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Sam Worthington Covers 'Esquire' September 2009

Sam Worthington Covers 'Esquire' September 2009

Terminator Salvation stud Sam Worthington heats up the September 2009 issue of Esquire. Here’s what the 33-year-old Aussie actor had to say:

On bringing depth to the characters he plays: “Hopefully I’m bringing more complexity to it than Jean-Claude Van Damme does. No offense to the dude.”

On not being intimidated by producers and movie studios: But I don’t ever feel that there’s a pressure of a suit going, ‘If this f—s up, it’s because of you,’ because I’ll go, ‘You hired me, d—head!’”

On ripping on celebs who are in it for the fame: “Oh, isn’t it cool? It’s so cool being an actor! It’s so cool having my face on a bus. That’s bulls–. I hate people like that.”

On what he told Avatar director James Cameron: “I’ll do whatever you need me to do to sell your f—ing movie. I’ll call my first kid f—ing Avatar if you want me to, if that helps you sell it.”

Sam was most recently cast opposite Charlize Theron in Tourists.

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  • marissa

    ok whatsup with all the F word being used? hey buddy, if your trying to sound like a tough guy, then use another tactic.

  • Rita

    Yeah seriously.. I don’t like this interview at all. Doesn’t make him sound great as a person. Isn’t he supposed to be all great and up and coming? It makes him sound like a male version of Megan Fox or Katherine Heigl, ugh.

  • jazz

    I guess he thinks he is such a macho man with all these curses.

    Sorry, not my type.

  • kelly

    He’s a funny dude

  • fresh

    He definitely does not come off well in this interview. He was OK in Terminator even though the movie itself sucked—so I dont understand all his bravado he’s got going.

  • Nick

    cannot wait for avatar

  • Diva

    a man of opinion this sam worthington…

  • rocky


    ITA! Makes him sound like an a.s.s!!

  • rocky


    OMG! I said the same thing to a friend the other day.

  • carrie

    the real good guess is :single or not? or Gay or straight?

  • LOL

    LMAO! He is hot, but would be even hotter as a gay men…something about the “not being able to date” thing makes gay men even sexier…or it just makes you depressed. Oh, and this is coming from a straight woman….

    But I’m guessing, single, on the down low/ bi-sexual….ha

  • Jules

    He’s hot.

  • Alexandria

    you know what i hate more than actors that revel in the fact that they are famous? actors that take the business so seriously they can’t see that the basis for doing this is because you ENJOY it.

  • carrie

    @Alexandria: you work seriously?
    i dislike when people say “my job is a pleasure,not a work”. why could the actors work seriuosly? a movie is expensive(blockbuster or nor) and if the actor don’t know his lines,he kills the movie.How many movie are bad because of miscast?

  • erin

    Concerning the F-word, GET OVER IT. If that bothers you so much, go read about the Jonas Brothers or Josh Hartnett. Stop critisizing someone who at least has the balls not to edit everything he says because of the delicate snowflakes who happen to be reading.

  • hotness

    He is sooo cool and sexy, Sam Worthington tsunami is coming to eat hollywood !!

  • marissa


    it just a fact that he is obviously insecure. hey dont get on us, get him for putting on this “tough” guy front, knowing he needs hollywood. and the people that support hollywood, including sites like this and people like you commenting.

  • anon


    i totally agree with you

  • anon

    I worked with Sam Worthington on Avatar (which is why I had to post this as “anon”) and he is, without question a complete asshole. He was SO obnoxious to my team and myself, and made everyone feel incredibly uncomfortable. Seriously, the stories I could tell! Unfortunately nearly all of them would identify me and get me fired, which is almost worth it to expose his bulls***). Although it appears that Sam is doing a pretty good job exposing his own pompous, highly aggressive, mentally unstable personality to the world.

  • Jeff

    He’s in probably one of the most (if not THE most) expensive and highly anticipated movies ever and he’s trashing on people that are in it for the fame?

  • TROY

    I can concur ANON ; he is from my experience recently working with him ,up and down like a yoyo. I read over the whole article and find he may be too brutally honest. I dont know if that was his intention or if he just slipped. I feel he was intense to work with, not friendly but did what was required of him in the job. Almost like he didnt set out to work to find friends, but just produce the work – - work that seemed to make him overtly nervous. As regards to his temper I only experienced it when thrown towards a director who needed to take control and though most or we, would never work like that, it seemed to bring together a cohesive set. I dont agree with his methods, may not be a fan of his style and work, but do believe he stands by his fortitude towards the job at hand and is out to produce film of merit. At what cost I echo you – - – but it is too soon to judge and I dont know the man personally to lay judgement without sounding like a bitter fool.

