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Sienna Miller Caught In Super Cage

Sienna Miller Caught In Super Cage

Sienna Miller gets lifted up in a “Sugar Cage” personnel platform with talk show host Jimmy Kimmel at a special screening of G.I. Joe: The Rise Of Cobra held at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Thursday (August 6) in Los Angeles.

G.I. Joe, which also stars Channing Tatum and Rachel Nichols, will undoubtedly storm the box office this weekend and is expected to pull in $45-$50 million. Are you going to see it this weekend???

10+ pictures inside of Sienna Miller caught in a super cage…

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sienna miller super cage 04
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Photos: Kevin Winter/Getty
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  • Nick

    Hell yes i’m seeing it- nothing can be worse than Transformers 2

  • joyce

    it was worse than transformers 2

  • clau

    NOOOOOOOO I’m all for ” Julie and Julia” !!!

  • y

    I wander why the company choose sienna, It will be wasting money. I learned that is so important to choose actor and actress in the filmt. Rid. S is so clever to avoid Sienna in his film. there needs No actor nor actress more famous with their scandalous life than their acting skill. If there aren’t Sienna may be i’ll be see it, and bring my children too. women hate any homewrecker.

  • sophie

    i dont like sienna but im in love with channing! def going to see it!

  • Menara

    holy shat she looks stunning

  • JK

    Wander if she & getty are together while his wife is overseas. Doubt they are no longer an item as they were seen together in Italy recently. Just a PR move for the movie. She’s a woman on the hunt. Wont be seeing the movie

  • jayke

    @JK: Everyone fails to realise he was separated from his wife when he hooked up with Sienna

  • Karma

    @jayke: Bullsh!t.

  • Jenny

    No, won’t be seeing this. We’ll be watching a real actress, Meryl Streep, do her thing, not a self-absorbed, talentless tart.
    They’re promoting this film with the very wrong person.

  • Fallon

    WTF! Obviously her statement that she was dropped from Robin Hood because she looked too young next to Crowe was horse manure. She looks older than the ever classy and beautiful Blanchett, so it’s obvious they dumped her because she’s poison.

  • meathead

    # 8- jayke

    huh? so, it’s ok to cheat on your wife? You make no sense.

    He is STILL married to his wife.

    Making that kind of idiot comment…shows you have no values….probably living like the bimbo Sienna

  • H.

    She looks amazing. Stop focusing on people’s personal lives. Sometimes there is stuff going on that everyone else is unaware of. She does a lot of charity work and that is admirable – the rest of it is none of anyone’s business.

  • Tori

    What charity work? She doesn’t do any charity work! And don’t bring that Congo crap, that was PR. The only thing that Sienna loves or cares about is Sienna, and don’t believe otherwise.

    And the man she slobbered all over naked nast year was absolutely married then as he is now. She is still with him, make no mistake.

  • dumbH

    # 13- H


    silly you! If only you new a lot more,,,you would be ashamed about what you just posted. shame on you

    what charity work? lOL…..

    remove your blinders girl!

  • Emily


  • c


    BG has NEVER said that he was separated when she started his affair with SM. He said HAVE SEPARATED, as in it just recently happened. The “he was separated, he was unhappy, he was having problems” nonsense was established by SM and her mother to jusitfy her actions with the married man. And she wonders why people judge her. Well, if she wasn’t trying to throw the married man’s wife under the bus all the time, things would be alot different for her.A separation is not a divorce and it doesn’t mean that the married man and his mistress have the right to flaunt the affair.

    People will stop focusing on people’s personal lives when a certain person learns to keep her personal life private. She can’t have it both ways. If she wants privacy then she needs to stop tipping off the paps and publicly playing the victim every week.

    If SM cared about others she wouldn’t be having a very pubic affair with a married man. I’ll take it a step further, if SM cares about others, then she will not make another public appearance with the married man anytime this year(this includes dropping hints that she is with him-appearing at LAX/stories about how she is moving to LA). In fact if she really cared about others she won’t make another apperance with the married man until he has filed for a divorce. So can SM do it? Does she care enough about another woman and her 4 kids to set aside her need to rub the affair in the married man’s wife’s face?

  • imitation blur


    Jared, please more on Sienna, she’s great, wow…looking at all her pics,
    she’s fantastic. I see a great future for Sienna.
    I saw the trailer and she did great job, very sexy and attractive.
    She can pull american accent, too!!

    Keep on shining, The Beautiful Dame Sienna. *her name is also beautiful*

  • H.

    Cute but still a ho.

  • m

    she does look older than 27.

  • RealityCheck

    If I close my one eye and stand on my head, she’s almost pretty.

  • certainly not

    certainly not. I won’t spend money on a movie with a talentless actress with no charisma. I’d rather through the money in the toilet and see it go down than waisting time with this bimbo.

  • y

    this spring sienna went to germany some times, and getty also went to germany few days ago, imagine they bought house in germany not in USA nor UK?
    and getty has been waiting sienna at there? i imagine.!! maybe sienna control getty . sienna control this affair’s future. or her mother? She seems very envy in Mrs. Rosetta Getty’. envy her skill of designer, envy her house, envy her children, envy her life, envy and wants her husband. so she feels to cheat her by using her husband. Sienna mentality illness, something lost her mind, maybe caused of her mother. May be she can’t love anyone else, seemed feeling balthazar does not loved by sienna but …..

  • lola

    I have no interest in seeing it, but if I end up at the movies and nothing better is playing I’ll check it out.

  • Ice

    She’s an attractive woman and talented actress. Hope she gets her life in order and starts making better decisions.

