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Emmy Rossum Splits From Justin Siegel?

Emmy Rossum Splits From Justin Siegel?

Emmy Rossum and her boyfriend, Justin Siegel, have reportedly gone their separate ways.

“They’ve been in a very tumultuous relationship,” an insider tells Life & Style. “They lived together for more than two years. It was close to marriage and I don’t think she wanted to be tied down this early in her career, and though she’d never say that – that’s the reason for the split. Emmy‘s really sad right now, it caught her by surprise.”

You can follow both Emmy on Twitter @emmyrossum, and Justin @justinsiegel and Just Jared @jaredeng.

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  • susi

    Dont really care

  • Ely

    Who is he?

  • liz


  • who cares

    this girl is all about her publicist..i cant name one thing she has ever been in.Classic example of these girls who make themselves seen through paying their publicist but dont actually work.You used to be known if people knew your work.How times have changed.Why do we care who this girl boke up with?why is that on this site?She pays you jared?

  • jooed

    Joo’dness that guy is ugly and has a big nose. Let me guess, he’s a banker, lawyer or producer and has money. Typical.

  • mslewis

    Well, I know who Emmy is but it’s true, she hasn’t done much lately and her previous work isn’t much to talk about. (I remember that disaster movie she did with Jakey G and she was in the “Phantom of the Opera” movie. Can’t think of anything else and those were several years ago.) Anyway, maybe she had to break up with somebody in order to get her face in the gossip news. Kind of sad!!

  • fresh

    i dont know who these people are.

  • fresh

    i dont know who these people are.

  • cj stjohn

    He’s a music producer.

  • dundies

    LOL at those two being in a ” very tumultuous relationship” . what, did they fight over hair products? HAHAHAHA

  • lena

    Wow “who cares,” really? Emmy Rossum is one of the most talented and intelligent girls out there.

    “Don’t actually work?” Um hello I don’t know what you’ve been living under but PHANTOM OF THE OPERA? Emmy Rossum, star of the movie? Ring a bell? Besides, the girl has been working practically her whole life, she performed with the Metropolitan Opera in New York from when she was like what, 7 years old? AND she is a singer and a songwriter. So you can take that comment and shove it, please.

    Emmy is again, extremely talented and highly intelligent–she got her high school diploma when she was 15 and went to Columbia for goodness sake. Maybe she is looking into options other than acting for the rest of her life! Or maybe she’s just taking some time off, but either way, at the age of only 22, she’s done a lot more with her life than most of her peers.

    People, the girl just broke up with her boyfriend, give her a break!

    Feel better Emmy! <3

  • liz

    she was dating someone? God, I neither knew

  • Pandora

    #5 with your play-on-words there…what a dolt you are.

    “Let me guess, he’s a banker, lawyer or producer and has money. Typical.”

    Let me guess — you are a typical loser who is green with envy over those who have a talent to generate big bucks. That’s obvious!

    So tell me…do you ever post comments of substance or do you just use comment areas to air your pathology and prejudice?

    What was she supposed to say “You got big bucks? Hell, no! I can’t go out with you!”

    She is an extremely intelligent and talented young actress. Very pretty, too.

  • patty

    Well, it’s refreshing to hear about someone other than the 30-40 people that the media tends to obsess over. She may not have had a recent hit, but since when was that a requirement for being in the news.

    She’s never looked more beautiful. That’s reason enough to pay attention to her.

  • Mythical Creature

    I’ve always thought she was one of the most beautiful people I have ever seen. I don’t know why we haven’t seen her more in fact. She’s very poised in interviews. Cute girl!

  • Christine

    The Phantom of the Opera movie wasn’t this big blockbuster people seem to think it was. From my recollection, it lost money. And she was in the children’s chorus at the Met when she was 7 and that’s it. To get into that you pretty much have to be able to hold a tune and have parents willing to let you out of school and stay up late for performances. It’s not a bad thing, but it doesn’t make her Natalie Dessay (a true Met Opera star). Also, most of the songs in Phantom that she sang were lowered because she isn’t a true soprano and can’t hit the notes. And her last note in the title song was digitized.

  • scorpius07

    Agree with #11, 13, 14 & 15, and I’m in the same boat as you, #12. Those who have seen her work would know that she is a very talented actress and singer. Not exactly a big fan of Dragonball: Evolution, but I’ve seen enough of her in movies to know that she’s good. She’s pretty engaging in the interviews I’ve seen of her too.

  • anonymous

    She’s got a movie coming out in November:
    It was a hit at Sundance.