  • anon

    he sounds like a fuking douche

  • oh poor delicate flowers

    Oh please, people need to stop being sooooo precious. Sam Worthington is REFRESHING with his non PC answers. I like the fact that he says what he thinks and has a no bullsh*t attitude about his work. Finally we have an actor with a bit of personality instead of the usual bland, boring and blah, if you don’t like his blunt Aussie style, don’t watch his films, simple.

  • stellartes

    i don’t care what he says…I just love him!

  • kate

    My god, you are all so touchy. So he tells it like it is, big deal. No one likes idiot producers and fame-hungry celebrities anyway.

    And the swearing isn’t a front – he does quite a few interviews where he slips the F word into general conversation. And he’s an Aussie, he used to be a bricklayer, its not a big deal.

  • kate

    @3 – maybe because he IS a macho man, I know they probably dont’ come your way often with all the sissy Chace Crawfords and Robert Pattinsons in Hollywood

  • Daryl

    This site must be frequented by a bunch of do goody high school kids whose mom & pa told them not to swear.
    He is Australian and most most guys speak with the use of F..k peppered through out their conversations.
    He was also a Bricklayer
    Sam used to be a regular in a Cafe owned by my wife.
    He is fine and was always OK to deal with.
    He is not pretentious at all, very down to earth and he probably reacts to a lot of the whole Hollywood wanker scene and the people associated with it.

  • http://Herbreastlookbiggerthanusual.Maybeshegotimplants! pretty young girl

    Oh yeah more Sam !!

  • great

    He’s obviously being promoted as the 30 something macho Australian dude of the moment, as opposed to the well-behaved Zac Ephron, the Jonas Brothers or Daniel Radcliffe.

    There are so many very young popular male actors that some people need to see a less PC masculine guy, and I think movie executives want to promote Worthington for the spot.

    But I think the interview is not good. He still has to take a few PR course.

  • kj100

    So edgy & original NOT!! Yeah Sam this is what we do we play it like your this bad boy who doesnt play by the rules yeah!, slag off some well known names of people who have no affect on your career (say aome washed up 80s action hero) & even curse a little, They will love it!! Brando, Rourke, Harris, Farrell they were/ are real actor wild men!!

  • @kj100….@30

    Sam is for real, this is how he has always talked his whole career, ask anyone in Australia, so get your facts straight before making assumptions about him. At least he’s honest and not some pretty boy actor whose too scared to say boo in case he offends the PC brigade.

  • Arial


    Being an Aussie doesn’t excuse the attitude nor his brash behaviour. Not all Aussie’s use the ‘F’ word and being from down under I would rather have Hugh and Nicole represent us that this plonker!

  • @32….Arial

    He doesn’t have to represent “Australia” or anyone else, he’s being himself and you should know very well that his attitude and the way he speaks is very typical of Aussie men. Btw, anyone who uses the word “plonker” sounds more like a Pom rather than an Aussie!

  • adabb

    He is CLEARLY just being himself. Americans are so far removed from the rest of the world, you’re not used 2 seeing the mannerisms & dialects of other cultures. Add in the swearing & u flip ur lids! I’m a liguistics/history major from Melbourne (that’s in Australia!!) & I tell u he’s just being the person he’s always been with his speech & opinions regarding the disgusting culture that reigns supreme in Hollywood! Did u not comprehend what he was saying? In typical ‘lower middle class, generation x, male Aussie-speak’ he was making perfect sense of a culture that has for 2 long completely ignored the rational & the honest & any scrap of personal decency, in exchange 4 arrogance, greed, vanity & complete & utter superficiality!!! He’s just stating the obvious. Why the hell should he feel responsible 4 being the lead in a flop? They were the ones who called it… The Van Damme comment is, of course, gold, cause this guy (Sam) can act & we all know about Jean Claude the actress. But even Jean Claude knows he’s bad! Geez! He even says he means him no offence. He actually seems like just an honest, decent guy to me, when I consider his cultural background (something ppl need 2 learn 2 take into account much more). There are far worse actors out there making films that we unfortunately sometimes see, who are far less talented than the AWARD WINNING Mr. Worthington. Wake up ppl!!!

