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Jennifer Garner: That's The Ticket!

Jennifer Garner: That's The Ticket!

Jennifer Garner carries her daughter Violet, 3, into a restaurant to chow down on some tasty breakfast on Friday morning (August 7) in Brentwood, Calif.

Before heading into the restaurant, the mother-daughter pair took time to put some quarters in the parking meter but upon return, Jennifer found a ticket waiting for her underneath her car’s windshield wipers. Blasted traffic cops!

10+ pictures inside of Jennifer Garner picking up her parking ticket…

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jennifer garner parking ticket 01
jennifer garner parking ticket 02
jennifer garner parking ticket 03
jennifer garner parking ticket 04
jennifer garner parking ticket 05
jennifer garner parking ticket 06
jennifer garner parking ticket 07
jennifer garner parking ticket 08
jennifer garner parking ticket 09
jennifer garner parking ticket 10

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  • stop

    what a surprise. just can’t stop copying

  • val

    Garner´s supposed to be an excellent cook. And they have a big kitchen at their new house. Why do they go to a Restaurant to have a breakfast?

  • alex

    I think Violet is adopted!!!!!

  • lexy

    She’s got a husband , 2 kids and she’s a working actress (unlike JJ fave Bilson) – nothing wrong with treating herself to a meal made by someone else.

    She’s so awesome!

  • alex

    I think Violet is adopted!!!!

  • blah

    She never tried to fix herself up. I understand shes a mother first, but she really could try to be more attactive.

  • James

    #5 your an idiot.

    Katie Holmes needs to take parenting skills from Jennifer.

  • ben

    Katie Holmes does not need to take parenting skills from anyone. She is a good mother.

  • lakers fan in boston

    @blah: i totally agree with u, i say this all the time, and i constantly get bashed that, ohh she’s a full time mom she doesnt have the time
    i agree she may not always have the time, but she can still occasionally try 2 look nice, im surprised she’s not wearing her everyday jeans

    gotta say, they do look cute together
    looks like they’re having a great time

  • http://Israel Lisa rose

    @ben: Its true!!!!!!!


    Jennifer is awesome, she looks great on screen when it matters, she’s just being a Mom right now (in the photo) and that does not require makeup and heels.
    Go Jennifer!

  • marie

    violet is adorable
    and jenn seems like a great mom
    but i have to say that the kid should really try walking on her own, and stop wearing diapers
    she’s getting to be a little too guarded and will have a much harder time doing things on her own later in life
    i’m not hating on them or anything, just an observation

  • Sally

    Lovely pics. Cute mom, cute girl. They’re so sweet together.

  • Scott Summers

    Right, #8

  • http://Thedressisadorable YES!

    Garner is a horsey face farmer.
    She is nothing more than a gold digger who dated and married actors to promote her “career”.
    She is too big and too ugly to be on screen. All she does is pimp her child and drop Ben’s name in every interview possible.
    She is nothing but a stage mom, who uses her children for publicity.

  • Dolly

    I hope Katie Holmes would not take parenting skills from Jennifer Garner because she is hardly a great mom, she always leaves one child at home with the nanny and the other one who is almost 4 is still wearing pull ups. Not good parenting at all.

  • zoey

    Ahhh, Jeniifer looking as sloppy as ever. She definitley lost her killer body from days past. She has no waist and make-up would definitely be her friend. Where’s Ben?

  • lollipop

    I think she is Ben’s twin but sloppier and awkward. She probably has her own secret addictions and is oblivious to her daughter’s soiled shirt and odd matching outfit. Come on now, how narcisstic must one be to seek a career as an actress??? Ben will always be on the road in the years to come so she got a bum deal as a single parent.

  • Bekky


    I agreed with you. I can’t believe what I saw pictures of Violet wearing the pull up underwear. She is almost four years old. Her mom is not good parent when she always leave her youngest daughter Seraphina home with the nanny. She is not good parent role.

  • Set Ben Free

    What a dowdy woman.

