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Rihanna To Perform On Jay Leno's Premiere Show

Rihanna To Perform On Jay Leno's Premiere Show

Rihanna will be making her comeback performance on the premiere night of NBC’s The Jay Leno Show on September 14.

The 21-year-old Bajan beauty, Jay-Z and Kanye West will perform “Run This Town” from Jay-Z‘s new album The Blueprint 3, which drops on September 11.

E! also reports that The Jay Leno Show is close to securing Tom Cruise to participate in his new segment, “The Green Car Challenge,” wherein celebs race each other in alternative-fuel vehicles.

ARE YOU EXCITED to watch Rihanna’s comeback performance???

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  • JJ

    Rihanna, Pft…She lost her “magic”
    I thought she was different but she’s just as trashy and wrong as most of the other little starlets these days,
    what a disappointment she turned out to be…

  • Jasmin

    AWESOME!!! i´m looking soooooo forward to this show and Rihannas comeback performance! She´ll kill it!! :)

    Love Ya RiRi!!!

  • RB

    I’m looking forward to seeing Jay-Z perform. It is his album.

  • Jenn

    Meh, Im over her and her boobs her problems and her trashy ghetto ways!
    I agree with #1 , she did kinda kill her magic.
    I don’t look at her the same anymore

  • Dan


  • You/Me

    Comeback? Where the h*ll did she go??? Comeback would be Britney Spears…..Rhianna never left..unfortunately.

  • annie

    She’s whatever now.

  • Will allen

    I love how the word “Comeback” is used soo loosely these days!
    Everybody has a “Comeback” now!!!
    I remember when it used to mean something……….

  • qboi

    she has great boobs!

  • Greg

    Now whenever I see her I just think of her nudie pics!
    lol :-)

  • lairie

    Jay Leno is soooooo corny. I hate him
    Viva Conan!!
    and RiRi is blah now

  • express

    The girl is not much of a singer, so no.

  • jen

    Love Leno. Won’te think I’ll watch on account of RiRi(?). What a freakin’ annoying nickname!

    Yeah Will Allen – those were the days. Back when words had meaning. WHATEVER! What the hell does that mean anyway?

  • narnia

    I don’t really care. It’s not like she went anywhere, she just shops and lunches now.

  • Toni

    jen #13—-Get a clue. you don’t know what that means? seriously?

  • rascal

    I might tune in to see Jay-Z but Rihanna and Kayne I could care less about.

  • Yes

    For JayZ – YES!

  • Bitchard

    She’s never been away .. where did you get that folks ?? .. Her stance is unsteady – the pressure is there – everybody knows the mess she’s gone through .. she still a professional – she’ll make it !! .. But .. also don’t forget it’s J-Z’s album they’re promoting – hers’ later !! ..

  • Suki

    Probably not. Too early.
    Will watch it on YouTube maybe.

  • idky

    If I tune in it will not be for Rihanna.
    She needs singing lessons.

  • Ali

    isn’t she just part of the mess that is music these days? so corrupt and thuggish. i’m not interested in jay leno’s show; not interested in jay.z; not interested in rihanna. they all sound the same – it’s a moneygrubbing sound. the rappers and the hip hops have made music into “nothing.” i want real music, with people who have talent and heart.

  • Weeds

    Agree, she never went away — she’s out every bitch day for a photo-op.

  • dundies

    Comeback? Where the h*ll did she go???



  • aimee

    @Ali: Nicely put. Me too!

  • Krystle

    Colored me confused. Rihanna’s making a comeback? Where did she go exactly? I feel like in some way, shape or form, Rihanna has been regularly releasing music since Good Girl Gone Bad dropped. I think saying that Rihanna is having a “comeback” is kinda ridiculous. A comeback is what Whitney Houston or Britney Spears are doing, not Rihanna taking a few months off between projects…

  • flint

    I like Jay-Z so probably. Rihanna not so much.