  • leto

    to be honest,its refreshing to see and hear something nonhollywoodlike like this,or?by the way,now we know who teached christian bale how to use f…. words in the right way.LOL.he gave me a chuckle for a couple of minutes.thx sam

  • Paul hannery

    Worthington is no big deal, just incredibly, freakishly, lucky.
    Just because he is Aussie doesn’t mean he has to conduct himself like a dick.
    Most other Aussies can get along just fine without resorting to faux macho to try and impress upon the “impressionable” just how “down to earth and normal” he is. To me it just sounds a bit self consious, a bit inadequate, a bit too eager to appear to be the knockabout bloke he’d like us to believe he is.
    Yes, Sam was a bricklayer, for 5 whole minutes. He finished high school at 18 and from there went straight to NIDA (Aussie acting college in Sydney) for 3 years and went straight into performing.
    He’ not familiar with the hard yards and has had an easy run of it.
    And no, he never acted like this with Aussie media, never a curse or a swear , never a word put wrong. He wouldn’t dare, they would see right through his B.S. for what it is.
    When they cancelled his small Aussie show called “The Surgeon” he went weeping and begging to the producers to be allowed to stay on, not knowing it was not just him but he entire cast and crew who was let go, due to the show being axed.
    Funny then, that nobody else who got axed dropped to their knees in supplication.
    So, for all of you who think he is a refreshing breath of air who tell it like it is. Wrong.
    He is simply too young and inexperienced to be jaded enough for his false bravado and apparent disdain for his good fortune to be actual.
    Think about it and see the real Sam for what he is: a guy who thinks the world perceives him and Aussies in a different light to they way we do now.

  • Paul Hannery

    Maybe, but we grew up with him and he was most definitely not the overblown, crasstalker he is trying to be now.

  • Steve

    Um, he’s a dick. Sorry.

    He was never like this in Australia.

    Please, thank you , yes sir, no sir.

    Never a fu*k this or fu*k that and if he ever said to a journalist “I’ll fu*cking kill you” or anyone else for that matter his ass and career would be in a world of hurt.

    Cut the BS act Sam, just stick to acting.

  • blazn


    People in this country are so overly sensitive. Must we sensor everything nowadays just because it follows the ‘societal norm”? Take for example American anime vs Japanese anime. I prefer Japanese because it’s so intense, uncensored, and is told exactly the way the creator wants it to be. But when they come to America, there we go, it has to be ‘kiddified’ or else the FCC and parents out there will be in outrage.

    I love this actor…he’s tells it how it is, and doesn’t sugar coat his answers. If this offends you, find some other actor to worship/drool about.

  • lurker

    I thinkhe is ugly. Another Russell Crowe, same temper.

  • suppress your appetite

    nice cover!!!

  • Koen de Koning

    Geez, all these comments about Worthington being “honest, dedicated, talented blahblahblah”… all written down by women with a crush. Can’t take them seriously. That guy reminds me alot of Russell Crowe. Selfconcious to the bone. In every interview he says something like, “I’m a tough aussie, I can take a hit”, or “this is Terminator Salvation, it’s not Pride & f***ing Prejudice is it?!” You must’ve read that one, he says it a LOT. Probably practised some catchy lines. He’s copying Crowe’s rough attitude, as Russell is getting old, maybe he is hoping to fill a void.

  • Alyssa

    He is Australian people! Aussies drop the F word all the time. Don’t criticize him for keeping his roots. It is just part of their culture. Sure there is probably some that don’t use it but it isn’t uncommon for a lot of them to use that word in most of their everyday interactions.

  • Slim


    Yeah, obscure, Aussie awards that nobody ever heard of, even in Australia.

  • Kevin

    Sam is an extremely friendly, laid-bacj and funny guy, who isn’t afraid to poke fun at himself.

    All the F words are just his talking style and all of them means no harm. The magazine quoted him out of context.

    Just go watch his interview videos… he is fine.

  • Lu

    i looooooooooooooove him:)

  • jess

    he’s so real. i don’t get it when people think he’s pretentious. it’s clear to me that he’s just being himself. he seems smart!