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Kim Kardashian Visits Victoria's Secret

Kim Kardashian Visits Victoria's Secret

Kim Kardashian stops in at Victoria’s Secret at the Grove in Los Angeles on Wednesday (August 5), where she attended a launch for the limited edition Cristian Siriano Makeup collection.

The 28-year-old reality TV star will be a guest judge for one episode on the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model. Lauren Conrad was also announced as a guest judge for one episode for the show.

Kim‘s family reportedly wants to her to get back together with Reggie Bush. “I haven’t talked to him, but my mom just said she’s going to training camp and dragging him back!” Kourtney Kardashian told Ryan Seacrest on his KIIS-FM radio show this morning. “We all love Reggie. How cute would the babies be?”

20+ pictures inside of Kim Kardashian visiting Victoria’s Secret…

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  • Nahla

    lol I also think the baby would be very cute XD ….but hmm I think Kourtney is the sexiest Kardashian sister. She’s so hot(ter than Kim) =)

  • CORINNamuahhss501

    i love kim;) she is so stylish and pretty!!!

  • TrueSoul

    So maybe the break was more of Reggie’s idea. She does seem to be on the go..

  • LolaSvelt

    She looks ridiculous. She quite clearly knows nothing about fashion, just follows the herd.

    Oh and ANTM has definitely gone downhill when they sign up two reality TV stars who will be has-beens in five years time. Why are they relevant to the show. In fact, why are they relevant at all?

  • Pattycake

    He cheated on her! Multiple times with mulitple women. What kind of mother would encourage that kind of relationship for her daughter? Talk about no perspective but fame. So sad.

  • Sousou

    Kim is a strong girl. She can found an other men who loves her!!
    She’s amazing!
    Kourtney is beautiful too!

  • draco


    Oh what can you expect from a crap wannabe model competition like ANTM? Just like what can you expect from a joke like Victoria’s Secret in the real sense of modelling or fashion?

    NOTHING except for laughs cause of tackyness!

  • terrible example

    look at these girls posing with her.Its so sad.She is the last person young girls should look up to.The example she sets is<Have no eduction or job and do anything in your power including releasing your own sex tape and hang out in the posse of paris hilton praying to get noticed. to get famous.Her life is about publicity.If she can be a D list star then anyone can and its just a terrible example for young people.

  • Krista Pope

    Thats my baby in the pic!

  • sillyme

    Oh, please, there’s probably a line of black football players waiting to do Kim. She’ll have someone else in no time.

  • cutie pie

    I agree ,, oh please spare me the pathetic crasp from that stupid mother,, shes going to camp and drag him , they would make pretty babies,, pleas estop breeding with black folks , we want our bloodline to stay black and pure,,, WTF> never goes to amazes me how folks are so racist against blacks but they keep breeding and sleeping wiht black men .. and this has been happening since slavery days,, even when the black women were raped by white men and didnt want to breed with the. Get a life kim and go screw other black men because all they want to do, is hit and roll over and go to sleep , who the hell wants to be ain a line light with a bunch of fake butt implanted media who*e people?????

  • cutie pie

    and im sure the next man will be a black man,, surely a black pro ball player,, maybe a rapper , anything but a Armanian man … hummm wonder why????

  • badgirl101

    Cutie Pie
    I don’t think it matters who she dates and what colour he is. I think she does it for the Fame. I am White and have dated Black men only because I don’t care what Nationality they are as long as they are decent and have good values . She and her family are a disgrace . It is no wonder that Canadians(Me) have such a skewed opinion of Americans when you see shows like hers what are we suppose to think. I get the impression that American families are crude, tasteless and have no values except they know how to shop and attend Red carpet events. Stop watching shows like KUWTK and they will stop producing them. This family s/b embarrassed.

  • AmberHot

    One thing for sure, he won’t be a Puerto Rican man because no one wants them. Even A-Rod is Dominican.

  • Vay Nay nAY

    She needs to throw those fugly trash bag pants away. They make her look even bigger.

  • Youn minchoni

    KimK likes Blackguys.Reggie is Black,has his own money, has a good reputation,is a community helper for New Orleans,etc.He is probably the best guy out there to fit her bill. KimK should stay with him.Cut back on things to fit his schedule as he can during off season to fit hers.Kim’s mom is right.

  • Pinkrose

    You girls scare men away with your constant chatter about babies. Reggie Bush is still a kid. Let him enjoy his life and stop harassing him with talk about babies. Same mistake Jessica Simpson made…publicly talking about having 29-year old Tony Romo’s babies when she doesn’t even have an engagement ring. It’s called being presumptious and classless.

  • linda .O

    it really pained me when i heard about the breakup, the realy fit each other. whatever is the problem pls they should settle it. i want kim and reggie to be husband and is beautiful, humble,giving and intelligent lady and most importantly she will be a good wife and mother.
    pls kim and reggie, i dont want to who is right and wrong, just allow love to take control.
    i love you guys

  • betduke

    Gee, since when does Victoria’s Secret cater to XXL underwear. Why then don’t they show the plus plus size model on their runways?

  • lakers fan in boston

    personally i think the reason they broke up was because reggie was constantly pressured 2 to marry kim
    and it seems he got tired of it and called it quits
    and now her family wants 2 pressure him back and this time they’re talking about kids…..
    naw, i doubt he will be back
    he should continue 2 focus on football
    he’s good but i dont think he’s lived up 2 his expectations
    celeb gfs and football dont really go 2gether, look at romo
    only guy that passes is my dude brady, GO PATS!!

  • the truth

    #11 cutepie you sound like a jealous insecure black chick, it must hurt you seeing hot black men with fine white women. Your no better than those insecure white males on youtube that plague interracial videos with their racial hatred e.g. she will get aids, once you go black we dont want you back.

  • http://google debra mcdaniel

    i am gald reggie got smart and dumps kim.thank you reggie bush. she is so all about herself and think she is all that. sure we all know kim you love reggie big cock. most white women do. that is why kim have never had a white black women we are very luck we have had the big cock all the time. so i would love to see who it will be next. the only thing you will miss is the good sex. please reggie bring it back home.

  • cyndi

    i think that kim should go back and beg reggie and settle down and married him it will be better for her and her life

  • suppress your appetite

    love her so much.

  • Jenny

    Why is it some of you white American women assume any nasty comments concerning black men dating white women are all from black women or white men? I guarantee you majority do not even care. Not every black woman wants a black guy. Now hear it directly from me…I don’t even date black men…These days, you white american women fight each other for the black men who will not even commit to you, you get upset and run to the tabloids…What a shame!