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Kristen Stewart Sings the Blues

Kristen Stewart Sings the Blues

Twilight actress Kristen Stewart appears a bit glum while running some errands with her mother in Los Angeles on Thursday (August 6).

The mom and daughter pair stopped by an office building in Westwood and then headed over to the infamous Chateau Marmont hotel in West Hollywood.

The 19-year-old actress also had a special visitor to her home on Thursday, none other than Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson! Shouldn’t they be in Vancouver shooting Eclipse?

10+ pictures inside of Kristen Stewart singing the blues…

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kristen stewart sings blues 01
kristen stewart sings blues 02
kristen stewart sings blues 03
kristen stewart sings blues 04
kristen stewart sings blues 05
kristen stewart sings blues 06
kristen stewart sings blues 07
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kristen stewart sings blues 09
kristen stewart sings blues 10
kristen stewart sings blues 11

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  • brrr

    love you kristen, your so down to earth the way you carry yourself in public and i love your style!!!rocking chick.

  • Realme2008

    She’s built exactly like a 12-year-old boy!

  • ATwilightKiss(dot)com

    notice shes taking a backpack to the Chateau Marmon, maybe spending the nite with Rob? ;)

  • anon

    why don’t Rob and her just come out and admit it..that they are dating.

  • anna

    the rest of the cast are there to train for the fighting scene, which edward isn’t involved.

  • RobstenLIVES!!

    Kristen is awesome and so is Robsten!!

  • sweetness

    she’s wearing Robbie boy’s sunglasses.

  • blue

    seriously this girl always looks like crap. i don’t know who she really is but she always dresses more like a guy.

  • blah

    Honestly Rob can do so much better. He’s so hot and she’s so manly. Wierd.

  • Mike

    she’s ugly! WTF? why does she look like that?

  • Jillz

    I used to like her so much, but I’m sick of her attitude and b*tchyness. Ughh can’t wait for her to just dissapear.

  • lol

    ummmmm she looks horrible….

  • Loren

    i cant understand why so many people going crazy about them. i think bella could be much better. and yes she is on earth but sorry she is too much on earth she looks always awful . remember comic con ?she was like on last stage of narcotism. many young girls look at her and what they see……pity pity situation

  • xtina

    Love her!

  • Alice

    I love Kristen’s style :D
    she’s so natural and nice girl !

  • lindy

    how can u not like this girl. great actress. far cry from pretentious most common hollywood actresses. grounded. she’s pretty

  • wanda

    like her style. seen some of her films, very promising. acting with depth

  • tgk

    How refreshing!A 19 year old actress who seems to think that there’s something more than being a wirehanger for designers or that a career is something else as being the new cutest thing around.
    Never seen Twilight but liked her in In the land of women or Into te wild.

    Hope she keeps going that way,not minding about the trendy crowd.

  • n_S_23_23

    I love kristen and rob. but sometimes she looks like high. why can she look like little girly? Is it too much? honey you are 19 please live like that…
    I love you robsten :)

  • cutebabeiu

    she is beautiful!!

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  • VNY

    I don’t know why so many people hate her! I think she’s just laid back – not ungrateful. She doesn’t get caught up in the whole ‘Hollywood’ thing.

  • dakila


    sorry hun, she won’t disappear for the next 10 years..

    she’s fully booked so get use to seeing her..

    suck it up!!!

  • nikomilinko
  • Jill

    I thought she was dressing like that because she was shooting a movie about a rock star. I can’t remember her name but she was the lead singer for the Pretenders.

  • Thessayist

    We @ deliver nothing but the best.

  • Jen

    girl is so ugly. She always seems to be mad and she can’t act for her life.

  • ana

    I dont necessarily understand the hate towards this girl… I mean she is kind of weird.. but i dunno.. i kind of like the fact that she is laid back and different.. not the typical hollywood actress out there… It seems like she likes to act but doesnt really like being involved in all the Twilight hype, or Hollywood, even…but I think its cool…I use to hate her, and for some reason I am starting to like her… I mean yeah she is different, but I dont see it as a bad thing…and Iam sure Robert doesnt see it either!!!

  • Twilight Love Addict

    yeesh! you people are all so stupid like “i hate how she looks” and “she dress like a boy” and crap like that. jesus christ! leave the girl alone, what are you? the fashion police? it’s her style, how would you like being could “ugly” and “bitchy”, with this attitude, you people probably ARE! and y’know, even before twilight i dressed like her, boyish but IS a girl, so your also insulting OTHER peoples style which pisses the hell out of us!

  • Rexxie

    omg kristen looks like a boy in those pics!!!!

  • Lisa

    I’m a lesbian and I can clearly tell you that she is not straight, quite obvious she is one of many closeted ones that live in Hollywood. She should just come out and be open about it, she is cute and a good actress, she doesn’t need a fake boyfriend to make it, she’s got talent.

