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'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Revealed

'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Revealed

The fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance crowned its winner tonight. The top 4 contestants were Kayla Radomski, Brandon Bryant, Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak.

Click inside to find out who America’s favorite dancer is…


Jeanine Mason! Jeanine Mason! Jeanine Mason!

The 18-year-old contemporary dancer from Florida win $250,000 and the cover of Dance Spirit magazine. Congrats, Jeanine!

2nd place: Brandon Bryant
3rd place: Evan Kasprzak
4th place: Kayla Radomski

Did the right dancer win???

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110 Responses to “'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Revealed”

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  1. 1
    Light Bulb Says:



  2. 2
    carol Says:

    yesss absolutely the right person one!!! shes incredible
    couldnt have gone to a nicer person

  3. 3
    Shelley Says:

    Love Jeanine! So happy!

  4. 4
    swac fan Says:

    No! Janette should’ve won. Jeanine doesn’t have the best technique. Her lines don’t extend all the way like Kayla’s. I’m so disappointed in this season. Only one of Jeanine’s dances stood out, and it was the If It Kills Me routine. Can’t believe she won! She should’ve left a long time ago, if it weren’t for Nigel’s ogling eyes.

  5. 5
    Sam Says:

    Wtf at Evan beating Kayla

  6. 6
    Nick Says:

    Kayla was the best girl dancer, she was gorgeous, graceful, strong and had such great emotion while dancing. The addiction routine was amazing.

  7. 7
    Elizabeth Says:

    I love Jeanine! She was a beautiful dancer with a great personality! I agree that she was not the BEST, but it’s not america’s best dancer, or did the judges not drill that into the viewers heads all season long! Congrats to Jeanine! She worked so hard!!

  8. 8
    Elizabeth Says:

    Congrats to Jeanine! She is a wonderful dancer with a great personality! Remember, it’s america’s favorite dance, not the best, or did the judges not drill that into the viewer’s heads all season long!!! Congrats to Jeanine!!!

  9. 9
    hillary Says:


  10. 10
    Chelsea Says:

    Yay! Congrats to Jeanine!
    She deserves it :)

  11. 11
    Jazzy Says:

    I literally almost threw the remote control at the television when Kayla got 4th. Honestly, its ridiculous that Evan would beat her after she killed herself every week and got amazing reviews from the judges, unlike Evan who kept getting told he wasn’t trying hard enough. And Jeanine winning was a load of bullshit, she shouldn’t have been in the same league as Kayla. KAYLA WAS THE BEST DANCER HANDS DOWN!!

  12. 12
    kyle Says:

    Kayla should have won. She wasn’t awesome. She was AWE-SOME!

  13. 13
    Bliss Says:

    We wanted Brandon!!!! Crap.

  14. 14
    KAYLAwasthebest Says:

    Im sorry to those who love Jeanine, but KAYLA deserved to win. Nigel said himself that through any type of dance Kayla was always at the top or near the top of the list. She brought beauty, grace, personality and OVERALL TALENT AND TECHNIQUE.God knows why evan of all people got into the finale, I wouldve prefered Ade or Jason.

  15. 15
    i n f a m o u s l y c o o l Says:

    who watched this season?
    their ratings were horrible. the dancers this season weren’t even remotely close to being as good as the dancers last season.
    i bet the same thing will happen next season on american idol.

  16. 16
    tongt0ng Says:

    UGH! if janine didnt have phillip as a partner in the beginning she never would have made it far. kayla was definitely the stronger dancer.

  17. 17
    porkchop Says:

    Are you serious? Brandon was by far the best dancer with Kayla being the best girl dancer. I loved watching the 2 of them together. Jeanine was hot but still she didn’t do all that good til the end. I don’t get it. I will say her solo and the one with Jason was awesome though. Brandon nailed every routine as did Kayla (except the ones she was forced to dance with Evan). Shoulda been Brandon, then Kayla, then Jaenine, then … ADE!

  18. 18
    dundies Says:

    who watched this season? their ratings were horrible. the dancers this season weren’t even remotely close to being as good as the dancers last season.

    LOL i know i cringed through out this entire season… heres to this fall *cheers*

  19. 19
    OK! Says:

    Brandon was absolutely the best dancer out of the four. His style and technique was just right on the spot. His solo performance last night was the was outstanding. His lines were absolutely beautiful. Even though Kayla was the more beautiful one out of the two girls..I do have to admit Jeanine has a little more spice than Kayla. Not too disappointed this year w/ the winner. She deserved it as well.

  20. 20
    Rhobloo Says:

    Jeanine wasn’t my favorite but she has an awesome personality and she’s got talent. My favorites from the beginning were Kupono and Kayla and I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Brandon dance, so I would’ve preferred seeing Kayla or Brandon win. I definitely don’t think Evan deserved to get as far as he did based on his dancing, but he really was a fan favorite and that’s what the show is all about. The addiction and breast cancer dances were flipping both amazing.

  21. 21
    too HOT Says:

    Dundies, I agree. This year’s dancers weren’t half as good as last year. Last year…Joshua..Twitch..Katee..Chelsie..Kherington. This year’s dancers were good but not great. I wasn’t too hyped up about this year. Hopefully the fall season will be better. Fingers crossed.

  22. 22
    tap21 Says:

    I know a dancer is good when I forget who they are when they are dancing. When they take on a character or emotion that pushes aside their own personality – jeanette, kayla, brandon and ade did that for me. Kayla had plenty of personality during her dances – it was her off the dance floor personality (shyness?) that Nigel was focused on. Jeanine had a great personality but she was always Jeanine to me when she danced. Sorry jeanette, kayla, brandon and ade – you deserved better.

  23. 23
    slick Says:

    OMGX5 can believe Jeanine won, Kayla was better FU

  24. 24
    sojourn3r Says:

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

    jeanette was the true winner of this competition. Otherwise, brandon def had what it takes.

    jeanine? i dont even remember any of her dances prior these last few episodes!!!

  25. 25
    laura Says:

    Absolutely!! She’s definitely the right winner, although I would’ve loved for Brandon to win. I think what everyone forgets is that this isn’t a competition for best dancer; it’s for America’s FAVORITE dancer.

    Jeanine may not have been the best of the four technically, but she’s obviously very talented, and she has the most personality, which was evident in all her videos tonight and her “acceptance” speech.

    Congrats to Jeanine and all the other Top 20!

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