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'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Revealed

'So You Think You Can Dance' Winner Revealed

The fifth season of So You Think You Can Dance crowned its winner tonight. The top 4 contestants were Kayla Radomski, Brandon Bryant, Jeanine Mason and Evan Kasprzak.

Click inside to find out who America’s favorite dancer is…


Jeanine Mason! Jeanine Mason! Jeanine Mason!

The 18-year-old contemporary dancer from Florida win $250,000 and the cover of Dance Spirit magazine. Congrats, Jeanine!

2nd place: Brandon Bryant
3rd place: Evan Kasprzak
4th place: Kayla Radomski

Did the right dancer win???

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  • carol

    yesss absolutely the right person one!!! shes incredible
    couldnt have gone to a nicer person

  • Shelley

    Love Jeanine! So happy!

  • swac fan

    No! Janette should’ve won. Jeanine doesn’t have the best technique. Her lines don’t extend all the way like Kayla’s. I’m so disappointed in this season. Only one of Jeanine’s dances stood out, and it was the If It Kills Me routine. Can’t believe she won! She should’ve left a long time ago, if it weren’t for Nigel’s ogling eyes.

  • Sam

    Wtf at Evan beating Kayla

  • Nick

    Kayla was the best girl dancer, she was gorgeous, graceful, strong and had such great emotion while dancing. The addiction routine was amazing.

  • Elizabeth

    I love Jeanine! She was a beautiful dancer with a great personality! I agree that she was not the BEST, but it’s not america’s best dancer, or did the judges not drill that into the viewers heads all season long! Congrats to Jeanine! She worked so hard!!

  • Elizabeth

    Congrats to Jeanine! She is a wonderful dancer with a great personality! Remember, it’s america’s favorite dance, not the best, or did the judges not drill that into the viewer’s heads all season long!!! Congrats to Jeanine!!!

  • hillary


  • Chelsea

    Yay! Congrats to Jeanine!
    She deserves it :)

  • Jazzy

    I literally almost threw the remote control at the television when Kayla got 4th. Honestly, its ridiculous that Evan would beat her after she killed herself every week and got amazing reviews from the judges, unlike Evan who kept getting told he wasn’t trying hard enough. And Jeanine winning was a load of bullshit, she shouldn’t have been in the same league as Kayla. KAYLA WAS THE BEST DANCER HANDS DOWN!!

  • kyle

    Kayla should have won. She wasn’t awesome. She was AWE-SOME!

  • Bliss

    We wanted Brandon!!!! Crap.

  • KAYLAwasthebest

    Im sorry to those who love Jeanine, but KAYLA deserved to win. Nigel said himself that through any type of dance Kayla was always at the top or near the top of the list. She brought beauty, grace, personality and OVERALL TALENT AND TECHNIQUE.God knows why evan of all people got into the finale, I wouldve prefered Ade or Jason.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    who watched this season?
    their ratings were horrible. the dancers this season weren’t even remotely close to being as good as the dancers last season.
    i bet the same thing will happen next season on american idol.

  • tongt0ng

    UGH! if janine didnt have phillip as a partner in the beginning she never would have made it far. kayla was definitely the stronger dancer.

  • porkchop

    Are you serious? Brandon was by far the best dancer with Kayla being the best girl dancer. I loved watching the 2 of them together. Jeanine was hot but still she didn’t do all that good til the end. I don’t get it. I will say her solo and the one with Jason was awesome though. Brandon nailed every routine as did Kayla (except the ones she was forced to dance with Evan). Shoulda been Brandon, then Kayla, then Jaenine, then … ADE!

  • dundies

    who watched this season? their ratings were horrible. the dancers this season weren’t even remotely close to being as good as the dancers last season.

    LOL i know i cringed through out this entire season… heres to this fall *cheers*

  • OK!

    Brandon was absolutely the best dancer out of the four. His style and technique was just right on the spot. His solo performance last night was the was outstanding. His lines were absolutely beautiful. Even though Kayla was the more beautiful one out of the two girls..I do have to admit Jeanine has a little more spice than Kayla. Not too disappointed this year w/ the winner. She deserved it as well.

  • Rhobloo

    Jeanine wasn’t my favorite but she has an awesome personality and she’s got talent. My favorites from the beginning were Kupono and Kayla and I also thoroughly enjoyed watching Brandon dance, so I would’ve preferred seeing Kayla or Brandon win. I definitely don’t think Evan deserved to get as far as he did based on his dancing, but he really was a fan favorite and that’s what the show is all about. The addiction and breast cancer dances were flipping both amazing.

