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Halle Berry: Gap Girl

Halle Berry: Gap Girl

Halle Berry takes her beau Gabriel Aubry to the launch event for Gap’s 1969 Jean Shop on Robertson Blvd at their 1969 Jean Shop on Thursday (August 6) in West Hollywood.

“I’m so not the relationship go-to girl,” the 42-year-old actress told UK’s Daily Mail. “But I’m much clearer about what a relationship is, which is why I will never marry again. Gabriel and I have a great partnership and a lovely daughter. But I once was stupid enough to say, in a previous relationship, ‘I’m going to be with this person forever,’ and realized, as I grew, that I don’t know if forever is possible.”

Halle continued, “Gabriel and I don’t look at our relationship in terms of forever, we look at it as right here today. And today means being the best people we can be, the best parents we can be. It’s wonderful, but neither one of us feels the need to attach ourselves to each other for life – because it may not be that.”

10+ pictures inside of Gap Girl Halle Berry

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Photos: John Shearer/Getty Images
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  • pout

    she’s so gorgeous! LOVE HER!

  • black

    Doesn´t sound like she´s really into that guy. Or she´s just trying to build walls around her in order not to protect herself from too dependent.

  • Jessica

    When is she gonna marry him?

  • Smurfgyrl

    Think she knows its not going to last. He was just a really hot doner

  • Nahla

    Gabriel has longer hair than her lol. They made such a gorgeous baby. I hope they will last.

  • liverwurst

    Most beautiful family in the world.

  • Auwbeeah

    She must also be worried about the legal/financial side of it if they did marry and divorce as they are so unequal finacially. I read somewhere that he is on her payroll but can’t remember the source so have to take that with a pinch of salt.

  • Jen

    She is gorgeous but hmm sounds like she is aware it might end soon

  • Someset

    Halle’s cray, cray. She always has been and always will be. She’ll do something like the Jamie Fox thing to ruin her relationship.

  • baffleck

    Ouch! She’s got the before the “break-up” insecure pose. She is so human that its not even funny. I like her because she’s so real. If you look at the main picture, see how relaxed he is standing there with no urge to move towards her in the picture. She on the otherhand is craning her neck to meet him in the picture. She adores him. That’s obvious but his body language says otherwise unfortunately. I could be totally wrong but what she says isn’t helping….He is probably too into himself…just saying…..but he does make a hot sperm donor. :0)

  • NativeNYker
  • @8

    @Auwbeeah: I hear on that one too. Can’t remember the source either regardless of him working more in the last year or more since he no longer has his restaurant to hide behind. I don’t blame her, she’s not going to have him around long enough for him to claim his common law entitlement, possible wishful thinking on his part.

  • more @8

    @@8: Of course, they’re not in the same league financially, socially, etc.

  • @10

    @baffleck: They’re always like that in event pix, her being more into him than he is into her at that moment. At events, he always looks like he’s working the camera. Halle looks phony as usual. Looks like she’s had too many botox txs. Yes, he does make a hot (in-vitro) sperm donor.

  • Jen

    @Jen: Hope not either, but her recycled comments from last year/earlier this year’s interviews are setting herself up for more failure. 3-4 years is when her relationships start to ebb. Could be from when her father left when she was 4 yrs old?

  • esi

    More random of photos SSDD of the ‘happy’ plastic couple. Read somewhere that folks weren’t surprised she ended up with a model because of all attention she has spent over the years pimping her looks etc. Will take that at face (no pun intended) value since it was probably from some disgruntled poster.

    Gabe doesn’t do it for me, why does he always look goofy when looking into the camera at A-list events? Also, looks scruffy and pasty?

  • tries too hard

    Halle tries too hard and doesn’t believe her own self worth. If she loves him, she needs to get over her fears, if not, make arrangements about Nahla and move on.

  • real man? real couple?

    Looks like enjoys the perks of being Halle’s babydaddy/sperm donor. What real man would let them be controlled by a dominant woman? And further emasculated by their many antics.

    He always looks like her servant when they’re shopping etc. Maybe he likes being controlled by such women. Not very masculine.

    Real couple? Who knows but it seems 2B working for them whatever they have going on. Unless, he is whacky as she is?

