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Katie Holmes: Sex and the City Star?

Katie Holmes: Sex and the City Star?

Katie Holmes carries her daughter Suri Cruise to the set of her latest film Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark on Friday (August 7) in Melbourne, Australia.

According to The Sun, Katie is in talks to star in Sex and the City 2. An insider tells the UK paper that producers want Katie to play a “really ballsy, high-powered company executive who tangles with Samantha.”

10+ pictures inside of maybe-Sex and the City star Katie Holmes

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  • ciel


  • cutie

    Suri is so cute. :-)

  • Priti

    so freakin’ amazing. i’d love to see katie and kim act together. dynamic duo right there.

  • gym

    omg its freaking

  • mika

    kewl. katie is amazing and suri is adorable.

  • cutebabeiu


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  • vool

    dude she and tom cruise r TOTALLY ESTRANGED

  • ****

    Funny, I always thought the only role “Kate” could play was a “mousy housewives who cries when people yell at her or faints when she hears loud sounds”.

  • nikomilinko
  • jeez!

    So bratface is still barefooted, wrapped in a blanket and carried around. And she is 3 and a half years old! What a pain in the ass that kid must be.

  • camillus

    Why does this child never walk/=?

  • MAriap

    Summer dress and blanket are back :-)

  • phil mckrackin

    Nice purse, Suri. Is that where you keep your meds?

  • john boy

    You lost me at “According to the Sun”…lmao

  • kj100

    Katie Holmes is gorgeous! Tom is very lucky

  • john boy

    Seriously now, if Homely were in Sex and The City, it would BOMB!!!

    Everything she is in BOMBS. Why in the h*ll would they want her in a hit movie? They wouldn’t. The best role she’s had in 3 years is the B horror flick that she is shooting in Aus. Who in their right might would travel across the world to be in a cheapo horror flick? Just someone who’s very, very desperate. Nobody else in the movie is from this part of the world. lmoa

    This has got to be the funniest story about Homely since she and Tom claimed to have a real relationship. lmao

    Funny, Jared….I needed a good laugh!!!

  • Emit

    @MAriap they are back in Melbourne now so it’s warmer than where they were previously. that’s prolly why Suri can wear lighter stuff now.

  • Annie

    NO! Don’t ruin Sex in the City for me!!!!!

  • Annie

    Sex and the City, sorry. Not awake yet.

  • Ha-Ha..

    I don’t belive it….Sarah Jessica is smarter than that, and I think she pretty much calls the shots when it comes to that movie.

  • dee

    Why is Suri always under dressed????
    Mom is always bundled up but not Suri.

  • Thessayist

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  • Thessayist

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  • liverwurst

    Havent been photographed together in forever…guess the rumors are true. She’s got a new man and o does Tom.

  • Jen

    I love Katie but hmm I can’t picture her on Sex in the City, but oh well, let’s see

  • NativeNYker

    Why not! It’s not like she has anything to loose.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • To liverwust

    Haha. you got a chuckle out of me on that one… I am guessing that both of them have a new man. Katie made a great arrangement…power, fame, a better career than she could have ever gotten as just Katie Holmes and all she has to do is fake being Tom’s wife. I am glad that Katie will not let Suri out of her sight. That is where Nicole screwed up. Of course we all know that right before their ten year anniversary, when California gives half of everything to the spouse, they will divorce.

  • LuckyL

    *shakes Cruise’s hand for providing her with all these roles*

  • zk

    NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO she’ll ruin that movie!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And when it’s a hit, she’ll think it’s because of her….ugh

  • jamie

    I can’t believe she is still carrying that child like an infant. And she still haven’t discovered children’s socks.

  • cutie pie

    why is that big ole child always wrapped in a blanket, she is way to big for that crap, sure this kid will have problems when she grows up , they spol her way too much and its clear she will have a problem with being told NO!!!

  • cutie pie

    what i would like to know is why are so called certain people suppose to be so much “”"” smarter than other races”"” but they do the dumbest things????

  • Amazing!

    just saw kate’s dance number. the gay guys were terrific! are they the same gay guys from her eli stone number?

    wow, she’s a great match for gay guys.

  • M-

    she can’t act, so the decision would be stupid…


    katie bombed on SYTYCD. PR distraction plan: FAKE burning car story, FAKE SATC story, next, FAKE husband arrives in australia for sex story,

  • meatloaf

    ugh…when are the producers gonna get smart and realized she can’t ACT, DANCE or SING ! Guess Tommy boy is very persuasive or whatever……it’s just a matter of time when her name is mentioned……people will have excuses and she will go crawling back to the king. LOL

  • yay

    MI-4 a go for TC…Sex 2 is just rumors.

  • yankee

    they are gorgeous

  • ewan

    I love Katie on SYTSCD and cant wait for this DelTorro film.
    Awww her hair and Suri are getting long.

  • medic

    Suri and Katie are darlings but JJ you are so late. Please stick to real news and not the trash. This Sex and the City is not happening for Katie. Her rep denied this Monday.

  • ck

    Come on Jared, you’re a Katie fan and had to know that Katie’s people shot down the SATC rumors last week.

    Katie’s arms are gonna be ripped from arrying Suri when she’s 14.

  • patrick

    Katie is so hot and special. Tom is one lucky lucky dude.

  • chin can’t act

    tom and katie have broken up because they are not pictured together. oh wait! they are not brangelina so they are still together even when they are not picture together.

    FGS, let Suri walk. stop carrying her.

  • 50 degrees suri with no shoes
  • Sally

    Suri is so cute and sweet! The papz are so boring…

  • dabu

    JARED – this was shot down last week by Katie Holme’s reps and Sarah Jessica Parker’s company.
    Are you so desperate to post Katie-Suri pics that you are now hopping on the rumor mill?

  • to: chin can’t act @ 08/07/

    You are absolutely right. The minute Brad and Angelina are apart the rumors start about them breaking up. Tom and Katie have been apart for weeks and all is quiet. However, there are a lot of lbind vices out there about them breaking up. I think the main reason is Tom–everyone knows little man likes to sue the pants off anyone who says something negative about him. He sued when there were rumors about him and Nicole splitting when they were doing Eyes Wide Shut. And of course he sues the minute someone insinuates he is gay. So I bet mags are afraid they’ll get sued. Too bad they don’t have the guts to take him on. However as he loses his top billing and power (which has greatly decreased over the last three years)–I bet some of the rags will get braver!

  • Scott Summers

    She does, #11. ALL the time. You’ve conveniently missed those pictures. That’s all.

    Right, #14. Anyway, Holmes’ rep already denied that rumor.

    Are these rumors ever true, #24? They’re not breaking up.

    You’re gullible fool, #27.

    Mind your on kids, #31.

    You’re wrong about everything, #35.

  • linda

    That would be an awesome movie!