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Halle Berry: Century City Sexy

Halle Berry: Century City Sexy

Halle Berry attends a business meeting while out and about on Friday afternoon (August 7) in Century City, Calif.

Yesterday, the 42-year-old actress and boyfriend Gabriel Aubry made a visit to Gap’s 1969 Jeans Shop on Robertson Blvd. The shop, located across from celeb-den The Ivy, will be open today through Sept. 27 and features Gap’s all-new 1969 Premium Jeans collection. To celebrate the opening, a launch party was thrown last night with music DJ’d by Joel Maddan of Good Charlotte.

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  • bella

    This woman is never going to age.
    She is stunning.

  • sweetie

    beautiful. :-)

  • swagger

    Jennifer Beals is another beauty in her forties who doesn’t look her age.

  • Nick

    that is one gorgeous woman

  • Whoever

    Natural Beauty! Stunning!

  • sal

    joel madden*

  • Jenny

    this is the dress code for a business meeing? so Hollywood!

  • Jenny

    this is the dress code for a business meeing? so Hollywood!

  • HBO

    I love Jennifer Beals I wish Jared would feature her more. L word best show on the air.

  • acandiel


    she is beautiful!!

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  • dundies

    hummna hummna hoo! so cute in the 3rd picture

  • anon

    Stacy Dash is another beauty who is in her mid 40′s and looks fantastic.

    Halle will always look great. Great genes

  • Teamvaltrex

    I used to work as her personal ass’t back in the day,. She is hawt but has terrible choice in men

  • JAime

    @Jenny: Oh shut up. Its most likely a casual lunch meeting with someone in the friend zone

  • lol

    could someone tell her that her saggy boobs are about to fall the umm funny dress or harem crap or scarves she got on?? god that cakey makeup hhahha botox has been handy apparently or is it swelling from her diabetes kicking in oh wait she has no diabetes right?

  • Jaxon

    Everything she wears these day is very loose. Could she be pregs again? She was hoping to fit in one more and they sure make pretty babies.

  • aj

    She’s gonna look like Joan Rivers if she doesn’t stop the injections in that forehead.

  • oh please LMAO

    Halle’s not preggers, please. C’mon Jaxon…save that crap for your blog. It’s summer in LA, of course, she’s gonna wear a dress like that after wearing a skin tight get up the day before.

    Seriously, doubt it if they’re going to be anymore IVF kids between she and Gaybriel. Don’t thinks the papps have followed them recently to the LA Fertility Clinic in Glendale again, unless I am wrong? The damage control photos where seen all over the ‘Net in January. The only difference when she went there the last time, Aubry wasn’t with her.

    The only way she’ll/they’ll get pregnant again, is a: if Halle REALLY wants another one; b: if her career definitely in the toilet and doesn’t have anything else going one; c: she’s selfishly desperate to keep him around.

    From her recycled statements, me thinks a-c aren’t going to happen and both no he’s out the door, they just don’t have a graceful way of ending it. No real love between them. Only keeping up appearances for the sake of Nahla and the wrath of Halle.

    Aubry parroted her more kids statement almost a year ago, if they were going to have another child, Halle would have popped one out by now–guess they’re also not doing it 24/7 like she lied on Oprah as if they ever did. And from the looks of a lot of photos of them over the last year or so, don’t look like they’ve been getting it much or at least with each other.

  • naiive Halle-looks good

    Love the dress…looks good in those colors reminds me of that Ungaro gown she wore to the Emmys that year. Naiive Halle to think if she cares that the preggo rumors would start flying again ever time she wears something loose fitting. She’s not pregnant. Wishful thinking, unless she started sporting a bump in less than 24 hours. She’s not going to age if she keeps getting botox–bad move Halle, not good for the facial muscles.

  • @Jaxon

    @Jaxon: Quit trying to stir the shyt, seriously save for that trashy blog you put out. Guess you haven’t seen the pix over the last two days. No way is Halle sporting a baby bump see the Gap pix and from her shopping the other day. You even commented that she wasn’t pg in those baggy jeans. Stop being a hypocrite. If you wanted to start rumors do it on your own blog.