  • The X mrs. Bruckner

    I don’t blame her, I’ve been divorced twice and I will never marry again! After her last marriage she had to splint everything 50/50 with that sex addict (self-admitted) 2nd husband of hers and she is still paying him spousal support to this day! The laws in California are wrong! I don’t believe in communal property laws. My last husband made three times my salary and we had three homes together, including a fancy dancy cabin in Montana but I allowed him to keep two of the homes and I just accepted and stayed in the condo we bought together. Feminism has ruined so much for women.

  • John D

    Sounds that BS to me, what kind of talk is that for someone in a committed, loving relationship? Nothing like setting your sights low.


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  • silentsophi

    Good for Halle as long as her daughter and partner are as happy as she seems to be then that is all that matters!

  • leslie arnelle

    dag…what the heck did Eric B do to this woman to make her…I don’t know though…I feel her though…(((sigh)))!

    Do I still believe in true ever lasting love anymore…IDK!

  • leslie arnelle

    oh dag…I forgot that she was married twice….and burned both times…oh ok Halle…I hope this time it’s wonderful and ever lasting for her…I think she deserves it.

  • Heather

    I sometime feel that Halle try to hard to be something that she is or isn’t. I just feel that some comments she need to keep to herself
    . And as for Gabe, he need a shave real bad

  • anon

    NOTHING in life lasts forever. It’s not being pessimistic, it’s just a fact. Goldie Hawn, Oprah and Susan Sarandon have been long term committed relationships which are kept out of the spotlight (for the most part) which have lasted over 20 years. My brother’s marriage with a huge wedding lasted 5 yrs…he’s now been living happily with the same woman for over 25 yrs. You have to do what works for you not what society deems is acceptable.

  • Pinkrose


  • Paige

    @The X mrs. Bruckner:

    Soooo WHAT!

    Your relationships aren’t her relationships!

  • Sally

    She looks amazing. Simple, sophisticated, beautiful. They’re a cute and cool couple.

  • kimbee

    She’s hot and so is he!

  • mjkbk

    “Gabriel and I don’t look at our relationship in terms of forever…..”

    Uh-oh, Gabriel……if your squeeze is spouting this kind of stuff PUBLICLY? Sorry, but you’re on your way out, boy.

  • Buck

    He looks like a big dork. I don’t like her look here at all….way too boyish. It’s like she’s the man and he’s the woman

  • zk

    Her quotes are almost more beautiful than she is……that is lovely. She’s obviously learned from past mistakes and is level headed about a relationship now. Good for her and her family, they are all absolutely gorgeous!



  • blah

    I hope he dumpes he I cant stand Halle. Shes so fake and irratating

  • lakers fan in boston

    wow, her face seems perfect
    not a single mark or anything
    she’s definitely looking hot for once

  • becca

    They look great together and seem happy. And the nature of what they have together is really not for us to grapple with… it’s theirs.

    And they have a beautiful child. That’s what it’s all about: love, family, happiness… not labels.

  • Corey

    Ridiculous comments.

    Well like it or not she’ll be tied to her sperm donor for life, having a kid with someone is the biggest commitment you can make. Dumb woman.

    Go get another nose job Halle, your nose looks like it is going to collapse. Her sperm donor doesn’t do it for me either.

  • merryl peters

    i just wish halle and gabriel stay together for a long time.i love seeing them together .i also wish she could have another baby with him .love halle that she is happy all the best stay strong

  • yukko

    Man look at the plasrtc she has done to her ugly face..she looks like a balloon and the man is losing his finesse..he looks under alot of strain and looks real tired..they really should give it up real quick cause they are making a mess of things very quicly….SSOMEONE GET RID OFF ALL THAT FOUNDATION ON THAT WOMAN..SHE LOOKS REAL DESPERATE

    I guess she must have gone through her airport videos of herself and dingbat cause one of the journalists was overheard saying she was REAL SHORT AND LOLOLOL check the HIGH HEELS..oh halle you are an idiot

  • Yikes!

    Wow…there are a lot of jelous people posting in this comment section. Some of you really need to get a life and quit being so invested in these celebs like you know them. Acting as if you can tell what goes on in their relationship from some pictures. What Halle said in this qoute is no different then what she has been saying from the moment she got in a relationship with this man..and here they are years later still together. If it last then it last..if not, its none of our business and shouldn’t effect anyone in here. They are a beautiful couple with a beautiful family. Good for them. Most of the people saying negative things probablt aren’t even in a relationship..oh the irony of anonymous posers on the Internet.