  • Whoever

    Meh…. Tired of seeing her

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    he makes it sound like it’s rihanna’s performance, and jay-z is there to just help her. hahahaha..
    leno’s show will once again reign. letterman’s still mad. hahahaha..

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    and other than lady gaggag and beyonce… where has rihanna gone. she’s still at the top (top 3). other than bey & gag who the hell is fcuking with rihanna?!? nobody. jared’s a lame for calling it a “comeback”. she’s not britney (who didn’t comeback at all).

  • vibe

    @i n f a m o u s l y c o o l: So true, it’s Jay-Z’s performance/cd. But Jared gets paid to post about Rihanna so he needs to get his daily plug in and make the whole thing about her.

  • Jane

    Not excited to see Rihanna but very excited to see Jay again!

  • laura

    I’m just looking forward to Jay! His show premieres on my birthday!!!

  • emily

    not excited at all!!!
    she is boring like lady caca!

  • dj

    why is it a comeback did she ever leave??

  • Powersave

    Why can’t Jay-Z make money on his own, w/out having to associate himself with market-valued artists to sell his lame albums.After 50 Cent got big, he was pushed in a corner, thanks to dating Beyonce when she was climbing the height of her success got people a little interested in him for being B’s boyfriend, and Mr Z thought he could profit from his boyfriend status by getting out of retirement to milk Beyonce by putting his 2 cents on a few oif her songs, which wouldnt have made much difference if he wasn’t there. He jumped on Rihanna’s umbrella for 1 minute of ‘uh-huh, uh-huh’ then he collects royalties too.

    Today is a hiphop industry of lil’Wayne , T-pain, TI and that’;s what the Youth are buying although i think these new artists sort of killed hiphop.

  • let’s see

    this headline is misleading is rihanna going solo NO
    is it her song NO
    will i be watching it: maybe maybe not but if i do its to laugh @ her lack of talent
    it’s so funny to see that all that girl has to do is walk around pretend she’s shopping, or in the studio, go out to lunch and watch other people’s concerts while Jay z and his team work feverishly hard to write her songs and all she has to do is sing them after wards wow that’s some talent maybe that definition should be in the dictionary instead
    jay z is an idiot and all others who can’t see the girl is useless.

    and now that I’ve said this they probably might have the girl posing in a studio claiming to be “working”

    i have a better job for rihanna
    i have two dollars where is she ??

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    @let’s see: that comment just killed hiphop. hahahahahahaha.. that post was fcuking hilarious! thank you for the laugh.

  • Ray

    I hope she takes good care of these perky boobs! Homegirl dont wanna end up looking like Christina “long boobs” Uglyera.
    she stank!

  • james


    Rihanna back!

  • Irene

    of course, i’m RihRih fan

  • Irene

    yes i’m excited

    Only Rihanna can cause not concerned are answering

  • Parla

    I’m sick and tired of Rihanna…

  • Big Rihanna Fan

    Cant Wait:) Hope she performs at the Mobo Awards, I’m Going :)

  • Auwbeeah

    When did Jennifer Aniston get her hair cut and dyed white? I didn’t read about it but she looks look.

  • Kellie

    Hmm Jay Leno, went on TopGear last week and now your doing a car segment in your new show. Hmm, similar to the ‘Star in reasonably priced car’ segment on Topgear where by stars race a track in a car. Hmmm. Someone was clearly influenced.

  • sir gaga

    i’m a NO-Fan, she’s irrelivant in music, she can’t sing for sh:t and she’s ugly

  • Anonymous

    i HATE RIHANNA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!!!!!!!!

  • rihanna’s number 1 fan

    hell yeah im watching the damn show i dont even know who the hell jay leno is but im just watching to see rihanna peform, yeah im interested to see jay-z but overall for rihanna, that is one sexy girl, in my opinion she even has more edge and sex appeal than beyonce

  • amelia

    boooo…little miss RiRi. Can go back to Barbados!

  • Maria