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Adam Lambert: Good Morning America!

Adam Lambert: Good Morning America!

American Idol‘s Adam Lambert performs his own rendition of Muse‘s “Starlight” during Good Morning America‘s Summer Concert Series at New York City’s Rumsey Playfield on Friday (August 7). Watch here!

David Cook performed his own song “Come Back To Me,” the third official single released from his eponymous album. Watch here!

The latest Idol winner Kris Allen performed an acoustic version of Kanye West‘s “Heartless.” Watch here!

Together, the three of them performed a cover of Fleetwood Mac‘s “Little Lies.” Watch here!

30+ pictures inside of American Idol alum Adam Lambert, Kris Allen and David Cook

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Photos: PNP/WENN
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  • no wonder you’re single

    adam is adorable!

  • bella

    I think Chris is so cute :)

  • bella

    sorry meant to type Kris

  • Mika

    Go Adam!

  • suzy q

    I love me some Kris Allen.

  • blondiegrrl

    I love Adam … he’s such a talented and beautiful person. With a voice like that, he makes me believe in angels.

  • Silk

    Adam was spectacular, he has such a beautiful voice, he looks every delicious inch a star and he is such a beautiful soul, a good person. And blondiegrrl, you are right on, Adam makes me believe in angels too!

  • Alvin & co

    Only during this most recent show have we noticed that Adam is remarkably handsome. And his good looks is the kind that one would enjoy while staring at him. No wonder, he is gaining more and more straight men as fans based on the many faces in the audience.

    He certainly has the package only fit for superstars — great voice, magnetic charisma and superb stage presence. And you won’t really mind listening to him even if you’ve heard “Starlight” in their ongoing series of concerts as his interpretation during the show was different and really pleasing to listen to.

  • SCat

    As much as I like David Cook there simply was not enough of Adam Lambert singing in Little Lies. :(

  • dori

    I really like Kris Allen’s performance, I never really payed attention to him before, now I will

  • kim

    He looks great and hot!

  • Amber

    OMG David Cook is so hot! I never realized how totally adorable he is! No wonder he won last year. Ok, I want to buy his CD. Is the name of his album just David Cook? On Kelly and Regis they said it went platinum,I didn’t know that. I thought he was amazing on GMA to me he out shined those other guys. I want to go to one of his concerts AND meet him!

  • Debbie

    David Cook is the best, never get tired of hearing him or seeing him and god he looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • Debbie

    David Cook is the best, never get tired of hearing him or seeing him and god he looks absolutely gorgeous.

  • i n f a m o u s l y c o o l

    damn, kris is still performing ‘kanye’s song’?! hahahahaha..

  • Bliss

    I like Adam AND Kris, but I am realizing something more and more as time passes. Adam stood out BECAUSE he was part of American Idol. He was unique in that mix. Now that he has been pushed out of the nest, in a way of speaking, he has to hold his own in the huge larger world of rock music out here. He will have to up his game a lot to be a continued success. Idol gave him the exposure, but now it is allll on him to really do something with it and move to the next level. Simon said he had the “potential” to be world class. He isn’t there yet.


    Kris baby, you are a stud muffin!

  • Vanessa

    David Cook rocks my world & he totally owned!!! He looks really cute in those pics. =) Kris & Adam were good too, though. David’s just my favorite. =)

  • Francine

    Wow! Adam’s voice is really great in this rendition of Starlight! He really really nailed it! Good work Adam! You are such a fun person to watch. Can’t wait for your CD.

  • marjorie

    Wow! Adam’s voice is really great in this rendition of Starlight! He really really nailed it! Good work Adam! You are such a fun person to watch. Can’t wait for your CD.

  • marjorie

    Adammmmmmm!!!! I >3 Adam! Go Glambert!

  • LolaSvelt

    That try-hard rockstar ruined Starlight.

  • Andrew

    I was there and the videos don’t even do him justice. Adam is the most incredible live singer I’ve ever heard. He was simply out of this world.

    They were all good, but Adam pretty much pulled the rug out from under everyone’s feet he was so good, and so completely unexpected.

  • Millambert

    My God!! Each day Adam is more handsome!! He looks so good! , well, he is totally beautiful… and by the other hand… his performance of Starlight… so sensitive, so emotional, so marvellous… he touches my heart when he sings. Love you Adam! Greeting from Chile!! (Latin America.. you have many, many fans in latin America!!!)

  • jennifer

    Oh Adam,You are so beautiful

  • jen

    Adam is already a rock star I saw him in concert He is the best performer I have ever seen and I have been to a lot of concerts He will be a world icon. He looks like a super star -so gorgeous( I saw him close after the concert he is even more attractive in person than on video) and he has excellent taste in clothes Also, he totally changed starlight from his concert performance He is so super- talentedADAM ROCKS!

  • wow for adam

    Adam is very handsome and has an amazing voice, Cook is soooo average and bland, what is with his hair, a very bad comb over???

