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LeAnn Rimes is a Super Shopper

LeAnn Rimes is a Super Shopper

LeAnn Rimes shops in Malibu and poses for pictures with fans on Wednesday (August 5) without her wedding ring.

The 26-year-old country singer will perform at Grand Strand Freedom Fest on September 11. Freestyle Music Park is helping sponsor the patriotic music festival intended to draw tourists to South Carolina’s coast.

Lifetime Television Network recently rebroadcast Northern Lights on August 1, which starred LeAnn and Eddie Cibrian. The co-stars were allegedly having an affair off-set, and both separated from their spouses soon after.

25+ pictures of LeAnn Rimes as a super shopper…

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  • rachel

    It’s sad what people do to keep their careeres alive.

  • sunseeker


    Agree, she is already together with Cibrian, I am positive she made sure her and Cibrian got found out. She wanted his divorce now she has got him until the next time he cheats. One of his friends said that he has not being faithful to any girl since he started dating. His wife is well rid of him, I just feel forry for his children and I hope she reaps what she has sown.

  • robin3

    Cibrian is a serial cheater. He’d been seeing Scheana Marie Jancan for 31/2 years while he was married and even cheated on LeAnn with Scheana.

    Le Ann’s husband looks gay so she should divorce him but she will be hurt by Eddie .

  • jj

    Agree that Leann manuvered this affair into the open so that Mrs. Cibrian would leave him. How did US magazine know that they would be meeting for dinner, at a hotel, at someone’s house…yep, guess she got what she wanted. Her smirk that she won the jerk will eventually fade, when he continues affair after affair. Loser Leann is right up there with Sienna. Postergirls for sleeping with MARRIED men with children. No self respect,make sure the man legally separates first.

  • mailey

    well, she looks good so she should have no trouble replacing her husband, who is gay anyways.

  • anoano

    LeAnn is so fugly, she looks like porky pig!! She has awful beady eyes, gigantic big teeth and a weird upturned-too-much-nostrols nose (obviously fixed if you look at her when she was young), girl is not a cute whatsover.

    Eddie is hot, but he’s a player which is so not hot.

  • robin3

    LeAnn should not fall for Eddie’s trap but she should divorce her gay husband. Dean should have been more honest with her about his inclinations.

    Eddie is always cheating on his wife with many women…………LeAnn is not the first. and won’t be the last.

    LeAnn……….get smart and stay away from eddie. He’s a heartbreaker that women can’t resist.

  • dian


    Uhmmm well… and you are Miss Universe. Good for you!

    I can’t believe that people can be this vile.

  • Selena

    I think LeAnn is gorgeous. She also can sing, mind you. It’s just unfortunate that this thing happened. Though I can never judge them coz I really don’t know the back story let alone know these people.

  • robin3

    Actually LeAnn is beautiful when she smiles………..its like the Sun lit up.

    Besides she is very talented.

    But Dean has got to go,

  • robin3

    Hopefully someone will tell LeAnn not to be flattered by Eddie’s advances. His heart is not true to any female. He’s a player first and last.

    LeAnn was the last straw for his wife but not the first.

  • joan

    She is a cold-hearted snake!

  • tammy

    I think she is gross and butt ugly.

  • erin

    Come on people. Eddie’s first wife is and always will be WAY hotter than this skank bag.

  • leo

    For someone who just stole another woman’s husband, she does not look happy. She is lucky to get any guy at all. I thought she was lucky to land Dean and he is no prize.

  • leo

    For someone who just stole another woman’s husband. She does not look happy. She should be happy to land any guy. I though she was lucky to land Dean and he is no prize.

  • nettie


  • robin3

    to leo………

    Get up to speed Leo!

    Eddie is a serial cheater. He has had a 31/2 year affair with Scheana Marie while married with kids. And he cheated on LeAnn and his wife with Scheana.

    Eddie’s wife knows her husband sleeps around. LeAnn is not the cause of their divorce but she may be the last straw for Eddie’s wife.