  • too HOT

    Dundies, I agree. This year’s dancers weren’t half as good as last year. Last year…Joshua..Twitch..Katee..Chelsie..Kherington. This year’s dancers were good but not great. I wasn’t too hyped up about this year. Hopefully the fall season will be better. Fingers crossed.

  • tap21

    I know a dancer is good when I forget who they are when they are dancing. When they take on a character or emotion that pushes aside their own personality – jeanette, kayla, brandon and ade did that for me. Kayla had plenty of personality during her dances – it was her off the dance floor personality (shyness?) that Nigel was focused on. Jeanine had a great personality but she was always Jeanine to me when she danced. Sorry jeanette, kayla, brandon and ade – you deserved better.

  • http://aol slick

    OMGX5 can believe Jeanine won, Kayla was better FU

  • sojourn3r

    HELL NO!!!!!!!!!

    jeanette was the true winner of this competition. Otherwise, brandon def had what it takes.

    jeanine? i dont even remember any of her dances prior these last few episodes!!!

  • laura

    Absolutely!! She’s definitely the right winner, although I would’ve loved for Brandon to win. I think what everyone forgets is that this isn’t a competition for best dancer; it’s for America’s FAVORITE dancer.

    Jeanine may not have been the best of the four technically, but she’s obviously very talented, and she has the most personality, which was evident in all her videos tonight and her “acceptance” speech.

    Congrats to Jeanine and all the other Top 20!

  • http://JustJared Marie

    the wrong girl win….not satified at all.Kayla and brandon deserve to win and so with Jeanette….:-(( sorry guys…..

  • sheesh

    LOL. Can’t believe how angry some are at who did or didn’t win. The voting was in your hands. It’s America’s FAVORITE dancer not necessarily the one with the best technique. The top 4 were all awesome in their own way.

  • Jaxon

    Those of you saying ratings for this show are down are grossly misinformed. The show consistently won highest ratings for Fox on both Wednesday and Thursday nights this season. It even got higher ratings on this night:

    Jun 26, 2009 … The So You Think You Can Dance results show narrowly won over last-minute tribute shows for Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett last night

    Congratulations Jeanine, you deserved it. Congrats to Brandon as second runner up. All four dancers in the top 4 will have phones ringing off the wall making them offers. I imagine Melissa nad Adae will have lots of offers too. It was a great season and I can’t wait till September to start it all over again. Definitely my favorite show.


    I’M GOTH.



  • chelsea

    she is such an inspiration, an amazing dancer,and she seems like an awesome person.
    i tried voting for her but i honestly couldn’t get through.

  • wutthefug

    This is so messed up! I was so sad and shocked to see Ade go! Can’t figure what people see in Evan that got him to thirda place. Jeanine didn’t catch my attention until last night with that Mia Michael’s dance. Either Kayla and Brandon should have won! It should have been Kayla, Brandon, Ade, and Jeanette.

  • lisa

    that’s what happens when people pick a favorite…

    the best dancers were definitely Kayla and Brandon…Brandon should have WON!!!!

    a load of crap!!!

    however any choreographer will know talent…

    janine? i still can’t believe it!!!!

  • L

    YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!! she won!!!!
    i really think she deserved the win!
    = )

  • Melissa

    YAY for Jeanine!!!! I am so happy she won. Seriously this girl has personality, technique, musicality, and passion!!! I’m sorry but I could not stand Kayla. I just could not see all the hype and talent that the judges were shoving down our throats about her. Yes, her lines are amazing but seriosuly that’s all she had. She had no personality and her solos were kind of the same thing. On another note, I could not believe Evan got 3rd over Kayla, WTF? Brandon was unbelievable and I thought overall he was the best dancer but overall JEANINE HANDS DOWN!