  • Storme

    Who cares how she looks. She’s still trash on the inside.

  • Jen


  • jj

    Her going on and on about being single is all hype for the movie. As soon as the press tour is over, their reconciliation pics will magically start appearing. RG is in Israel, so where is Balti? Betcha SM and BG are on the down low in LA right now. The whole breakup talk was created due to overwelming disgust of these two. Let’s see if the lies get deeper????

  • t

    she looks beautiful but she looks 40 years old at least

  • Rocky


    ITA! She looks breathtaking — dress and hair — just gorgeous.

  • Rocky


    I’m going to see it tonight. I thought Transformers 1 was crap, number 2 was worse! Can’t wait to see GI Joe!

  • Rocky


    So you know her on a personal level? You’ve visited her at home and have hung out with her to know how she is on the inside?

    Some of you people are so lame! You speak as if you know her personally. You make me laugh. Get over yourselves ready.

  • meatloaf

    # 32 rocky-

    YOU seem to be the only one that is lame. What do you have on your eyes? blinders? LOL Don’t have to know her personally to know her character, etc.

    I say…keep Sienna in that cage and throw it in the ocean for the big sharks. That is what she has been waiting for anyway….big sharks.


  • Sally

    Sienna looks gorgeous.

  • linda

    She looks good!

  • Snoopy

    See this movie? No the heII way!

  • Sandy


    Do you know her personally? We all know some of the things she’s done. She’s mean and nasty and has no respect for herself or especially others

  • Lila

    i love sienna, love her style and love her enthusiastic personality.
    you haters can suck it

  • ericka

    of course i will see the movie, especially with sienna in it

  • zend

    may be you should give this a chance. it’s quite good and definitely entertaining. the way you enjoy your movies is not focus on the scandal of the actor but the quality of the film itself. i pretty like it and it’s not because of any of the cast but the movie itself.

  • pottymouth

    Sienna has no shame or respect

    throw her out with the dishwater

  • Toledo

    I’d rather watch that Pamela Anderson thing with the torured chicken again.

    Honestly, at this point, I wouldn’t pay to watch Sienna set herself on fire. I have that little respect for her.


    Why would anyone spend good money to see an actress with so little in the talent department? Not to mention, Miller is such a low, wanton creature. Looks are not everything. In fact it’s hard for me to notice her looks when her actions are so deplorable. Miller has alot of competition, good looks abound in Hollywood!
    One that stands out is Rachel McAdams a beauty and a great actress & one who doesn’t have sexual encounters out in the open with every Tom “Dick” or Harry.


    Why would anyone spend good money to see an actress with so little in the talent department? Not to mention, Miller is such a low, wanton creature. Looks are not everything. In fact it’s hard for me to notice her looks when her actions are so deplorable. Miller has alot of competition, good looks abound in Hollywood!
    One that stands out is Rachel McAdams a beauty and a great actress & one who doesn’t have sexual encounters out in the open with every Tom “Dick” or Harry.

  • lakers fan in boston

    honestly?45-50mil? no way, it’s more likely that it will make around 30mil or so, if it reaches 40 it tops expecatations imo
    dont like her dress and the red lipstick doesnt look that nice as well, she looks like she has big lips, which she doesnt

  • Russ

    i seriously think Sienna Miller is the prettiest lady in Hollywood.

  • pottymouth

    #46- russie….I think you need to get your eyes check asap…honeybun

    (rolls eyes)

  • KP

    Skank. No way am I ever going to see a movie with her in it. Ever.

  • deanna

    i saw the movie today!
    its GREAT! i recommend it to everyone

  • Yo Joe

    Can I just say I have finally watched G.I. Joe, this was on Thursday night (packed cinema) and it was fantastic.

    I would give it 8.5 out of 10 as one of the best blockbusters of the summer – the kids will love it and so will the adults (adults with a sense of humour, who don’t take films seriously but just want PURE entertainment).

    Chaninng did a great job as Duke (very proud – gets better with each film, still growing but hey good job for 6 years in the business) and gosh doesn’t he look good on the big screen or what – fit (he brought the ladies in to watch the film).

    The cinema was packed and people were impressed with Marlon Wayans too – he was funny but not over the top just right. I think the fanboys and fangirls will be happy with their performances forget what the bad reviews are say (some critics just love to hate because of the studio not letting them review the film beforehand – so what fans it’s G.I Joe).

    Seriously you need to see this for yourselves plus remember based on toys/cartoons/comics – is not suppose to be perfect but hell it was popcorn cheese with extra helping at it’s best and that’s what blockbusters should be about for FUN.

    Again, what were the critics going on about?

    For a moment, they got me worried but not NOW after actually watching the movie – will be going again – make up your own mind and see it not what the critics say.

    Unless, you do not have a personality to have a fun time at the cinema (point of going out in the first place and just relax and enjoy the ride) not sure what the problem was with this film – seriously – WHAT?

    The various websites/critics made it sound like it was the worst film on the planet and it was not it was better than most blockbusters this year. Just goes to show form your own opinions on G.I. Joe for sure – go WATCH.

    Why has it gone down on Rotten Tomatoes because the critics are hating the studio not really the film as it’s good, so make it a hit fans it does deserve to be.

    I hope when fanboys and fangirls see this for themselves, they will see that they judged it to quickly before actually watching the film because although not perfect it’s pretty up there as really cool.

    Seriously, I’m shocked how good it was. I was hoping it would be and got my wish.

    Conclusion not perfect (see the cartoons what did you expect) but a better blockbuster than most this year – Go Joe – sequel please!

    Getting back to SM don’t like her but hey the film was HIT with me….