  • sintolt

    These three guys are supremely talented, attractive and charming. There’s no need to rank them – apples and oranges anyway. They all look like future stars to me, and I wouldn’t be surprised if Adam’s album, as well as Kris’ goes platinum as quickly as David’s did. It’s just hard to believe it took that cheesy Idol show to discover these amazing performers.

  • marcia

    David Cook, THE BEST!

  • Shari

    The drummer w/the long hair is the hottest guy there.

  • tj

    Adam , Wow,….. he is incredible, beautiful…. no one comes close to that voice of his. He is a superstar in every sense!!

  • kitkat

    That would be Kyle Peek from David Cook’s band. He IS really cute & a super sweet guy!! I met him a few weeks ago. :)

  • me

    That’s alot of sexy on one stage! Especially David Cook and Kris Allen!! *drool*

  • lizzie

    Adam was wonderful, his voice is gorgeous!

  • sammy

    Bliss, I’m curious, if Adam stood out BECAUSE of idol why did kris stand out or didn’t he stand out? Your logic makes no sense and what you seem to be saying this that Adam is no longer interesting off the idol stage which IMO couldn’t be further from the truth. If anything Adam has gotten more interesting because he’s no longer confined by the show.

    and If Adam has to up his game doesn’t Kris as well? One of them is absolutely killing it in concert night after night and one of them just absolutely Killed it today on GMA with a stunning rendition of Starlight.

    Adam looks like a superstar standing next to two guys who could easily be going to the local 7-Eleven to pick up a slurpee and get gas. I mean seriously, Cook and Allen are hot guys but Adam is just in a different league both vocally and visually.

    Kris has far more to prove IMO as the winner than Adam does as the runner up and so far he’s not really living up to the title. He got pwns by Cool and Lambert today on Little Lies.

  • Jersey

    I was there and MADAM is such a freak poser. David Cook is the real Rock Star!

  • Lisa

    I have to say, Kris is really blossoming as a performer. He was so green at the beginning of Idol, but he is becoming more and more confident every day. He sounded fantastic this morning! I really enjoy watching him perform.

    Adam, of course, is such a great vocalist and intuitive performer – I mean, seriously. “Starlight” was amazing. He and Kris are both this year’s “American Idols” for me.

    And David Cook. I think he’s so likeable and he DOES have a great voice. But man, his stuff often sounds a little Nickelback-ish to me. I so want something different from him.

  • **

    @Bliss: I really don’t understand how you’re coming to see something like that more and more as TIME PASSES. As time passes he’s only becoming more famous… maybe you should read up a bit. We’re watching a legend in the making.
    I also don’t quite understand how you say he’s out of the idol nest, and he needs to ‘up’ his game…they’re not even halfway through their..IDOL…tour..and because he is on the AI tour, he hasn’t done anything to ‘up’ yet, so how do you know he’s going to have to ‘up’ his game? Why not wait until his album comes out, see if he can hold his own in the rock music world, and then decide if he has to up his game, then decide if it was merely uniqueness among ‘regular’ AI contestants that made him stand out, that brought him this fame. I can tell you right now, if all of his fans are like me, which they are but generally more obssessed, he’ll just barely need to hold his own because we love him and we want him around!

  • Jamie

    Adam is so talented.

  • AI

    @Jersey: FILTH

  • Lisa

    I totally totally agree with you!

  • dry Martini

    All three were good but Adam was the standout. Beautiful both visually & vocally.

  • gabby

    omg!!! i think im gonna need some cooke LOvE tonite!!!!!!!>333

    love u kris adam and cook xoxoxoxo alll 3 were cute sing together .. this i will never forget…=)

  • JENN

    Could Adam be more gorgeous!!! His voice was soft and toned down today, but very sweet and beautiful.

  • virginia

    Adam was amazing on GMA – just didn’t get enough of him, though.On the last song, it was mainly David Cook that sang and I wanted Adam to sing more.Kris Allen didn’t get much exposure either.What I’m trying to say is Adam is super talented but so kind and humble.Can’t wait for his CD this fall.I wish for him all the success that a multi-talented artist can get.

    GO ADAM!!!

  • JENN

    @Jersey: Interesting!! Meatloaf has a video on youtube claiming Adam is his and Freddie Mercury’s illegitimate child. Red One and some of the top people in the music industry today are working on with Adam on his album – they came to him!! Queen wants him to perform with them. Katy Perry wrote his name on her cape. Last but not least, Adam is killing the AI tour. Just hide and watch – he is the real deal big time.

  • Celebritywatcher

    Wow I’m loving the hair. I’m not sure if he has staying power though.


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  • Lisa Fowler

    I have watched and listened to Adam every day since the AI tour has started. I could listen to him sing every day for the rest of my life. This performance was so awesome, moved me to tears. For those who do not like his singing, please stop listening and commenting. We love him and making nasty comments doesn’t make us not love Adam but it makes us not like you.

  • Amanda

    God I love Adam so much! He looks amazing (as always!)! :)

  • Reese

    I like Adam on American Idol, but, didint like his rendition of this song… I could listen to Kris Allen sing heartless over and over… good stuff!!!!!