  • Meg

    i just first want to state that the whole premise of the show is to find america’s FAVORITE dancer. its not to have america choose who the best dancer is. the person who wins doesn’t have to be the best as far as technique goes. instead of having the best technique they do need to be able to dance but they also have to have that special something that pulls an audience in and makes the audience fall in love with them. i’m happy that jeanine won. i wanted it to be either her or evan because they could dance but they also had personality and were funny. kayla is a good dancer when someone else choreographed her dances but all of her solos were too frantic and didn’t have the performance level or fluidity that a lot of the other dancers had when performing. also to whoever said that jeanine only had one stand out performance obviously did not watch enough of the show. both of her hip hop performances with philip were amazing…i loved the one where they were chained together! she also had a great paso doble on the last show and her dance with ade where i think they did a cha cha or samba was great on her part too. also her solos were great which is something that kayla wasn’t able to deliver. jeanine’s last solo was amazing because as a former classical dancer i understand just how hard it is to keep turning and stay on your toe. i’m happy jeanine won! woohoo!

  • Lo

    Kayla the best? Yeah right the girl lacked in everything….it’s funny how Evan got 3rd over her, heh! JEANINE MASON HANDS DOWN PROVED WHY SHE IS AMERICAS FAVORITE DANCER! I knew it was going to be between Brandon and Jeanine c’mon Kayla and Evan are nothing compared to these two.

  • Brit

    I love Jeanine, and I am so happy that she won. She deserves this, and I love how she was an underdog and no one really saw her coming!!!! Each week she continued to grow, and each week the judges kept shoving down our throats Kayla this, Brandon that, Jeanette this…..and look what happens BAM Jeanine comes in like a fircracker and just explodes not only as a dancer but as a performer too. This girl has personality *cough her acceptance speech LMAO loved it* Her solos were very diverstile musicality wise, and technique wise. She outshined all the girls! I just could not see why Kayla was made out to be this AMAZING dancer when in all honesty the girl could not put together a decent solo. Yes, give her choreography and she can dance it but otherwise it’s just FAIL. You can’t deny Brandon the guy is a freakin powerhouse on stage! Again YAY for Jeanine, and overall it was a great season!

  • taleya

    Thank God Jeanine won! She was awesome ALL season! The eviction hip hop routine was one of my favorites and her personality was WAY better than Kayla’s! She put her whole hear ad soul into that competition!!

  • allie

    OMFG!!!! i cant believe jeanine won……. This is so unfair……..Brandon so should have won, he was so damn GOOD!!!!!! and seeing that a girl won, it should have been janette or kayla….they were way better and they totally deserve to win………EVAN in 3rd place?!?!?! over kayla?!?!? this season is messed up……..

  • http://n/a Judit

    Kayla Radomski is the best most amazing dancer, she shouldve won!!!! I ove Kaylas dancing !!!

  • taleya

    And one more thing: Ade should’ve been voted off just for wearing that STUPID PICK in his hair all season: So lame!!!

  • Kate

    JEANINE! JEANINE! JEANINE! I am beyond estatic that she won! Honestly the girl was everything America wanted in a dancer….personality, technique, diversity, and her solos were raw, and passion filled! No other girl could hold a candle to her…JEANINE STOLE THE SHOW, and that is why she is America’s FAVORITE dancer! Brandon is amazing and I am glad he got 2nd! Kayla…blah! She did nothing for me, her solos were over the top at times, the tansition and fluidty was horrible…I mean give the girl a routine and she can dance it but heh nothing was there for me. All the praise, and hype she got being talked up to was shot to hell…it was seriously a turn off. Honestly, I think Evan ranked in some pity votes last night because he was ragged on in the finale. The guy is gifted obv. and no question that he is a fan favorite. I would say his personality and style is what gave him more votes then Kayla…Anyways Congrats to Jeanine she deserved it!

  • ivethb

    I really liked caitlin she is prettier than jeanine plus Jason was caitlin boy and I hated that they kissed

  • sarah

    YES! Jeanine’s amazing, so glad she won! Finally, a winner I like!

  • Demetriad I.

    Janette should have won…she was by far the best…to bad she was eliminated so quickly…but between these 4 i would loved Brandon to win. And i still don’t get it how Evan still remained in the contest???? beats me:)..anyway grate season:)..keep up;)

  • frappucino

    I’m glad Jeanine won! She’s the right person for this title. But I think it’s really wrong that Evan got 3rd over Kayla. She was my favorite, just not my choice for this season’s winner. But heck she’s way better than Evan!

  • S*

    jeanine?? COme on!!
    Yeah she’s good, but the BEST is Brannnddoonnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!
    Buuuhhhhh!!! =(

  • Matt

    I’m just glad it was anyone but Evan…

  • Alicia

    I’d never watched this show in my life but caught the finale tonight and even i could tell the blonde was the best dancer! ROBBED.