhm

    -.- I don’t like her as victoria! I just don’t see it! like, she doesn’t have the Victoria-look. even the shape of her face is wrong.

  • Amalie

    I really don’t get why ppl hate on her.
    I heart Rachelle and it’s really sad….but it’s not Bryce fault.
    I’m sure she will do great…i can’t wait for eclipse.

  • Helen walsh

    well it’s not her fault she’s replacing someone else, is it? i mean, someone had to do it. or would you rather have no victoria in the movie? please.

    she looks sweet as candy, though. wonder how will she pull off a villain. but she can act though.

    i love rachelle – one of the best cast in my opinion. but if that’s it, then that’s it.

  • danielle

    who is this woman and what has she done? I’ve heard her name, but don’t recall seeing her in anything.

  • paula

    For those of you who don’t think Bryce can pull of Victoria, go back and read the description of the character in the book twilight, then read Bella’s description of her voice in Eclipse. I think Bryce is going to do a bang up job. She is not a role stealer, someone was going to get the part I’m just glad it is an actress of her caliber.

  • aleksandra

    I think she’s prettier than Rachelle but old Victoria have that “something” … ;)

  • kevin

    @danielle: unlike the untalented Rachelle, Bryce has worked on projects like “Spiderman 3″ as the beautiful smart blond “Gwen Stacy” or the thrillers like “Lady in the Water” and “Terminator Salvation” and TRUST ME, this girl can act. i have been a twilighter for 4 years … more then any of you noobs, and i think this actress is WAAAYYY better then rachelle. anyway she was good while it lasted. Bryce will deliver what Rachelle NEVER did. Don’t hate the player (Bryce) … Hate the game (Summit)

  • Rachel

    Her hair is pretty awesome. I’m not her fan at all, but I think she’s not a role robber, stop with this. You are not one of the producers or exercutives to know the true reason behind Rachelle’s replacement.

  • Danielle

    Thanks for the information!

  • cute

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l:

    I agree with the acting part. I was soo disappointed with the acting in Twilight, especially a main character whose name I will not mention. Anyway it’s not her fault they didn’t bring back Rachelle L., come on who wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to play Victoria?

  • Anna

    I know bryce omg!! and I also believe people should stop judging her because Rachelle, the old victoria, had signed earlier to do another movie and she got all upset and started TRASH TALKING SUMMIT!!
    she HAD to be fired. I dont know about you but i think maybe its time for a new victoria….

  • Ana

    You cant hate on Bryce, it’s Summit’s fault. She looks so happy in all the pics of her, she does not even understand the pandamonia of twilight but she will soon find out. I think we all love Rachelle and it really sucks that she was replaced on the last movie that she was going to be in but that’s Hollywood. Everyone needs to give Bryce a chance. Remember when everyone hated Rob as Edward, now look is he so freaking famous now.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @Candy: you’re an idiot. LOL.. wipe the tears away, you big fcuking immature baby. how stupid can you be? you cant blame a person for getting hired for a job, blame the people who fired the unknown who was barely seen. hahahahahaha..
    @danielle: who is ‘rachelle lefevre’?!? she’s done a lot of nothing! which makes her a “who?”
    @cute: i don’t even know why bryce took this role. it’s a step backwards in her career. such a small time tweeny-cult “franchise”. oh well, she’ll make everyone look bad, mainly the leads.

  • Shakirakitten

    Bryce is an awesome talent, a truly good actress and she should do well in this role.

  • Beth

    Rachelle was very good and it’s sad that she’s gone, but as many have said it’s not Bryce’s fault. BDH is an incredibly talented actress and I know she will be great in this role.

  • lt

    If her daddy wasn’t Ron Howard she wouldn’t be working at all!!!

  • Moving on

    What’s done is done. Summit has made their decision & we need to move on. I’m not going to stop loving & missing Rachelle but we have Bryce & she is in a very tough position. She’s an award nominated actress but since she’s taking over this role it’s almost like all her acclaim goes out the window. The Twilight cast, Summit & Stephenie Meyers have said so many times that we Twilight fans are the best in the world. Lets stay true to that & allow ourselves to love both Rachelle & Bryce.

  • asdfghjkl;

    She better do the role justice. If she doesnt, me and my friends are causing a riot in the theatres.

