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Rachel Bilson is a Gelson's Girl

Rachel Bilson is a Gelson's Girl

Rachel Bilson visits a friend’s house after a brief shopping trip at her local Gelson’s supermarket in the Los Feliz neighborhood of Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 6).

The 27-year-old former O.C. actress seemed to be celebrating someone’s birthday as a mystery female was seen carrying in some birthday balloons. Last week, Rachel celebrated the birthday of her dad, director/producer Danny Bilson. Maybe it’s another celebration for him??

10+ pictures inside of Gelson’s girl Rachel Bilson

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# 1

Love her!

# 3
anonymous @ 08/06/2009 at 5:54 pm

Man can she do something with her hair makes her look more like a teenager then anything. Well since her birthday is like a few weeks away maybe she is having her own party..And how do they know it’s a Birthday party no balloons this time or is there a cake in the bag…lol

Again she is spotted all the time now doing nothing but visiting friends or shopping as per her normal routine

# 4
i n f a m o u s l y c o o l @ 08/06/2009 at 5:55 pm

she went in grlson so she’s a “gelson girl”. Lol.. if she would have went in pathmark she’d be a “pathmark girl”. lmbaooo.. ~smh~ @ these darn headlines. LOL

# 5
Happy_Evil_Dude @ 08/06/2009 at 5:55 pm

Not many people have commented yet so it’s the perfect time to reiterate the question I asked a number of RB posts back which basically no one bothered to reply. I’ll just copy and paste:

“Why all the hate?

I fully understand that one can not appreciate a particular celebrity and find them either talentless, ugly, rotten personality-wise or a combination of these. Even I find the fact that Rachel Bilson can’t get a job except through her established connections and seemingly has a career based on photo ops quite ridiculous, but it seems the hate against her on this website is quite rampant and vicious.

Sure Rachel isn’t the most famous/relevant celebrity out there, but she’s also far from the least. And as far as I know, apart from being addicted to fame and papparazzi (and she’s far from the only celebrity that is) she hasn’t really done anything to bother anyone has it?

And then there’s all this vicious rivalry between Rachel fans and Natalie Portman fans…Why? I know Rachel made one comment at one point in which she mentioned Natalie Portman but come on! Or is it because of Hayden C. and who you think he should date? Why don’t you let the people involved decide who they want to date? Why can’t one person appreciate both Rachel and Natalie? Why must it be one against the other? In any case I’m pretty sure Rachel and Natalie are both blissfully unaware of this supposed rivalry between them and their fans.

Anyway if someone can tell me lucidly why there is such hate against Rachel Bilson with other arguments than “she’s a Ho-bag” or “she’s fugly”, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.”

The only answer I got last time was “IT IS CALLED HAVING AN OPINION”. Ok, sure, but I’m asking about the reason(s) for said opinion. Please if someone can enlighten me in a civilized, clear manner, I’d be grateful.

# 6

It’s our daily Rachel buzz! Seriously I think she might have to pay the paparrazi out of pocket – HC’s pocket’s of course. I just can’t imagine they’d be going out to Los Feliz just to catch a glimpse of an out of work actress.

# 7

Happy Evil Dude – sometimes people just rub you the wrong way

I think it stands out with Rachel b/c she’s a nobody but she’s on the board almost daily so it’s odd.

I noticed a lot of hate for Jennifer Garner – I love her, can’t imagine who or why any one would hate her. Pretty, successful, talented, working actress and mother and finds time for charity – what’s not to like?? But people don’t like her – oh well.

# 8
deraj tsuj @ 08/06/2009 at 6:01 pm

who is the girl with the balloons?

# 9

her usual friend who married josj schwartz (director OC)

balloons r for a little boy judging by what they say

She is amazing !

Today is anniversary of Josh Schwartz, creator of The OC and Jill’s husband, the s.lut carrying the balloons

anonymous @ 08/06/2009 at 6:14 pm


Why do people have to explain their opinions b/c you want to understand why people hate her read the comments she is unliked b/c she decieves people. She has to market herself out every single day b/c if she didn’t not only would she not be known anymore but, she wouldn’t get work not that she is getting it not. She is what many feel is a waste of internet time and paparazzi photo’s. They answer a call when her agent alerts them to where she will be. Many famous celebrities are in Los Feliz but, she seems to be the only one who is papped there all the f’ in time. If she was more like Jolie, Panatteri or Portman who have their own charities for good causes. Not for special events that have really no meaning behind them and Fashion she claims is her call. Well knowone truly is answering that one too often.