  • robin3

    LeAnn has a gay hubbie who will take 1/2 of her fortune when they divorce. Why wasn’t Dean more honest about his true sexual inclinations?

    Everyone who went to high school with him knew he was gay back then,

  • robin3

    Maybe Eddie’s wife is uninteresting and fake……… her silicone boobs.

    LeAnn don’t fall for Eddie’s charms. He uses them on all women. No one is special to him.

    Eddie cheats on his wife , he’ll cheat on you too.

  • HockeygurL

    Karma is a bitch just remember that LeAnn and Eddie ! You two douchebags deserve each other.

  • robin3

    Don’t fall for the serial cheater Eddie.

    He’ll break LeAnn’s heart too!

  • Dassie

    I always thought that LeAnn’s husband looked…gay. So if it turned out that he really is, you can’t really blame her for looking for a new man. However that was a big-time screw-up, going for a guy who is MARRIED….always wrong no matter what! She should’ve at least had the dignity to break up with her husband first before looking for someone new, and stayed away from the married dudes! I hope she learns her lesson….and that other douchebag, too.

  • robin3

    LeAnn……I hope you read this!

    I think its evident that Dean is gay and you are a talented woman with a great voice.

    Don’t bother anymore with Eddie. He is a serial cheater. He has cheated on his wife for years and he’ll cheat on you too.

    You will find a good husband one day but Eddie won’t make a good husband or father to children, Good luck!

  • buttout

    I don’t have a problem with what she did. Life is short, nip ur problems in the bud. i don’t condone what she did but it seemed like it was brewing for awhile and that there were other problems in her marriage. She looks happy, healthy and fine, now, to me…………..i ain’t cryin for her or any other celebrity because each one of them has it made and its up to them how they live their lives, be it stupidly or otherwise.

  • pat

    LeAnn, KEEP THE FAITH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • leah


  • X

    Actually she was 18

  • sunseeker

    Leann has always known Dean was gay, she married him knowing that, so she should at least have had some respect for him and not
    humiliated him like she has. If everybody knew he as gay she would know. And Eddie has not been faithful to any girl since he started dating. and that is a fact. She got involved with a married man with children, no character no class and no morals.

  • sunseeker

    Leann has always known Dean was gay, she married him knowing that, so she should at least have had some respect for him and not
    humiliated him like she has. If everybody knew he as gay she would know. And Eddie has not been faithful to any girl since he started dating. and that is a fact. She got involved with a married man with children, no character no class and no morals.

  • Jo

    Leann is a pathetic woman who is desperate to be loved no matter what the consequences may be. She doesn’t care about the institution of marraige or if there are kids that will be hurt. She is selfish skank. If I hear one more thing about her and God I will scream, she acts like she is this spiritual person when in turn she screws people in the back. As for Eddie who cheats on his wife constantly, has an affair that lasts 3 1/2 years…bangs Leann left and rigth, what a piece of trash. He is a sex addict who has no respect for himself or the woman he sleeps with. I hope his wife leaves him, finds someone who loves and respects her. As for Leann there is no doubt Eddie is going to cheat on her if they get together and hey would we be surprised if that happened? NAH

  • sunseeker

    It’s funny really how she always shows her finger to the press, no ring. Well, she had no respect for her marirage why bother wearing a ring anyway.

  • Deb

    Sunseeker they haven’t been seen in public together yet. What do you make of Eddie’s “speed bump” comment

  • Deb

    ooops I meant since July 17th

  • http://msn BRENDA

    I think Leann is an immature,spoiled person and is only thinking of herself. How would she like if someone interferred in her marriage. OOps She is to dumb for that! She turned too HOLLYWOOD and forgot about her up bringings. I bet her parents are ashame of her at this time. Leann if you read this, I hope you realize this jurk isn’t going to settle down any time soon with you or any other blond he’s having fun with and for Eddies wife thank god he’s not your headache anymore. Leann wanted him she’s going to get everything she asked for from him.

  • http://msn BRENDA

    @sunseeker: You got that right!

  • suppress your appetite

    very sexy girl.