  • http://aol susan

    Unlike some of the other celebrity moms who go out to just use their children as an accessory, Garner actually does stuff with her child which is why she is dressed the way she is when she goes out! She does just not carry around her child while nannies wait to do the hard work. Look at JLo…she only carries around the kids. I wonder if she actually plays with them. It would be VERY easy for Garner to leave Violet at home when she grocery shops, but she takes her with! She does not have to. If she was only looking for photo ops, she would NOT dress that way. I do, however, agree, that the child is wayyyyy too old to still have diapers.



  • ace11a

    j lo rocks..garner blows

    affleck wrong choice

  • lollipop

    ace11a said it best. but its more like JLo glows and Garner blows.

    Let’s face it, JLo has a beautiful spirit that shines while Garner looks exhausted messy with constant irritable bowel syndrome 24/7.

  • tabs

    So much criticism of her but how many of you are mothers and tailed probably 7 days a week by the paps? It must be really frustrating for the Garners, yes I know any publicity is better than no publicity, but when children are involved surely there have to be some limits.

    Luke, Owen and Andrew Wilson forum –

  • just me

    Still looks dirty, stinky and sloppy. Yuck! Poor Ben.

  • matt

    Jennifer looks great! She is a beautiful woman!

  • still in pull-ups?

    Why is Violet, who is 3 still in Pull-ups? I Know!! Jennifer and her what’s his face husband (who is never around) is approaching her potty training the ‘child led’ way. When Violet is good and ready to toilet t train, then she will potty train her, but not until Violet is good and ready. That could be 4-5 yrs. old. Oh well, they have enough money to keep buying pull ups and diapers for Serafina.

  • What a sad crowd

    Oh my god, you people are insane.

    “She should dress up more.” Why? So you could feel better about your pathetic lives?

    “She’s a gold-digger who trapped Ben.” Huh. Jen Garner made a number of movies, and was the star of her own TV show, before she and Ben got married. I’m sure she’s got her own money. Either of them could petition for divorce – that includes your golden boy. Sounds like you’re just bitter and lonely… and reaching.

    Violet’s too old to be in pull-ups/carried. I know all of you are about 13 years old, so you have no idea what it takes to raise a child. Have you ever had a 3-year-old who WANTS to be carried all the time? Do you have paparazzi crawling all over you while you walk to and from your car? Have you ever potty-trained a child? Ever had one who had “issues” with potty-training? Of course not. As I said, you’re THIRTEEN FREAKING YEARS OLD.

    Jen looks natural and pretty. She’s a hands-on mom who doesn’t spent 3 hours airbrushing her face and handing the kids to a nanny for her photo-op. She has her own career. And none of you know her/Ben personally.

  • Valerie

    I’m surprised she’s not in Boston with her husband since she’s finished filming that movie but I guess it probably makes no difference, alone in Boston or alone in LA with the kids.

  • Scott Summers

    That’s ridiculous, #15. Garner doesn’t need anyone to be famous.

    Good parenting is subjective and I really don’t think what you brought up is awful and completely accurate, #16 and #19.

    Correct, #29.

  • ciel

    where is Seraphina????

  • sussy

    people stop she is a good mother violet is his daughter she have right to do what she thinks is right besides a 3 yeard old with pull-up i dont find any disturbing in there she is only 3 people.i think you should star doing something with his life before saying to others how to live.

  • chuckiewuckie

    how stupid some of these commenters are!

    Most people have a kitchen…..regardless if they are a good cook or not…yet, they go to resturants. stupid!

    Somehow….in this mix…..Katie and Suri come up….

    NOPE. I don’t believe Katie is a good mom- she thinks she is…or “tries” to be. But…..she needs a couple of courses on how to raise a kid and also how not to raise a brat

  • Stupid is when people who don´t know this woman at all comment like they know her personally or live in her house. Good mother, good wife, are you sure? What you see – it´s just an image that she lets you see.

  • IUSA

    i said that the next pics that came out, Violet will be in them………………………………………….and here we r…………

  • nanna

    yes yes a GREAT MOTHER, who only loves one child apperently, since the other one is/was used just for publicity……………………….Sorry but thats my impression of her, since Violet was photograph out with her parents since she was…..lets see 2 months and Saraphina….8 months on, and only seen a few times……………………….