  • oh please LMAO

    Oh please, LMAOROTF. I can’t believe you all actually believe Halle Berry’s recycled comments from past interviews as an actual interview yet even gospel. Regardless, of what she’s saying about this relationship and how it differs from her past ones, she used to also say deep things about David & Eric, have the articles to prove it. Nothing more that Halle’s recycled bs. Why she has to keep convincing us and herself of this relationship, proves how insecure this woman really is.

    It’s a safe bet that Gabriel wouldn’t still be part of the equation if it weren’t for Nahla. They’re not even in the same league. Think he’s only been staying around because of the kid and is afraid of what Halle will do, if he leaves, unless it’s mutual. That’s not to say that he still wouldn’t be a part of Nahla’s life if they ever did split. If not, he wouldn’t let her control him.

    Why else would he put up with her antics of always needing to be seen, tipping off the pappis when she actually does do that, her Jamie Foxx joke, her being the main spokesperson in the relationship, him saying what he’s been told or paid to say, etc.

    He’s nothing more than a sperm donor, which is fine. But why all the charade–Halle’s crazy ego.

    If they’re in such a committed relationship, why don’t they look more like a loving couple, actually be working on/having more kids (it’s been almost a year since his statement), guess there haven’t been more trips to the IVF clinic?

    If they’re in a committed relationship, why aren’t they living in that bogus home she supposedly bought outside Mtl?

    If they’re in such a committed relationship, why hasn’t he completely moved into both of Halle’s homes in LA and NYC when his stuff is still in some self-storage place in LA?

    It’s not like her career is actually going anywhere right now, for them to be in LA as much as they are. She doesn’t need to be in LA as much to keep an eye on the her mother who lives down the street from her. A ‘family trip’ to Miami or a few trips to NYC when Halle has business there doesn’t cut it.

    If/when they split lets hope she doesn’t bash him like she did with David & Eric (despite their faults of both being unfaithful) after they both tried to bend over backwards to cater to her a$$.

    She even tried bashing Michael Ealy who would have fathered her child if they got married and Halle was overheard at some party saying she dumped him because she didn’t want to play the momma role again. He didn’t want to play her game.

    Newsflash Halle…you’ve been Gabe’s momma ever since they hooked up.

    Wondering if he’s having 2nd thoughts about fathering her child for helping put him, his career and restaurant that flopped on the mainstream map?

    Another newsflash Halle…it stopped being about you, when you said you wanted a child even before model boy was even a forethought.

  • naiive Halle

    Naiive Halle…to think she has actually thought the gay/bi rumors would stop once she had a kid by this guy by whatever means and that showing him with his rippled abs would change posters minds, think not.

  • Bran

    You must really love Halle. You seem to care so much about the choices she made in her life. Who doesn’t know that the men in her past (ex-husbands) didn’t mean her any good ? Why are you judging
    Halle by standards you would not what to be judged by ? Are you
    perfect? Have you been with the same man (woman) all of your
    life ? I glad Halle is finally with a man who loves her. I’m
    also glad she never had a baby with the any of the men from her past
    because they were not worthy of her or her love.

  • lalalove

    Someone plase tell me why Halle doesn’t look a day over 18???!!!!! WTF is her secret!!?? I see 20 year old that don’t look as great as this woman!!

    Love her!

  • jean

    thank you , thank you, thank you, number42, for saying what we all know about ms halle, a bitch, we all know it, she is full of BS, i always knew she was fake, and a tramp, i pray and hope knowone goes out ot see those stupid moneyless movies, some people don’t learn those one who spend their money on her trashy movies, she tell lies all the time, she is boring, boring, boring,she has no friends in hollywood that are black, if you see her after this date out with any famous black hollywood people that her PR, working to keep up her fake image. PLEASE HOLLYWOOD YOU WASTE YOU MILLIONS ON HER, STOP PAYING HER THAT AMOUNT, YOU WANT FROM THIS DAY FORWARD EARN IT BACK WITH THOSE FLOPS(MOVIES)SHE MAKE, SHE SHOULD GET UNDER A MILLION ARE LESS FOR THOSE HORRIBLE MOVIES, STOP USING HER AND GET THANDIE NEWTON ARE SOME OTHER PERSON, ANGELA BASSETT AND SO ON.

  • Big Pimpin’

    the person who keeps saying she tries too hard, keeps posting under different names. stop being a jealous hater. she’s gorgeous. being mad at her won’t change that.

  • suppress your appetite

    she looks AWESOME!