  • Mythical Creature

    She was smart to not want to get married. People should do things the right way. Date until you are about 35 then get married. Have your kids between 35-45. You’ll be happiest that way. That is what I will tell my kids. By the time I’m 45, mine will both be in college. I did it a little backwards and I think it would have been better the other way. But I love being a Mom. I just feel like a kid at the same time sometimes ;)

  • anonymous too


    People, the girl just broke up with her “boyfriend” give HIM a break!
    Feel better Justin.

  • Mythical Creature

    My cousin just got into a really good college and music conservatory because she also started singing at, I think 5, and she’s done professional games and such as well. Beautiful voice that has led to a great education for her. I think these talented and beautiful people are very lucky and very wise to take the opportunity they have been given.

  • Happy_Evil_Dude

    The Phantom Of The Opera budget: 60 million
    The Phantom Of The Opera global intake: over 150 million

    Congratulations, go get yourself a cookie :-)

  • lena


    High five :)

  • ****

    Wow, does his mouth, ears and nose have their own zip code?

  • doomsy

    Wow, does his mouth, ears and nose have their own zip code?

  • lena

    @Mythical Creature:

    I agree. Emmy has that classic beauty look–delicate and feminine, but not in a way that would make you feel distant to her because she’s got this warm kind of smile that’s just really sweet–she is really beautiful. And she’s young, but she holds herself together well and carries herself gracefully, like the seasoned Hollywood stars in their 30s and 40s. And yeah, I’ve seen the interviews–such a charming girl. I always feel like she should be a much bigger name, but maybe she’s just got other things to do with her time–she’s only 22, she’s got plenty of it.

  • tikimaroon

    We should care because?? No matter how allegedly talented she is, she been in nothing but movies that bombed big time. Poseidon? Dragonball? The last thing that was sort of memorable was the mediocre Phantom film. Agreed with some of the posters here, she must have one hell of a publicist!

  • anonymous

    The Day After Tomrrow didn’t bomb. Neither did Mystic River or Phantom. She’s had hits and flops like any other actor

  • anonymous

    The Day After Tomrrow didn’t bomb. Neither did Mystic River or Phantom. She’s had hits and flops like any other actor

  • Shawna


    That was all she is in? Really? What about The Day After Tomorrow? What about Poseidon? Just because she hasn’t been in the movies YOU like doesn’t mean she hasn’t been in anything.

  • Atebea

    i think considering the musical grossed a billion something dollars, the movie totally bombed. day after tomorrow was what 5 years ago? mystic river where she played a dead body? i think this chick needs to go away.

  • Christine

    Hey, I didn’t say she didn’t make any movies other than Phantom. I just said it didn’t make that much money. And a GLOBAL intake of $150 million? In this day and age that is absolutely nothing. Welcome to the first DAY intake of a Harry Potter movie in the US only. Mamma Mia made over $1 billion in the UK alone. In the eyes of the industry, it was a flop. And @atebea is right, the stage musical makes billions of dollars and continues to make that kind of money, so really the intake of the movie was a disappointment. Also, she’s been riding this Phantom thing for years (she brings it up in EVERY SINGLE INTERVIEW for God’s sake). Gerard Butler has moved onto bigger and better things, why doesn’t she? I’m sure Dare will be good, but the only thing that seems good in it is Alan Cumming.

  • Kellie

    She’s a wonderful actor who took time off for a CD. she has a 2nd one. She did a performance in DARE that got tremendous reviews. Like it or not, she does have several lead roles coming up over the next two yrs and support roles. She can do it. This will allow her to really focus full time and move one. She need the change in her life.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i didnt even no she had a bf, much that she was serious with him lol
    he’s a real nobody, she’s at least a bit known, wish jared would make more posts on her

  • Intheknow

    @doomsy: Just going to put it out there that these are both really decent talented young people that were in a loving relationship and have moved on. There’s really no story here whatsoever. Good luck to both of you with your lives and your careers.

  • any guy


    Emmy is one of the classiest and most beauiful young women out there. I am sad for her and hope that she gets past this personal tragedy in good shape. Many of us go through this at some point in our lives. We all know it can be tough. You’ll be OK Emmy – your fans, and people with any good sense, wish it. :)

  • suppress your appetite
  • duh

    @who cares:
    Haven’t you seen the classic movie Phantom of the Opera? She stars next to Gerard Butler. But I guess you wouldn’t know who he is either.

  • anonym–777

    I understand that “ordinary” people might be a fan of Emmy Rossum, because she is pretty and charming. But muscicians and acters… those hwo actually KNOW something about acting and singing… She sings false, and she cant act.