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Michelle Williams: Blue Marble Madness

Michelle Williams: Blue Marble Madness

Michelle Williams and her daughter Matilda Rose, 3, pick up a few sweet treats at Blue Marble Ice Cream on Monday (July 27) in Brooklyn, New York City.

The mother-daughter pair picked up farm fresh organic ice cream cones and was accompanied by Matilda‘s grandpa Kim Ledger and aunt Kate Ledger.

Later, Matilda was seen tickling her grandpa with a leaf. So cute!

10+ pictures inside of Michelle and Matilda‘s Blue Marble madness…

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michelle williams blue marble ice cream 01
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 02
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 03
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 04
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 05
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 06
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 07
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 08
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 09
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 10
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 11
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 12
michelle williams blue marble ice cream 13

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  • me

    Awww!! She’s so big now and she looks exactly like her father! So cute!

  • Haha

    Nice to see Heath father with Mathilda.
    Maybe i am wrong but Michelle desperately trying to copy Kirsten Dunst..
    Just look fifth picture even shoes are same i noticed one at Kirsten . :)

  • donna

    It takes a classy man to stalk a toddler and print her pictures repeatedly- well done Jared!!

  • zk

    Mathilda is super cute!!!!! So much like her dad!

    I agree that it’s great seeing her with her paternal relatives. She’s obviously very comfortable with them, which means they are fairly close, and that’s great.

    (It’s much easier to stay connected these days, with skype… We do that in my family, and it really goes a long way towards a closer bond)

  • http://JUSTJARED.COM carmen

    Matilda è bellissima,sono contenta di vederla con il papà e la sorella di Heath.

  • ashley

    i love michelle williams so much! her daughter is cute

  • me

    I’m not surprised to see Michelle and Matilda with family Ledger now. I guess they want to show they keep in touch because of Matilda, despite what might have happened between her and Heath before he died. And we had the opportunity to read a bit about what was going on in the Vanity Fair article with Terry Gilliam who didn’t speak too well about Michelle.

  • ivanka

    love matilda! everytime i see her is like seeing heath:(

  • nat

    I really like Michell, she seems as a great mother to Matilda.

  • madmax

    these are beautiful. I am so happy Matilda is spending time with Heath’s dad and his sister. I missed seeing pics of Matilda!

  • RIPHeathLedger

    she looks so much like her father, its so sad she will never get to know him -God Bless Her

  • Mary

    I’m glad Matilda is spending time with Heath’s family.

  • slambang

    Matilda is so adorable! And she’s getting so big. Love the pics of her in her little bathing suit. Heath would be proud at the way his daughter is growing up! Just a normal little girl, no deisgner clothes and late nights and photo ops. Brava, Michelle, you’re doing a wonderful job!

  • Toto

    So sweet :)

  • philipa

    Ha HA

    ….. and this only after Gilliam told the truth about the custody battle,
    I thought Williams wouldn’t give a shit about that, but apparently she cares enough to settle a photo-op.

    I hope she lets the Ledgers to continue to see the kid after using them to clean her image…. :(

  • Kinomarylin1234

    Very nice pictures. It`s wonderful, that Kim and Katie Ledger are in contact with Matilda and Michelle. Matilda tickels her Granddaddy with leafs, I love that Picture, Kim deserves to be happy after all that time of pain

  • love it!!!

    aww…. Matilda is so adorable. she and Shiloh are among the celebrity kids that i always get excited to see. they’re just getting cuter and cuter as they grow up. Michelle, as a single mom, is doing a great job raising her daughter very well.

  • marie

    i have to say that michelle is probably my favorite celebrity mom
    matilda always looks so happy and surrounded by loving people (except the paparazzi of course)
    she’s become a very beautiful little girl

  • right on

    Well said, philipa. the revelations in Vanity Fair must have REALLY bothered Michelle. This photo-op is proof enough that she DOES care. she even looks at the pap lol

  • Sally

    Matida is so grown up! Cute pics.

  • liz86000

    Those “revelations” are nonsense. So yes, they were a couple who was breaking up. Of course there were fights! But you guys must remember that Michelle left him because of the meds/alcohol he was taking, and that during the funerals, her & Heath’s family were very close. Michelle even said that she feels him close to her many times.