  • Donna

    Kristen is beautiful and I hope she finally gets to have some fun when she joins the twilight cast. But I did notice something in one of the pictures with her mother, it looks like she is giving her mother the finger. Maybe I’m wrong, but it looks that way. Hope everything goes well for Kristen, she is such a hard worker.

  • chessu

    I did like Kristen before, but she’s just..
    I’m not saying that she ugly, i’m gonna blame it on the hair. (which is awful!! but not her choice) but this is far from “being down to earth” or “grounded”. I mean, come on!
    That’s great she doesn’t wear prada or gucci – i love THAT. But the fact that she doesn’t even look into the mirror?? I mean, she could just make a sloppy ponytail and look 100 times better. She could just try to focuse her eyes for couple of minutes and not look high on every picture. I find it cool that’s she’s kinda akward and clumsy, but there are limits. You should be able to hold your award in your hands for 3 minutes and not drop it. That’s just plain attention seeking.

  • blablabla

    she carries herself really well and it’s not like she wants her hair to be that way. -_- she had to cut and dye it because of her movie with joan jett. if you remember, she hated her hair. she cried after she cut it. i think that she looked really nice with her original hair which will grow sooner or later but in the mean time, she’ll just have to live with it. and it seems like everyone commenting here is way more affected by her hair than she is. she doesn’t even care. so leave her alone.

  • blablabla

    she carries herself really well. she’s a simple girl and she doesn’t care too mucha bout fashion. so what? that’s her choice, if you or i like to dress up in pretty dresses with ton of make up then that’s our choice completely. but kristen doesn’t so that’s just up to her. plus, her hair isn’t brilliant. i know it isn’t and the only reason it’s like that is because she HAD to cut it for her movie with joan jett. i mean, she wouldn’t have cut it like that if it wasnt for her movie. i think that she must be a very commited person if she’s willing to cut her hair although she didn’t like it. it seems like everyone commenting here is affecting more than she is about her hair. her hair will eventually grow and it isn’t such a big deal. so why bother? i’m not a big fan of kristen or anything but she is pretty especially with her old hair style which will even tually grow back. just leave kristen alone.

  • babe_luv_ya

    Amen.You’ve nailed it

  • blahblah

    she is so hot! that fashion trend is so rob’s fashion. they really dont care what they look like.

  • A natural

    She’s a bit of a tomboy. Maybe she’ll ‘outgrow’ it, maybe she won’t. Some women just aren’t comfortable in ‘high fashion’ and really prefer to knock around in jeans and t-shirts unless they’re showing up at something like a premiere where they’re expected to dress like a ‘show pony’ for the public. To me she comes across as a very natural unpretentious sort of girl and I think it’s one reason Rob Pattinson is so attracted to her. Two of a kind.

  • bella

    kristen looks just like her Mom! She’s an okay beauty and actress.
    She should be nice and friendly to fans. W/out the Twilight success …she is just another indie actress.
    Grab the fame and enjoy it K…fame is fleeting!!

  • sjp

    what are they gonna do about her hair for filming eclipse in a couple weeks?? who cares about her hair on any other day, but she needs a wig or extension and die it lighter or something…she doesnt look like bella anymore!

  • laure

    she rocks

  • Anonymous

    @Lisa: you are such a stereotype, shameful

  • Vicki

    She is NOT down to earth.

    lol shes UGLY and looksl ike a man!

  • Scott Summers

    You’re an idiot, #30.

    Why care so much about her personal fashion, #32. She’s comfortable with herself and that’s all that matters.

  • linda

    She looks great!

  • H.

    I think it’s a great that a 19 year old is OK with knocking around in jeans. She should. You expect her to look like an idiot like Posh taking her kids to soccer in designer dresses and high heels? That’s ridiculous. She’ll look fine again once the Joan Jett hair grows out.

  • Lisa

    I actually dress quite feminine and that’s why when I say I’m into women, people like you say no, that can’t be true,you are too feminine(so, they think a lesbian has to dress like a man), you just haven’t met the right man,…..I think you are the one here who is stereotyping, I din’t mention her hairstyle or her clothes,so you obviously thought straight away that is what makes me think she is a lesbian. It’s people like you who are making people like Kirsten to stay in the closet, can’t you get it?

  • Nay

    Her hair makes me sad!!!! : (

  • HelloThere

    I don’t care what she looks like outside of the movies or how high she gets, my problem is her poor acting! I’ve tried to like her more (she does play the main character in one of my favorite books), but she acts so out of it. And I agree it is attention seeking even though that is exactly what she “doesn’t like”. Yeah I’m sure.

  • Loverher

    I think she’s awesome!. Not only she’s not shallow and dits, but a real down to earth person. I would rather see Rob with her than a hoochie or a dits.

  • pearl

    I think kristen looks fine dressed in either a nice dress & high heel shoes or in jeans wearing sneakers. she is pretty either way. i like it that she never wears makeup when she goes out in public only when she’s filming a movie or on the red carpet.