  • annie

    I feel bad for her. She’s caught up in the middle of this whole mess.

  • Reality Bites

    I am laughing my butt off at the twitards that say they will boycott the Twilight movies. Yeah, sure you will. And over a bit part. You know you will be waiting in line for days to be the first in to the theater. Stop lying!

    Bryce doesn’t depend on Daddy to get her roles. She didn’t even use his last name as her own in school or during her stage career.. she didn’t add the Howard until after she had already been cast by M Night in the Village. He had no idea who her father was. After that she built her own reputation off of professionalism and acting skills.

    She was probably offered the part because FIRST they cut Rachelle and 2nd they needed someone who fit the physicality of the role, had talent and had availability.. Bryce had some recent down time do to having a baby.. so she was the perfect person to offer it to.

    She isn’t a role robber (eye roll)

  • art8fashion

    Bad PR move by Summit. The fans are very loyal to the original cast.

    I have a bad feeling the next movie may not be better than the first. The pics of the cast in those horrible wigs was a bad sign.

    Lets all hope the Twilight franchise will be successful in getting better and better with each like the Bourne ID movies and the Harry Potter.

    I will miss Rachelle. If nothing else, the new actress doesn’t have the same “presence” in the photos I’ve seen of her so far. Recasting some times a good thing sometimes bad.


  • Status quo

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l:

    Damn you! I agree with everything you said…ugh!

  • anthony

    She is STUNNING. Hopefully the haters will lay off, she didn’t fire the other chick!

  • j

    The actress who originally played Victoria was in Twilight, on screen, for all of maybe 12 minutes total, so I don’t know what people are talking about, as if NO ONE COULD REPLICATE THAT AMAZING PERFORMANCE.

    Maybe this would be more valid once we’ve seen her in New Moon.

  • Sol

    Seriously i can’t believe you say she can act.,the few movies i saw of her she was horrible and boring.She didn’t transmit a feeling.We know she got the role because she is Ron Howards daughter and as many actresses that are dying to be on the saga she must have used “that” influence to get the role because she also was dying to be on a popular franchise.
    Imagine if Hermione or Ron would have been recasted on Harry Potter?

  • acacia

    BLAH. She is way too dainty to play Victoria. I wish Summit wasnt staffed and owned by such money grubbing idiots.

  • JulaNula

    Wow. Bryce Dallas Howard is quite a coup for the Twilight series. She’s too good for this imho.

  • jeffYeager

    Bryce Dallas-Howard is an excellent actress. She deserved this role. I’m glad Summit picked her for the role considering they made the decision to replace Rachelle. All you people who are complaining about the recasting need to rethink what you’re saying. If you’re that big of a Twilight fan then I assume you’ve read the books so therefore you should know that Victoria doesn’t even come into Eclipse until the very end so it’s not even a big deal that Rachelle was replaced.

  • (Blah!!)

    well it kinda sucks that they r replacing her but i am not hating on the new girl…. i was just hella surprised that they replaced her…. :( but i am not a hater i mean i dont even know her…. but i am sure she will do fine!!! (still in shock)

  • Better than the radio

    I’m really upset that Rachelle won’t be returning for the third installment of Twilight. It was my favourite book and I couldn’t wait too see it in theaters but once I heard that she was being replaced my excitement for the movie died down a bit. Nothing against BDH but Rachelle WAS Victoria, she fit the character perfectly. Also, I’m not sure if this is a rumor or not but read an article with Cathrine Hardwicke saying that BDH was their first choice for Victoria but she turned it down because it was too small a role. Now she’s jumping on the band wagon?…

    I’m not a big fan when a character gets changed in the middle especially for this movie since it’s the last movie Victoria will be in, but let’s see what BDH can bring to this movie and I hope that it will be decent. Because this is my favourite book, I have high hopes for the movie and I’m just hoping that I won’t be disappointed more than I already am.

  • TwiSagaRocks

    I was somewhat upset by the replacement of Victoria, but I’ll definitely give Bryce Dallas Howard a chance. She seems like a good fit for the role and seems like a very nice person. I’ve been following some of her tweets @bryce_d_howard on twitter…I wish her the best!

  • suppress your appetite

    She is so adorable