  • becca

    it would be impossible for Matilda to look any more like Heath than she does!

    They are such a beautiful family – and seem happy!

  • lol


    those revelations are not nonsense. It’s the TRUTH. We must remember? lol Where exactly is the proof she left him because of the meds/alcohol? I know, its in the tabloids so its true. lmao

    Here comes a well known director who tells the truth and I should dismiss him in favor of anonymous sources who claimed this and that? lol!!!

  • +++

    “But you guys must remember that Michelle left him because of the meds/alcohol he was taking”

    According to people who knew Heath, he stopped drinking alcohol for quite some time before he died.
    And there’s no way to know if he abused the meds or if it all was “just” an unfortunate accident.

  • LolaSvelt

    Wow, what a cute dress for a cute girl. We haven’t seen candid pictures of them lately. It really has been a while!

  • Gina

    What a beautiful little girl! It’s good to see Matilda spending time with her daddy’s family. She looks just like him.

    Michelle has a horrible style, awful.

  • HAL

    Matilda is adorable! She looks just like Heath who looked just like his father!

  • madmax

    I didn’t notice in pic #4 she is wearing a butterfly tattoo on her left arm. I wonder if she has seen her daddy’s tattoos in pics?

  • gapeach

    the mom sues her fans

  • Suzanne

    Michelle is beautiful and Matilda is such a cutie

  • morons

    Will everyone get over Heath and Michelle’s break up already? It clearly isn’t bothering either of them anymore. Seriously… get lives.

  • Laura

    I love how Matilda always gets shoulder rides from Michelle’s friends. Lucky girl :-)

  • Someone who has a brain

    Breakups are always hard, especially when there is a child involved, it doesn’t take a genius to know that. I’m sure there was fault on both sides; there always is. It doesn’t matter now, because the little girl is spending time with her paternal relatives, as it should be. Besides, the Vanity Fair article came out at the beginning of July, it’s August now, people. If this was a “planned” photo-op, it would have been done sooner. Seriously, before you haters (and pseudo-fans) start passing judgment (whether positive, or negative) on people you don’t even know personally, take a look at your own lives, and imagine yours scrutinized under the media microscope.

  • I

    aww matilda is soo cute

  • Luke Fuchs

    Matilda and Pa Paw how cute!

  • Mike

    Matilda is such a sweetheart!

  • Sarah

    Love them. So sweet. Glad to seem them happy.

  • Sally

    Little Matilda is sooo cute,but I can’t stand Michelle.

  • flamboyan


  • L

    Love michelles style as always, but I do not like those shoes!! Bin them michelle!! Matildas dress is pretty cute too :]

  • Janet

    Matilda is sooo beautiful. All power to Michelle she seems to be doing an amazing job as a mother, it’s such a shame that she gets so much crap from complete strangers who don’t know her or what went on in her life with Heath. All that should matter now is that Matilda is a happy, healthy child with so many people around her who love her. I personally didn’t like that Vanity Fair article, I thought it was complete crap! But what do I know? That’s just MY opinion.

  • sophie

    Gilliam’s revelations were BS anyway. Yeah, Michelle is a terrible person because she didn’t want to put her 2 year old child on a plane ride by herself. What a bitch :O

    People break up and it’s unfortunate but rehashing it after someone has *died* is terrible. Gilliam clearly has no class and used the VF interview and Michelle and Heath for publicity. Which is just GROSS.

  • Laura

    Gosh Michelle sure is beautiful

  • Jenn

    terry gilliam is pure douche.
    like heath ledger would’ve wanted anyone talking trash about the mother of his kid.she’s the only parent his daughter has now.

    m.williams has probably been offered a million interview and photo shoots by now. notice it is terry gilliam who goes in vanity fair and works his heath ledger connection and talks trash to hype his movie, and acts like he was so close to heath ledger. please. you can tell ledger just had a big heart and made everyone feel special. i served heath ledger coffee twice at starbux and he was totally genuinely warm to me both times, just the frikkin barista,a stranger. you coudl tell he was one of those people who is genuine ly kind hearted toward everyone/anyone

    anyway, terry gilliam is pure douche,he makes me gag.

  • suppress your appetite