As for Natalie the over use of her name when Christensen is concerned is ashame Natalie is talented, and charming woman she has endless support from fans’ b/c she does care only does have a very private side to her much like Christensen himself. People want to know why he allows this loser woman to run his career and himself to the ground. Hopefully that will answer any other questions you might have in the future I’m sure you will get various opinions but, if people chose not to anwer you b/c they don’t feel the need to do it.

people dont like her becuz she is pimping her relationship with hc.

read jj coments from b4 hc. she may been seen once in awhile and got 3 comments, despite working on OC and dating costar (back when the show was on)

she gained so much more attention now.

people also feel her and hc make a horrible couple. opposites.

hc proposed to the 1st girl to say yes. desperate.

who doesnt wear their ring everywhere? to her,its an accessory

what a life, shop, party, hang out, dont work yet have ungodly sums of money hope obama taxes the shiit out of her

People hate her because she is using her relationship with Hayden to draw attention. just that.

Anonymous @ 08/06/2009 at 6:22 pm

I may be a little naive, but I just find it interesting that people assume that Rachel Bilson’s agent calls the paps and tip them off. I read earlier that someone said that it was documented that the paps do this for Bilson… can someone find it?

anonymous @ 08/06/2009 at 6:27 pm

You won’t get infor out of a rep or paparazzi if she herself calls them this is only proving how desperate she truly is. most do not call themselves they use their agent that is what he or she is paid for.

As for Josh and Jills Anniversary I believe it’s next month she had the bachelorette party for her in August so this isn’t a party for Jill unless they have a kid or had one..who really knows maybe it’s a just split up party for her. Really who cares she isn’t doing anything remotely news worthy.

Anonymous – I don’t claim it’s documented (that was somene else) but come on…

We’re talking about a D-lister here. Paps do this for the money. How much money do you think pics of RB go for $50?? $100??? If you were a pap would you waste your gas money following HER around or somebody who might earn you some real money???

The paps probably make more money off a photo of K-Fed!

I really feel sad when I see that Hayden is with this idiot. He does not deserve it, I hope that they split and each follow their lives. She don’t like Hayden, she spends more time with friends than with your fiance! This is sad, I don’t believe they have a good relationship and I don’t believe that Hayden is happy with Rachel.

You can go to John Shinn’s site and find out how abysmally little he gets from mags and internet sites for pics of this useless little fame wh*ore. It truly doesn’t pay for his gas to drive to where ever she is, she HAS to be paying them, they just couldn’t afford to do it otherwise. How pathetic are you when you have to pay people to pay attention to you?

Rachel once again. To be expected. She put a call to the paparazzi for sure. She is dressed somewhat better but not much and it looks like she bothered to wash her hair this time. The Gelson’s she shops at in Silverlake is the most celebrity papped place around. Gelson’s just did not allow the paparazzi in this time is the reason the paparazzi followed her to her house and getting out of her car with her small bag from Gelson’s. My guess is she got herself some lunch or a pastry from their to be papped.

This woman now I’m convinced is biplar or something. The woman clearly has issues. One is needing to be in the spotlight for doing nothing! She loves the media circus. Fitting job for a midget! Don’t midget’s work in the circus? LOL!

dont like the dress, i think a girl who was taller and had more boobs could make it look nice, she just makes it look plain
im getting a lil tired of seeing her do nothing, i use 2 be a big fan of hers but lately she does nothing
a yr ago she was at least working on some low budget movie, but now, nothing
and honestly i dont think her and hayden r getting married, i just dont think any of them r taking it seriously

kind of looks that she squeezed into it to make her boobs look bigger..Her hair is raggy she needs to cut it shorter or some style that makes her look older not some young 15 year old.

The dress is too tight on her IMHO. It is too tight on top and poofs out on the bottom making her look hip heavy. This dress I agree with Lakers Fan Of Boston I don’t like on her but would look good on a tall and very thin model. So..Laker’s fan of Boston? Are u a Laker’s fan? Laker’s rule!!

What is with the hooche mamma look lately? She did look so much better in the OC days.

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