  • Sally

    Vio is so tall for her age! And Jen is a great mom, so affective, so dedicated. It’s always nice to see that.

  • lol

    Something to point out when I was in first grade there was at least 4 kids who still wore pull ups. its up to the kids nothing the parent can do if the kid doesnt want to do it!

  • me

    I think we’ve seen more pictures of Seraphina than we did of Violet when she was the same age…they are not hiding her any more than they hid Violet as a baby. She gives Violet one on one time and that’s good parenting. BTW I don’t think she is through filming Valentines Day- because she has scenes with Ashton Krucher and he hasn’t been on set yet. Ben is in pre-production his film and has been flying to LA every weekend.

  • barron797

    Wow. Violet is 4 months away from her 4th birthday and she’s still wearing diapers? I can see wearing diapers for bedtime but during the day?

  • s.i

    OMG!!!!!!! They are totally pretty and cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Pippi

    My favorite mom and daughter duo. So precious that darling little Violet. Jen is my idol. Thanks for the pics JJ. Hello to all Jen’s fans and to the wanna be fans as well.

  • Pippi

    To one boring person who keeps changing their user name and complaining about how Jen dresses and that Vi is wearing training (pullups) at 3 1/2 please find something new to comment on. You are sooo boring. We are sick to death of your lame comments.

    I love how Angelina and Jen don’t give a rat’s @$$ what you say about the way they dress their kids. If your mom had spent quality time with you instead of dressing up to try to impress others, maybe you would not have turned out so shallow and with such low self esteem. Jen is doing a fantastic job with Violet. You can tell by their rapport. Kids don’t fake happiness.

  • LOL for real?


    Let’s hope that you are not a parent, lol. It’s up to the children? Oh really? So who is the parent and what is parenting all about?

    Is it also up to children when to sleep and what to eat? Get ready for 1 am bedtimes and pizza at every meal! lol

    Parenting is about raising happy, self sufficient and self confident children.

    If you fail at parenting, nothing else that you do matters.

    Not saying that Jennifer is a bad Mom but she really should have her child potty trained by now. If you cannot rear and discipline a child at four get ready for major problems when he/she is 10+.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Pippi

    Toilet training and bed wetting are not displinary problems. Sometimes they are medical. Try having your child subjected to men with cameras following you on your very mundane every day errands and yelling you name when they see you with your parents and see how well you hold up. Ben said photogs ask Vi such questions as “Where’s Jen” which upsets the child when her mom is not with them.

    It really is not our concern if the child wears pullups or even uses a binky for comfort considering what she is subjected to just because her parents are famous. STOP blaming the victim and mind your own GD business. It’s not like you give a d a m n anyways.

  • Flying high

    Ben has been flying back and forth from Boston to LA. Pics of him at the airport the last 2 weekends.

    So for the naysayers outthere, writing that he is never around. Do you work? Are you with your kids 24/7?

    Guess all the parents who have to take business trips and be gone from the family from time to time better get a divorce lawyer ready. Because if you aren’t attached to your spouse all day and night and you work away from home, then your marriage is doomed….doomed I say.

  • HoorayHarry

    Ummm…I think she looks fine. Crikey, she looks way better than Lilo. I am no JG fan, and personally Violet seems to be a bit of boring indulged brat (just from the stories the Afflecks themselves have shared publically), BUT so wjhat if she isn’t toilet trained. Give her a break. Its not like its a test of your mothering skills. Who cares, its the relationship you have with your child and the type of oerson they are becoming thats important.

  • sungod

    When she get’s tired of pissing in her pants she will tell her mom she is ready for underwear. It’s proabably a power struggle, she wants to do it her way, plus maybe she digressed a little since her sister was born, she must hate her sister lol.

  • Big Brother

    Some of you Jen fans are stalker scary! You are so blinded by your admiration of Garner that you venomously defend her, regardless of wheather what is being said has any truth to it or not, and go from one website to another doing this.