  • JJ you got this one right

    JJ good for you….you got this one right, she is on a biz mtg lunch. Her manager is in one of the photos.

  • nope

    @@Jaxon: Also, doesn’t look preggo in the recent photos of she and Nahla.

  • Sally

    Halle looks great in blue!

  • old media ho

    Does this old attention ho have a job??? i mean apart from whoring herself and whoring her kid to exist? what else she can do, what a talentless loser damn she is no different from hilton and co…

  • jey

    Lay off the botox granma plus with this hair cut she looks like a man nothing attractive.

  • toocute

    Love the Short cut, she wears is so superb!

  • rachelsun

    See the racists haters and the Halle stalker liar still here. You are so jealous Halle has a handsome white man you keep up w/ this gay bullsh$t! It is sad really because it has no effect on their relationship or the fact that Nahla is here must be eating you alive you dumb hateful f$$k!

    You probably don’t know the story of the man who cried wolf but you haters are so predictble no one belives anything you say anymore so go pound salt or better yet move your 2 ton a$$ away from the computer and GET A LIFE! NO one will read your lie filled blog anyway.

  • @Rachelsun

    @rachelsun: They do it to get a rise out of you and the others as they expresses their opinions. Note to RS, this is not a fan site, this is a message board (being the devil’s advocate). Not being mean.

    Funny, how everyone spouts the words haters and jealous when they’re expressing their opinion?

    Why do let them get to you?

    Who cares if what they say is true or utter crap and their just filling their free time? Not how I would do it, but that’s just me.

    I know you’re reacting to their immaturity, why stoop to their level? Not everyone who disagrees is a hater or jealous. They keep doing it until they don’t get a response from you and the others. RS–just ignore them…you’re stooping to their level is only encouraging them to keep at you and the others.

    Personally, I couldn’t care less about Halle and her partner’s relationship; if he’s gay, straight, bi,tri or whatever. It is what it is. They have nothing I want, so there’s nothing to be jealous of. I just come on JJ to see what Halle’s wearing, pictures of Nahla etc.

  • @Rachelsun part 2

    Seriously, who takes any of this stuff on any gossip site seriously. I know I don’t.

  • Paris is actually funny

    @old media ho: Paris is actually funny, Halle the media ho isn’t.

  • LMAOROTF #28

    #28–do better than that. #29/#30 is right, I am one of the one’s who does post just to get a rise out of you during my free time since you and your pals are easy targets and are dwindling down in numbers here. Uh no, I am not jealous of Halle Berry and her babydaddy/sperm donor nor do I lose any sleep over their arrangement. They have NOTHING I want. Both are total losers. BTW I am Halle’s size.

  • nope

    @rachelsun: You never did. Sounds like you’re starting to worry and buying into the DM-UK running an article on Halle based her old interviews. Can cite sources.

    No matter what happens at least they have the kid to share. Not jealous either nor sleep very soundly at night. Looks like you fairytale maybe eventually coming to an end down the road, that must be upsetting for you.

    BTW Halle did sing David and Eric’s praises etc. Let me know if you want the Ebony/Jet and other sources. As for the other stuff, check the internet. The orientation thing, don’t have a frigging clue.

  • nope OMH

    Nope Princess Halle isn’t working actively on filming any movies. All of her projects are in limbo. Curious to know what all of her recent meetings are about?

  • lakers fan in boston

    hmmm, she does look cute but im always gonna be distracted by her short hair
    but still best ive seen her in a while, i usually think she dresses boring

  • esi

    @nope: glad you’re not jealous or can sleep well at night. Seriously, why are you letting this childish poster get to you. She always says the same things posting under different names.

  • Geddylee

    Kaunis nainen!!

  • liz k

    @lol: Good points, all. When her sunglasses are off you can see her sunken eyes are not so young looking.

  • amber

    Jennifer Beals gets my vote every time…she is 40+ and still gorgeous, she is wicked intelligent and just an awesome actor…she can easily blow many of these regulars out of the water….i hate that she isnt mentioned enough here.

    She is super fit (stunning)
    super fit (has done quite a few triathalons).

    LOVE JB x

  • amber

    @HBO: totally agree with you…LOVE Jennifer Beals

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks amazing!!